Milestone XProtect™ Enterprise
top performance IP video surveillance with a
comprehensive feature set.
XProtect Enterprise is the right product for larger installations or multiple sites that need robust
surveillance software with the full functionality of advanced management, flexible scheduling, fast
searching, analysis, and integration with other systems. Controlling unlimited numbers of cameras,
multiple servers and multiple sites, XProtect Enterprise interfaces with the widest choice of network
video and computer hardware equipment – easy to install and easily scalable for future expansions.
◆◆ Scalable solution: Support for unlimited servers, sites and clients allow you to design the system
to fit your organization.
◆◆ Freedom to choose: Compatible with more than 300 different IP-based video camera and
encoder products, and selected DVRs from over 35 different vendors.
◆◆ Dependable, robust and stable: Proven in daily operation in more than 25,000 customer
installations worldwide.
◆◆ Use existing IP networks effectively: Use effective video compression (MJPEG, MPEG4,
MPEG4 ASP*, H.264* and MxPEG) and bandwidth optimized multi-streaming to leverage existing
IP networks effectively.
◆◆ Cost-optimized archiving: Move your video data to more cost-effective storage media either
locally or on the network.
◆◆ High performance: Achieved on standard computer equipment by utilizing powerful multithreaded technology.
◆◆ Flexible remote access: Reach your video surveillance data from any location at any time using
a desktop computer, laptop or PDA.
◆◆ Open architecture: IP technology, a versatile API/SDK and support for industrial protocols (OPC
Data Access*) provides you endless integration possibilities with e.g. access control systems,
alarms, gate barriers, etc.
◆◆ Licensing per video channel: Grow your installation along with your needs incrementally per
◆◆ Export evidence material fast: Deliver authentic video proof to public authorities or for internal
◆◆ Future-safe: The IP approach is the foundation of tomorrow – available today. Ongoing product
enhancements give you long-term returns on your surveillance investment.
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Milestone Systems
comprehensive video management tools
◆◆ Multi-server and multi-site video surveillance solution:
Unlimited recording of video from IP cameras, IP video encoders and selected DVRs with analog cameras.
◆◆ Automatic camera model detection: Supports more than
300 IP cameras, IP video encoders and selected DVR models
from over 35 different vendors.
◆◆ Unlimited number of recording servers: Supporting
unlimited cameras with up to 64 cameras per server. Continuously recording or activated by motion or event with speed
up functionality.
◆◆ Network and storage optimized: Bandwidth optimized
multi-streaming with new compression methods; MPEG4 ASP*,
MxPEG and H.264*, besides MJEPG and MPEG4. Move recorded video data to more cost-effective storage media locally or
on the network.
◆◆ Built-in Video Motion Detection: Independent of camera
model and supporting up to 64 cameras simultaneously per
◆◆ User initiated start and stop of recording: Based on
access privileges set by the administrator, client users can
manually start recording for a pre-defined recording time.
◆◆ Integration options: Recording Server API/SDK, support for
OPC* Data Access, TCP/IP activated events, and support for
client plug-ins.
◆◆ Live view and playback: From PDA and access clients supporting up to 64 cameras from multiple servers at the same
◆◆ Advanced views layout: Work with private and shared
server-stored camera views containing up to 8x8 layouts,
Hotspot, Matrix and Carousel elements, static and active
HTML maps, all distributed across multiple computer monitors
and windows.
◆◆ Intelligent PTZ: Manual control, presets, go to preset on
event, absolute and relative positioning, patrolling with
multiple schemes, wipe and wash commands, joystick control
and scanning.
◆◆ Virtual Matrix: Control live camera views on remote computers for distributed viewing.
◆◆ Input/Output Event Control: Via cameras or networked I/O
devices for event control, manual event buttons and event list
in recordings.
◆◆ Multi-channel, two-way audio: Listen-in/recording with
instant playback and transmit client microphone input to
remote speakers.
◆◆ Post recording processing: Smart Search, Digital PTZ with
optional image smoothing (Viewer only), or IPIX post-recording
◆◆ Evidence export: JPEG, AVI, WAV and native database
formats with stand-alone Viewer, data encryption and logs, user
notes and report printing.
◆◆ Authentication: Microsoft Active Directory user accounts, and
XProtect user names and passwords.
