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Use& Cire Guide
On-off key-switch
number plate
Drawer handle
Bag retainers
Drawer monitol r
switct I
handle \
latch q
“Touch-toe bar”
drawer opener
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TC8700X TC8750X TC4700X TU4700X
Part No. 9870335 Rev. B 6/94
Grounding Instructions
. .._........___......._._..........2
Important Safety Instructions
.. . . . .. . . . .. .. 3
Additional safety instructions ._.___......._._.........__
Using Your Compactor
..___........._........._.......... 4
Removing a filled bag ____........._._,........_........._._
Installing a new bag
How Your Compactor Works . ... .. .. ... ... . ... ... .. . IO
Caring For Your Compactor
.._........ 1 1
Changing Your Compactor’s
Color .. .. .. .. .. .. 13
If You Need Service Or Assistance
... .. . . .. . 14
Whirlpool Compactor Warranty . . .. .. .. . . .. 16
01992 Whirlpool Corporation
Thank you for buying a Whirlpool appliance.
Please complete and mail the Owner Registration Card provided with this product. Then
complete the form below. Have this information
ready if you need service or call with a question.
l Copy model and serial numbers from plate (see
diagram on front cover) and purchase date from
sales slip.
Keep this book and sales slip together in a handy
Model Number
Grounding Instructions
Polarize 3-prong
grounding type
Power supply
The compactor is for use on a single phase, 115
volt, 60 Hz, AC only 15 or 20 ampere fused and
properly grounded circuit and is equipped with a
grounding plug as shown above. Time delay fuse
or circuit breaker is recommended. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only this
appliance be provided. For your personal safety,
the compactor must be grounded. In the event of
an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the
risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire
for the electric current. This appliance is equipped
with a polarized 3prong grounding plug. It must be
plugged into a correctly polarized mating 3-prong
grounding type outlet, properly installed and
grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code and local codes and ordinances. No
adapter should be used with this appliance.
Serial Number
Service Company
Phone Number
Electrical Shock Hazard
Do not modify the power supply plug
provided with the compactor. If it will not fit
the outlet, or if you are in doubt as to
whether the wall outlet is properly
grounded, check with a qualified electrician.
Failure to do so could result in electrical
shock or personal injury.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons
when using your compactor, follow basic precautions,
including the following:
Read all instructions before using the
l Close supervision
of children is necessary
when the compactor is used near children.
l Do not allow compactor
to be used as a toy,
or to run unattended at any time. Lock the
Key-Switch or Key-Knob when not in use and
store key out of reach of children.
l Do not touch
moving parts.
l Have appliance
examined, repaired or
adjusted by an authorized serviceman.
l Do not compact:
-lighted cigarettes, cigars or other hot or
burning items.
-any container or aerosol can containing
insecticide, hair spray, paint, engine
starting fluid or other poisonous, toxic, or
explosive products.
-volatile flammable material such as oily
rags, thinner, etc., which would create a fire
hazard or explosion.
* Do not take apart this appliance. Incorrect
reassembly can cause electric shock when
l Use only for intended
use as described in
this manual. Do not use other than manufacturer’s recommended attachments.
Never lift the bag by the sides. Broken
glass or other sharp objects in the bag can
cause injury.
This compactor is designed for household
use only.
Unplug compactor from electrical outlet
before servicing.
The compactor must be electrically
grounded. See the grounding instructions.
Do not overload trash bag with heavy
material such as glass.
Never operate the compactor if:
-it is not working right.
-it is damaged.
-parts are missing.
-the cord set, plug or motor is damaged in
any manner.
Never use or store flammable fluids (dry
cleaning solvents, gasoline, kerosene, etc.)
in or near your compactor. These substances give off vapors that can create a
fire hazard or explosion.
See Installation Instructions.
-SAVE THESEINSTRUCTIONSAdditional safety instructions and your responsibilities
Do not shove items down into the compactor
with hands or feet. Let the compactor do the
Always place glass bottles, etc., on their sides
in the center of the drawer. The waste paper
below and beside the bottle can help keep
broken glass near center of bag.
