ViewSonic G771 User manual

ViewSonic G771 User manual
Aurora Edit LD Version 6.3.3 Release
Notes and Installation Instructions
These release notes contain the most recent information and supersede previous
publications, as of March 07 2008. Check the Grass Valley website at for an updated version that contains additional
important information.
Table of Contents
Grass Valley Product Support.......................................................................................... 2
What’s new in Aurora Edit LD......................................................................................... 3
Changes in previous releases ........................................................................................... 3
System Requirements ........................................................................................................ 5
Software version compatibility ......................................................................................... 6
Usage notes ...................................................................................................................... 6
Installing Aurora Edit LD ................................................................................................ 7
Known Issues .................................................................................................................... 9
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Grass Valley Product Support
Grass Valley Product Support
To get technical assistance, check on the status of a question, or to report new issue,
contact Grass Valley Product Support via e-mail, the Web, or by phone or fax.
Web Technical Support
To access support information on the Web, visit the product support Web page on the
Grass Valley Web site. You can download software or find solutions to problems by
searching our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database.
World Wide Web:
Technical Support E-mail Address: [email protected]
Phone Support
Use the following information to contact product support by phone during business
hours. Afterhours phone support is available for warranty and contract customers.
+800 80 80 20 20
+33 1 48 25 20 20
+39 02 24 13 16 01
+39 06 87 20 35 42
(United States,
+1 800 547 8949
+1 530 478 4148
Belarus, Russia,
+7 095 258 09 20
+33 (0) 2 334 90 30
Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Korea,
+852 2531 3058
+91 11 515 282 502
+91 11 515 282 504
Australia, New
+61 1300 721 495
Germany, Austria,
Eastern Europe
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Central, South
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Near East, Africa
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+861 066 0159 450
+31 (0) 35 62 38 421
+32 (0) 2 334 90 30
Northern Europe
+45 45 96 88 70
+81 3 5484 6868
+65 6379 1313
+603 7805 3884
+41 487 80 02
Middle East
+971 4 299 64 40
UK, Ireland, Israel
+44 118 923 0499
Authorized Support Representative
A local authorized support representative may be available in your country. To locate
the support representative for your country, visit the product support Web page on the
Grass Valley Web site.
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
March 07 2008
What’s new in Aurora Edit LD
What’s new in Aurora Edit LD
Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3
The Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3 release is a bug fix release:
Sending a 720 x 512 MPEG sequence to Aurora Edit resulted in a change in the video
setting to 720 x 480
Aurora Edit LD failed to open proxy clips that had no associated high-resolution media
Reselecting a clip source in Aurora Edit LD activated the Aspect Ratio Conversion Tool
After associating an Aurora Ingest feed with an Aurora Playout placeholder, the
Editorial Duration column in Aurora Edit LD was empty
In a NAS environment, the Conform Server could not create an EDL sequence.
When you created a 1080i 50Mbit sequence in Aurora Edit LD, the setting reverted back
to 100 Mbit.
Changes in previous releases
Version 6.3.2
The Aurora Edit 6.3.2 release was a bug fix release:
March 07 2008
When there was a comma in the asset name, Aurora Edit LD could not open the asset
Numlock turned on when you launched Aurora Edit LD
Scroll bars were missing
Pressing the 8 key crashed the application
When trying to play back microphone records of under one second, the Aurora Edit LD
application would freeze
Aurora Edit LD didn’t release its license on the Aurora Browse server
A sequence with an asset with a comma in its name failed to conform
The Conform Server opened multiple connections to the DSM Database Server and
eventually bogged down the entire system
When playing certain malformed MPEG clips (audio track is shorter than video), the
player locked up
Saving an EDL didn’t occur when you renamed the file and then closed Aurora Edit LD
The Aurora Edit LD application would sometimes hang when you were playing a clip
in the Source Tool and then tried to close the Aurora Edit LD application.
The Conform Server failed to conform if the name of the clip and the physical file name
were different
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
Changes in previous releases
You couldn’t adjust the microphone level before recording
Audio automation did not keep values from clip to clip
Video clips on the Timeline sometimes appeared as black
Version 6.3
Mixed Format Timelines—You can use different formats within the same Timeline in
Aurora Edit LD 6.3, including SD media in HD Timelines or mixing compression
formats, such as DV25 and MPEG.
