Volvo FM Brochure

Volvo FM Brochure
Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress
THE new volvo fm
on-road transport solutions
The New Volvo FM
When performance meets flexibility
For all high performance on-road transportation tasks, the most effective and efficient answer is a Volvo
FM. Now, each new Volvo FM is built with enhanced features, strengthened chassis and a more powerful
driveline configuration, to get even the difficult job done quicker and easier.
For special applications, the product offers a high level of flexibility. A wide range of specifications and
features are available to customise the truck for a given application. Bodybuilders will love this truck for its
ease of superstructure integration.
powerful engines
This is where power and
efficiency starts
The new Volvo FM is available in India through both Tractor and Rigid
variants. The tractor variant is configured with the powerful Volvo
D13A440 Euro 3 engine. The rigid variant is offered in two variants of
engine - D13A440 Euro 3 and D13A420 Euro 4.
The Volvo D13A440 is a 440 HP, 12.8 litre in-line 6-cylinder engine
with an overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder and unit injectors.
The engine meets Euro 3 exhaust emission regulations. It is designed to
ensure excellent driving characteristics, high reliability and excellent fuel
efficiency. The timing gear is located at the rear of the engine, which
reduces vibration. With a cylinder block and cylinder head made of cast
iron, a strong base is created for a dependable engine.
The Volvo D13A420 is a 420 HP, 12.8-litre in-line, 6-cylinder diesel
engine equipped with an overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder and
unit injectors. It is a low emission engine regarding both exhaust gases
and noise level. Owing to after-treatment of exhaust emissions with SCR
(Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, the engine is approved to the
EU’s Euro 4 standards.
The Volvo torque curve.
You’ll feel it in the pedal.
Excellent torque at low revs. An extremely wide max torque
range. Peak torque meets peak power. Volvo’s leadership
in diesel engine technology is clearly visible once you start
comparing engine curves. You’ll experience fast ­acceleration,
excellent pulling power, comfortable low speed handling and,
not least, a fuel efficient and pleasurable ride at cruising speed.
Fuel efficiency built-in.
The optimised combustion chamber geometry. The fast and
precise EMS controlled injection. The high gas-fill ratio. We
could go on listing what makes Volvo engines hard to beat
at fuel economy. Your bottom-line will reap the benefits. So
will the environment.
Unit injectors on
the D13. With perfect
timing thanks to the Engine
Management System (EMS).
in-line six.
6 cylinders. 7 bearings to
distribute the forces. Reliability
never goes out of style.
Rear timing mechanism.
A compact and weight
saving design, powering
the air compressor along
with the power steering,
oil, and fuel feed pumps.
Closed crankcase
ventilation (Option).
Recycles the crankcase
gases, for improved air
quality around the vehicle.
(Suitable for cold climate
PTO with up to 1000 Nm
Located at the rear,
close to the flywheel, the
engine PTO can deliver
a massive torque output.
matched gearbox
Always the right gear
Fully synchronised manual gear box
The new Volvo FM is fitted with fully synchronised 14-speed splitter-range gearbox, VT2514B, perfectly
matched to the engine characteristics. Close and well balanced ratios make it easy for the truck to climb
steep gradients and facilitate smooth acceleration. Extreme low crawler ratio 16.41:1 improves high
startability when hauling heavy loads in difficult driving conditions.
New high performance oil cooler gives the gearbox considerable operating reliability. The cooling
system consists of a separate radiator at the front of the vehicle that is series-connected to the engine’s
cooling system, and a heat exchanger attached to the gearbox. Cable link gear-changing mechanism
provides vibration-free gear shifts; combined with servo synchronisation, this provides easy operation.
I-Shift is Volvo’s automated gearbox, designed for automatic gear shifting by continuously monitoring the road
gradient, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demanded by the particular road, weight, rolling and air resistance.
I-shift transmission, AT2412D, which is a 12-speed, electronically controlled splitter and range-change
transmission comes as standard fitment on the new Volvo FM 6x4 Euro 4, rigid variant for special applications.
Eases your mind.
And lets your left foot rest.
Let I-Shift save you fuel.
The money will roll right in.
Driving I-Shift is a real pleasure. Without
the clutch pedal, you can safely sit back
and concentrate on the other two. I-Shift
uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and
automatically choose the right gear at all
times. And the software provides shifting
skills that are impossible for even the best
of drivers to match. Still, if you want to get
more involved, you can. The buttons on the
shift selector allows you to step in and shift
gear manually.
