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Lighting management systems
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Sattler Lighting in Göppingen
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Light at the
right place, at the right time
We supply lighting management that provides a perfect combination of control system, sensors, control units and lamps. A complete Tridonic lighting solution system from a one-stop supplier,
from the light source right through to the lighting management
1 luminaire
Intelligent switching
SWITCH switching sensors for luminaire installation are the
compact solution for the smart luminaire. They offer maximum convenience and optimum energy efficiency. The basic
setting for the individually controlled luminaires is made directly on the sensor.
SMART Details from page 4 onwards
20 luminaires
Light for every mood
An intelligent system solution like basicDIM features lighting
control that takes into account the presence of users and
ambient light. Besides being suitable for master/slave luminaires, this efficient system wins out in particular thanks to
software-free installation. Complex spatial solutions can be
implemented quickly and straightforwardly.
basicDIM Details from page 6 onwards
120 luminaires
Convenient light
Simple, uncomplicated and flexible; these are the attributes
needed to ensure maximum convenience on every floor of a
building, and they are also the characteristics exemplified by
comfortDIM. This DALI-based lighting management system
concentrates on straightforward design, easy installation and
flexible configuring.
comfortDIM Details from page 8 onwards
Innovative light
The lighting management solution connecDIM provides an
excellent platform for smart, cost-effective and user-friendly
control and lighting management from a few simple DALI devices up to a complex lighting system in a building or branches.
connecDIM Details from page 12 onwards
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Switch sensors
Added value for luminaires
Switch sensors that automatically switch lighting depending on the presence of
users and ambient light offer greater effi-ciency and more convenience. These
sensors really come into their own when used in combination with the Tridonic
corridorFUNCTION. This function makes it possible to switch up to 20 control units
using just one sensor.
smartSWITCH is a presence detector that is installed in luminaires. You
can use it to switch luminaires on or off automatically. Used together with
the corridorFUNCTION, you can exploit potential energy savings even
more efficiently. This sensor uses PIR technology to detect the presence
of users through changes in heat sources.
The light value and the switch-off delay can be set by means of two potentiometers at the back of the sensor. A simple mounting aid and a mirror
for increasing the detection range are available.
SWITCH sensor HF 5BP
SWITCH sensor HF 5BP is a presence detector that is suitable for installation in luminaires. It uses radio-frequency technology to detect movement
through frequency differences.
This means that the sensor can detect movement through glass and thin
materials (excluding metal). This sensor also offers potential energy savings when used with the corridorFUNCTION. It has a continuously adjustable range of 0.5 to 5 m.
f At a glance
__ Switching depending on the presence of users and ambient light
__ Extremely easy commissioning
__ Up to 20 LED driver can be switched using the corridorFUNCTION
__ corridorFUNCTION offers various delay times, which
can be programmed in software
Überblendzeit Ausschaltverzögerung
Überblendzeit Ausschaltverzögerung
The corridorFUNCTION – the smart way.
The corridorFUNCTION‘s predefined profiles offer a suitable solution in any area. tdriver PREMIUM make it possible to program the corridorFUNCTION individually.
Überblendzeit Ausschaltverzögerung
Überblendzeit Ausschaltverzögerung
1 Min.
1 Min.
30 Min.
30 Min.
4 5
Clever combination of daylight and artificial light to suit you
The three most important criteria that modern lighting management systems have
to meet are visual comfort, suitability to the tasks being performed and energy
efficiency – compactDIM supports all these. With just a small addition you can turn
your luminaire into an intelligent system. Compact and with low stand-by losses, it
will then save you energy.
basicDIM ILD – for individual floor-standing and pendant luminaires
Thanks to its small, compact in-built design, the basicDIM control unit is
easy to install inside the luminaire. It is suitable for up to 10 DSI or DALI
control units, and has two DALI/DSI output channels with an adjustable
offset between channel 2 and channel 1.
