profinet väylän etuja

profinet väylän etuja

This is my way – PROFINET

The Ethernet standard for automation net


PROFINET is the leading Industrial

Ethernet standard with more than 3 million nodes worldwide.

PROFINET makes companies more successful by accelerating processes, boosting productivity, and increasing plant availability.

PROFINET – for maximum freedom in structuring your machine and plant architecture.

Individualized success

Globalization offers companies completely new opportunities for growth. But these opportunities also present new challenges. Only companies that can respond to short-term market trends by changing products quickly, offer consistently high product quality at high production speeds, and rely on maximum plant availability and low maintenance costs can prevail in the long term against global competition.

Flexibility, productivity, and efficiency are also decisive success parameters for your company.

PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet standard, meets the requirements for optimizing these pa ra meters. PROFINET enables secure and high-speed data exchange at all levels, making it the basis for stable processes. PROFINET offers you maximum freedom in engineering and in structuring your plant architecture.

The technology driver

PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is the world’s largest fieldbus organization with more than

1,400 members. It drives technical development and pushes through the standard on the international stage. It also supports the further development of


Tried and tested for years

On the basis of PROFINET and PROFIBUS, technological requirements can be easily implemented with profiles such as PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive, and

PROFIenergy. PROFIsafe enables fail-safe communication for PROFIBUS and PROFINET on the basis of standard network components. PROFIdrive has been well-established for years as the application profile for drives with PROFIBUS interface, and it is also available for drives with PROFINET communication.

PROFIenergy enables automated shutdown of plant sections during breaks in pro duction and thus saves energy costs. It is partly thanks to this innovation potential that PROFINET has become established in the fieldbus market with more than 3 million nodes worldwide.

The open Industrial Ethernet standard paves the way for your sustained corporate success. This is my way – PROFINET.

Siemens relies on PROFINET for sustained customer benefits.

Siemens, as a member of PROFIBUS & PROFINET

International (PI), strongly influenced even the development of PROFIBUS. The evolution of PROFIBUS to PROFINET is the logical progression to be able to offer maximum benefit to companies in all sectors at all times. This is why Siemens backs PROFINET and thus offers you maximum flexibility, efficiency, and performance for your application.

With PROFINET, Siemens applies the Ethernet standard to automation. PROFINET enables high-speed and secure data exchange at all levels, and so makes it possible to implement innovative machine and plant concepts. Thanks to its flexibility and openness,

PROFINET offers users maximum freedom in structuring their

machine and plant architectures.

PROFINET‘s efficiency means optimal use of available user resources, and a significant increase in plant availability. Innovative

Siemens products and the performance of PROFINET provide a sustained boost to company productivity.

Your advantages at a glance:


Tailor-made plant concepts

Industrial Wireless LAN


Flexible topologies

Open standard

Web tools


Efficiency Performance

Optimal use of resources

One cable for all purposes

Device/network diagnostics

Energy efficiency

Easy cabling

Fast device replacement


Increased productivity


High precision

Large quantity structures

High transmission rate

Media redundancy

Fast start-up


“We have a large number of moving sections in our production plant. I need maximum flexibility for this and that‘s what PROFINET guarantees.”

Maximum flexibility for implementing your ideas.

Innovation and product lifecycles are becoming increasingly shorter.

This applies to all sectors. That‘s why fast response times and

optimized processes form the basis for long-term competitiveness.

With Industrial Wireless LAN, the

SIMATIC Mobile Panel gives plant operators more freedom of movement. So it is always there where it is needed – without compromising safety.

PROFINET ensures maximum flexibility in plant structures and production processes, and it enables you to implement innovative machine and plant concepts. Mobile devices, for example, can be integrated into relatively inaccessible locations.


More flexibility with PROFINET.

Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN)

IWLAN reduces maintenance costs, increases reliability, and convinces with high communication

performance. Only PROFINET allows the combination of safety and IWLAN.


Safety-related communication via PROFIsafe reliably protects personnel, the environment, and plants.

Flexible topologies

PROFINET also enables the use of star, tree and ring topologies in addition to the linear topology.

Open standard

Thanks to its openness, PROFINET creates the basis for a uniform machine/plant automation network to which programmable controllers as well as standard

Ethernet devices can be connected.