Do not use the compactor as a counter for
electrical cooking appliances nor as a cutting
board (freestanding models only).
Do not install or store compactor where it will
be exposed to the weather.
You are responsible for making sure that your
-is used only for jobs normally expected of
home compactors.
-is properly installed and leveled on a floor
that can support its weight.
Do not set hot pans, etc., on the compactor
top. Do not spill any liquids on the compactor
top (freestanding models only).
The drawings in this book may vary slightly from
your compactor model. They are designed to show
the different features of all the models covered by
this book.
NOTE: Your model may not include all the
features shown.
Fire or Personal Injury Hazard
Do not compact any container, aerosol
cans or cloths which might contain
insecticide, hair spray, engine starting
fluid, paints, liquids, thinners or any other
poisonous or explosive products. Failure
to do so may result in a fire hazard or
Broken glass or sharp edges may be
present in trash. Do not shove items down
into compactor with feet or hands. Failure
to do so may result in personal injury.
Open the drawer
Lift and pull the handle or press the Touch-Toe Bar
to open the drawer.
Put in the trash
1. Wrap or cover wet or messy trash.
2. Load bottles or cans on their sides in the center
of the drawer.
3. Do not compact items that may develop
offensive odors such as raw meat, fish,
grapefruit rinds, disposable diapers, or personal
hygiene items.
Close the drawer
Push drawer in until it stops.
Model series
To start the compactor
1. Turn the Key-Knob to START.
2. Let the Key-Knob go. The compactor will stop
at the end of the cycle.
To stop the compactor during a cycle
1. Turn the Key-Knob to LOCK/OFF.
2. Turn the Key-Knob to ON. The compacting
ram will rise.
3. When the ram stops rising, you can open the
To remove
1. Turn the
2. Remove
the Key-Knob
Key-Knob to the LOCK/OFF position.
and store key in a safe place out of
Model series
To start the compactor
1. Open the drawer. Turn the On-Off Key-Switch
to ON.
2. Press the ON control pad.
3. Press the START control pad. The compactor
will stop at the end of the cycle.
To stop the compactor during a cycle
1. Press the OFF control pad.
2. Press the ON control pad. The compacting
ram will rise.
3. When the ram stops rising, you can open the
To remove
1. Turn the
2. Remove
the Key-Switch
Key-Switch to the OFF/LOCK
and store key in a safe place out of
Using Your Compactor
Removing a filled bag
When the trash is compacted to the top of the
drawer, remove the bag. If the bag is too heavy,
compact less trash before emptying in the future.
Personal Injury Hazard
Sharp objects may protrude through bag
after removal from compactor. Handle bag
carefully. Failure to do so may result in
If you are using paper compactor bags:
1. Pull the drawer completely open.
2. Pull all four bag cuffs up.
3. Tuck in slotted sides.
4. Bring top edges together and roll or fold to close
5. Push Side-Lock Latch down and tilt drawer side
6. Lift bag by bag carrier handles.
If your compactor has bag retainer buttons
and you are using plastic compactor bags:
1. Pull the drawer completely open.
2. Remove top of bag from bag retainer buttons.
Pull up all 4 bag cuffs.
3. Close bags with twist ties provided.
4. Push Side-Lock Latch down and tilt drawer side
5. Lift bag by bag carrier handles.
Using Your Compactor
Installing a new bag
1. The
2. The
installing a new bag, be sure:
drawer side is securely locked.
container is clean and free of sharp debris
may have punctured the bag.
Do not use any kind of bag other than those
designed especially for use in your compactor.
Compactor bags may be purchased from your
Whirlpool Appliance Dealer or:
Whirlpool Corporation
Attention: Customer Service Dept.
1900 Whirlpool Drive
LaPotte, IN 46350
You may also order approved compactor bags by
calling our TOLL-FREE telephone number:
1-800-253-l 301
If you are using paper compactor
1. Fit the bag caddy in the drawer.
2. Put unopened bag in drawer as shown.
Spread front bag corners and slide cuff over
right-front corner.
3. Spread rear bag corners and slide cuff over
left rear corner.
