Add warmth and color with the Symetrix 528E Voice Processor

Add warmth and color with the Symetrix 528E Voice Processor
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Add warmth and color with the
Symetrix 528E Voice Processor
The industry-standard Symetrix 528E Voice Processor has
been revered by broadcasters for decades. Be a hero to your
on-air talent by making them sound the way they want to
sound. Reliability & performance you can count on from
Symetrix, your partner in broadcasting.
Please contact BSW for more information
about the Symetrix 528E Voice Processor.
Dane Butcher, CEO
Symetrix, Inc.
Industry Standard
Voice Processor
Symetrix 528E Voice Processor
The Symetrix 528E offers six major functions in a single rack space unit. Perfect for
broadcasters, the 528E enhances vocal intelligibility, increases perceived loudness
and “presence”, and reduces off-mic noise. The 528E performs six separate functions:
microphone preamplification, de-essing (sibilance removal), compression/limiting,
downward expansion, parametric EQ, and voice symmetry alignment. All six
processors may be used simultaneously. Each function features a full complement
of controls in an easy-to-use layout. Separate LED meters monitor mic gain and
dynamics gain reduction functions, thus facilitating quick and accurate adjustments.
List $599.00
only $499!
• Mic preamp with a switchable 15 dB pad and 48V phantom power
• Front-panel mic/line level switch
• Voice symmetry switch (phase rotator)
• De-essing with frequency and range controls
• Compression/limiting with downward expansion
• 3-band parametric EQ
• Balanced XLR mic and line level inputs
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs
• 1/4" in and out patchpoints on each section
Aphex 230 Voice Processor
Let’s face it: everybody wants a better voice, on air and
in production. Vocal presence is HUGE, and there’s no
better way to get it than with a great voice processor. Aphex has
created an analog, single-channel preamp and voice processor
specifically for broadcasters. Its comprehensive features include tube
preamplification, Easyrider auto-compression, Logic-Assisted gating,
de-essing, parametric EQ, and Aphex’ Aural Exciter and Big Bottom
psychacoustic effects – all through.
230 List $899.00
only $799!
• Low-noise tube mic preamplifier
• Easyrider auto-compressor:
no pumping
• Logic Assisted Gate: no false
triggering or lost parts
• Split-Band De-esser: no dulling
• Parametric EQ designed for vocal frequencies
• Aphex’s Aural Exciter and
Big Bottom effects
• Balanced analog I/O and post send/return
• AES3, S/PDIF I/O; optical digital outs
• Word clock I/O
• Remote Cough Switch input with soft mute
AIR Corp 500PH
Voice Processor with DB-25 Control
The AIR corp 500PH mic/voice processor is built for the
rigors of broadcasting and on-air voice processing. It features
a 3-band EQ, compressor/expander, de-esser, and more. The
processor also allows for simultaneous mic and line level
output for mix-minus setup.
500PH List $799.00
only $699!
• Remote control via DB-25 port
• Input level selection
• Compressor/expander; de-esser; 3-band EQ • Simultaneous mic/line output for mix-minus setup
• Effects insert point; 1/4" TRS effects loop I/O • Balanced XLR input, line output and mic output
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Easy Automation
Control from Computer
Create And Control
Your Signature Sound
Control your personalized voice
settings from a computer via
Ethernet, USB, RS-232 or the
RC-1 Remote Control; or trigger
via your own ESE time code,
pots, or MIDI devices. Windows
PC software included for easy
programming and IP control.
AirTools RC-1 Remote Control
AirTools 6200 Digital Voice Processor
The AirTools 6200 Digital Voice Processor is a dual-channel voice processor with 24-bit/48 kHz internal DSP, capable of
processing two discrete microphone or line-level sources independently or as a stereo pair. Processes include filtering,
parametric equalization, compression, AGC, de-essing, gating, room simulation, and more. The 6200 has 2 analog mic/line
inputs, 2 line outputs, and 2 digital AES outputs, along with Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, MIDI, RC-1, and analog control
ports. ESE time code. Get all the details on how to incorporate this into your HD signal chain. Call your BSW sales rep today.
6200AT List $2,199.00
• Dual-channel voice processor with
compression, AGC, EQ and more
• 256 programs—a unique setting
for each on-air personality
• Windows PC software included for
easy programming and IP control
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The AirTools RC-1 Remote Control allows direct
selection of any eleven (11) sequential programs in
the 6200AT Digital Voice Processor, plus DSP Bypass.
RC1 List $249.00
only $229!
Vorsis Voice Processing – Now Networkable w/ PC Interface
Vorsis M1 Digital Voice Processor
No matter how quickly technology evolves, you can always count on Vorsis to deliver
the digital goods to keep you on track. This flexible digital mic processor offers presets,
security, networkability and easy-to-set-up parameters. Either from the front panel, or
from the PC graphic interface, you can control all individual parameters to give each
voice talent his or her own sound with just a simple press of a button. Features include
an extremely low noise microphone preamp with phantom power, 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz
Presonus Studio Channel
Tube Channel Strip with Mic
Preamp, Compressor and EQ
The PreSonus Studio Channel is a professional
channel strip combining a Class A tube preamplifier, VCA-based compressor
and three-band parametric equalizer to deliver exceptional sonic power and flexibility.
The preamplifier stage of the PreSonus Studio Channel features a high output 12AX7
vacuum tube for high headroom and big tone. Dual control Gain and Tube Drive gives
you a wide range of sounds from transparent and clear to edgy and overdriven.
The compressor in the PreSonus Studio Channel is a fully variable ultra-fast and
smooth VCA-based circuit with all of the controls needed for a wide range of
compression settings: ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain make up. The
VCA-based compressor is known for musicality as well as ultra fast attack with the
ability to tame the fastest transients.
The EQ of the PreSonus Studio Channel boasts custom-designed amplifiers that deliver
sweet-sounding gain/cut for ultra smooth highs, deep solid lows and clear midrange.
The mid-band of the EQ section has variable Q for controlling the width around the
center point of the selected frequency. High and low frequency bands give you the
option for selecting peak/dip or shelving frequencies.
only $29995!
output sample rates, 4 bands of parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, and a fully
adjustable compressor, de-esser, and expander. The M1 also offers real-time TCP/IP
remote control. Boasting a 24-bit AD/DA converter, AES3 digital and analog outputs,
it comes loaded with factory designed presets, and makes it easy to design your own.
Call BSW for the lowest price.
VORSIS-M1 List $849.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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• One-Channel Class A vacuum tube microphone / instrument preamplifier
• Tube gain and tube drive
• XLR and 1/4" balanced/unbalanced TRS/TS I/O
• Variable VCA compressor (threshold, ratio, attack, release, make up gain, auto, soft)
• Three-band parametric EQ
• Precision analog VU meter for gain reduction and output
• EQ Pre/Post compressor switch
• 80Hz high pass filter
• 20dB pad
• Phase invert
• Rugged metal chassis
• High headroom
• Ultra low noise design
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The British Are Coming…and This Time They Brought Their Pre’s
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro
Voice Processor
The VoiceMaster Pro combines a preamp with a noise-reducing
expander, vocal saturator, compressor, EQ and de-esser. The voiceoptimized EQ, Vintage Harmonics and Tube Sound capabilities offer a
virtual creative playground. A separate stereo monitoring circuit gives
you latency-free monitoring of vocal/FX loop/mix played back from
DAWs with direct and delay-free control. Backlit VU output meter.
The VoiceMaster Pro features XLR mic input and 1/4" TRS line input
connectors, with the mic input duplicated on the front together with an
instrument 1/4" input. You also get 1/4" insert jacks on the rear panel.
List $849.99
only $74999!
Focusrite TrakMaster Pro
Voice Processor
The TrakMaster Pro is Focusrite’s most affordable voice processor. It
combines a high-quality mic preamp, front-panel DI, mid-scoop EQ
and intuitive optical compression. The preamp ensures low noise
and distortion and delivers clarity without unwanted artifacts. It
also includes a Low Impedance switch. The mid-scoop EQ is a quick
problem-solver, with two different cut depths and an adjustable
frequency control. With the addition of variable attack and the
unique ‘Squash’ mode, the vintage compressor is equally capable of
transparent compression or imposing its own character.
Focusrite TwinTrak Pro Dual Voice Processor
An affordable dual mono/stereo channel strip and tracking device, the TwinTrak Pro boasts latencyfree monitoring and extensive digital connectivity. Each channel features Focusrite’s Platinum preamp,
embellished with the option of instant ‘air’ and variable input impedance for improved mic performance.