Web tools

PROFINET is 100 percent Ethernet and supports

TCP/IP. Among other things, this enables the use of

Web technologies, such as access to the integrated

Web server of the field devices.


With PROFINET, network infrastructures can be

expanded as desired, even during operation.

The focus is on flexible topologies

PROFINET also enables the use of star, tree, and ring topologies in addition to the linear topology characterized by the established fieldbuses. This is made possible by switching technology via active network components, such as Industrial Ethernet switches and media converters, or by the integration of switch functionality into the field devices. This results in increased flexibility in machine and plant planning, as well as savings in cabling.

fiber-optic cables are used depending on the application. Devices from different manufacturers are easily connected via standardized and rugged plug connectors (up to IP65/IP67).

Thanks to the integration of switch functionality into the devices, linear topologies can be formed that are configured based on existing machine or plant structures. This results in savings in cabling overhead and cuts down on components such as external switches.

The PROFINET network can be installed without specialist knowledge and meets all requirements relevant to the industrial environment. The PROFINET

Guideline “Cabling and Interconnection Technology” supports manufacturers and users when installing networks. Symmetrical copper cables or RFI-resistant



(Redundant) ring




Wireless communication


PROFINET supports

different network topologies and thus enables a high degree of flexibility in machine and plant planning – even in combination with profiles such as PROFIsafe.



“With PROFINET, everything runs over one cable.

That‘s what I call real efficiency.”

More efficiency for your economic advantage.

Continually rising raw material prices and constantly new environmental regulations make it necessary for companies around the world to use their resources more cost-effectively and more efficiently. This applies above all to production. PROFINET ensures more efficiency here.

SIMATIC ET 200S supports the

PROFIenergy profile. This allows energy to be saved during breaks and increases plant efficiency.

Simple engineering guarantees fast commissioning, and reliable devices enable high plant availability. In addition, comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance concepts help to reduce plant downtimes and maintenance costs to a minimum.

More efficiency with PROFINET.

One cable for all purposes

PROFINET offers a host of functions on one cable:

Machine data and standard IT data run together.

This creates integration and saves costs by reducing the overhead for cabling and training.

Device and network diagnostics

Extensive diagnostic data can be read out from the devices to locate faults quickly. HTML standard

Web sites are used for servicing PROFINET devices – locally and remotely.

Increased energy efficiency

PROFIenergy switches off individual loads or entire production units during breaks – in a coordinated and centrally controlled way.

Easy cabling

Fault-free establishment of industrial networks in a short time and without specialist knowledge:

PROFINET makes this possible with the FastConnect system.

Fast device replacement

When replacing a PROFINET device, the IO Controller detects the new device and automatically assigns its name.

High degree of ruggedness

The use of switches even in field devices prevents faults in one section of the network from influencing the entire plant network. PROFINET enables the use of fiber-optic cables especially for areas that are critically sensitive to EMI.

The focus is on device and network diagnostics

By retaining the field-proven PROFIBUS device model, the same diagnostic information is available with PROFINET. In addition, device diagnostics also includes readout of module-specific and channelspecific data from the devices. This enables simple and fast location of faults. As well as the availability of device information, the top priority in network management is reliability of network operation.

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has become established in existing networks as the de-facto standard for the maintenance and monitoring of network components and their functions.

PROFINET uses this standard and provides users with the option of servicing networks using familiar tools such as the SINEMA Server network management software. In order to facilitate the maintenance of

PROFINET devices, both locally and also remotely via a secure VPN connection, application-specific Web sites in the familiar HTML standard can be created on the integral Web server of the field devices.


Access point


CNC controller

HMI device

Client module






Field device


Field device

Diagnostic data

Safety-related data

IO data

Data for energy efficiency

TCP/IP data


PROFINET enables parallel fieldbus communication and standard IT communication (TCP/IP).

This real-time communication for the transmission of user/process data and diagnostic data is performed on a single cable.

Profile commu nication

(such as PROFIsafe,

PROFIdrive, or PROFIenergy) can be integrated without additional cabling costs.


“High speed alone isn‘t everything.

PROFINET is not only fast, it can also simply do more.”

High performance for boosting your productivity.

Performance and precision determine market success. Precise motion control, dynamic drives, high-speed controllers, and the deterministic synchronization of devices are therefore key factors in achieving superior production.