4. Press inside of bag against drawer bottom,
sides and corners for a smooth fit.
If your compactor has bag retainer buttons
you are using plastic compactor bags:
1. Fit the bag caddy in the drawer.
2. Place folded bag into the drawer. Open bag and
pull top edges over the drawer top.
3. Lock bag in place by pulling the 4 prepunched
holes over the bag retainer buttons. Holes will
expand over the buttons without harming the
4. Press inside of bag against the drawer bottom,
sides and corners for a smooth fit.
The compacting ram does not go to the drawer
bottom. You will not see compacting of the first few
Compaction starts after the drawer is about % full.
You may hear a noise when glass breaks. Strong
glass bottles may not break at all.
The trash in a full compactor bag will be about ‘/4
the size of its original bulk.
Bottles or cans not placed in the center may
become caught between the ram and the drawer.
The Drawer Monitor Switch senses a “mislead”
and causes the ram to return to the “up” position
without compacting. Load bulky trash, bottles and
cans in the center of the drawer.
Personal Injury Hazard
Wear protective gloves when cleaning the
inside of the compactor. Failure to do so
may result in cuts if bits of broken glass
are present.
As is true of most appliances, proper care is
needed to give you continued satisfaction. Before
cleaning the compactor, turn the Key-Knob or KeySwitch to the OFF position and remove. If you will
be away for more than a couple of days, remove
the compactor bag. Lock the compactor and
remove the Key-Knob or Key-Switch. Store the
Key-Knob or Key-Switch in a safe place.
Clean exterior surfaces:
1. Wipe with warm, sudsy water and a damp cloth.
Rinse. Dry with a soft cloth.
2. Wipe up spills right away. Some foods can
damage the finish if lefl on the compactor
Clean inside the drawer:
1. Remove the bag. (See “Removing a filled bag ”
on pages 6 and 7.)
2. Wear protective gloves. There may be bits of
glass in the drawer.
3. Press Side-Lock Latch down.
4. Hold Side-Lock Latch and tilt side of drawer
until the latch clears the drawer front.
NOTE: Drawer side can be removed by tilting it
out, then lifting out.
5. Wash with a damp cloth using warm, sudsy
water. Rinse. Dry with a soft cloth.
6. If drawer side was removed, slide it back into
the tilted position.
7. Press the Side-Lock Latch down while
pressing the side to the upright position.
8. Lock the Side-Lock Latch.
Caring For Your Compactor
Clean inside the cabinet:
1. Wear protective gloves. There may be bits of
glass in the cabinet.
2. Pull the drawer out until it stops.
3. Note the tracks in which the drawer rollers
Lift the front to clear the drawer stops.
Grasp the drawer on the sides.
Pull it out the rest of the way.
Set it down gently.
8. Vacuum inside of cabinet. Liquid spills or wet
trash should be cleaned up by hand, or use a
vacuum designed to pick up liquids.
9. Wash, rinse and dry inside.
10. Replace drawer.
Wipe off the ram cover:
1. Wear protective gloves. There may be bits of
glass on the ram cover.
2. Wipe glass particles off ram cover with a cloth
or paper towels.
3. Use warm, sudsy water to remove foods. Rinse.
Dry with a soft cloth.
The color panel on the front of your compactor’s
drawer reverses to another color. You may also be
able to order an extra color panel, depending on
the model you have. Contact your authorized
Whirlpool dealer.
To change the color of your compactor’s front
panel, follow the directions below. All you need is
a medium-sized screwdriver.
1. Slide drawer out.
2. Remove two screws shown.
3. Remove handle.
Do not handle front panels carelessly when
changing; metal edge could cause injury.
4. Remove the color panel and reverse. Be careful
-edges may be sharp.
Place extra panel at front with desired color
5. Make sure panels are all the way down.
6. Be sure to replace cardboard spacer in its
former position.
7. Replace handle and screws.
8. Slide drawer back in.
OPTION: Match your kitchen’s color scheme by
replacing color panel with your own creation
(wallpaper, paneling). See Installation Instructions.
