Gai-Tronics Help Point PHP400 2 Button GSM Data Sheet

Gai-Tronics Help Point PHP400 2 Button GSM Data Sheet
GAI-Tronics Telephony
Hands-Free, Vandal Resistant, Disability-Friendly Telephone
 SMART Analogue, GSM and VoIP-SIP options
 Large, vandal resistant metal buttons, palm
 Raised text button legends with Braille
 Integral Induction Loop facility for hearing
 2 x RJ45 Connectors as standard for VoIP
 Audio-visual ring indication
 Emergency override
 Hands free operation
 Local PA
 Robust and weather resistant: IP65
 1 or 2 button autodial options with remote
 Suitable for pole mounting to a single PSTN
post or surface mounting, simple installation
 400mm diameter
 NETWORK RAIL approved
The PHP400 Help Point is a rugged, public
access hands-free telephone housed in a white
The units are compact (400mm diameter, 88mm
deep) and have the same fixing requirements as
other GAI-Tronics telephones.
The Help Point telephones are vandal and
loudspeaking communications for any public area.
The design of the unit takes into consideration the
requirements of DDA (Disability Discrimination
Connectivity options are:
SMART Analogue
The unit provides basic telephone functions and
can be connected to any standard two-wire
telephone line, including FXS ports, analogue
PABX lines and PSTN.
Self Monitoring And Reporting Telephone can be
integrated with GAI-Tronics' TMA monitoring and
maintenance software. SMART gives advanced
features including remote programming, fault
monitoring and call logging.
The GSM version has dual band 900/1800 MHz. It
accepts a standard SIM card and has an
integrated on-body antenna, which can be
removed and sited up to 3m away if required,
using the cable provided.
Voice over IP (SIP protocol)
GAI-Tronics VoIP-SIP telephones support Power
over Ethernet (PoE) to combine power and
connection to LAN or WAN. GAI-Tronics
telephones now feature a secondary RJ45 port
which allows two or more telephones to be
connected in series via the network. GAI-Tronics
VoIP-SIP phones offer a wealth of additional
features including real-time reporting via Syslog,
and can be configured by web browser.
2 button autodialler
Buttons labelled “Information“
and “Emergency”. Each button
can be programmed with a
number up to 24 digits.
Pressing the Emergency button
will override an information call.
1 button autodialler
Can be configured to dial a
stored number or as a ‘hotline’,
where the exchange routes the
As well as the standard Help Point range, GAITronics can supply specials to order with
customised options.
GAI-Tronics Telephony
Hands-Free, Vandal Resistant, Disability-Friendly Telephone
Casing Material: Mild steel, zinc coated, powder coat finish white. Call for other options.
Disability Features: Raised text and Braille legend to button;
Integral induction loop
Keypad: Raised, stainless steel, vandal resistant pushbutton
(palm operable)
Temperatures: Operating temperature: -20 to +60° C
Storing: -40° C to +70° C
Weather Resistance: IP65
Humidity: 95% RH non condensing
Weight: ~6.5kg
Can be run on demand or on a scheduled basis, reporting its
results via Syslog and / or email.
405mm diameter x 88mm depth (button protrudes a further
10mm from front panel)
Mounting centres: 145 x 270mm
Cable access: 5 x 20mm entry points (2 rear, 2 bottom, 1 top)
blanking plugs supplied.
Speech: Voice-switched (VOX) semi-duplex operation
Call timeout programmable from 1 to 42 minutes.
Dialling: Autodial keypad single-press switch-on-and-dial
24 digits maximum with embedded Recall, Pause, Pulse &
Tone characters
Ringing: Dual tone ringing through loudspeaker >75 dB @ 1m
REN 1(not for GSM)
Power Supply: 230Vac @ 650mA max or 48Vdc @ 2A (specify
at order Time)
Lightning / Transients: Protection to ITU-T k.21 enhanced
Memory Retention (autodiallers): E Prom - 10 year life
Remote programming: Auto-dial numbers, time-out and dial
mode can be programmed over the phone line either from a
tone phone or from monitoring software (TMA).
Configuration: Remotely programmable via TMA
Remote monitoring: Remote health-check and fault reporting,
either on a call-in or polled basis. TMA required.
Call Logging: Records call time, duration and auto-dial number
used. TMA required.
This mark indicates compliance with the:
Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive
1999/5/EC (R&TTE)
2011/65/EC – RoHS 2 Directive
Tested to CTR21
Network Rail Approved
Speech: Full duplex, 6 codecs available inc G.711 + G.722
Connection type: SIP to RFC3261
Ethernet connection via 2 x RJ45 sockets (inside enclosure) as
Power supply: Power requirement: 230Vac @ 650mA max
(typ 50mA in idle state), or optional 48Vdc @ 1A max
Mains connection via screw terminals inside enclosure
Call set-up Protocol: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (RFC
3261) only
Configuration: Remote configuration via web pages, serial
port, Telnet or configuration file
Static IP address provisioning or DHCP
External I/O: 4 auxilliary inputs, 2 isolated relay outputs (1
capable of switching 230Vac)
Monitoring and reporting: Remote alarms via syslog or email
Multicast (Only applicable to hands-free products) allows a
single audio stream to be received by multiple endpoints
simultaneously, to achieve multi-point paging or Public Address
functionality over IP. (Requires a multicast compliant SIP
server). 8 definable multicast address ranges, with individual
priority levels, for zoning. Assignable rely outputs and splash
For specific country approval,
please call
For order codes and details, please contact
T: 01283 500500, F: 01283 500400, E: [email protected]
1 Button Analogue (requires 48 Vdc)
2 Button Analogue (requires 48 Vdc)
1 Button VoIP-SIP (requires 48 Vdc)
2 Button VoIP-SIP (requires 48 Vdc)
1 Button GSM (requires 48 Vdc)
2 Button GSM (requires 48 Vdc)
2 Button Analogue (requires 230Vac)
2 Button GSM (requires 230Vac)
Mounting Post
Please ask for Brochure B150 or visit
Audio Path Testing: Allows remote testing of microphones and
speakers, to verify that a phone is functioning acoustically.
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An ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Registered Company
The policy of GAI-Tronics is one of continuous improvement; therefore the company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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