◆◆ Authorization: Microsoft Active Directory user accounts and
groups, and XProtect user profiles, all controlling access privileges and allowed actions at camera level.
◆◆ Logging: Stores user actions by time, locations and cameras,
and full system operation.
◆◆ Alerting: Notify users on event or motion detection by sound,
e-mail and SMS.
“With the Milestone software networked approach and Power
Over Ethernet (POE) megapixel cameras from a leading
camera manufacturer, we have great flexibility to scale up our
needs as the business continues to grow,” says Brett Chase,
Vice President, Chase Farms Inc.
Detailed Product Features
XProtect Enterprise Server Modules
◆◆ Simultaneous digital multi-channel video and audio recording
and relaying.
◆◆ Two-way audio transmitting client microphone input to remote
speakers attached to IP devices.
◆◆ Bandwidth optimized multi-streaming by splitting the single
video stream from camera to differentiated streams for live
view and recording. Client can request live view at a different
frame rate and at lower resolution than the recording settings.
◆◆ Connectivity to cameras, video encoders and selected DVRs
supports MJPEG, MPEG4, MPEG4 ASP*, H.264* and MxPEG.
◆◆ Auto-detect camera models during setup.
◆◆ Flexible multi-site, multi-server license structure charged per
◆◆ Unlimited number of installed cameras; simultaneous
recording and live view of up to 64 cameras per server.
◆◆ Recording technology: secure high speed database holding
JPEG images or MPEG4 and MxPEG streams including audio.
◆◆ Recording speed: 30+ frames per second per camera, limited
only by hardware.
◆◆ Recording quality depends entirely on camera and video
encoder capabilities: no software limitation.
◆◆ Start cameras on live view requests from clients.
◆◆ Unlimited recording capacity with multiple archives possible
per day.
◆◆ Hourly to daily database archiving with optional automatic
move to network drive saves storage capacity on the local
server – with images still available transparently for playback.
◆◆ Built-in, real-time, camera independent motion detection
(VMD); fully adjustable sensitivity, zone exclusions, recording activation with frame rate speed up, and alert activation
through email or SMS.
◆◆ Start recording on event.
◆◆ Client initiated start of recording based on pre-defined recording time and access privileges.
◆◆ Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) preset positions, up to 50 per camera.
◆◆ Absolute and relative PTZ positioning.
◆◆ PTZ go-to preset position on events.
◆◆ Combine PTZ patrolling and go-to positions on events.
◆◆ Set multiple patrolling schedules per camera per day: i.e.
different for day/night/weekend.
◆◆ PTZ scanning on supported devices: viewing or recording while
moving slowly from one position to another.
◆◆ VMD-sensitive PTZ patrolling among selected presets.
◆◆ Send Wipe and Wash commands to supported PTZ models.
On pre-defined events Matrix remote commands are automatically sent to display live video remotely on computers running
the Matrix Monitor or the Smart Client with Matrix Plug-in.
Flexible online, sound, e-mail and SMS notification and patrolling scheduling per camera, triggered by time or event.
Recording Server runs as a Windows Service.
◆◆ Local console management of the Recording Server accessible
from the notification area.
◆◆ Start and stop Recording Server service.
◆◆ Access to Recording Server configuration settings.
◆◆ Access to Recording Server help system.
◆◆ View system status and log information.
“I can view any of the cameras in any building at any server
throughout our Wide Area Network. We’re looking to grow
and our security will change. Having both central and local access to the system provides us with an extra benefit to be able
to monitor all of our assets all of the time.” - Larry Schmidt,
Director of Business Operations at United School District 475,
Kansas, which has 22 buildings and 18 sites.
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Detailed Product Features
XProtect Enterprise Server Modules
◆◆ Playback recorded video and audio locally on the Recording
◆◆ View up to 16 cameras time-synched during playback.
◆◆ Scrollable activity timeline with magnifying feature.
◆◆ Instant search on recordings based on date/time and activity/
alarm (Video Motion Detection).
◆◆ ‘Smart Search’ for highlighted image zones and objects.
◆◆ Evidence can be generated as a printed report, a JPEG image,
an AVI film or in the native database format.
◆◆ Export audio recordings in WAV or AVI format.
◆◆ Export video digitally zoomed to view area of interest only and
to minimize export footprint size.
