P/N TN1000
1. Always pay close attention to what you are doing. Turn off cell phone, pager, etc when
using this machine.
2. This machine is meant to be operated by competent individuals who have a thorough
understanding of tube notchers and machines in general.
3. Always wear eye protection while operating tube notcher.
4. Never put your hands or other body parts into tube notcher apparatus.
5. Never wear loose clothing while operating tube notcher.
6. Always work in a clean, safe, well lit, level work area.
7. Never use the wrong hole saw for the material being worked.
8. Never operate the tube notcher with broken, worn or damaged parts.
9. DO NOT attempt to repair and reuse any damaged tube notcher parts.
10. User assumes all risks when using this product.
11. Properly clamp the material to be notched in the tube vise. DO NOT use shims/spacers on
the material. Accuracy of the notch and stability of the material in the vise could be
01/31/2006 Rev 1
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1. Figure 1 is an overall view of the tube notcher.
2. For ease of shipment, the tube notcher is shipped with the tube vise rotated 180º and locked at
that position. See Figure 2.
3. To mount the tube notcher on a work surface/stand, the tube vise must be removed from the
4. Remove the four 3/8" Allen bolts from the bottom of the tube vise.
DO NOT clamp the base of the notcher in vise.
Clamp only using the optional mounting block. See Figure 3.
5. Mount the tube notcher base. The tube notcher can be mounted on a work surface using the
three 3/8-16 bolts in the base as shown in Figure 3.
If the tube notcher is mounted directly to a work surface, access
to the tube vise positioning bolts will be limited.
6. The tube notcher may also be mounted using the optional mounting block which can be welded
to a stand (or similar) and mounted using three 5/16-18 bolts as shown in Figure 3.
7. A mounting kit (NMT100) or a complete stand (NS100) is available separately thru JMR
Manufacturing to mount the notcher.
8. To position the tube vise to the proper notch angle:
Loosen the large nut on the bottom of the tube notcher.
Rotate the tube vise to the desired position using the protractor on the cutter head base.
See Figure 2.
Tighten the large nut on the bottom of the tube notcher.
Always move the cutter towards the tube vice for the best
performance of the hole saw and the tube notcher. See Figure 2.
4. Mount the desired hole saw on the end on the cutter shaft. The tube notcher is supplied with two
adapters, one for saws that mount using a 1/2-20 adapter and one 5/8-18 adapter.
01/31/2006 Rev 1
5. Make sure that no more than one or two threads are showing on the inside of the hole saw. See
Figure 4.
6. Pass tube into tube vise and position as required for notch and tighten the tube vise on the
7. Mount a 1/2" drive drill motor on the cutter shaft.
8. Follow the hole saw manufacturer's recommendation on the use of cutting/cooling fluids.
1. One year limited warranty on tube notcher.
2. Warranty item must be sent to JMR Manufacturing postage pre-paid for inspection. JMR
Manufacturing will replace or repair item at their discretion.
3. JMR Manufacturing makes every attempt to satisfy customers as quickly as possible.
4. JMR Manufacturing will not accept any responsibility for personal injury or property damage
arising from the failure of any parts manufactured and/or sold by JMR Manufacturing, LLC.
01/31/2006 Rev 1
Figure 1. Tube Notcher overall view.
01/31/2006 Rev 1
Figure 2. Tube Notcher shipping and working configuration.
01/31/2006 Rev 1
Figure 3. Tube Notcher mounting.
Figure 4. Hole saw mounting.
01/31/2006 Rev 1
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