I-Shift is designed to save fuel. First of all,
the internal energy losses are low – actually
lower than on manual gearboxes. But
it’s the electronics that really make the
difference. When driving in Economy mode,
every gear change is timed precisely, to
let the engine work at its most efficient rpm
And then there’s I-Roll. A unique feature
used when driving downhill, automatically
disengaging the engine to make use of
the truck’s momentum instead of fuel. The
result – upto 2% lower fuel consumption.
How it works.
It may seem strange. Beneath the surface
of I-Shift, the archetype of modern
transmissions, hides an old-school
unsynchronised manual gearbox. (Hence
the compact design and low internal
losses.) But of course there’s much more
to I-Shift than that. The secret lies in
the intelligent electronic control unit. It’s
responsible for controlling the pneumatic
system that handles the clutch and shifts.
By constantly receiving information about
vehicle speed, acceleration, weight,
road grade, torque demand and more, it
can carry out every shift with extreme
precision. It also communicates closely
with the engine, which in turn adjusts
revs and engine brake effect for fast and
comfortable shifting.
axles and suspensions
Stronger for
more heavy loads
The new Volvo FM has become stronger where it
counts – on its individual axles. New front axle with
unique S-shaped parabolic leaf suspension is approved
for maximum 10 tonnes axle load (for single front axle
configuration vehicle). New 33 tonnes rear tandem
axle with reinforced bogie suspension design is also
introduced on new Volvo FM to further enhance the
overall load carrying capacity of the vehicle.
Rear tandem axle capacity - 26 tonnes on hub
reduction or 23 tonnes on single reduction are also
available with suitable suspensions for lower tonnage
special applications. These rear axles are intended for
heavy and demanding types of transport in both good
and difficult road conditions.
Also, front single axle capacity – 8 tonnes, 9 tonnes
or 10 tonnes with suitable suspensions are available for
special applications. One thing that remains common
with all the variants is that they are designed for high
reliability and offers high ground clearance in front.
New front suspension
New front parabolic leaf
suspension design ensures that
the leaves lie flush with each
other only in the middle and at the
ends. This ensures that friction
between leaves is very low, thus
giving a smooth and comfortable
ride without any bumps.
Stronger Chassis.
The chassis frame is made
from high strength steel. Its
front section is bent outwards
to accommodate the cab and
engine, and has the same
material thickness (8 mm) in the
web and the flanges. Frame is
reinforced with 5 mm thick inner
liner, made from high strength
steel, which runs from the front of
frame to end of frame.
Reinforced bogie
Rear bogie suspension
is reinforced to better
withstand high loads under
tough conditions. The bogie
components reinforcement
includes cross-member, brackets
on both sides of the crossmember, bump stops, bogie
anchorage and V-stays.
New 33 tonne Rear
tandem axle.
New 10 tonnes Front
A new front axle with new hub
bearing ensures high load
carrying capacity and is approved
for 10 tonnes of front axle load.
RTH3312 is tandem axle with hub
reduction approved for maximum
axle loading of 33 tonnes.
Tandem drive offers excellent
traction and superb pulling power.
The result is excellent get-youthere ability and low tire wear. The
reduction at hubs takes places
at 4 planetary gears, giving more
uniform and steady results in
higher truck vehicle availability.
cab comfort
Step inside your
comfort zone
Many aspects of the new truck have been developed to help drivers become more effective on the job. The cab
interior has become far more attractive. There is a completely new instrument panel for improved driver interface,
new steering wheel that enhances driving ergonomics, electrical parking brake for more safety. Just take a quick
look, and driver gets all the information he needs.
New air suspended driver’s seat with increased legroom and comfort keeps the driver relaxed even after long
hours of operation. It offers a wide variety of adjustments. This makes it easy for all drivers, short or tall, to find a
comfortable driving position.
There are better storage spaces to help drivers manage paper work and keep their personal items.
A cab with a view.
Good visibility is crucial when you navigate
through dense traffic or crowded streets.
From inside the Volvo FM it’s great, because
the cab sits low on the chassis and the
windscreen is large.
New, modern and
ergonomic dashboard.
The new, gently curved dash not only looks
appealing. It’s designed for an ergonomic
and comfortable driving position, with all
controls, instruments and storage within
easy reach.
New easy-glance instrument cluster.
