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NOTE: Turbulator kits assembled in the field must have Loctite 277 (red) applied to both 5/16” – 18 set screws used to
attached the prop to the motor shaft. Each of the prop set screws must be torqued to a setting of 126 inch-pounds. Apply
Loctite 277 as directed on the container.
CAUTION! Guards are strongly recommended when
the fan is installed within eight (8) feet (2.5 m) of floor,
working level or within reach of personnel. Guards
complying with OSHA regulations are available as
optional equipment. Review OSHA Codes and obtain a
CAUTION! This unit has rotating parts and safety precautions
should be exercised during installation, operation and maintenance.
WARNING! Do not use fans in hazardous environments where the
fan’s electrical system could provide ignition to combustible or
flammable materials, unless the unit is specifically built for that
hazardous environment.
The Turbulator is designed to be installed in open truss buildings and not recommended for use in drop ceiling buildings or
applications that would allow for contact by people, objects, or animals. Optional guard kit is recommended for use below 12’ from the
impeller to the closest working surface.
Suggested installation height is 12’-16’ from the bottom of impeller to the working surface (floor, bench, etc). By OSHA requirements,
the unit must be installed at least 8’ from any working surface to the lowest point on the fan even with the optional guard in place.
1. Attach the mounting bracket of the fan to 2X material in the center of the eve of the building as shown
in Figure 1.
2. Secure with lag screws as shown in Figure 1.
3. Attach the power cord to the fan with a drip loop and secure the power cord to the structure above the
fan propeller so that the power cord cannot be hit by the propeller as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1
Figure 2
ACCEPTANCE All orders and sales are subject to
written approval and acceptance by an executive officer of Acme Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation
at Muskogee, Oklahoma, (the "Company") and are not
binding on the Company until so approved.
DELIVERY All shipping and delivery dates are estimated only. No delays in delivery will subject the
Company to any costs, damages or fees for late delivery. Delivery of the products herein specified shall be
made F.O.B. point of shipment, unless otherwise
stated. The Company shall not be liable for delay due
to causes beyond its reasonable control, such as Acts
of God, acts of the purchaser, acts of civil or military
authorities, priorities, fires, strikes, floods, epidemics,
war, riots, delays in transportation, car shortages, and
inability, due to reasons beyond its reasonable control,
to obtain necessary labor, material, or manufacturing
facilities. In the event of such a delay, the date of delivery shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost
by reason of the delay.
TERMS OF PAYMENT If, in the judgment of the Company, the financial condition of the purchaser at any
time does not justify continuation of manufacture or
shipment on the terms of payment specified, the Company may require full or partial payment in advance.
Pro rata payments shall become due as shipments are
made. Each shipment or delivery shall constitute a
separate sale, and the default of any shipment or delivery shall constitute a separate sale, and the default of
any shipment or delivery shall not vitiate the contract
as to other shipments or deliveries.
SALES AND SIMILAR TAXES The Company’s prices
do not include sales, use, excise, or similar taxes.
Consequently, in addition to the price specified herein,
the amount of any present or future sales, use, excise,
or other similar tax applicable to the sale of the product
herein shall be paid by the Purchaser, or in lieu thereof
the Purchaser shall provide the Company with a tax
exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities.
CANCELLATION Any contract resulting from the Purchaser’s order may be canceled by the Purchaser only
by negotiations and upon payments of reasonable cancellation charges which will take into account expenses
already incurred and commitments made by the Company.
DESIGN CHANGES The Company reserves the right
to make changes in design, improvements and additions in and to its products any time without imposing
any liability or obligations to itself to apply or install the
same in any product manufactured by it.
TITLE The title and right of possession of the products
sold herein shall remain with the Company and such
products shall remain personal property until all
payments herein (including deferred payments whether
evidenced by notes or otherwise) shall have been
made in full in cash and the Purchaser agrees to do all
acts necessary to perfect and maintain such right and
title in the Company.