◆◆ Export ‘Evidence CD’ containing native database and Recording
Viewer for instant, easy viewing by authorities.
◆◆ Encryption & password protection option for exported recordings and files.
◆◆ Ability to add comments to exported evidence, also encrypted.
◆◆ Option to send email.
◆◆ De-interlacing of video from analog cameras.
◆◆ IPIX technology for PTZ in 360° recorded images.
◆◆ Remote access for Smart and Remote Clients.
◆◆ Built-in web server for download and launch of clients and
◆◆ Set up one Master and multiple Slave Servers.
◆◆ Authenticate access based on Microsoft Active Directory user
account, or XProtect user name and password.
◆◆ Authorize access privileges per Microsoft Active Directory user
account/group, XProtect user profile or grant full access.
◆◆ User profiles control access to: Live view, PTZ, PTZ presets,
Output control, Events, Listen to microphone, Talk to speaker,
Manual recording; Playback, AVI export, JPG export, DB export,
Sequences, Smart Search and audio. As well as Set up views,
Edit private views and Edit shared public views.
◆◆ Audit logs of exported evidence by user and file.
◆◆ Audit logs of client user activity by time, locations and cameras.
◆◆ Remote access for PDA Client.
◆◆ Handle login and session requests between PDA clients and
Image Server.
◆◆ Resize video surveillance images to fit the screen layout of PDA
“I am extremely happy with the surveillance system. Ease of
use and administration in the software are all very simple
to do. Last but not least, Milestone has proved to be reliable
and stable with our server never having gone down with any
problems in over a year” – Chris Lee, Director of Operations at
Global SATCOM Technology
Detailed Product Features
XProtect Enterprise Client Modules
◆◆ View live video or playback recordings for 1-16 cameras simultaneously; from the same or different servers.
◆◆ Advanced video navigation including fast/slow playback, jump
to date/time, single step and video motion search.
◆◆ Individual views can be user-defined in various layouts: view or
playback camera images from multiple servers simultaneously
in the same view.
◆◆ Shared views can be managed centrally via the server with
admin/user rights and user groups.
◆◆ Import static or active HTML maps for fast navigation to
cameras and good premise overviews.
◆◆ Control output port relay operation, like control of gates.
◆◆ Quick overview of sequences with detected motion and
preview window.
◆◆ Quick overview of events/alerts.
◆◆ Control PTZ cameras remotely, also using preset positions.
◆◆ Remote PTZ Point-and-Click control.
◆◆ Remote PTZ zoom to a marked rectangle.
◆◆ Take manual control over a PTZ camera that runs a patrolling
scheme; after a timeout with no activity the camera reverts to
its scheduled patrolling.
◆◆ IPIX 1x2 or 2x2 ‘Quad View’ for viewing all 360° at once.
◆◆ Optional video compression in streaming from server to client
gives better use of bandwidth.
◆◆ Create AVI files or save JPEG images.
◆◆ Print incident reports with free-text user comments.
◆◆ System logon using XProtect user name and password.
◆◆ System logon using Microsoft Active Directory user accounts.
With XProtect Remote Client you can import static or
active HTML maps for good premise overviews and
quick navigation to cameras in multiple locations.
“Milestone was selected for several reasons: its open
architecture allows a mix of hardware that provides great cost
savings. It was the only solution that allowed us to
scale the storage high enough for our needs. It fit our current
requirements and will also scale nicely for future expansion.
The software is easily updated when new enhancements and
technologies become available. The browser interface for
remote viewing and incident review allows any of our internal
workstations to access video images without the need for
proprietary software application installation, and the open
standards make sharing video evidence with outside agencies
effortless.” - Peter Ducato, Asst. VP
Management Information Systems, F&M Banks, California
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Detailed Product Features
XProtect Enterprise Client Modules
◆◆ Smart Client includes all the features of XProtect Remote Client
plus more:
◆◆ Installed per default on Recording Server for local viewing and
playback of video and audio.
◆◆ Start recording on cameras for a pre-defined time (default 5
minutes). Subject to privileges set by administrator.
◆◆ Live view digital zoom allows zoomed-out recordings while the
operator digitally can zoom in to see details.
◆◆ ’Update On Motion Only’ optimizes CPU usage by letting motion detection control whether the image should be decoded
and displayed or not. The visual effect is a still image in the
view until motion is detected.