A mid-scoop EQ follows, and provides variable frequency and depth of cut for vocal problem solving. The
optical compressor feature fast-acting optos and the ability to operate as a true ‘twinned’ stereo pair. The
TwinTrak Pro has a built-in D/A converter so you can feed in digital signals. Analog XLR mic inputs, 1/4" TRS
line inputs, 1/4" TRS insert jack; digital S/PDIF input, Word Clock input; 1/4" TRS FX send and return.
List $399.99
only $33999!
List $749.99
only $66999!
Give Your Voice an
‘ARTistic’ Makeover
ART VoiceChannel
Tube Preamp and Compressor
Ideal for both analog and digital recording, the ART VoiceChannel is a discrete Class-A
microphone preamp delivering clean quiet gain along with exceptional warmth and
definition. It features a powerful, fully variable dynamics processor, a semi-parametric
EQ, plus a wide range of outputs including balanced analog, 44.1-192 KHz AES/EBU,
S/PDIF, ADAT and USB. Its analog and digital meters provide plenty of audio level details.
List $539.00
only $429!
• Tube mic preamp with selectable plate voltage and variable input impedance
• Smooth musical sounding Compressor/Expander/De-Esser/Gate
• Powerful Parametric EQ selectable Pre- or Post-Compressor in signal path
• Flexible digital connectivity: ADAT Litepipe / AES/EBU / S/PDIF / TOSLink /USB
• Digital Output supports 44.1 to 192 KHz sample rates
PreSonus Eureka Voice Processor
The PreSonus Eureka features a discrete Class A
transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier with
variable input impedance, FET compressor with hard/soft
knee modes, and 3-band fully-parametric equalizer. The Eureka also has balanced
send and return jacks so that you can insert your favorite outboard processor.
List $699.95
only $59995!
Accessories: AD192 24-bit/192 kHz digital output $19995
• Variable mic input impedance; switchable phantom power
• Fully variable compressor with hi-pass side chain; 3-band fully parametric EQ
• -20 dB pad, phase reverse, 80 Hz high-pass filter; analog VU metering
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/Os
dbx 376 Tube Preamp/Voice Processor
The dbx 376 channel strip has a tube pre, onboard
compressor and de-esser, and adds AES/EBU and S/PDIF
digital outputs! It‘s loaded with an XLR input with 20 dB
pad and phantom power, dbx Type IV conversion, a phase
invert switch, instrument input and more.
376DBX List $649.95
only $52995!
• Tube preamp section with phase invert switch • 3-band parametric EQ and LED metering
ord Clock input/output and insert jack
• Compressor, de-esser, and low cut filter
Low-Cost Vocals
dbx 286A Voice Processor
The dbx 286A mic preamp and voice processor is an
inexpensive way to get really great sounding vocals, with a studio
quality mic preamp, compressor, de-esser, expander/gate and
more, all in one easy-to-use affordable rackmount unit.
List $319.95
only $20995!
atented high- and low-frequency detail controls
• High-pass filter and expander/gate section
• Balanced mic and line level inputs
• Balanced XLR mic input and 1/4"
TRS line input; 1/4" TRS line output
• 1/4" TRS insert jack for outboard
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Focusrite Liquid Channel
Voice Processor and
Compression Modeler
Imagine being able to instantly access any of the best
compressors and or mic preamps ever available – even
the ones that are impossible to find, let alone afford. The
Liquid Channel is an ultra-cool professional channel strip
that emulates virtually every classic mic pre and compressor. Combining radical analog preamp technology with
Dynamic Convolution techniques, the Liquid Channel fuses cutting-edge analog design with lightning fast SHARC
DSP. Augmented by fully digital controls and optional remote software, The Liquid Channel provides the ultimate
fluid vintage collection, packing tons of amazing sounds into one unit. Liquid Channel is loaded with 40 classic
mic-pre and 40 classic compressor emulations and offers an endlessly expandable library of emulations via USB
download. 100 program memories allow you to save parameters. Other features include 192 kHz internal processing
and A-D/D-A converters; digital EQ; and adjustable harmonic distortion accounts for variance in vintage originals.
LIQUIDCHANNEL List $2,999.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Focusrite ISA430 Classic Analog Channel Strip
Universal Audio 6176
Classic Analog Channel Strip
This channel strip combines Universal Audio’s highly acclaimed 610 tube microphone
preamp with their legendary 1176LN compressor to create the ultimate single channel
signal path. The 6176 mic preamp section maintains the quality and character of the
celebrated 2-610 while adding high-tension power regulation for improved bass
response and a front-panel 15 db pad switch. The compressor section of the 6176 is
an exacting re-creation of one of the most beloved compressors in recording history,
featuring lightning-quick attack and release times along with big, beautiful Class A
amplifier tone. Features include one 12AX7A and one 6072A vacuum tube per channel;
variable input gain and output levels; mic, balanced line, and Hi-Z inputs; multiple
impedance settings; classic EQ; ability to use Mic Pre & Compressor separately ("Split")
or in series ("Join").
List $2,899.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Voice Processor Comparison Chart
Pre Gain
Tube 65
• 40 classic mic pres, 40 classic compressors
• Expandable library via USB downloads
• Fully digital controls and free software for
comprehensive remote operation
The ISA 430 MKII Producer Pack represents the pinnacle of Focusrite’s analog channel
strip technology, bringing together classic compressor and opto-compressor, limiter,
gate and de-esser designs in one comprehensive production tool. Augmented with
additional features and flavors, alongside unmatched internal routing and connectivity,
the ISA 430 MKII enables today's recording professional to enjoy the unique sonic
contribution of these heritage designs within one extremely versatile processor.
• Transformer-based mic-pre with variable impedance and ‘Air’ feature
• Multi-format compressor; switch between Focusrite’s transparent VCA
circuit and a vintage optical circuit
• Function as 4 separate modular processors: mic pre, EQ, Dynamics & stereo ADC
• Precision VU metering of input level, Insert 1 or 2 Return level, Compressor gain
reduction or Sidechain listen level (switched)
List $3,499.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Number of EQ
Output Connections
Pre, Sym, De-Ess, EQ,
Exp, Comp
4 parametric
Pre, Sym, De-Ess, EQ,
Exp, Comp
XLRx2, AESx2
3 (1 parametric)
Pre, Sym, De-Ess, EQ,
Exp, Comp
Pre, EQ, Comp, Exp,
De-Ess, Gate
Pre, De-Ess, EQ, Exp,
List Price
Tube 60
3 (1 parametric
Pre, De-Ess, EQ, Comp
4 (2 parametric)
Pre, De-Ess, EQ, Exp,
3 parametric
Pre, EQ, Comp
Pre, EQ, Comp
Pre, EQ, Comp
XLRx2, TRSx2
3 (2 parametric)
Pre, De-Ess, EQ, Exp,
3 parametric
Pre, EQ, Comp
Tube 66
3 parametric
Pre, Comp, EQ
Pre, Sym, De-Ess, EQ,
Exp, Comp
3 parametric
Tube 65
Pre, EQ, Comp
4 (2 parametric)
Pre, Sym, De-Ess, EQ,
Exp, Comp
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
40 of the World’s Greatest Classic
Mic Pre’s…in YOUR Studio!
Get it First at BSW!
Focusrite Liquid4Pre
Mic Preamp With 40 Emulations
It’s here! Focusrite’s much awaited LIQUID4PRE is a 4-channel mic preamp that
combines a flexible analog front end with dynamic convolution DSP to deliver the
sounds of 40 vintage and classic mic preamps across all four channels. Featuring fully
digital controls and remote software control over Ethernet, as well as total parameter
recall, adjustable harmonic distortion, phantom power, high-pass filter, phase reverse
and automatic gain control, the LIQUID4PRE is ready to exceed your expectations.
• 40 emulations of classic preamps
• 192 kHz internal processing and ADC/DAC
• XLR analog I/O; ADAT and AES/EBU digital I/O
• Exclusive plug-in allows integrated remote control via ProTools
hardware and software, including Icon and Venue systems
• Expandable library of emulations via free download
List $3,699.99
Automatic Gain Reduction
Prevents Digital Clipping
Session Saver automatically adjusts
gain to keep clipping at bay.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• Proven Liquid technology
for unmatched sonic
variety and quality
• Instant backup of all
settings, including preamp
selection and gain
• Adjustable harmonic
distortion for extensive
sound sculpting
• Remote control via
Aphex 207D
2-Channel Mic Tube Preamp with Digital Output
The 207D is an affordable2-channel tube pre with a quality 24-bit/96 kHz output, making it the perfect
front end for digital systems. It reveals the subtlety of vintage condensers, electrets and dynamic mics,
and also has instrument inputs.
Focusrite ISAONE
Single Channel Mic Preamp
ISA One is a single-channel mic preamp boasting classic topology
from Focusrite's legendary ISA110 module, with a line input (XLR
and TRS) and an independent D.I. channel for blending signals. It
also offers dedicated gain control, active or passive impedance
switch, a TRS output for routing to an amp and an independent XLR
output on the rear.