PRICE ADJUSTMENTS Prices are subject to change
upon notice by the Company. Prices on existing orders are subject to surcharges in the event of cost increases of metals and transportation. All complete
component accessory material manufactured by others
and furnished with the Company’s products such as
motors, drives, vibration equipment, controls or other
completely assembled component structures, are subject to adjustment to the price at time of shipment regardless of the date of original order entry.
SAFETY ACCESSORIES The Company manufactures
products designed to serve multiple applications and
offers a wide range of safety equipment, including
guards and other devices, as may be required to meet
customer specifications. Without exception, the Company recommends that all orders include applicable
safety devices. Products ordered without applicable
safety devices is clearly the responsibility of the Purchaser. Further, the Purchaser warrants that it has determined and acquired any and all safety devices required for products sold by the Company. Weather
covers and guards for motor and V-belt drives, couplings, shafts and bearings, along with inlet and outlet
screens, are optional accessories noted in the price
GOVERNING LAW The rights, obligations and remedies of Purchaser and the Company, the interpretation
of these terms and conditions and the sale of products
by the Company shall be governed by Oklahoma law,
without regard to any principles of conflict of laws.
ARBITRATION Any dispute arising under or in connection with these terms and conditions or the sale of
products shall be settled by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under
its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the
award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in
any court having jurisdiction thereof. The dispute shall
be resolved by one neutral arbitrator who shall have no
affiliation with either Purchaser or the Company and
shall be selected by the American Arbitration Association office in Dallas, Texas. The arbitration proceedings shall be held in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS The agreement between the Company and the Purchaser relating to the
products includes these terms and conditions of sale,
any applicable installation and maintenance instructions provided by the Company and any terms appearing on the Company’s quotation, sales order acknowledgment and invoice.
WARNING Acme products are designed and manufactured to provide reliable performance but they are not guaranteed to be 100% free of defects. Even reliable products will
experience occasional failures and this possibility should be recognized by the Purchaser and all End Users. If these products are used in a life support ventilation system
where failure could result in loss or injury, the Purchaser and all End Users should provide adequate back-up ventilation, supplementary natural ventilation or failure alarm system, or acknowledge willingness to accept the risk of such loss or injury.
WARNING DO NOT use in HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS where fan’s electrical system could provide ignition to combustible or flammable materials unless unit is specifically built for hazardous environments. Comply with all local and national safety codes including the National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Act (NFPA).
CAUTION Guards must be installed when fan is within reach of personnel or within eight (8) feet (2.5 m) of working level or when deemed advisable for safety.
DISCLAIMER The Company has made a diligent effort to illustrate and describe the products accurately in all Company literature; however such illustrations and descriptions
are for the sole purpose of identification and do not express or imply any warranty.
WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER: the Company extends this limited warranty to the original purchaser
and warrants that products supplied by the Company,
shall be free from original defects in workmanship and
materials for two years from date of shipment (except
for the warranty periods noted for products listed below), provided same have been properly handled,
stored, installed, serviced, maintained and operated.
This warranty shall not apply to products which have
been altered or repaired without the Company’s express authorization, or altered or repaired in any way
so as, in the Company’s judgment, to affect its performance or reliability, nor which have been improperly
installed or subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident, or incorrectly used in combination with other substances. The Purchaser assumes all risks and liability
for results of use of all products.
Evaporative cooling pads are warranted to be free of
defects in materials and workmanship for a period of
two years from date of shipment provided same have
been properly handled, stored, installed, serviced,
maintained and operated; and further, not subjected to
excessive heat, corrosive agents or chemicals, or mechanical abuse that may cause tearing, crushing or undue deterioration, nor used on a system or in a manner
other than that for which it was designed as explained
in the product literature.
