Self Flash Existing Roof

Self Flash Existing Roof
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Self Flashed Solar Fan Installation Instructions —Existing Roof
Step #1—Measure 24” - 36” down
from the center of the ridge cap
depending on roof slope and
place a mark for the center of the
hole to be cut in Step #2. Top of
Housing should be lower than
the top of the ridge.
Step #7—Lift roofing shingles
and nail base perimeter to the
roof (including bottom, sides and
top of base).
Step #2—Cut 13-3/4” circular
hole into roof. The hole should
be approximately 1/4” larger than
the base opening in order to
properly waterproof the base to
the roof.
Step #3—Mark notches on shingles and cut notches out so that
the shingle can fit properly
against the base.
Step #8—Lay a bead of Silicone
Building Sealant over each nail
head and along the edges in order to seal each shingle to the
base or roof decking.
Step #9—Lay a bead of Silicone
Building Sealant along the edge
of the shaft base and tool the
bead to insure waterproof integrity.
Step #10—Place the panel housing and fan onto the base.
Step #4 —Remove any roofing
nails in the area where the base
will be slid under the shingles.
Step #11—Screw the housing
onto the base.
Step #5—Lay a bead of Silcone
Building Sealant around the base
as shown in the photo (Dow
Corning 795 or equivalent is recommended).
Step #6—Slide the base under
the roof shingles until the base is
centered over the opening.
Step #12—Take off the cardboard
protective cover and enjoy your
new solar fan.
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