Quick-Start-Guide-LED display-control

Quick-Start-Guide-LED display-control
Quick Start Guide of LED display
control system
1. Hardware connection as show in image 1-1 in below:
Connecting control card with HUB by flat cable 1 firmly; connecting HUB J1
port with input port of LED screen by flat cable 2; accessing to power line and
network; After control card on power, all indicators (power, network and
working) will turn on and blinking, which means the control card will operating
Image 1-1
2. Set up computer’s IP address, steps as follows:
Propertyclick on “network connection”, click right mouse on
“Local connection”
Property, as show in image 1-2 in
Image 1-2
Please set up IP according to the notes in image 1-2, then click on
“Property” button, a dialogue box will appear, as show in image 1-3 in
After finishing all settings, please click “OK”. Pay attention to mode of IP:
subject to example of
Introduction of Led set.exe software
3.1 Clients can import .hcp file for the screen that has configured already,
steps as follows:
button then the Ledset interface will
Step 1, double click
appear, as show in image 1-4 in below:
Image 1-4
Step 2, Click on “Import existing configuration file .hcp”, a dialogue box will pop
up, as show in image 1-5 in below:
Image 1-5
Step 3, click on “Select .hcp” then check the interface, at this time, “Send” has
been activated, as shown in image 1-6 in below:
Step 4, click on “Send” button then the control card will restart as shown in
image 1-7, software and display screen state as shown in image 1-8 and 1-9
in below:
Image 1-8
3.2 If the LED display modules haven’t been configured then please use
LEDSET exe software to configure it. Please refer to “LEDSET introduction” for
3.3 Set up screen size, steps as follows:
Step 1, starting LED SET software then select “Width and height parameters
configuration”, as shown in image 1-10 in below:
Image 1-10
Step 2, click on “Next” and then parameters configuration dialogue box will
appear, please input what you need, as shown in image 1-11 in below:
Image 1-11
Step 3, after that, click on “Next” and will finish it, as shown in image 1-12 in
Image 1-12
If you still need to setup other parameters, please click on “Back to Home”. If
you have finished, “Quit” will be OK.
4. Check screen IP
Click “Help” button in menu bar of Led editor software, click “Check LED
screen IP” option then a window will pop up, as shown in image 1-10 in below:
Image 1-10
Image 1-11
5. Make new programs, steps as follows:
Start Led editor exe software first, as shown in image 1-12 in below:
Image -12
Take “Text window” for example
Step1, start Led editor exe software then set up Led editor software and
configure display screen IP.
Software setup: click “Options” button on menu bar and select “Software
Setup”, as shown in image 1-13 in below:
Image 1-13
Screen IP configuration, as shown in image 1-14 in below:
Image 1-14
Step2. Making “Text window” program; click on making new program page
button “ ” Add step then click on making new program window button “ ” ,
as shown in image 1-15 in below:
Image 1-15
Step3. Click “Text window” as shown in image 1-16 in below:
Image 1-16
Step4. Click on “ ” button which is marked by red circle then a dialogue box
will appear, please editing anything you want in this box, as shown in image
1-17 in below:
Image 1-17
Step5. After completing please click send button “
6. Program display as shown in image 1-18 in below:
After connecting all hardware devices, please sending programs and
observing the display screen, as shown in image 1-18 in below:
Image 1-18
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