Other useful features include a variable impedance circuit that
lets you switch between four input impedance settings, phantom
power, phase reverse, a high pass filter, independent input metering
and a headphone out with dedicated volume control.
• ISA series transformer-based pre-amplifier
encased in a rugged and portable chassis
• Flexible independent D.I. channel
• Phantom power ; high-pass filter; switchable impedance
• Headphone output with volume control
• Dedicated insert point
• Rugged custom flight case
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.66" x 4.1" x 11.4"
List $999.99
only $79999!
• Extremely low jitter clock output/input on BNC
• Mic and instrument inputs on each channel; MicLim and continuously variable gain
• 48V phantom power; polarity, 20 dB pad and low cut filter switches
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O; digital out on XLR & RCA
List $699.00
only $599!
ART DIGITAL MPA 2-Channel Tube Preamp with Digital Output
The ART Digital MPA is one of the finest microphone preamps with built-in digital conversion delivering
warmth, presence and clarity not found in most preamps. The MPA Gold’s selectable Tube Plate Voltage
function delivers a wide variety of tones, with very low distortion and noise. And ART’s unique tube
circuitry uses two 12AX7A tubes to render unsurpassed detail and clarity for the broadest range of
microphones. Take advantage of this world class processing via the analog and digital outputs. AES/EBU,
S/PDIF, TOSLINK, and ADAT interfaces allow connection to the broadest range of audio equipment. The
Digital MPA provides 24-bit or it can adapt to 16-bit applications with the push of a button. The A/D is
front-panel adjustable from 44.1 to 96 kHz or syncs to ADAT or external word clock (32 to 100 kHz). Dual
VU meters.
The MPA Gold is the 2-channel tube preamp minus the digital conversion/outputs.
DIGITALMPA List $539.00
LowestPrice only $399 with digital output!
List $379.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Make Sure You Have At Least One Premium Mic Preamp
Universal Audio
Solo-610 Mic Preamp
Avalon M5 Mic Preamp
This single-channel mic preamp (with
instrument DI) puts professional
performance in reach of most any
budget, enhancing the most basic to
the most exotic microphones with
their signature sound. The Solo/610 offers an all-tube design for silky vintage warmth.
It feature a 48v Phantom Power, Lo Cut filtering, Phase Reverse, and for even greater
tonal variety, a flexible dual impedance selection for both Mic and DI inputs. It also
include essential DI features like Thru for easy use with an amplifier, plus Ground Lift
and a versatile Mic/Line level output switch.
List $949.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Don’t sacrifice on your preamp. The
Avalon M5 mic pre is designed to
provide absolute signal integrity
and musical performance. The M5
combines an advanced transformer
input stage with twin Class A
cascade FET and bipolar discrete
amplifiers for sonic excellence unequaled by lesser designs. The M5 is ideal for vocal
and acoustic instruments, and has an active DI input for the direct recording of guitars
and keyboards. Avalon’s advanced true symmetry design offers high-voltage, large
headroom, extended bandwidth and low noise. Microphone and Hi-Z inputs to +36dB;
very low noise -126 dB; high headroom +30 dB; gain switched in 2 dB steps to +64 dB.
M5 List $1,750.00
Blue “Robbie”
Tube Mic Preamp
One of the quietest and most
detailed tube preamps available, the
Robbie boasts ultra-low noise metal
film resistors along with polystyrene
capacitors. It combines the best of both
solid state and tube technology, giving you
an electronically-balanced, fully discrete input
stage, tube gain stage (ECC88 twin triode), and an electronicallybalanced solid-state output stage. There is no switching crossover
distortion anywhere in the balanced audio signal path, and it
offers 34 dB headroom.
List $1,299.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
TRUE Systems P-Solo
Mic Preamp
Does it sound too good to be true? Not if it comes
from TRUE Systems! Sporting the same design and
sound of the Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps (used
on countless Grammy-winning recordings and major
concert tours), the compact, single channel, P-SOLO
provides high-end sonic performance at a surprisingly
cost-effective price. The P-SOLO is perfect for all
microphone applications, while its Instrument Direct
input feature offers stunning articulation, presence and
depth when an instrument preamp is needed.
• Natural, musical, highly-detailed soundfield
• Complete compatibility and results with any mics
• A totally balanced, dual servo, high dynamic
range, transformerless design
• High impedance instrument input
P-SOLO List $695.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Chandler Limited Germanium Mic Preamp
Hungry for a new sound? This newly designed preamp/DI uses classic Germanium
transistors in all class A, transformer balanced circuits to give you an extensive
sonic menu to create with. Running on +40 volt power, high current, with a huge
+34 output before clipping, the GERMANIUM-PRE gives new meaning to the word
“smooth,” offering a warmth that melts into your tracks like butter, but also having the
ability of to deliver a blast of power when you so desire.
The GERMANIUM-PRE requires the Chandler PSU1 power supply (sold separately)
to operate.
• Warm, organic vintage sound
• 48 Volt and phase reverse
• Unbalanced DI with 100k input impedance
• Precise feedback control; dynamic drive control
• Ultra-responsive Pad and Thick switches
• VU Meter
List $1,205.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Accessories: PSU1 Required outboard power supply List $225.00
igh-pass filter and 48v
phantom power
• Dual analog outputs
• Four-level metering
• Volume control with 10db
input level attenuation
only $595!
Up to 76dB of Gain!
Chandler Limited TG2 Mic Preamp
Perhaps the best sound of all time came out of Abbey Road Studios. There are the
Beatles, Pink Floyd, and, well, who else matters? Chandler recreates the rare EMI
TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles used in
the late 60's and early 70's. The TG2 is remade from original design notes and circuit
board drawings, provided by Abbey Road and EMI to ensure extreme authenticity!
This pre offers a creamy, smooth tone with a surprisingly open, clear top end. We
heard these when they were unveiled at AES, and were absolutely blown away.
List $2,310.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Accessories: PSU1 Required Outboard power supply List $225.00
True Systems Mic Preamp
for Ribbon Mics
The P-SOLO Ribbon mic preamp is specifically
designed to get the best out of both newtechnology and vintage ribbon mics. Built with
military-grade components, it boasts a massive
distortion-free frequency range (1.5 Hz -500 kHz),
loads of headroom, excellent transient response and
low noise. Other features include high-pass filtering,
dual analog outputs, high-impedance instrument
input and four-level metering. Also an excellent
preamp for dynamic mics, it has no phantom power,
which can be potentially damaging to ribbon mics.
P-SOLORIBBON List $745.00
only $645!
Get it First at BSW!
Chandler Universal Mix Control
Wet/Dry Control and 2 x 1 Summing Mixer
The Universal Mix Control is based on the wet/dry feature on Chandler's acclaimed
Germanium compressor. Each channel of the UMC can function as either a wet/
dry control or as a 2x1 summing mixer for combining multi-miked sources. You can
combine both features when tracking: sum microphones to your comp and Wet/Dry
the mixture to your recorder. Requires a Chandler power supply (sold separately).
List $1,595.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Accessories: PSU1 Required Outboard power supply List $225.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Focusrite Red Series 4- and 2-Channel Mic Preamp
These preamps boast classic Focusrite transformer-based design, making them
the perfect companions for all high-quality ribbon, valve and condenser mics. The
4-channel Red 1 features switchable phantom power, phase reverse, an illuminated
VU meter, and a scribble disc for denoting channels. Mic gain is switched in 6dB steps
over a 66dB range, for accurate, precise channel matching and recall. The 2-channel
Red 8 offers identical channel controls to the Red 1, and is especially suited to
demanding mono or stereo recording work. The output stages of both the Red 1 and
Red 8 will easily drive very long cable runs without significant loss of quality, making
them ideal for remote recording. For more details and specs visit or
call your BSW sales rep today.
4-channel mic preamp
2-channel mic preamp
List $3,699.99
List $2,799.99
Aphex Remote-Controllable 8-Channel Mic Preamp
A favorite of top audio pros, the Aphex1788A offers eight preamps in a 2RU space.
Compatible with Pro Tools, it boasts a unique 20 dB limiter and a digitally controlled
low noise amplifier that allows its input gain to be adjusted in 0.125dB steps and
1dB stops with no noise or glitches. All of its settings can be remotely controlled via
Ethernet or MIDI on a PC or Mac after downloading control software at the Aphex
website. Go online for more details.