The new instrument cluster has a
contemporary design with easily read
and understood distinct graphics for
a convenient overview. Driver related
information has a high and central position
in the driver’s view. All warnings and
vital information are shown in the Driver
Information Display (DID) at the right of the
All at your thumb tips.
More knee space.
A great position to be in.
Keypads provided on steering for cruise
control and navigation on the information
display, allows you to keep a tight grip
on the wheel - always. Stalk switches
are provided on steering for direction
indicators, main beam, windscreen wiping
& washing, exhaust brake operations.
Steering column has been made sleeker
in design to enhance the knee space for
driver, bringing more comfort to the driver.
The mechanical mechanism of steering
lock has been replaced with electrical
steering lock system, which is moved along
with vehicle ignition switch to dashboard.
The driver seat has a well-shaped seat
cushion and backrest. Thanks to its
advanced ergonomic design, the driver gets
perfect support and seating comfort. Airsuspended seat variant provides even better
comfort by offering automatic adjustment to
the weight of the driver and wide variety of
fore-aft adjustments.
Electrical manually controlled
climate unit.
New electrical switches for climate control
allow the system to remember the settings
made in the climate control system when
the truck is switched off. When the truck
starts next time it will have the same
Plenty of room for storage.
Electric parking brake.
There are plenty of places in interior and
exterior of the cab for keeping personal
belonging like dash panel centre section
storage, panel top tray etc.. Extra storage
space is also provided on cab exterior on
both driver and passenger side.
The parking brake activation is through
an easy access electrical switch on the
dashboard. Automatically engaged at
key-off, and automatically released when
Improved engine mounting.
Cab mounting.
Four point engine mounting optimised to
reduce road induced vibrations and improve
road handling. Rear engine mounting with
more rubber increases insulation, improves
ride comfort and durability. Front engine
anchorages made of aluminium instead of
cast iron in order to save weight.
Four point coil suspension with shock
absorbers with vertical stroke of +/- 50 mm
to reduce the risk of bottoming out even in
the worst road conditions.
Have a good night.
Don’t compromise on sleep quality just
because you spend the night in the cab.
The lower bed is 70 cm wide and features
16 cm pocket springs.
The future
ahead looks
So do the
curves and
300 m
Leading main beam.
When driving at night, the Volvo FM is a
partic-ularly good friend. The headlights
produce a powerful beam, providing you
with an early view of what is happening
down the road. And, just as important,
other road users will see you stand out in
the dark.
side turn
main beam.
dipped beam.
turn indicator.
position light
and Daytime Running
LED strips forming a unique
V-shape. DRL shows that a Volvo
is approaching.
Auxiliary lamps
Room for fog lights,
alongwith static cornering
lights or extra spotlights.
Flexibility for bodybuilders
There is no such
thing as a complicated
Whatever you want to put behind your cab, the Volvo FM is prepared for it. We’ve gone great lengths to make
things easy for the bodybuilder. Because this not only saves time, but also avoids unnecessary and costly
reconstruction work.
Here are some of the features that bodybuilders tend to like the most about Volvo.
Volvo bodybuilder instructions.
Power take-offs for every need.
Wireless remote control.
As soon as you order your Volvo FM,
exact drawings of your very truck are
available in the intuitive VBI online portal.
The bodybuilder can start working while
we build the truck, which dramatically
shortens lead times.
There’s a vast array of PTOs available, both
engine mounted and gearbox mounted, for
driving all sorts of equipment.
Depending on superstructure, you can
control several other functions wirelessly.
All are easily accessible through the
menus, and can have the same icons as the
buttons on the dashboard.
Staying out of the
bodybuilder’s way.
A dedicated row of holes.
Choose your exact rear overhang.
The frame comes with an upper row of holes
that is designated for the superstructure.
Since we don’t use any rivets here, the
bodybuilder can easily attach the
The rear frame can be factory cut exactly
as you need it – in 50 mm increments –
to perfectly match your superstructure.
Regardless of whether you are in need
of an extremely short rear overhang or
a longer one.
We never allow our engineers to place anything above the top of the frame. This area
belongs entirely to the bodybuilder – adding
a lot of flexibility.
Loads of specification options.
4 different rear end cuts.
The more possible combinations, the
easier a truck is to tailor. That’s why
the new Volvo FM has more options
than ever before when it comes to axle
configurations, chassis heights and
We can now deliver your FM from factory
with four different rear frame-end cuts:
upper (for tippers, hook-lifts and refuse
trucks), lower (for centre-axle trailers), bent
(for tractors) or straight (for rigid).