◆◆ Shared and private camera views offer 1x1 up to 8x8 layouts in
addition to asymmetric views.
◆◆ Multiple computer monitor support with a main window and
any number of either windowed or full screen views.
◆◆ Hotspot function for working in details with a camera selected
from a view containing multiple cameras.
◆◆ Carousel function allows a specified view to rotate between
pre-defined cameras with individual timing and order with
multiple appearances. Carousel function can be controlled allowing the operator to pause carousel function and to switch to
previous or next camera.
◆◆ Matrix function to view live video from multiple cameras
through the Image Server in any view layout with customizable
rotation path, remotely controlled by Smart Clients or Recording Servers sending Matrix remote commands.
◆◆ Send Matrix remote commands to display live video remotely
on computers running the Matrix Monitor or the Smart Client
with Matrix Plug-in.
◆◆ Cameras’ built-in audio sources available in live and in playback.
◆◆ Transmit client microphone input to one or all remote speakers
attached to IP devices.
The Floating Window option in the XProtect Smart Client
enables you to watch a potentially huge number of
cameras at the same time – that’s good overview! Create
as many floating views as you want in different groups like
buildings, departments, or all entrances.
Goto PTZ preset positions directly from camera menu.
Send wipe and wash commands to supported PTZ by
programming keyboard shortcuts or joystick buttons.
Goto a specific camera directly from camera menu.
Copy camera images to clipboard.
Manually trigger events by activating an administrator defined
event from a list.
Audible alerts activated by motion detection or event
occurrence per camera.
Smart Search lets you quickly search selected areas of camera
images for motion. Within a camera image, you can mark a
specific area, multiple areas or overlapping areas for detecting
motion sequences.
Graphical timeline displays scrollable view of recorded
sequences by adjustable time spans for an excellent graphical
overview of when images have been recorded.
Digital zoom function is enabled per default for fixed cameras
in live view and for fixed and PTZ cameras in playback mode.
Features for printing images.
Export ‘Evidence CD’ containing native database and Recording
Viewer for instant, easy viewing by authorities.
AVI export automatically includes assigned audio source.
Encryption & password protection option for exported
recordings and files when exporting to database format.
Assign outputs, PTZ presets, events and views as actions to
joystick buttons and as keyboard shortcuts.
Hide HTML page toolbar in HTML page views.
Current camera state is displayed as text in title bar of live view
item window as green (live), red (recording) or yellow
Video quality is optimized when maximizing live and playback
Context sensitive help function.
Detailed Product Features
XProtect Enterprise Client Modules
Virtual Matrix showing live video directly from up to 4 cameras
at a time triggered remotely by Matrix remote commands.
◆◆ Camera view shifts by FIFO (first-in-first-out).
◆◆ Multiple events can control a single Matrix monitor and single
events can control multiple monitors.
◆◆ Manually confirm or auto-accept Matrix remote commands.
◆◆ Show live video at the maximum speed (frame rate) allowed
by your cameras.
◆◆ View live or playback video from a single server or from multiple servers in half-screen or full-screen formats.
◆◆ In live view you can control Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras manually
or use preset positions, and control the cameras’ output relays
to trigger external actions like opening doors or gates, turning
on lights, etc.
◆◆ To find recordings, you can jump to specific time/date or to
next detected motion, or use motion detection sequence
◆◆ When viewing recordings, you can playback at variable speed
or single step image by image.
◆◆ The PDA client connects to the XProtect Enterprise server using
any IP connection; typically wireless LAN, GPRS, etc.
◆◆ Video compression from the server to PDA optimizes bandwidth usage.
◆◆ System logon using XProtect user name and password.
◆◆ Compatible with XProtect Transact that integrates video surveillance with ATM or POS cash register systems for managing loss
prevention and fraud.
◆◆ Compatible with XProtect Central for alarm overviews and operational status in larger video surveillance installations.
◆◆ Integrate with access control systems, alarms, gates, building
management systems, etc. using hardware I/O, internal events
and TCP/IP events or the OPC Data Access.
◆◆ With the Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK) you can
integrate video into other software products by using the API
to view live images, playback recorded activities, ‘go to’ specific
times, and search for motion.
◆◆ Create, import and use HTML pages for navigation between
views or to trigger a virtual matrix in XProtect Smart and Remote Clients.