8-Channel mic preamp
Digital output module List $4,995.00
List $995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Mackie Onyx 800R 8-Channel Mic Preamp
Focusrite ISA Series 4- and 8-Channel Mic Preamps
Focus your sound with these flexible 4- or 8-channel units, featuring
transformer-based microphone preamps with switchable impedance
as well as direct instrument inputs for extra versatility. Their input
stage provides enhanced control, allowing you to switch between four carefully
selected input impedance settings. You can either perfectly match the pre amp
with any microphone or use different settings to creatively shape the sound of
the microphone you’re using. They come with plenty of analog I/O including
unbalanced 1/4", balanced XLR and balanced 1/4" TRS. The ISA428 (shown) offers VU
meters. Check them out online today.
ISA428 4-channel List $2,499.99
ISA828 8-channel List $3,299.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Eight Mic Pre’s for
Less than a Hundred
Dollars Per Channel
Focusrite OctoPre 8-Channel Mic Preamp
The Focusrite OctoPre is an 8-channel mic preamp featuring
8 independent compressors/limiters. Starting with a brick wall limiter (to avoid those
critical overs), the OctoPre then allows you to add increasing amounts of compression.
• 8 balanced XLR mic inputs
• 8-channel line-level I/O via 25-pin D-sub for easy connection with patchbays
• 8 independent compressors/limiters
• 2 chnls w/phase-reverse and 1/4" TRS front inputs
Focusrite's OctoPre LE 8-channel mic preamp is the “lite edition” of the OctoPre,
bringing Focusrite pre-amplification to a new level of affordability for DAW and digital
console users. OctoPre LE provides 8 channels of pristine Focusrite preamps, including
two "Super Channels" that offer mic impedance matching and instrument DI inputs.
There are no compressor/limiters on the OctoPre LE.
8-channel mic preamp with dynamics OCTOPRE-LE 8-channel mic preamp without dynamics
List $999.99
List $699.99
OCTOPRE-AD 24-bit/96 kHz ADAT I/O card for OctoPre OCTOPRE-LEAD 24-bit/48 kHz ADAT I/O card for OctoPreLE List $249.99
List $249.99
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If you’re looking to add eight stellar-sounding mic preamps to your computer audio
setup, hard disk recorder or analog rig, look no further. The Mackie Onyx 800R is a highperformance, eight-channel rackmount mic preamp with simultaneous analog and
192 kHz multi-format digital outputs. Built upon Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamp
circuitry, the 800R delivers boutique studio preamp performance with features such
as variable mic input impedance controls for “tuning” each preamp to its connected
mic. This, along with superior analog components and premium 24-bit/192 kHz A/D
converters, gives the Onyx 800R unrivaled fidelity and dynamic range. Two instrument
input jacks – no DI needed! Also AES/EBU, ADAT lightpipe and S/PDIF.
List $1,299.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Presonus DigiMax D8 – 8-Channel
Mic Preamp with Digital Output
This 8-channel preamplifier boasts award-winning class A XMAX mic preamps with 24bit ADAT digital output. All eight preamps include variable trim control, 48V phantom
power, ultra-fast acting LED metering and 20 dB pad. There are also two instrument
inputs on the front panel for direct Hi-Z instrument input. Its rear panel sports balanced
TRS direct analog outputs for routing and flexibility. It also offers word clock sync input
for ultra-low jitter and robust synchronization.
• 8 XMAX class A microphone preamps w/ trim control
• 24-bit resolution ADAT digital output; 44.1 and 48K sampling rates
• External sync via BNC word clock input
• Direct outputs on every channel; -20dB Pad on every channel
• LED input metering
DIGIMAXD8 List $549.95
only $44995!
PreSonus Advanced 8-Channel Mic Preamp
Eight channels of pristine mic preamplification, inserts on every channel, and an
internal power supply set the Presonus DigiMAX LT apart from others on the market.
digimax lt Features:
• Dual-servo mic preamps with 48V phantom power
• 8 combo XLR-1/4" TRS inputs with -20 dB pad
• 1/4" TRS inserts on every channel
• Digital sync with Word Clock I/O via BNC; ADAT LightPipe output
• Selectable 48, 44.1 and 32 kHz sample rates
The DigiMAX 96K is a top-of-the-line model with advanced features, such as EQ
enhancement, RMS/peak limiting, phase reverse, and 24-bit output selectable at up to
96 kHz on every channel.
DIGIMAXLT List $999.95
List $1,749.95
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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ART Compact
Tube Mic Preamps
PreSonus Economical 8-Channel ADAT/LightPipe Mic Pre
Take control of your digital recording setup with this 8-channel mic preamp. Featuring
24-bit/96 kHz ADAT dual SMUX I/O and word clock I/O, and loaded with direct outputs
and inserts on every channel, the Digimax FS is the perfect hardware expansion for
any digital recording system. Boasting state-of-the-art jitter reduction technology, the
Digimax FS gives you ultra-high converter performance, fast and robust locking to any
digital format through a wide range of frequencies.
• 8 class A microphone preamps w/ trim control
• 24-bit resolution, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96K sampling rate
• JetPLL jitter reduction technology for ultra tight synchronization
• ADAT/Lightpipe digital output
List $799.95
BlueTube DP
2-Channel Mic
only $64995!
M-Audio Octane 8-Channel Preamp With ADAT Lightpipe
Specifically designed enhance the front end of any multitrack digital recording system,
Octane delivers pristine digital signals to any Lightpipe-compatible devices such as
hard disk recorders and digital mixers. M-S matrix encoding lets you use advanced
stereo miking techniques. It also features analog preamp direct outs for each channel.
• 8 line inputs
• 8 mic preamp channels, two • ADAT Lightpipe output (TOSlink)
with instrument ins
• 24-bit audio resolution
List $749.95
The very affordable Tube MPPS employs
ART’s hybrid design to add warmth and
fatness to a signal while maintaining exceptionally low noise. It features a hand-selected
12AX7a tube, phantom power, and phase reverse, and it works great as direct box—
boosting the sound of any instrument you plug into it. LED metering, up to 70 dB gain.
The new Tube MPPS-USB adds a USB connection. The Tube MP Studio V3 is similar to
the non-USB version of the MPPS but adds ART’s Variable Valve Voicing for the ultimate
in warm tube sound. The economical Tube MP features variable input gain, a 20 dB pad
switch, phantom power, phase reverse and more. See them all online.
List $89.00 $6900
List $129.00 $9900
TUBEMPSTUDIOV3 List $95.00 $7500
List $60.00 $4800 LowestPrice from $48!
only $599!
The Presonus BlueTube DP 2-vhannel mic preamp delivers the best of all worlds with
both a solid state preamp stage and a tube preamp stage. Features: 12AX7 tube, high
headroom Class A gain stage (55 dB gain), XLR and 1/4" high-Z combo connectors,
-20 dB pad, VU meters.
only $22995!
Studio Projects
VTB1 Tube
Preamp and
Direct Box
Studio Projects’ VTB1 mic preamp boasts a unique variable Tube Drive and
true class A/B switching for a totally discrete circuit. Extremely flexible, it
enables you to go from a pristine solid-state sound to any combination of
Tube Drive you choose—all the way up to hard distortion for guitars and
bass. It features an XLR mic input (48v phantom power), a 1/4" DI jack, balanced XLR
and 1/4" outputs, a high-pass filter and switchable impedance.
Behringer 8-Channel A/D-D/A Converter
List $279.95
only $11999!
Behringer’s ADA8000 is an affordable 8-channel A/D-D/A converter with 8 built-in mic
preamps. This rackmount unit lets you connect analog audio directly to a multitrack
recorder via the integrated ADAT interface, and features phantom power on all mic
inputs; 24-bit A/D-D/A; 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates with synch via word clock or
ADAT input, and optical ADAT I/O.
ADA8000 List $299.99
only $19999!
Behringer MIC2200 2-Channel Mic Tube Preamp
The MIC2200 2-channel tube mic preamp boasts discrete mic/line inputs with soft mute
and 48V phantom power while offering a vast 2 Hz - 200 kHz bandwidth for a wideopen sound. Two fully parametric EQs give you plenty of sound-shaping options, while
its built-in tube adds warmth and transparency to your signal. It also features a fully
tunable and switchable 12 dB high-pass filter, a phase reverse switch on each channel,
level conversion (-10 dBV to +4 dBu) and can function as a DI box when needed.
List $149.99
only $99!
The TubePre from PreSonus is a
versatile tube preamp that adds
great warmth and presence to vocals
or instruments. It boasts a dual-servo gain
stage for ultra-low noise and wide dynamic control, a backlit VU meter, switchable
phantom power, a -20dB pad, and an 80Hz rumble filter to quash low frequency noise.
Separate XLR and 1/4" connectors give you plenty of flexibility..
List $159.95
This phantom-powered dual mic preamp
and direct box has everything you need
to record microphones and guitars
directly onto your computer. It features
two channels, each with a balanced
XLR mic input and a high impedance
unbalanced 1/4" input. Gain control,
signal/clip LEDs and a professional grade
balanced/unbalanced line output.