More reinforcements
than ever before.
Bodybuilder module.
Attachment brackets.
Prepared for a crane.
Makes it easy for the bodybuilder to
tap into the truck’s electrical system to
tailor the functions. You can access
them conveniently on the flexible
dashboard switches.
Volvo FM can be factory prepared with
body attachment brackets, mounted on
the frame. Now available not only in the
wheelbase area, but also on the rear
A low chassis and high axle loads. That is
what’s on every crane builders wish list.
Volvo FM comes with both. What’s more,
we can create a free frame space near
the cab, and even deliver your truck with
factory-mounted crane plates.
Some heavy applications put a lot of
­pressure on the frame. But don’t worry.
The new Volvo FM has more choices of
inner-liners than ever, providing all the
­reinforcement you may need.
Telematics solution
Dynafleet Online
Dynafleet is Volvo Trucks Online Transport Information System for improved profitability. Customers can see in real
time the current location of their vehicles and vehicles’ performance data that is critical to have control on their
fleet. In addition, Dynafleet shows the areas of improvement to support profitability in the long run. By providing
clear and accurate information, the system makes it easier to take the right decisions. And customers can access
this information anywhere, also outside the office, from any standard PC and device with an internet connection.
The new Volvo FM comes enabled for Dynafleet Online services of ‘Fuel & Environment’ and ‘Positioning’.
Customer simply has to sign-up for the service and stay connected by paying the monthly/annual subscription fee.
Connected trucks. Connected services.
The Dynafleet hardware comes installed from factory in the new Volvo FM. You simply sign up for the services
and follow your progress online.
Fuel & Environment
The ‘Fuel & Environment’ service provides you all the critical information related to
vehicles’ performance. It also saves time and effort analysing vehicle data - and helps
you find ways to cut fuel costs. Through the various reports, both potential savings and
progress over time can be made visible in just seconds.
The ‘Positioning’ service provides you real time information on location of the vehicle.
The detailed maps give you constant updates on where the trucks and loads are at
present. This service also allows you to invite your customers to follow their cargo in
real time.
Dynafleet brings a new level of clarity and control to your business
Control comes easy.
Vehicle location visible at a glance
provides better control on the
consignment. Reports on geofencing track & trace effectively
support you in following up on your
transport operation and ensure
optimised usage of your fleet.
Less work in the office.
Dynafleet automatically handles
much of the work that was
manually done, like collating
and analysing vehicle data, fuel
consumption etc. This reduces a lot
of administration and frees time for
you to concentrate on growing your
Improve over time.
By controlling and monitoring the
information on vehicle performance
and location, various opportunities
for improving operational efficiency
(fuel efficiency, usage of trucks,
scheduling etc.) are identified and
can be actioned upon.
Volvo services
Support all the way
World class trucks require world class service to maximise its operational efficiency. At Volvo we focus on
ensuring that your Volvo trucks continue to perform, delivering the best-in-class vehicle uptime, fuel efficiency
and driver productivity. We not only believe in protecting your investment, but also enhancing your operational
profitability. Simply put, our aftermarket services complement our range of world class trucks.
Countrywide Service Network
Volvo Trucks has a comprehensive network of service
and parts centres in India. The network is divided
into 4 regions and each region has a Hub Dealer
fully equipped with infrastructure, tools, equipment
and manpower. Apart from the Hub Dealer there are
other dealerships who work in close proximity with the
customers. Site support is provided through dedicated
Service Vans managed by site support dealerships. Our
24x7 Volvo Action Service (VAS) accessible through a
toll free number ensures that our vehicle repair support
is only a phone call away. There are also sub dealers
who are an extension of the private service dealers and
they provide on-site support to distant places within
their area of operation.
Genuine Volvo Parts
A Volvo truck is chosen because it comes with a
promise that encompasses productivity, uptime and
driver safety. The same is applied while choosing
Genuine Volvo Parts for service and repair. They are the
best choice; simply because they are made by Volvo
Trucks and offer a long service life, protecting your
investment hence giving the best returns. You trust
Volvo to build the best trucks; you can also be assured
of the best quality of the Genuine Volvo Parts.