It also saves energy: this is achieved by detecting ambient light and the
presence of users. A pushbutton input and remote control are available as
additional convenience for this controller. The maximum mounting height
is five metres. Parameters can also be individually adjusted by using a
basicDIM ILD programmer. For individual styling, a black sensor button
in a metallic look is available in addition to a white version. There is also
a version with a black sensor and a 1.8 m transparent cable for pendant
luminaires with little space in the body of the luminaire.
basicDIM DGC – the independent solution for classrooms and
offices with that certain extra something
basicDIM DGC is a digital control module with two output channels with
an adjustable offset and an additional relay output. Up to 20 DSI or DALI
LED drivers can be controlled. Up to four combined sensors for presence
and ambient light measurement can be connected to the sensor input.
Luminaire installation and ceiling installation versions are available.
For classrooms, one of four preprogrammed settings can be selected at
the push of a button via the basicDIM DGC programmer and the additional switch output can be used for panel illumination.
If the device is used as a floor standing luminaire module, the relay output
supports the Minergie standard. Thanks to the DALI input on the device
the basicDIM DGC can be integrated and used in a light management
system, for example for central lamp fault queries or on/off commands.
f At a glance
__ Compact control module for installation in luminaire
__ Presence and ambient light-based control
__ Installed without any software
__ For use with master/slave luminaires
Product characteristics
basicDIM ILD
basicDIM DGC
Installed in luminaire
Installed in luminaire/
mounted on ceiling
Output channels
Momentary-action switch inputs
200 mW
200 mW
Daylight, presence, remote control
Mounting height 5 m
DSI/DALI broadcast
LED driver
DALI input
6 7
Comfortable lighting for unrestricted freedom
Our comfortDIM lighting management system is based on the twin principles of
comfort and independence. Your projects benefit from simplicity and maximum
flexibility from start to finish.
Touch panels
Operating DALI systems – Tridonic touch panels enable you to accomplish this conveniently via a static user interface. DALI TOUCHPANEL 02
has a keypad with user-selectable key functions for manually controlling
lighting groups and lighting scenes. Alternatively, the colour temperature
can be changed manually (Tunable White). It is programmed by using
masterCONFIGURATOR software, which is available free of charge.
Touch panels
With the DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02 you can program groups and lighting
moods and retrieve them via the graphical user interface. The panel also
includes a sequencer which is used to automate calendar-controlled sequences. The daylight sequence function enables the colour temperature
of the light to change automatically throughout the course of the day. The
x/e-touchPANEL 02 can be remote controlled from a PC/tablet via the
Ethernet interface at the back, or files can be downloaded from a PC/
tablet or uploaded to the x/e-touchPANEL.
comfortDIM momentary-action switch module
Conventional momentary-action switches can be connected quickly and
easily to the comfortDIM XC module. This gives you the option of customising the lighting and programming it via the free masterCONFIGURATOR
software. These momentary-action switch modules are used to group
luminaires together, define scenes and program macros. Tunable White
also allows colour temperature variations.
DALI MSensor 02 and MSensor 5DPI 14
comfortDIM sensor with remote control
DALI MSensor 02 and MSensor 5DPI 14 both have combined light sensors (ambient light) and presence detectors (available as surface-mounted
and recessed version). Remote control IR6 can be used to control and set
the light values.
f At a glance
__ DALI-based lighting management
__ Easy design
__ User-friendly installation
__ Flexible configuring
DALI x/e-touchPANEL
DALI MSensor 02
5DPI 14f
Manual group/scene control
Automatic scene control (sequence)
Automatic daylight and presence control
Convenient operation and programming
Comfortable configuration with a PC
8 9
Interfaces and actuators
Interfaces and actuators connect our lighting management
systems with your world
With the unique comfortDIM system you can produce lighting solutions that offer
impressive flexibility, ease of use and individuality. Our solutions can provide maximum protection for your investment and future-proof design.
These allow a central supply unit which is optionally available for installation in switch cabinets (PS 2) or surface-mounted housings (PS 1).
The USB interface for connecting computers to DALI systems enables
simple addressing and configuration of the DALI components with masterCONFIGURATOR software from Tridonic.
ready2mains™ gateway
The ready2mains gateway transfers the commands from the control unit
onto the mains wiring. The simplest control is a push-button. For maximum energy savings daylight and presence sensors can also be connected. Additionally, the ready2mains installation can be integrated into
DALI networks, e.g. to connect to a building management system.