AUDIOBUDDY List $119.95
PreSonus TubePre
Mic Preamp
M-Audio AudioBuddy
2-Channel Mic Preamp
and Direct Box
only $12995 !
(mini-rack shown on page 170) List $99.95
Mic Tube Preamp
and Direct Box
Behringer’s MIC200 is a tube mic/line
preamp with modeling technology and a
built-in limiter. Preamp modeling allows you
to optimize your recordings by choosing
from 16 preamp voicings designed for
vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and
more. The MIC200 utilizes a 12AX7 vacuum
tube for exceptional warmth and low noise.
It features a phase reverse switch, +48 V
phantom power and 20 dB pad. Balanced
1/4" TRS and XLR connectors.
only $89!
List $59.99
only $3999!
RDL Stick-On Mic Preamps
Radio Design Labs Stick-Ons are compact, high-quality
audio interface devices that can be directly and discreetly
mounted on equipment, under counter tops, or combined
in rackmount systems. Active units require a 24-volt power
supply such as the PS24A (sold separately).
STM1 Mic preamp, fixed gain
List $126.11
STM2 Mic preamp w/ variable gain List $173.13
24-volt power supply
from $89!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Dynamics Control for Broadcast and Studio
Aphex Compellor Series
Intelligent Compressor/Limiters
320A and 320D
Not strictly a compressor or limiter, the Aphex Compellor 320A is an incredibly
intelligent dual channel leveler. It automatically gives you dynamic control over your
mix, letting you maintain optimum average levels at all times. Extremely easy to use,
you only need to set the Drive level to generate the desired amount of processing,
set the Process Balance control between Leveling and Compression and adjust the
Output level for unity gain. The 320A is then ready to provide complete dynamic control
– smooth, inaudible compression, increased system gain, desired program density
and the freedom from constant “gain riding” – automatically! Its unique circuit design
actually enhances transient qualities, thus making even heavy processing undetectable.
Now you can get the Aphex 320 Compellor with digital I/O (320D). If there’s a digital
input, the output slaves to the same clock, up to 96 kHz. If there is no digital input
(audio or clock), then the unit defaults to a pre-selected frequency.
• Dynamic silence gate eliminates “breathing”
• Quick compression recovery
• 3 modes of stereo/dual mono operation
• Comprehensive metering
• Balanced or unbalanced I/O via XLR connectors
• AES3 digital input/output (320D)
The single-channel 323A combines Compellor circuitry with Aphex’s popular Aural
Exciter circuitry. Balanced or unbalanced I/O via XLR connectors.
2-channel compressor
List $1,350.00
2-channel comp/digital I/O List $1,495.00
Mono compressor/exciter List $949.00
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Aphex Dominator Series
Multiband Peak Limiters
The Aphex 720 Dominator II is a precise stereo multi-band peak limiter for applications
requiring an absolute peak ceiling. The 722 model adds pre-emphasis.
• Peak ceiling adjustable .2 dB
over 34 dB range
• Switchable low-mid and
mid-high crossover
multiband peak limiter
same with pre-emphasis
• Balanced XLR I/O
• Remote control hardwire bypass
• Dynamic range 104 dB
• THD distortion of less than .005%
List $1,350.00
List $1,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Aphex 661
This single channel unit combines several
of Aphex’s leading technologies such as
Expressor manual compression circuitry,
Easyrider automatic compression and
Tubessence tube sound circuitry.
List $849.00
• HFX high frequency expander
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O
• Sidechain low-cut filter
•20 segment audio level and gain
reduction meters
• Switchable +4 dBu/-10 dBV levels
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor/Limiters
Universal Audio LA-2A Leveling Amplifier
This faithful re-issue of the legendary Teletronix LA-2A leveling amplifier is
hand-built and carefully tested to bring natural, golden-era sound to your recordings.
Its unique electro-optical attenuator system gives you instantaneous gain reduction
with no increase in harmonic distortion for the cleanest compression imaginable.
• Lag free, distortion free optical attenuator system; distortion less than 0.5% THD
• 0 to 40 dB gain limiting; output level of 10 dBm and 40 dB gain
• Balanced stereo interconnection
• Low noise - less than 70 dB below +10 dBm output
List $3,599.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
This re-issue of the first (and wildly popular) all-transistor peak limiter is updated for
today’s recording challenges, but faithful to the design and intentions of the original.
Easy to operate, with a pushbutton selection of compression ratios and incredible
attack time, the 1176N features a Class A line level output amplifier and custom-built
output transformer for peerless performance. The 1176-SA option calibrates two
mono 1176s for stereo operation. Compatible with both new and vintage models, it
sports a full metal enclosure for proper shielding. The 2-1176 two-channel version of
the acclaimed 1176-LN offers the same great performance and features of that mono
unit in true stereo. In dual mono mode, it gives you independent compression and
gain controls for maximum flexibility, and takes up only 2U rack space.
1176LN Mono processor List $2,399.00
1176-SA Stereo interconnect List $99.00
Stereo processor List $3,399.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Universal Audio LA-3A
Audio Leveler
This re-issue of the legendary 1969
leveler/limiter has all the features
of the original. T4 electro-optical
attenuator delivers the signature
transparent compression curve
cherished by so many engineers through the decades. In addition to the
original model’s Jones Barrier terminals and XLR connectors on the rear
panel, it sports a new gain mode for even greater studio versatility: up to
50dB gain! Find out more at today.
List $1,999.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Universal Audio LA-610 MkII
Classic Tube Channel Strip
The LA-610 Mk II, a second-generation revamp of the acclaimed LA-610 design, offers
the identical renowned preamp and compressor as the original, but adds powerful
new features such as true compressor bypass, larger metering, improved output signal
and an auto-sensing power supply. It also sports the highly popular “black on black”
cosmetics of the LA-610 Signature Edition.
List $1,999.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Classic dbx Dynamics Processing with
Manual or Automatic Controls
dbx 1066 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter
dbx 166XL/266XL 2-Channel Compressor/Limiters
The 166XL stereo linkable compressor/
limiter/expander/gate offers a choice
of Over-Easy or hard-knee compression
with two sets of program-dependent
attack and release time constants. Most
compressor provide less-than-musical
compression, coupled with gating that
swallows transients or closes early, cutting
off decay and reverb tails. The superb
engineering in the 166XL ensures that
both its compression and gating provide
sonic performance without undesirable
artifacts. Balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O.
For advanced dynamics control, this flexible 2-channel compressor/limiter allows
you to choose the level and style of compression/limiting you like. Want to instantly
add that classic dbx response to your mix? It’s there at the touch of the ‘Auto’ button.
Or use the independent Attack and Release controls to tailor the 1066 to your
specific needs. Unwanted frequencies or mic bleed in the signal path? Frequency
dependent gain control is a snap to set up and execute with the Side Chain External
button (SC Ext). Use the Side Chain Monitor button (SC Mon) and your favorite EQ
to dial in the specific frequencies you want to trigger the device. A contour switch
allows entire mixes to be easily smoothed with soft compression while keeping low
frequencies from punching holes in the overall mix. Selectable input and output
metering allow you to make sure that everything is matched up level-wise. Balanced
XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O.
1066 List $649.95
166XL List $379.95
only $429 !
The economical 266XL uses the dbx
AutoDynamic attack and release circuitry
to deliver true dbx compression for
a wide range of applications, plus an
advanced gate circuit to produce ultrasmooth release characteristics even with
complex signals, such as voice or reverb
decays, with an extra-wide threshold
range and top gating performance for
any application. It features a sidechain
insert. Separate precision LED displays.
Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O.
266XL List $229.95
only $25995!
only $14995!
Get it First at BSW!
dbx 1046 4-Channel Compressor
The dbx 1046 provides four channels of smooth dbx OverEasy or hard knee
compression designed to meet the demands of everything from multitrack recorders
to PA systems. Its PeakStopPlus function guards against oppressive peaks that can
ruin valuable drivers in a sound reinforcement rig or studio monitors. All four channels
feature balanced gold plated XLR and 1/4" I/O and switchable +4dBu or -10dBV
operating levels to interface each individual channel with any other device.
1046 List $799.95
only $529 !
ART PRO VLA II Mastering Quality Compressor/Leveler
The ART Pro-VLA II is a two-channel, tube driven Vactrol-based Compressor / Leveling
amplifier boasting an opto-electronic design that delivers a natural, musical sounding
output and virtually transparent dynamic leveling. This VCA-less design coupled with
a 12AT7 vacuum tube in the gain stage makes it the ideal dynamic control device for
critical studio and live sound applications. It features active balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O,
LED metering and variable threshold, ratio and output controls.
List $379.00
only $299!