Each Genuine Volvo part is manufactured according
to the exact specifications, material, dimensions and
tolerance as the part it is replacing. These stringent
quality norms ensure that the new part works in parallel
with the other parts, thus ensuring higher vehicle
Volvo Genuine Parts offer the following benefits:
Hub Dealer
Sub Total
Site Support
Sub Dealer
Sub Total
Site Support
Total Customer Touch Points
Better quality
Higher reliability
Better availability
Flexibility of inventory and logistics management
Promised warranty
Higher lifetime performance
Genuine Volvo Lubricants
Genuine Volvo Lubricants are manufactured for exact
specifications and specially tested to meet the stringent
requirements of quality & safety to guarantee efficient
performance and higher vehicle uptime. Volvo has its
own quality norm – the Volvo Drain Specification (VDS)
to ensure optimum engine performance and protection.
It also ensures longer service intervals, which reduces
the maintenance cost. It enhances the life of aggregates,
thereby preventing frequent stops and ensuring better
uptime. Genuine Volvo Lubricant barrels guarantee the
right quality and quantity.
Key advantages:
– Customised service offerings best suited for your
business needs
– More hours available for truck operation
– Protection from unexpected expenses
– Well planned maintenance cost for today and
Volvo Service Agreements
Volvo Service Agreements provide the best care for
your trucks to ensure higher efficiency and uptime
to continue delivering world class performance. The
service is done by certified technicians at a time that
is convenient to you, resulting in minimal operation
disruption. The Service Agreements not only adds value
to your business but also has an encouraging effect on
your bottom-line. The Agreements help you save time,
money and control vehicle maintenance expenditure. A
properly serviced truck runs more efficiently and lowers
the total cost of ownership.
Service Value Packs:
Our customised Service Value Packs are designed to suit
a variety of requirements, such as preventive maintenance,
driveline coverage, hassle-free insurance, availability of
parts on site and the ease of fleet monitoring systems.
The existing agreements are further enhanced with
customised Service Value Packs, wherein the customer
can pick and choose the right service suited for their
business needs.
Competence development
Making good drivers
Driver Training & Competence Development
Providing state-of-the-art trucks is only a part of the transport solution. Customers must get the best output from
the vehicles and higher return on the investment. Volvo Driver Training Centre offers various training programs
to help customer improve profitability. The centre helps understand the importance of the link between high
performance trucks and the drivers, mechanics and fleet managers. It also helps better understanding of vehicles,
maintenance practices and efficient operation, which goes a long way in improving safety, uptime and higher
productivity throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. Training helps in fuel saving, safety and higher profitability.
Volvo training programs give special importance to driving practices and routine maintenance that helps in
achieving higher fuel efficiency even in demanding on-road applications. Also, unique programs like Refresher
Trainings, Driver Awareness Camps etc. for the on-road, ODC and special application trucks ensure that whatever
has been taught during the training is properly implemented on the job.
Safe as Volvo
Safety in trucks means prevention of hazardous
incidents and reduction of any damage and trauma
that may occur. This means taking into account
the protection of the driver, passenger, cargo and
all road users in traffic. Safety is as always a Volvo
hallmark, Volvo is safer than other trucks. Yet, more
safety features have been added.
Toughest tests in the world
Volvo is the only truck manufacturer in the world to
conduct the extremely tough cab tests that we do
at our collision centre. All cabs meet the Swedish
cab strength standards – the toughest in the world.
In real life, the test is comparable to a crash at
80 km/h with a stationary truck, and suggests that
the driver too would survive the crash.
Front Underrun Protection
The new Front Underrun Protection
System (FUPS) is made of aluminium
(old version was in steel). The new FUPS
provides higher scope for deformation in
the event of an accident. It can retract as
much as 20 cm (compared to the previous
10 cm). Energy absorbing capacity has
been increased by around 60%.
Integrated front footstep.
Electric parking brake.
Access to the windshield is made
easier thanks to the single, wider front
step instead of two narrow. These
improvements ease access to areas of
the cab that require care and attention
on daily basis, optimising both uptime and
The parking brake activation is through
an easy access switch on the dash. Also
the parking brake activates automatically
when the engine is turned off to ensure
high degree of safety even if the driver
misses it.