The video settings you configure in Tools | Options determine the settings each
sequence acquires, and you can copy clips of different formats from the clip source to
the Timeline. When complete, the Timeline is sent through the Conform Server for
play to air. The format of the final clip will be the same as the sequence in Aurora Edit
LD; clips that use a different format will be converted.
Aspect Ratio Conversion—You can adjust the aspect ratio settings of your clips before
copying them to the Timeline using the Aspect Ratio Conversion Tool. With this tool,
you can specify how you want each piece of media to be converted, allowing you to
use media with various formats, including SD and HD as well as 4:3 and 16:9.
EDL Export—You can export an Aurora Edit LD Timeline as an EDL file and import
it into Aurora Edit. Note that mixed format Timelines are not supported with EDL
Export and high-resolution Aurora Edit.
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
March 07 2008
System Requirements
System Requirements
• 2.4 GHz or faster processor
NOTE: Video streaming performance as well as Timeline editing behavior will
be enhanced as the processor speed is increased.
• 1 Gigabyte RAM
• 32 bit color display 1024 x 768
• 1024 MB of Virtual Memory Allocation
• The system must have either the onboard audio enabled or a third party audio card
must be installed in order for Aurora Edit LD to have playback capability.
Video Card Requirements
The video card must support DirectX 9.0c and 32 MB to 128 MB DDR.
Grass Valley recommends these video cards for Aurora Edit LD:
Asus Extreme N6600 Graphics Card
ATI Radeon 7500
GeForce FX 5200 AGP (for Dual Monitor Support)
PNY Verto GeForce FX5500 Graphics Adapter AGP
PNY Verto GeForce FX5500 Graphics Adapter PCI
ViewSonic G771 nVidia Quadro PCI-E Series (Quadro NVS 280)
NOTE: As video cards become obsolete regularly, please contact GV Customer
Support for questions regarding video cards that you may want to use instead of the
list provided.
An incompatible video card will display the following symptoms after you launch
Aurora Edit LD:
• The Timeline Video Display will be grayed out. No clips can be loaded into the
Timeline or Source Tool.
• The Timeline Video Display will be black even after a clip is loaded into the Source
Tool or a Timeline EDL is opened from the bin.
March 07 2008
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
Software version compatibility
Software version compatibility
Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3 was qualified using the following software versions:
Component or system
Aurora Browse software
6.3.0 or greater
Aurora Ingest software
6.3.0 or greater
Aurora Playout software
6.3.0 or greater
Generic iSCSI Installer
GVG_MLib Installer
K2 system software with SNFS software version
or with SNFS software version
M-Series system software
Microsoft Windows
XP with Service Pack 2 (Windows Vista is NOT currently
Microsoft Windows Media Player
10 or greater
Profile XP system software
5.4.9 (Build
Usage notes
Automatic Login
To avoid logging in each time you launch Aurora Edit LD, configure your machine
for automatic login:
1. Open Internet Explorer, then go to Tools | Options.
2. Click the Security tab and select Custom Level.
3. Scroll to the bottom and select automatic logon with current username and
4. Click OK.
Windows Event Viewer
Configure the Windows Event View Application as follows:
1. Go to My Computer | Properties | Manage.
2. Expand Event Viewer and then expand Properties on Application log.
3. Change to Overwrite Events as Needed and click Apply.
4. Repeat for System Log.
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
March 07 2008
Installing Aurora Edit LD
Installing Aurora Edit LD
Before you install the Aurora Edit LD software
• Uninstall any previously-installed versions of Aurora Edit LD before installing
Aurora Edit LD Release 6.3.3 using Microsoft Add/Remove Programs in the
Control Panel.
• Aurora Edit LD cannot be installed on a DNP system that currently has Aurora
Suite software (Aurora Edit, Aurora Core, etc.) already installed.
• Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3 requires the .NET Framework prior to installation. This will
be handled by the Aurora Edit LD install. However, if the .NET Framework had
been installed on the system before, there is a chance that a Microsoft problem may
be exposed. During the install of the .NET Framework, the process may result in
an Internal Error 2908. If this occurs, do the following:
a. Go to the System32 directory under C:\Windows.
b. Delete the file labeled mscoree.dll.
c. Reboot your system and rerun the Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3 install.