TC Electronic Finalizer Express
Mastering Processor
The Finalizer Express is the efficient way to deliver the finishing touches of clarity and
warmth to your mixes, putting the world of professional mastering within your reach.
Insert the Finalizer Express between the stereo output of your mixer or workstation
and your mastering recording media to refine your tracks with powerful mastering
tools, adding real energy to your mix without worrying about “overs”. Spectral balance
is improved, bass is tightened, the level is optimized and your mix sounds like a final
master! Go online for more details.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
TC Electronic C300 Compressor/Limiter
The C300 gives you superior compression/limiting and gate/expansion in an easy
to use compact package. Offering flexible control of the signal path, it features high
quality built-in audio converters along with 16 gate/expander and 16 compressor/
limiter audio-optimized presets with intelligent multi-band and full-band technology.
It also features parallel compression that preserves all the higher dynamics while
bringing out all the details from the lower end of your signal.
C300 List $295.00
only $129!
PreSonus 8-Channel Compressor/Limiter
Feeding multiple signals into your chain? The PreSonus ACP88 is an 8-channel
dynamics processor designed to provide compression, limiting and noise gating in
a variety of applications including multitrack recording, live sound reinforcement,
broadcast and permanent sound installations. Each channel on the ACP88 provides
crystal clear, musical compression and is equipped with full-featured controls
including variable attack and release and soft/hard knee.
• Manual or auto compressor modes
• Noise gate with gate key/sidechain for precise frequency gating applications
• Flexible channel linking (from 2 to 8 channels together in any order)
• LED indicators
• Balanced 1/4" TRS I/O (selectable +4 dBu/-10 dBV)
• 2RU rack-mountable, all-steel chassis
List $1,149.95
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Just Sounds Better!
Sidechain Enable allows
for quick A/B selection of
the sound with or without
sidechain processing. No
re-patching required
dbx’s exclusive
OverEasy® allows for
faster attack times and
higher compression ratios
while still maintaining the
natural characteristics of
the sound.
dbx—the only choice when
your sound matters
Flexible expander/gate works over
a 70 dB range.
12-segment gain
reduction meter
allows precision
monitoring of compression.
The Contour switch
is extremely useful
in keeping low frequencies from
“muffling” or
“punching” holes in
your sound.
Sidechain Monitor selection connects
the sidechain return signal to the 1066’s
output. This allows monitoring of any
signal that is inserted into the sidechain
loop to assist in setup.
Tells you when the
zero-attack, dbx- exclusive PeakStopPlus™
limiter is working.
Monitor either
input or output
Independently set attack and
release times or use Auto
mode to get that classic dbx
dbx’s patented 3-segment precision LED OverEasy®
indicator helps you precisely dial in just the right
amount of compression.
Link both channels with
True RMS Power
Summing. The proper
way to achieve stereo
Our patented switches
are designed to be easily
seen in the light or the
Connect the unit hassle free
using either unbalanced or
balanced 1/4” TRS or balanced
XLR connectors.
Detented controls and
soft-touch knobs assure
precision adjustments.
Patented PeakStopPlus™ circuit intelligently tames signal
Add make-up gain
or match levels
over a 40 dB
Adjusts from mild compresrange.
sion to ∞ : 1 limiting.
Vary the Ratio to select anywhere
from gentle down-ward expansion
to gating.
Heavy-duty steel chassis will take years of road use and abuse.
Internal power supply with easily replaceable power cord.
Easily accessible fuse —
you’ll probably never need
to find out how easy.
Patented peak-reading meter allows
easy setting of optimum input and output levels.
Over/Under LED’s
let you know
at a glance if
you’re expanding
or gating.
Ensure signal path integrity
with gold plated locking
Neutrik® XLR connectors.
Add processing to detector path
(using the sidechain) for frequency-conscious compression/gating/special effects.
outputs drive up
to +22dBu
sidechain send
and return
jacks—no special
Convert semipro -10dBV signals to the dbx
1066’s professional +4dBu
internal level.
Precision balanced
inputs reject hum and
noise in tough audio
dbx compressors have been the standard in signal processing for
dbx processing and that eight out of the top ten U.S. tours use dbx
over thirty years. After all, our processors are in daily use all around
each night because their sound is too valuable to trust to anyone
the world with major touring companies, world class recording stu-
else. But don’t take our word for it, head on down to your local deal-
dios, radio and television broadcast facilities and anywhere else that
er today and hear for yourself why dbx just sounds better.
audio professionals ply their trade.
dbx’s industry-standards: 166XL and 266XL
Why do the best ears in the business time and time again turn to
dbx for their processing needs? Maybe it’s because we invented the
modern day compressor. Perhaps it’s because we have over 30
patents to our credit. It could that our technology like OverEasy and
PeakStopPlus won’t be found in any other compressor. However, we
think it’s because dbx just sounds better.
It’s no wonder that countless gold and platinum albums have used
The Professional’s Choice In Signal Processing
For more information contact us at:(801) 568-7660 Fax (801) 568-7662 • • 8760 S. Sandy Parkway, Sandy, UT 84070 USA
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Tapco Squeez 2-Channel Compressor/Gate
Mackie’s Tapco Squeez delivers two channels of smooth, natural compression and
gating, plus an adjustable “Air” filter adds natural top-end as you compress. The
Compressor section offers both auto soft-knee and hard-knee curves, while the
Soft Gate employs an expander function at the threshold.
• Individual Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release controls
• Output gain compensation controls
• Auto attack/release function with indicator; 8-segment Gain Reduction meters
• XLR/ 1/4" TRS and Side Chain connections
SQ2 List $129.99
only $9999!
BBE Sonic Maximizers
Achieve audio clarity without equalizers, anti-feedback boxes or limiters. The amazing
Sonic Maximizer greatly enhances audio detail and clarity. The 882I is designed for
applications requiring low noise, high headroom and +4 dBu input levels. With true
dual-mono operation, the 882I is two independent Sonic Maximizers in one chassis
with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Use it for professional recording applications,
sound reinforcement and nightclub sound systems. The 482I is perfect for semiprofessional applications not requiring balanced jacks. At a low price you still get 4th
generation BBE process; along with 2 channels of process for stereo or separate mono
mixes; +18 dBu headroom; RCA and 1/4" unbalanced I/Os.
882I List $499.00 24999
482I List $299.00
17999 LowestPrice from $17999!
Alesis 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter
The Alesis 3630 is an affordable dual-channel compressor that handles everything
from vocal recording to stereo program mixdown. Its built-in noise gate ensures quiet
performance, while its variable attack and release offers great sonic flexibility.
• Switchable RMS/peak, hard/soft knee compression
• Sidechain inputs for de-essing or ducking functions
• Dual mono or stereo operation
• Unbalanced 1/4" I/O with +4 dBu/-10 dBV selection
List $199.00
BBE MaxCom 2-Channel Compressor/ Limiter
with Sonic Maximizer
The BBE MaxCom is a dual-channel compressor/limiter/gate which features an
onboard BBE Sonic Maximizer circuit! It has two independent compressor/limiters,
with independent channel controls for threshold, ratio, attack and release.
• BBE Sonic Maximizer adds clarity and definition
• Dual bar-graph meters for level and gain reduction
• Stereo link for phase-coherent stereo compression
• Peak limiter to protect from clipping; Balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4" I/O
only $99!
Behringer Compressor/Limiters
The Behringer MDX4600 is a super affordable 4-channel expander/gate/compressor/
peak limiter that delivers four channels of first-class dynamic control. The MDX2600 is a
2-channel version with auto/manual controls and XLR/1/4" TRS I/O.
• Switchable program-adaptive compression circuitry
• Interactive expander/gate circuitry
• Switchable low contour filter prevents “pumping”
• 8-segment LED meters, selectable +4 dBu/-10 dBV
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" connectors
MDX4600 4-channel List $189.99 $12999
LowestPrice from $9999!
MDX2600 2-channel List $149.99 $9999
The Sonic Exciter SX3040 stereo sound enhancement processor provides increased
clarity and punchy bottom end to your sound system, improving natural brightness
through harmonic enhancement and adding density to low frequencies through
phase compensation. Dedicated Drive, Tune and Mix controls for each channel. It
sports balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors.
List $149.99
only $9999!
only $19999!
BBE 362 Economical Sonic Maximizer
The BBE 362 delivers the sound-improving benefits of Sonic Maximizer
technology with the convenience of ganged-stereo operation. With the Sonic
Maximizer your music has great “live presence”. Unlike some exciter devices which
add fatiguing artificial harmonics to the signal, BBE adds nothing artificial to the
signal but instead restructures it to faithfully allow all the detail and nuance to be
heard. Highs frequencies are clearer, naturally brilliant and more finely detailed. Lows
are tight, well defined and harmonically rich. All with easy two-knob adjustment of
the BBE process. Ganged-stereo process control. Other models also available.