SINAMICS drive technology and

PROFINET ensure the necessary speed in your machine and maximum precision in motion control applications.

PROFINET‘s performance power offers you more than enough reserves to meet today‘s requirements and those of the future, and thus makes it possible to continually increase your productivity.


More performance with PROFINET.


Fast motion control applications need high-speed data exchange. PROFINET’s short cycle times increase the productivity of machines and plants.


Communication via PROFINET is deterministic. A

jitter of <1 µs results in maximum precision cycles and thus guarantees high product quality.

Large quantity structures

With PROFINET, up to 256 devices can be managed by one SIMATIC controller. The number of nodes per network is practically unlimited.

High transmission rate

By using Ethernet, PROFINET achieves a significantly higher transmission rate than previous fieldbuses.

This enables problem-free transmission of even large volumes of data without affecting I/O data transfer.

Media redundancy

Higher plant availability can be achieved by means of a redundant installation. This can be implemented both with the help of external switches and directly via integral PROFINET interfaces.

Fast start-up

In modular plants, IO Controllers must detect new machines or plant sections quickly. With Fast

Start-up, PROFINET can detect devices in up to

<500 ms and connect them with the IO controller.

The focus is on speed and precision

Fast motion control applications need precise and deterministic data exchange. This is implemented thanks to isochronous drive controls using Isochronous Real Time (IRT). The different cycles of a system (input, network, CPU processing and output) are also synchronized in the case of parallel TCP/IP


PROFINET’s short cycle times make it possible to increase the productivity of machines and plants, and to ensure product quality through high precision of the cycle.

The standardized PROFIdrive profile enables vendorindependent communication between motion controllers and drives.



Warehousing and logistics

Packaging machinery

Printing machines

Machine tools

Production lines


Acyclic data, diagnostic information

Standard IO, simple drive applications


High-speed IO, motion control

Performance reserves



Real Time up to 250µs

Isochronous Real Time



10µs up to 31.25µs

PROFINET offers outstanding performance.

You can already im plement all your applications today with

PROFINET. With cycle times up to 31.25 µs, the PROFINET standard also offers you sufficient reserves for your future requirements.




experience also enabled me to set up the PROFINET solution without problems. In doing so, I dis covered the many benefits of



PROFIBUS has been established for years as the fieldbus for machines and plants. Based on serial bus technology, it revolutionized the automation world in the 80s, and created for the first time the foundation for the distributed concepts common today. In the

90s, Ethernet spread into IT and industry. Today, manufacturing is inconceivable without both systems. But would it not be more efficient to combine the advantages of both systems?

The answer to this question is PROFINET. It merges the industrial experience of PROFIBUS with the openness and flexible options of Ethernet.

Bus cycle time


1.5 Mbit/s


12 Mbit/s


Network standard Ethernet

High transmission rate


Flexible topologies

Fieldbus standard PROFIBUS

High-speed IO communication




Significant performance gains can be achieved with PROFINET.

The advantages of

PROFIBUS, the leading fieldbus, combined with the diverse options of

Ethernet, form the basis of PROFINET. Highlights such as Safety over Wireless become as feasible as high-dynamic, isochronous motion control applications.

Good reasons for a change.

Can I continue to use my existing

PROFIBUS expertise?

PROFIBUS will continue to play an important role in the future. That’s why care was taken in the

development of PROFINET to enable simple and smooth integration of PROFIBUS. The engineering of

PROFINET is very similar to that of PROFIBUS. You can, for example, convert a SIMATIC ET 200S station to PROFINET simply by replacing an interface module: just change the configuration, reinstall, done.

of PROFINET to use. Test it out and configure a familiar and frequently used PROFIBUS application with PROFINET. You’ll be convinced by the simple handling and the results.

How will I benefit from the transition?

The many benefits that PROFINET offers in implementing automation tasks mean the transition is always worthwhile: Flexible topologies, one cable for all applications, wireless with safety, and significantly increased system performance thanks to scalable mechanisms speak for themselves.

Do I have to convert the entire plant at once, or can I make the transition in stages?

You can connect existing plant sections to PROFINET simply via the IE/PB Link PN IO or also wirelessly via the IWLAN/PB Link PN IO. The huge diversity of field devices on PROFIBUS can thus be integrated without problems into new PROFINET systems, and you can structure the transition individually and by stages.