DALI PCD 1–300 one4all
The 300 VA Leading-edge or trailing-edge phase dimmer for the comfortDIM system.
The 1000 VA Leading-edge or trailing-edge phase dimmer for the comfortDIM system.
The DALI control module for controlling up to three 24V standard contactors offers greater convenience. This ensures that different electronic
loads can be switched by DALI commands.
10 11
Controlling and managing light has never been easier
connecDIM is Tridonic‘s next generation distributed smart lighting management solution. This innovative lighting management solution provides an excellent platform
for smart, cost-effective and user-friendly control and lighting management from a
few simple DALI devices up to a complex lighting system in a building.
connecDIM gateway
The connecDIM Gateway links the DALI lines and enables interoperation
between all DALI standard devices. Enables wireless control through a
standard wifi-router with a iOS or Android device. Once connected to the
internet, it uploads all lighting data to the connecDIM Cloud.
connecDIM Appʹs
connecDIM Lite: App made for users to control their individual lights within
the wifi-network.
connecDIM Architect: App made for commissioning used by electrician/
integrators and for maintenance.
connecDIM Cloud
A service accessible online round the clock from anywhere in the world.
Remote monitoring of the site, astronomical schedule management, maintenance, emergency lighting tests, energy monitoring and offsite backup,
global management and reporting.
f At a glance
__ Commisioning via tablet or smartphones
__ connecDIM firmware updates via the Cloud
__ Inexpensive solution using industrial standard hardware
and internet technologies (DALI, TCP/IP)
__ With one gateway, up to 4 DALI lines can be controlled
___ No need for complex and expensive BMS servers in the
building thanks to Cloud service
connecDIM Lite App
connecDIM Architect App
connecDIM Cloud
Convenient dimming/switching
Tunable White luminaires (colour control)
Central user management
QR code based light control
DALI Commissioning
DALI address finding wizard
DALI Bridging Function
Multiply sites support
Device history information
Astronomical Schedule Management
Automated Emergency Testing & Reporting
12 13
Close light
We attach great importance to a strong international presence –
this allows us to stay sufficiently close to our customers
Tridonic Australia Pty Ltd
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Toll-free: 1-866-TRIDONIC
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Prepared for the Future
Our Activities and Locations
Spennymoor, UK
Emergency and sensor technology
Dornbirn, Austria
Networked hardware technology
Ennenda, Switzerland
Jennersdorf, Austria
Sensor technology
LED module technology
Los Angeles, USA
IoT applications
Shenzhen, China
LED driver technology
Sydney, Australia
Cloud technology
Production site
Research and development
Around 1,700 employees throughout the
world are committed to helping you with
their know-how and creativity to create the
perfect light.
There are seven research and development
centres in which new LEDs and networked
lighting technologies are being developed.
There are three things you can rely on at
Tridonic: optimum product quality, decades of expertise and our committed and
flexible support.
With 27 branch offices on five continents
we are there for you wherever you are in
the world.
That‘s how many patents and inventions
testify to Tridonic‘s extraordinary powers of
f Details
For further information, data sheets, product catalogues
and ordering details, please go to
14 15
Into a networked future with light.
Tridonic is paving the way for networking. We will show you how you can develop smart
luminaires based on our intelligent technologies, and improve your business at the same
time. Our 1,700 experts are working on five continents to set new standards in intelligent
networked lighting and exploit the opportunities that the Internet of Things offers for the
lighting industry. In addition to our component solutions we offer a new LED system platform which can take far beyond mere illumination.
We are taking light into a networked future. Come with us on this journey.
Supporting information and instruments:
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+ LED-Module
+ luxCONTROL-Lichtsteuerungen
product catalogue
Data sheets at,
under “Technical data”
Product Solutions App
Tridonic GmbH & Co KG
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T +43 5572 395-0 | F +43 5572 20176 | [email protected]
Light you want to follow.
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