Behringer SX3040 Sonic Exciter
Sound Enhancement Processor
List $329.99
List $179.00
only $9999!
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter
The Aphex 204 Aural Exciter dramatically enhances live, recorded, broadcast and webcast
sound, delivering excellent detail, clarity and imaging as well as impressive low-end punch.
It boasts two independent low noise channels, switchable -10 dBV/ +4 dBu operating levels,
balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O, plenty of adjustable control and an internal power supply.
List $399.00
only $249!
PreSonus Mini-Rackable Desktop Audio Processors
These handy 1/3-rack space PreSonus audio units stack up to six tall in the MaxRack desktop mini-rack. The
PreSonus EQ3B is a single channel, 3-band fully parametric EQ with an 80 Hz roll-off , +/-12 dB of boost/cut on three
overlapping frequencies. The HP4 headphone amp has four outputs on the front panel, and adjustment over control
room monitors with a separate volume control and monitor mute switch. The COMP16 is a simple yet professionalquality compressor. Simply select from 16 onboard presets, adjust the desired level of compression and you’re set!
The TubePre brings warmth and presence. It includes switchable phantom power, a mic phase reverse switch,
-20 dB pad, 80 Hz rumble filter, XLR and 1/4" connectors, VU meter, and a tube saturation level control.
List $159.95
List 159.95
COMP16 List $159.95
TUBEPRE List $159.95
List $99.95
only $12995 each!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Yamaha SPX2000 Professional Effects Processor
The Yamaha SPX2000 stereo multi-effects processor features Yamaha’s “REV-X” reverb algorithm and a
96 kHz digital signal processor. The SPX2000 is packed with effects in three banks: the preset bank includes
97 programs, including 17 rich REV-X reverbs with advanced parameters such as room size, plus 80 other
cutting-edge, quality effects; the classic bank contains 25 time-tested effects harkening back to the original
Yamaha SPX90; and the user bank stores 99 user programs. It offers balanced XLR, unbalanced 1/4" and
AES/EBU I/O, with Word Clock input and MIDI and USB connectivity.
List $1,249.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• More than 120 superb effects
4-bit A/D-D/A converters;
32-bit/96kHz internal processing
• 5-color LCD for easy reference
• Comprehensive I/O, including USB
Rich, Dedicated
Eventide R2016 Stereo Reverb Processor
Eventide's Reverb 2016 is a dedicated reverb with easy "one knob/one job" controls
that recreates the legendary reverb algorithms of their SP2016 – Stereo Room,
Room Reverb and High Density Plate. Every aspect of the original effects has been
duplicated including every detail of the user parameters. While the algorithms are
identical to the originals, the hardware implementation is state-of-the-art, with
features that include a high performance 24 bit DSP, 24 bit analog audio I/O, digital I/O
and MIDI interface. The Reverb 2016 was designed from the perspective that reverb
is used nearly always and warrants a dedicated box with an optimal user interface.
The Reverb 2016 user interface is extremely easy to use and features dedicated
controls for each of the effects' parameters. The controls and display are intuitive. The
panel controls are optimized for the studio and for live performance. Up to 99 user
presets can be stored. While recreating the original reverbs, it also features brand new,
enhanced versions of the originals. These "New" reverbs have the same basic structure
of the originals but with more complex early reflections, higher density, and finer
control of the parameters. The "New" reverbs represent the natural evolution of the
development work that maxed out the array processing power of the SP2016.
Eventide Eclipse Effects Processor
The Eclipse harmonizer effects processor offers the power, performance and heritage
of Eventide audio effects in a single rack space unit. It features a full complement of
Eventide’s signature pitch change, reverb, and special effects program presets, all with
uncompromising quality. It provides easy setup and operation, with an enhanced user
interface which includes a powerful search facility for rapid program/preset selection
by category or application.
• Dual-engine architecture
• Effects configurable in series, parallel, stereo, or dual mono
• 24-bit digital conversion, 96 kHz sampling
• S/PDIF and AES/EBU I/O; ADAT lightpipe
• Analog XLR and 1/4" I/O
• Low-cost Compact Flash preset memory
• The famous big Eventide adjustment knob
• Numeric keypad and customizable “hot keys” for frequently used parameters
List $2,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Vocal Processors
The VoiceWorks harmony processor offers a full complement of vocal processing tools
from a microphone preamp to four voices of harmony generation, pitch correction,
reverb and tap tempo delay, compression and EQ. Boasting 100 user-programmable
presets, it gives you a complete signal path from mic input to stereo output. The
VoiceWorks Plus adds 4th generation TC-Helicon Harmony, Voice Modeling, and the
Transducer and μMod (micromod) blocks from the TC-Helicon’s flagship studio voice
processor, VoicePro, for distortion/megaphone and flange/detune effects respectively
List $595.00
List $995.00
from $499!
• 6 reverb effects and a dedicated user interface
• Recreates 3 original SP2016 reverb effects: Stereo Room, Room Reverb, High
Density Plate
• 3 new enhanced versions of the original effects
• Fast top-level UI (one knob – one job) optimized for studio and live performance
• Stores up to 99 user defined presets.
• Digital input/output (S/PDIF); Dual function footswitch input
• input kill switch, relay bypass switch
• >98 dB dynamic range; 24-bit conversion
• Balanced/unbalanced input selection via rear panel push button switch;
connections (XLR and 1/4")
• MIDI in & out
R2016 List $2,195.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Double Your Pleasure
with VoiceDoubler
(mannequins sold separately)
TC-Helicon VoiceDoubler Effects Processor
Your payroll just went down. Now you can simply buy mannequins to undulate to the
music while your single voice creates all of the vocal harmonies and doubling. With TCHelicon’s VoiceDoubler, it’s a snap. All you have to do is sing. The pitch and timing cues
that tell your brain how many people are singing are subtle and complex. Imagine a
front-of-house effects processor that creates up to four humanized overdubs – live!
With TC-Helicon’s VoiceDoubler, overdubbed vocals can be “tight and intimate” or
“loose and lively”. What’s more, TC-Helicon includes pristine emulations of classic
detune, microshift and chorus effects. VoiceDoubler, with its timeless combination of
natural and effected doubling, finally makes live vocals sound like the CD.
• Creates up to four virtual overdubs of a performer’s voice in real time
• Uses VoicePro’s advanced inflection and FlexTime blocks to create a multitracked
overdub sound
• Other effects include emulations of classic microshift, chorus and detune
• Each overdub voice has unique adjustable characteristics such as
gender, vibrato and inflection
• Secondary input for polyphonic instruments
• Easy to setup and use – 50 factory/ 50 user presets
• Balanced analog XLR I/O and AES/EBU digital I/O
List $595.00
only $499!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Behringer DSP2024 Effects Processor
Behringer’s DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro 24-bit multi-effects processor has 71 impressive effect algorithms. It gives
you powerful modulation, amp simulation, distortion and special effects as well as effective dynamic and
psychoacoustics processing/EQ on top of Behringer’s renowned “Virtual Room” reverbs. All for only $99.99!
List $149.99
Alesis Compact Effects Processors
only $9999!
TC Electronic M350 2-Channel Effects Processor
The M350 dual-engine effects processor combines 15 quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects, and sweetens the
deal by including an AU/VST compatible software editor, giving you seamless control and editing integration with DAW
systems. 24-bit processing and AD/DA conversion delivers the full transparency of reverbs and effects. The auto-sensing
S/PDIF digital input ensures rock-solid input connection in any setup. It comes with an easy-to-read preset display, and
provides MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, pedal control of tap tempo, and global bypass.
• 15 true and stunning stereo reverbs; 15 legendary effects
• 256 multi-effect/reverb presets + 99 user preset locations, a total of 355 presets
• 5 seconds of delay
• Dual send/return & serial style setups
• Auto-sensing 24-bit S/PDIF digital I/O, 44.1-48 kHz
List $249.00
The Alesis NanoVerb is an affordable 18-bit multi-effects
unit with 16 programs of reverb, chorus, rotary/leslie
simulation, flange and delay; with mix, input, output
and effects-adjust controls. The smaller PicoVerb
lacks the output and adjust controls, but has updated
24-bit A/D-D/A and 28-bit internal processing. Both
have unbalanced 1/4" line-level I/O jacks.
List $99.00
The DSP110 ultracompact wonder
machine combines
an automatic, self-learning feedback
suppressor, a super-variable delay line
and a ULN microphone preamp with phantom power,
an automatic noise gate, a compressor, and a variable
low-cut filter. Features: 24-bit A/D-D/A; mic/line level
conversion; balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O.
only $199!