• GVG_MLib vs Profile software—If you are using Aurora Edit LD in a K2 Shared
Environment, install the GVG_MLib software (not the Profile software). If Aurora
Edit LD is used in Standalone mode, or used in a NAS or OpenSan environment,
install the Profile software (not the GVG_MLib software).
• Installing Profile Software—To install Profile software on an Aurora Edit LD
client, do the following:
a. From the Disk 1 folder of the Profile Software, double-click Setup.exe.
b. Click Next.
c. Click Yes to proceed with the installation.
d. Click Yes to the Agreement in order to continue.
e. Click Next to place the software in the C:\Profile directory.
f. Highlight PC Software Installation and click Install.
NOTE: Do not install the ProfileXP System Software on a client system.
g. Click Yes to finish the installation.
h. Reboot your machine.
• If Profile software is installed it must be completely removed before installing the
GVG_MLib and Aurora Edit LD software. Use of Profile removal utilities may be
needed to completely remove the Profile Software.
March 07 2008
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
Installing Aurora Edit LD
Installing the Aurora Edit LD software
1. Uninstall any previously-installed versions of Aurora Edit LD before installing
Aurora Edit LD Release 6.3.3 using Microsoft Add/Remove Programs in the
Control Panel.
2. Reboot your machine.
3. Launch SetupAuroraEditLD.exe and follow these instructions:
On this screen...
Do this...
Click Next.
K2 Server Check
Check K2 Server Present if you are using a K2 Server for storage
and click Next.
Aurora Browse Server Settings
Enter the following information about your system and click Next:
NB Server
Aurora Browse Conform
Server and Media Settings
Ready to Install
Enter the following information about your system and click Next:
Primary Conformer
Secondary Conformer
NAS Media Path
Click Next to begin the installation.
4. Reboot your machine again.
The Technical Reference Guide refers to the installation of the Microsoft iSCSI
Initiator. This information is slightly misleading the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
software is actually included in the Generic iSCSI Install.
Reinstalling Aurora Edit LD software
1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel.
2. Choose Add/Remove Programs.
3. Click on Aurora Edit LD.
4. Click Change/Remove.
5. Reboot.
6. After reboot, install Aurora Edit LD (See “Installing the Aurora Edit LD software”
on page 8).
Reinstall the GVG DNP software by running the installation program provided to you
by GVG Support Technicians.
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
March 07 2008
Known Issues
Known Issues
The following limitations are present in this Aurora Edit LD 6.3.3 software release. If
you wish to obtain more information about these limitations, please mention the
reference number that follows each description.
NOTE: Exporting an EDL from Aurora Edit LD to Aurora Edit with clips that link
to High Resolution media of varying compression types (i.e. DV vs. MPEG) is not
supported. It is recommended that all High Resolution media within a common
EDL be of the same compression type, chroma format, and video resolution.
Aurora Browse
Deleted .wav files will be removed from the Aurora Browse NAS, but
the folder that contained the file will remain. (45135)
Workaround Go to the Media folder on the NAS and delete the folders manually.
Loading clips that have an above-average amount of thumbnails within
the storyboard (above 1000) may result in a delay in loading the
storyboard. (45990)
Clip source
Clips that are less than one second in duration will not play within the
clip source. (57232)
GXF Files
Importing .gxf files directly into a scavenge folder in the News
Database will result in a failure to properly create a lo-resolution asset
in the Aurora Browse database.
Workaround Import the .gxf file into an unmonitored folder and then move the item
into the scavenge folder.
Multiple quick edits within the Timeline may cause the playback to
stutter and pause on occasion. (37617)
Workaround Allow a few seconds between opening the sequence and playing it.
You can also minimize this issue by using a faster CPU.
Pushes and slides may expose a black bar on the edge of the outgoing or
incoming video. (42380)
Workaround This is only visible within the Aurora LD viewer window. It will not be
present on the conform for playout.
March 07 2008
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
Known Issues
Timelines will limit the amount of objects, such as clips or cuts,
depending upon current system resource levels. You will be prompted
that no further edits can be made.
When setting up a send to News, the path requires a / instead of a \.
Also, the path for News sends can only be to a top level folder.
Restart the XRE Conform Server when changing between PAL and
NTSC formats.
Aurora Edit LD Release Notes Version 6.3.3
March 07 2008
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