truck specifications (volvo FM 440 6x4 tractor / Puller)
Six-cylinder, in-line direct-injection diesel engine
Drive tandem hub reduction axles with four planetary gears
Overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder
Differential locks – inter-wheels and inter-axles
Electronically regulated fuel injection with unit injectors
Heavy duty turbocharger and intercooler
Capacity (Tandem axles)
33000 kgs
Engine management system with driving information and diagnosis
12.8 litre
Bore x stroke
131mm x 158 mm
Compression ratio
Max. power
440 HP @ 1400-1800 rpm
Max. torque
2200 Nm @ 1050-1400 rpm
Economy speed range
1050-1600 rpm
New parabolic suspension with S-shaped leaf geometry
Double action shock absorbers and stabilisers
No. of leaves
BS III / Euro 3
Heavy duty bogie suspension with conventional multi-leaf spring
Max. engine brake power
402 HP (VEB)
Rubber-journalled V-stays, reaction rods, stabiliser and two shock
Emission requirements conform to ECE / EEC regulations and MOST / CMVR /TAP 115 / 116
No. of leaves
Power assisted drag type dual friction discs
Plate diameter
400 mm
Wheel rim size
12.00 R20, Radial
8.5” x 20”
Total no. of wheels fitted
Manual synchronised range/ Splitter gearbox
Heavy duty transmission oil cooler with additional radiator
No. of gears
Tyre size
12 forward + 2 crawler + 4 reverse
1 no. spare wheel rim and tyre
‘C’ channel section side members made of high strength steel
Cross section
New heavy duty steerable front axle
Full length inner reinforcement
10000 kgs
Inner reinforcement thickness
300 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm
5 mm
Hydraulic power steering
Distinct V-shape daytime running light (DRL)
Integrated head lamp unit with higher illumination main beam
Tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel
Steering wheel diameter
450 mm
Cab fully suspended by four coil springs and shock absorbers
Steel cylindrical tank mounted on right hand side
Volvo Dynafleet Online services
445 litre
Standard tool kit, first-aid kit, two warning triangles, bulb and fuse kit
Horizontal muffler, vertical exhaust outlet on right hand side
20 tonne hydraulic jack
Beacon lamp (for puller)
Ballast box (for puller)
Dual line air brake system
Z-cam drum brakes with automatic adjustment & ABS
New electronic parking brake activation
90 mm (3.5”) heavy duty fifth wheel coupling
Spring type parking brake chambers on front and first rear axle
Rated imposed load
Standard kingpin offset (behind first rear axle)
Gear driven, single-cylinder reciprocating air compressor
Max. compressor capacity
36 tonnes
325 mm
Height from ground (Laden)
1340 mm
Height from ground (Unladen)
1420 mm
530 l/min
New electronically controlled Air Pressure Modulator (APM)
Total air tank capacity
Tow hook fitted on front and rear heavy duty end cross member
101 litres
Usable draw bar eye
O 50 mm
Certified for GCW of 125 tonnes***
New improved truck electronic architecture
System voltage
24 V
Volvo maintenance-free batteries (2 nos)
Wheel base
Battery voltage
12 V
Battery capacity
Alternator capacity
170 Ah
Overall width
110 A
Overall height
FM sleeper cabin
Laden weight, kg
Crash-tested steel welded structure
Cabin tilt angle
Front axle*
1 driver + 1 co-driver + 1 bunk
Electrical manually controlled climate unit
New ergonomically designed dashboard with easy-access stalks,
switches & controls
New instrument cluster with easy-glance displays and on-board
Air suspended driver’s seat with adjustment of fore-aft, height,
backrest, lumbar support, seat tilt, cushion stiffness
Cushioned foldable co-driver seat
Red safety belt
Lower sleeper bunk with cushion
Overall length (without tow hook)
Rear axle (Bogie)*
Gross combination weight**
Gross combination weight ***
* As per CMVR limits
** When coupled to suitable 3-axle semi trailer as per CMVR limits
*** When coupled to suitable hydraulic axle trailer and subject to special
approval from MoRTH.
Economy speed range on top gear
40-61 kmph
Max speed (Geared)
80 kmph
Gradeability on lowest gear #
20.98 %
Startability on lowest gear #
Dual speed limiter for 25 kmph speed setting while pulling load
On max. load with complete traction on standard conditions considered.
Restricted by friction between tire and road surface.
Caution: Do not drill or weld on the frame. Note: Volvo has a policy of continual product improvement. The specifications / images shown here are indicative and are subject to change without
prior notice. Performance parameters are subject to stability of the vehicle. Accessories shown are not part of the standard equipment.
Unit No. 502, 5th Floor, Southern Wing (Wing-B), Embassy Prime, Bagmane Techpark, C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru - 560 093.
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For more information contact: [email protected]
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