Bendix Truck RDU Sheet

Bendix Truck RDU Sheet
electronic controls
Powerful ABS troubleshooting for tractors
in a portable package
Small, Simple, Powerful
The Bendix® RDU is a small, portable diagnostic tool for
troubleshooting Bendix® tractor based ABS systems. The unit
simply attaches to the vehicle’s 9-pin diagnostic connector
and the LEDs illuminate to direct you to the component
that needs attention. No blink codes. No handhelds.
No computers. No complicated instructions. Just fast and easy
Easy to Use: The RDU is intuitive and easy to use so your
maintenance staff can spend less time learning how to work
with the tool and more time fixing the problem.
Low Cost: The original patent pending design provides
exceptional functionality at a very affordable price. Eliminate
tool sharing by putting an RDU in every toolbox.
Compact Size: It’s only 11/2” in diameter by 15/8” tall. And
because it’s portable, you can use it in the shop or take it
wherever you need to go.
Compatible: The flexible Bendix® RDU supports the complete
range of Bendix ABS components, including the
Bendix® EC-60™, EC-30™, EC-17, Gen 5, and Gen 4 Electronic
Control Units (ECUs).
How the Bendix RDU Works
The Bendix® RDU simply plugs into the 9-pin diagnostic
connector in the cab of the vehicle. The green LED will flash
four times to indicate communications have been established.
If the ABS system has no active trouble codes or faults, only the
green VLT LED will remain lit to indicate that the system is
receiving the proper voltage. If the ABS system has at least
one active trouble code/fault, the red LEDs will light up
to indicate the malfunctioning ABS component and its
location on the vehicle.
electronic controls
Once The Repair is Complete, It’s Easy to Reset
The Bendix RDU. Reset Functions Include:
The Bendix ® RDU Fast Facts
Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes: To clear diagnostic
trouble codes, simply hold a magnet over the center of the
RDU for less than six (6) seconds.
Vehicle Use
Connector Interface
Self Configuration Command: To initiate the Bendix ABS self
configure command, hold a magnet over the center of the RDU
for more than six (6) seconds, but less than 30 seconds.
Note: The RDU is specifically designed for use on vehicles equipped with
Bendix ABS. The Bendix RDU is not intended for operation and/or function
with ABS supplied by other manufacturers.
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These Bendix Part Numbers:
• Bendix RDU Remote Diagnostic Unit – 801869
• 9-pin to 6-pin adapter cable – 801872
• 9-pin to 9-pin extension cable – 802229
• Bendix RDU plus 9-pin to 9-pin extension cable – 802436
• Bendix RDU plus 6-pin to 9-pin adapter cable – 802435
9-pin diagnostic
9-pin to 6-pin
adapter cable
9-pin to 9-pin
extension cable
Understanding the LED
Indicators for the Bendix RDU
VLT – Power/Communication
ECU – ABS Controller
SEN – Wheel Speed Sensor
MOD – Pressure Modulator
TRC – Traction Control
LFT – Left
RHT – Right
DRV – Drive Axle
ADD – Additional
STR – Steer Axle
A magnet over the center of the RDU is all it
takes to clear diagnostic trouble codes, or to
initiate the Bendix ABS self configure
command on the Bendix RDU.
Fast and Easy ABS Troubleshooting In a Pocket-Size Package
Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop. The portable package of remote diagnostic units from Bendix,
including the Bendix RDU and Trailer RDU offer quick, accurate diagnostics for your Bendix® ABS system.
Find out more. Talk to your Bendix Account Manager, call 1-800-AIR-BRAKE or visit today.
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