Skype Guide
What is Skype?
Skype is telecommunications software that specializes
in providing video chat and voice calls from
computers, tablets and mobile devices via the Internet
to other devices or smartphones.
Where Is Skype?
Skype is preinstalled and available to use on all
Computers connected to the UCS domain at the
Ipswich Campus.
What does Skype require?
Firstly Skype requries that you have an account registered. To Register go to After confirming your registration you
will then use these credientals to log into the Skype client, so please remember them!
For Video/audio communication a webcam and headset/microphone is required.
In W407 (conference room) a webcam and microphone has been set up for use.
Please visit the Room booking under Forms on MyUCS to book the room. Otherwise
a webcam/headset is available for loan at request from the IT Helpdesk for work use
What to do before your call
When organizing a Skype call, please ensure you have the end user’s username. You
do this by opening Skype, and then clicking the ‘Add a Contact’ button which is the
button in the top right corner. It’s imperitive that you
do this before the organized meeting as issues such as
not being able to find each other can be resolved
beforehand by the IT helpdesk, ensuring your call runs
as smoothly as possible.
You’ll also want to ensure the correct perphierals are set up. Skype normally picks up
the perpiherals automatically, but if it does not you can check this by going to
Tools>Options and then ensure the ‘audio settings’ and ‘video settings’ receive input.
Making a Skype call
You can call a contact with either
Video & sound or just sound. You
do this by clicking on the contact
in your contact list in the Skype
client and then choosing the
appropriate call button. Once
they accept your call, you will be
able to communicate together.
Skype limitations
If you find the quality of the call is particularly poor then the end user may have a
poor connection. They can resolve (presuming they are connected to a wireless
network) by going closer to the wireless Router or by plugging directly into the router
with an Ethernet cable. Turning off the video will also free up some bandwidth and
may improve audio quality.
For any further help please contact the IT helpdesk on 01473 338222 or email us
[email protected]
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