Frequently Asked Questions - LW2401 LIVE Sense

Frequently Asked Questions - LW2401 LIVE Sense
LW2401/LW241 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have Skype. Why do I need to create a Skype account for the
A: The camera requires a Skype account so you can access the camera from your own Skype
account. Create a Skype account for the camera and add it to your Contacts. You access the
camera by calling it - just like calling any one of your Skype contacts. Make sure to configure the
camera for automatic answer and video (see 'Why can't I see an image from the camera using
Q: Why can't I see an image from the camera in Skype?
A: Are you trying to access the camera on your local network (first time setup) or from a remote
location? Please see both local and remote options below:
Local (first-time setup)
1 Power on the camera and monitor and make sure you can see video from the camera on the
monitor. If you cannot see an image from the camera, you need to pair it to the handheld
monitor (see 'How do I pair cameras?').
Insert the Product CD in your Windows PC and install the drivers. Make sure Skype is not
running when you install the drivers. Once the driver is installed, connect the handheld
monitor to the PC using the included USB cable. The handheld monitor should be powered
on. You will see the screen on the handheld monitor go black. Launch Skype and sign in.
Upon login, click the See my video button to confirm that Skype detects the camera. Click the
Close button to exit.
NOTE: If you do not see the "See my video" button, click Tools>Options>Video Settings.From
the Tools menu, select Options.
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Click the Calls button [
], then click 'Show Advanced Options.' Select the "Answer
incoming calls automatically" checkbox and the "Start my video automatically when I am in
a call" check box. Click Save.
Remote: No video from the camera (or a camera seen as 'Offline') may occur for the following
• Handheld monitor not connect to the PC
• Camera and/or handheld monitor are not powered on
• PC not powered on
• PC is ON but Skype is NOT running
• PC may be in Sleep mode or Hibernate mode
• A Skype account has not been created for the camera
Q: How do I pair cameras?
A: The camera included with your device has already been paired up with the handheld monitor.
If for any reason your monitor and camera are not paired up, or you wish to add additional
cameras, please perform the following:
1 Place the camera and video monitor 12 inches apart. Turn on the camera first and then the
video monitor.
2 Press the Menu button on the monitor, then select Pairing and press the OK button.
3 Select an available channel, and press the OK button.
NOTE: By default, the camera included with the system is paired to channel 1.
Press the Pair button behind the camera within 30 seconds. You should immediately see
video from the camera on the video monitor.
NOTE: You can add a maximum of four (4) wireless cameras to the handheld monitor.
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Q: How do I copy video to my computer?
A: Remove the microSD card by using your finger-nail or other thin object to release the card.
Insert the microSD card into the included SD card adapter and slide the notch to LOCK. Insert the
SD card into your computer's SD card reader. If your computer does not have a built-in SD card
slot, you will have to purchase a separate SD card reader. Your computer (PC or Mac) should load
the card like a standard drive. Copy or move the files from the SD card to a location on your hard
Q: Why is my picture at night time not as clear 
via Skype compared to my handheld monitor?
A: Video is transmitted at a resolution
of QVGA (320x240). When viewing on
your computer, typically the viewing
screen is larger than the handheld
monitor, resulting in a stretched
image to fit the screen-size. This is
even more evident in night vision
mode. In Skype, we recommended to
use "pop up mode" (image 1) for
better clarity compared to "zoom out
mode" (image 2).
Pop up mode
Zoom Out Mode
Q: Why is the temperature sensor giving
me an inaccurate reading?
A: The heat from the camera might be causing the
temperature to appear higher. If the temperature shown
on the handheld monitor differs from the actual room
temperature, gently angle the sensor away from the body
of the camera.
Copyright  2011 Lorex Technology
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