Alesis MidiVerb4 and MicroVerb4 2-Channel Effects Processors
The MidiVerb 4 is a flexible stereo, multi-effect processor with the ability to combine up to 3 effects simultaneously.
Features: 256 factory presets and 128 user settings including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging and pitch effects;
comprehensive graphic editing system which lets you program your own effects and store them in memory (large,
easy-to-read display); stereo or mono modes; auto level sensing inputs; unbalanced 1/4" I/O and MIDI I/O; assignable
footswitch jack (footswitch not included).
The economical MicroVerb 4 does not have the large LCD screen that the MidiVerb4 has and eliminates some
factory and user settings. It provides 200 factory presets and 100 user settings. Dual send programs allow you to
send one effect to one channel and another to the other channel. Unbalanced 1/4" I/O and MIDI I/O.
MIDIVERB4 List $299.00
LowestPrice from $159!
MICROVERB4 List $249.00
Alesis Graphic Equalizer
The Alesis DEQ230 programmable graphic EQ’s display lets you instantly check settings, and a locking feature
prevents unwanted changes. It features 2-channel balanced 1/4" analog I/O; 30 preset/30 user programs; enhanced
24-bit sound, 28-bit internal processing; and a compact 1U rackmount chassis.
List $349.00
only $329!
dbx AFS224 Feedback Suppressor
from $89!
List $119.99
only $7999!
Behringer Feedback Suppressor
Destroy feedback automatically with the DSP1124P.
This digital 2-channel feedback suppressor/parametric
EQ is based on a high-power 24-bit DSP. It offers auto
feedback suppression and a manual mode for use as a
highly selective parametric EQ, with 24 programmable
filters. Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O.
only $9999!
Yamaha Q2031B
Graphic EQ
The Q2031B is an independent 2-channel EQ with full
31-band control over the entire 20Hz to 20kHz range.
Offering 6 or 12dB of boost or cut, it sports both balanced
XLR connectors and standard unbalanced phone jacks.
Q2031B List $769.00
only $599!
Tapco Dual 31-Band EQ
The AFS 224 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor delivers state-of-the art feedback elimination processing
with a simple and intuitive control interface. Its powerful DSP module provides all the processing and control
necessary for both installation and live use.
The Tweeq T.231 is a great-sounding dual 31-band
graphic EQ with high-precision sliders and RCA, 1/4"
TRS and XLR connectors.
T231 List $189.99
only $32995!
only $13999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Lexicon MX400 4-Channel Effects Processors with USB
Lexicon’s new generation of dual stereo/surround reverb processors offers rich effects
along with plug-in convenience in a 4-input/4-output design (dual stereo or 4-channel
mono). Their USB “Hardware Plug-In” format gives complete plug-in control within any
VST or Audio Units software environment, letting you control all automation and recall
parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in. You get rich, complex
reverb algorithms, delays, effects and dbx dynamics for maximum sonic versatility.
Equally at home in live applications, they supply the FOH engineer with a backlit LCD
screen. Choose balanced 1/4" TRS I/O (MX400-L), or balanced XLR I/O (MX400XL).
The MX-300 is a 2-in/2-out (stereo or dual mono channel) model with many of the
same features including the easy-to-read LCD screen. See it at
MX400-L 4-channel balanced 1/4" TRS I/O List $599.95 $39995
MX400XL 4-channel balanced XLR I/O List $674.95 $44995
2-channel balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O List $449.95 $29995
4-channel from $39995!
The MX200 is an affordable two-channel effects processor with independent controls.
Featuring acclaimed Lexicon algorithms, the MX200 offers increased versatility with both
dynamics processing (compressor/de-esser) and special effects. The MX200 also adds
a USB connection for use in computer recording applications. You even get 99 presets
including chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo/pan, pitch shift, reverbs, halls and more.
Balanced analog 1/4" TRS I/O and digital S/PDIF I/O.
List $299.95
The dbx 231 dual-channel graphic EQ features (31) 1/3-octave bands, ±12 dB input
gain range, switchable 50 Hz/12 dB octave low-cut filters, 20 mm faders; selectable
±6 dB or ±12 dB boost/cut range; balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O; 10 Hz-50 kHz frequency
response. The smaller 215 has (15) 2/3-octave bands. The single-channel 131 boasts
(31) 1/3-octave bands, while the dual channel 1231 offers (31) 1/3-octave bands, 45
mm faders and XLR, barrier strip and 1/4'' TRS connectors.
31-channel EQ
List $279.95 $19995
215DBX 15-channel EQ
List $229.95 $15995
131DBX 31-channel EQ
List $209.95 $15995
dual 31-channel EQ List $549.95 $35995
from $15995!
ART 300 Series Graphic Equalizers
Lexicon MX200 2-Channel Effects Processors with USB
dbx Graphic Equalizers
only $19995!
With the ART 300 Series, choose from the dual channel 15-band 341 or single
channel 31-band 351ART EQ in a single rack space; or the dual channel 31-band
355ART EQ in a dual rack space. It features a dual range switch (±6 dB or ±12 dB cut/
boost); bypass switch; high-pass and low-pass controls (on 351/355 only); balanced
XLR, 1/4" and unbalanced RCA I/O; 120/240 volt switch; rear panel ground lift switch;
and LED clip indicators.
Dual 15-band List $179.00 $11500
351ART Single 31-band List $179.00 $11500
355ART Dual 31-band List $295.00 $18900 LowestPrice from $115!
TC Electronic M•ONE XL Effects Processor
TC Electronic’s M•ONE XL dual effects processor includes 25 incredible effects (such as
reverb, chorus, tremolo, pitch, delay and more) and lets you run two simultaneously.
Even create your own combination effects! Very cool pro-level tool.
Rane Dual-Channel Parametric EQ
• Enhanced early reflections and reverb tails; 200 factory, 100 user presets
• 24-bit A/D-D/A converters
• S/PDIF digital I/O; balanced XLR I/O and MIDI in/thru/out
List $495.00
Rane’s dual-channel PEQ 55 features five bands of fully parametric equalization,
adjustable High-Cut and Low-Cut Filters, and three bands of Accelerated Slope Tone
controls per channel. Front panel controls select between dual mono 5-band, stereo
linked 5-band or stereo linked 10-band operating modes. XLR, 1/4" TRS and Euroblock
input/output connectors
only $399!
PEQ55 List $999.00
TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay
The D-Two offers a very musically oriented Rhythm Tap feature for any situation
where a creative and intuitive delay is needed. Featuring up to 10 seconds of delay,
it provides six Direct-Access add on features, including Spatial, Ping Pong, Reverse,
Dynamic Delay, Chorus and Filter. 50 ROM presets and 128 user RAM preset locations
are available. It also boasts full resolution 24 bit A/D and D/A converters with 24 bit
internal processing. It sports analog I/O connectors as well as an S/PDIF digital I/O for
a pure all digital, 24 bit signal path supporting both 44.1K and 48K rates.
List $699.00
only $499!
dbx iEQ-15/iEQ-31 Graphic Equalizers/Limiters
The dbx iEQ-15 is an advanced graphic EQ with two 15-band channels of 2/3-octave
equalization; 10 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response; AFS feedback suppression; dbx
Type V noise reduction and limiting; switchable ±6 or ±15 dB boost/cut; 40 mm
faders; XLR, 1/4" and Euroblock I/O; and comprehensive output and gain reduction
metering. The smaller iEQ-31 offers two 31-band channels of 1/3-octave equalization.
IEQ31 Dual 31-channel EQ List $949.95 $62995
IEQ15 Dual 15-channel EQ List $799.95 $52995 LowestPrice from $52995!
only $799!
Behringer Graphic Equalizers w/Feedback Detection
The Behringer Ultragraph PRO FBQ Series graphic EQs feature an onboard Feedback
Detection System! Features: mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover; lowcut filter removes unwanted frequencies; 4-digit LED output metering and input gain
control; servo-balanced I/O with 1/4" TRS and XLR; illuminated faders; detent ALPS
potentiometer. The FBQ1502 is a 15-band stereo graphic equalizer; the FBQ3102 is a
31-band version and the FBQ6102 is a 31-band unit which adds an onboard limiter,
pink noise generator and longer 45 mm faders.
FBQ1502 15-band EQ
List $149.99 $9999
FBQ3102 31-band EQ
List $189.99 $12999
FBQ6200 31-band w/limiter List $269.99 $17999 LowestPrice from $9999!
Behringer DEQ2496 EQ/RTA Mastering Processor
The Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 is a 24-bit/96 kHz EQ/RTA mastering
processor ideal for mastering and PA applications. The DEQ2496 features four
selectable EQ modules with 31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, Feedback
Destroyer, compressor/expander function with peak limiter, and too much more to list
here. Balanced XLR I/O, AES/EBU and S/PDIF I/O.
List $439.99
only $29999!
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