◆◆ Develop third party plug-ins for the Smart Client to expand with
new functionality.
“It’s important that we’re putting in the IP technology and
wireless network that allows you to look at all the options for
adding more as you go along. We want this kind of technology built in for future flexibility. It sets up the connectivity
for the whole community.” – Roy F. McCampbell, Comptroller/
Chief Financial Officer for Bellwood, Illinois
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Milestone Systems
The Open Platform IP Video Software
Common requirements:
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher (Intel® Core™2 Duo
recommended for Enterprise Server 6.5 and Smart Client 3.5),
min. 2.4 GHz
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32 bit or 64 bit**) and
Windows Server 2003 (32 bit or 64 bit**), Windows Vista Business
(32 bit or 64 bit**), Windows Vista Enterprise (32 bit or 64 bit**)
and Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit or 64 bit**)
Graphics Card: AGP or PCI-Express, minimum 1024 x 768 (1280 x
1024 recommended), 16 bit colors
Network: Ethernet (100 Mbit or higher for Smart Client 3.5, Remote
Client 3.5, and Matrix Monitor 2.3; 1 Gbit for Server 6.5 recommended)
** Running as a 32 bit application
XProtect Enterprise Server 6.5:
RAM: Minimum 1GB (2 GB or more recommended)
Hard disk type: E-IDE, PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS (7200 RPM or faster)
Hard disk space: Minimum 80 Gbyte free (depends on number of
cameras and recording settings)
Software: DirectX 9.0 or newer required to run Playback Viewer
application, and Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework required to run
Recording Server Manager plus PDA Server, and Internet
Information Server (IIS) 5.1 or newer to run PDA Server
XProtect Smart Client 3.5:
RAM: Minimum 512 Mbyte (1 GB recommended for larger views,
1 GB recommended on Vista)
Hard disk space: Minimum 100 Mbyte free
Software: Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and DirectX 9.0 or newer
XProtect Remote Client 3.5:
RAM: Minimum 256 Mbyte (512 MB recommended for larger
views, 1 GB recommended on Vista)
Hard disk space: Minimum 10 Mbyte free
Software: DirectX 9.0 or newer
XProtect Matrix Monitor 2.3:
RAM: Minimum 512 Mbyte (1 GB recommended on Windows
Hard disk space: Minimum 50 Mbyte free
Software: DirectX 9.0 or newer
XProtect PDA Client 1.0:
CPU: Intel StrongARM® or 100% compatible
RAM: Minimum 32 Mbyte
Network: Ethernet (256 Kbit or higher recommended)
Graphics Card: minimum 320 x 200, 16 bit colors
OS: Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE/Mobile 5.0
Enterprise Server 6.5: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian,
Danish, and Japanese. Help system and Recording Server Manager
in English only.
Smart client 3.5: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish,
Japanese, Arabic*, Dutch*, Polish*, and Russian*.
Remote Client 3.5: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian,
Danish, and Japanese.
Matrix Monitor 2.3 and PDA Client 1.0: English.
OPC Server and Client: English.
Service Release
* The feature is not included in version 6.5a but will be available in
a service release as soon as possible in the first half of 2008.
Base Server License:
Mandatory for installing the product and covers installation on an
unlimited number of computers using the same Software License
Code and designated as Master Servers or Slave Servers.
The Base Server License includes the Enterprise Server modules:
Recording Server, Recording Viewer, Recording Server Manager,
Image Server, PDA Server, Smart Client, Remote Client, PDA Client,
and Matrix Monitor.
Camera License:
A camera license is required for each connected camera, either
directly or per video channel through a video encoder or DVR.
Camera Licenses can be purchased in any numbers.
Client License:
All client modules are not licensed and can be installed and used
on any number of computers.
Milestone Systems is a global developer of open platform IP video
management software. The XProtect™ platform is easy to use,
robust and proven in more than 35,000 customer installations. With
support for the industry’s widest choice in network hardware and
integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-of-breed solutions to “video enable” organizations - reducing costs, optimizing
processes, and protecting assets. Milestone software is sold through
authorized partners in 63 countries.
Company and product names mentioned are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Milestone Systems reserves the right to change the specification without prior notice.
© 2008 Milestone Systems A/S.
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