If YouNeedServiceOrAssistance
We suggest you follow these
2. If you need assistance* ...
Call Whirlpool Consumer Assistance Center
telephone number. Dial free from anywhere in
the U.S.:
1-800-253-l 301
and talk with one of our trained consultants. The
consultants can instruct you in how to obtain
satisfactory operation from your appliance or, if
service is necessary, recommend a qualified
service company in your area.
If you prefer, write to:
Mr. William Clark
Consumer Assistance Representative
Whirlpool Corporation
2000 M-63
Benton Harbor, Ml 49022
Please include a daytime phone number in your
3. If you need service* ...
Whirlpool has a nationwide network of authorized WhirlpoolSM service
companies. Whirlpool
service technicians are
trained to fulfill the
product warranty and provide after-warranty
service, anywhere in the United States. To locate
the authorized Whirlpool service company in your
area, call our Consumer Assistance Center
telephone number (see Step 2) or look in your
telephone directory Yellow Pages under:
1. Before calling for assistance . ..
Performance problems often result from little things
you can find and fix yourself without tools of any
If your compactor won’t operate:
Is the power cord plugged into a live circuit with
the proper voltage?
Have you checked your home’s main fuses or
circuit breaker box?
Is the drawer completely closed?
Is the Key-Knob turned all the way to START
before it is released (TC4700rTU4700
model series)?
Is the Key-Switch turned to ON (TC8700/
TC8750 model series)?
Did you press the ON button before pressing
the START button (TC8700rTC8750 model
Drawer won’t open:
Drawer will open only when ram is all the way
To raise the ram, turn the Key-Knob to START
and release (TC4700rTU4700 model series).
To raise the ram, press the OFF button, then
press the ON button (TC8700rTC8750 model
If trash is not compacting:
Is the drawer loaded properly? If anything gets
between the ram and the drawer, the ram will
return to the “up” position, without compacting.
Drawer must be at least l/3 full before compactor
will compact.
Not enough compaction
or force:
Compacting works best when only a few items
are loaded. Use the compacting cycle frequently.
Bottles don’t break:
Not all bottles will break every time, depending
the bottle and the trash load below it.
4. If you need FSP replacement parts* ...
FSP is a registered trademark of Whirlpool
Corporation for quality parts. Look for this symbol
of quality whenever you need a replacement part
for your Whirlpool appliance. FSP replacement
parts will fit right and work right, because they are
made to the same exacting specifications used to
build every new Whirlpool appliance.
To locate FSP replacement parts in your area,
refer to Step 3 above or call the Whirlpool
Consumer Assistance Center number in Step 2.
5. If you are not satisfied with how the problem
was solved’ ...
l Contact the Major Appliance
Consumer Action
Panel (MACAP). MACAP is a group of
independent consumer experts that voices
consumer views at the highest levels of the major
appliance industry.
l Contact MACAP only when the dealer, authorized servicer and Whirlpool have failed to resolve
your problem.
Major Appliance Consumer Action Panel
20 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
l MACAP will in turn inform us of your action.
*When requesting assistance, please provide:
model number, serial number, date of purchase,
and a complete description of the problem. This
information is needed in order to better respond
to your request.
From Date of Purchase
FSPO replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in
materials or workmanship. Service must be provided by an
authorized WhirlpoolSM service company.
A. Set-vice calls to:
1. Correct the installation of the compactor.
2. Instruct you how to use the compactor.
3. Replace house fuses or correct house wiring.
B. Repairs when compactor is used in other than normal, single-family household use.
C. Pickup and delivery. This product is designed to be repaired in the home.
D. Damage to compactor caused by accident, misuse, fire, flood, acts of God or use of products
not approved by Whirlpool.
E. Repairs to parts or systems caused by unauthorized modifications made to the appliance.
DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages SO
this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may
also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your authorized
Whirlpool distributor or military exchange.
If you need service, first see the “Service and Assistance” section of this book. After checking “Service and
Assistance,” additional help can be found by calling our Consumer Assistance Center telephone number,
l-800-253-1301, from anywhere in the U.S.
@ Registered TrademarkSM
01992 Whirlpool Corporation
Service Mark of Whirlpool Corporation.
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