The following products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the periods
shown from date of shipment: Acme’s exclusive duplex split pillow block bearings and shaft five years,
belts one year, Polyethylene tubing 90 days, AIR40
Heater warranty one year, AIR40 Emitter warranty
three years and DDP fan lifetime warranty on its propeller, cone, and housing.
claims under this warranty must be made in writing and
delivered to P. O. Box 978, Muskogee, Oklahoma,
74402, within 15 days after discovery of the defect and
prior to the expiration of two years from the date of
shipment by the Company of the product claimed defective, and Purchaser shall be barred from any
remedy if Purchaser fails to make such claim within
such period.
Within 30 days after receipt of a timely claim, the Company shall have the option either to inspect the product
while in Purchaser's possession or to request Purchaser to return the product to the Company at Purchaser's expense for inspection by the Company. The
Company shall replace, or at its option repair, free of
charge, any product it determines to be defective, and
it shall ship the repaired or replacement product to
Purchaser F.O.B. point of shipment; provided, however, if circumstances are such as in the Company’s
judgment to prohibit repair or replacement to remedy
the warranted defects, the Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy shall be a refund to the Purchaser of any
part of the invoice price, paid to the Company, for the
defective product or part.
The Company is not responsible for the cost of removal of the defective product or part, damages due to
removal, or any expenses incurred in shipping the
product or part to or from the Company’s plant, or the
installation of the repaired or replaced product or part.
The warranties set forth above do not apply to any
components, accessories, parts or attachments manufactured by other manufacturers; such being subject to
the manufacturer’s warranty, if any. To the extent not
prohibited by the manufacturer’s warranty, the Company shall pass through to Purchaser such manufacturer’s warranty.
P.O. Box 978
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402
Telephone 918/682-7791
Fax 918/682-0134
No employee, agent, dealer, or other person is
authorized to give any warranties on behalf of the
Company or to assume for the Company any
other liability in connection with any of its products
except in writing and signed by an officer of the
REPLACEMENT PARTS If replacement parts are
ordered, purchaser warrants that the original components in which these replacement parts will be
placed are in satisfactory working condition, and
Member Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.
when said replacement parts are installed, the resultant installation will operate in a safe manner, at
speeds and temperatures for which the original product was purchased.
DISCLAIMER: Notwithstanding any past practice or
dealings or any custom of the trade, sales shall not include the furnishing of technical advice or assistance
or system design. Any such assistance shall be at the
Company’s sole option and may be subject to additional charge.
The Company assumes no obligation or liability on account of any recommendations, opinions or advice as
to the choice, installation or use of products. Any such
recommendations, opinions or advice are given and
shall be accepted at Purchaser's and End User's risk
and shall not constitute any warranty or guarantee of
such products or their performance.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY The cumulative liability of
the Company to the Purchaser and any other persons
for all claims in any way relating to or arising out of the
products, including, but not limited to, any cause of action sounding in contract, tort, or strict liability, shall not
exceed the total amount of the purchase price paid for
those products which are the subject of any such
claim. This limitation of liability is intended to apply
without regard to whether other provisions of this
agreement have been breached or have proven ineffective even if the Company has been advised of the
possibility of such claims or demands. In no event
shall the Company be liable to the Purchaser or any
other person for any loss of profits or any incidental,
special, exemplary, or consequential damages for any
claims or demands brought by the Purchaser or such
other persons.
INDEMNITY The Company’s maximum liability to Purchaser and to any end user is as set forth above. The
Company makes no warranty to anyone for any products not manufactured by the Company and shall have
no liability for any use or installation of any products
(whether manufactured by the Company or other manufacturers) not specifically authorized by this sale.
Purchaser acknowledges various warnings by the
Company regarding the products and its installation
and use. If the Company incurs any claims, lawsuits,
settlements, or expenses (including attorney fees) for
any loss, injury, death or property damage including,
but not limited to, claims arising out of the Purchaser’s
or any end user’s installation or use of the products,
the Purchaser shall indemnify and hold the Company
September 2011 Rev B.
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