Is the transition complicated?

You know the basic techniques: simple integration of distributed I/O such as PROFIBUS DP, assignment of addresses and names as with a PC. This facilitates the change and you can quickly put the advantages

When is the right time for me?

For many users, now is the best time for changing to PROFINET. The technology is mature and has been tried and tested in many customer applications. The wide range of available devices with PROFINET connection is being extended continuously, so devices are available for just about all application areas and sectors. You can thus use all of the functions with which PROFINET implements automation solutions more flexibly, more efficiently, and with higher performance.

PROFINET – this is my way.


The integrated PROFINET product portfolio from Siemens



Motion control systems

SIMATIC S7-300 SIMATIC S7-400 System interfacing for SIMATIC S7

CNC systems


HMI devices





Industrial Ethernet Switches Cabling technology


Network transitions


Industrial Security


Compact Switch Modules CSM

Sensor systems

FastConnect for electrical and optical networks

Identification systems to PROFIBUS, AS-Interface,


SCALANCE S and communications processors

Technology components


Vision sensors SIMATIC RFID communication modules

Code reader systems ERTEC / Development Kits for ERTEC and PROFINET IO

PC-based Automation Measuring instruments

SIMATIC ET 200 interface modules with CPU

Distributed I/O

SIMATIC PC-based Automation with SIMATIC WinAC

System interfacing for





Industrial Wireless LAN

SINAMICS G130 / G150 / S150 / 

GM150 / GL150 / SM150

SINAMICS DCM SIRIUS M200D motor starters


Access Points


Client Modules

Wireless devices Radiating cables





The leading standard also for your industry.

PROFINET has become established as the Ethernet standard in industry worldwide. With its flexibility, efficiency and performance, it convinces large and small companies in all industries. onboard. This means the benefits of the open

Ethernet standards can also be utilized for your

application – no matter which sector you are in.

A comprehensive product portfolio

Siemens offers an extensive portfolio of PROFINETenabled products that is growing almost daily: many new Siemens automation products have PROFINET

PROFINET is a decision for the freedom to implement innovative machine and plant concepts that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. PROFINET stands for your individual success.


Flexibility: Lufthansa, Germany

Siemens provided a flexible solution based on PROFINET communication with around 50 stations for the modernization of a paint shop for Lufthansa in Hamburg, Germany. The innovative feature of this system is that safety-related information such as emergency stop is distributed in real time via a dynamic wireless network. This is made possible by the fail-safe PROFIsafe

V2 protocol. If employees on a platform press the emergency stop button, the signal is sent via the controller of the platform over IWLAN to the head-end station, and back to the relevant crane bridge, which is then switched off with the platform.

This requires an enormously high-speed controller. Thanks to the high availability of the controller, Lufthansa benefits from significantly reduced standstill times.

Efficiency: Iaco Agricola, Brazil

Iaco Agricola built a sugar factory and bio-ethanol plant in

Chapadao do Sul. The focus was on safe operation with as few downtimes as possible. The company decided on an efficient

Siemens automation solution with PROFINET communication.

A SIMATIC S7- 400 controller controls the processes. In the control room, the SIMATIC WinCC visualization system enables access to the system. The system can be accessed from any location in the plant via the WinCC WebNavigator. In this way,

PROFINET enables transparent, integrated and reliable communication, as well as fast, efficient system diagnostics. The downtime of the automation system is now only 0.28 percent.

Even under the extremely adverse conditions in the bio-ethanol industry, the system is extremely robust.

Performance: Herma, Germany

The coating plant of the label manufacturer Herma in

Filderstadt- Bonlanden, Germany, is the largest of its kind in the world. Due to its high production speed of 1100 m/min, it needed a communication solution that could keep pace with this level of performance. The challenge here for the drives technology was to find a solution for on-the-fly changing of material rolls at full machine speed. Use of the SIMOTION/

SINAMICS range enabled extremely accurate position control and precise timing when changing rolls. PROFINET with IRT

(Isochronous Real Time) ensured stable movement of the web thanks to distributed synchronous operation. Distributed implementation of safety functions such as emergency stop was also possible thanks to PROFIsafe.


Additional information


about PROFINET at

PROFIBUS & PROFINET International:

about PROFINET technology:

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