SystemairCAD version 2010-12.00.A3

Introduction and important information

Web updating of SystemairCAD......................................... 2

Info to Windows 7 users..................................................... 3

How to install SystemairCAD.............................................. 4

Distributor version with prices ........................................... 4 - 6

Consultant version without price ........................................ 7

What is new in SystemairCAD ........................................... 8 - 16

Warranty conditions for DV and TIME .................................. 17

NOTE: The new version 2010-12.00.A3 is compatible with the older SystemairCAD version

2010-08.00.A2, but to have full advantage of the changes all units will have to be technical calculated again before the unit is price calculated.

There are no changes in the prices, but because of the new products we have to send out a new price list.

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Web updating of SystemairCAD.

The update of SystemairCAD is possibly to do just like other programs.

This means that you don’t have to uninstall and install the program every time we send out new versions.

If we have made an update of the program you will see the dialog box below.

When you click Yes (Danish “Ja”) the program is automatically updated and ready to use with the new feature.

As a new thing, you have to choose your market location when you install this update. With the next update, this will not be necessary.

The only thing we don´t make as web update is price changes

This will always be made via an informational E-mail with a new price database attached.

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Info to Windows 7 users

If you have windows 7 installed on your computer and you don’t have the full rights of the computer, you might have problems with using the pdf printout.

Then you have to press the options tab and then select folders.

This box will appear and now you press this button.

Then you select your personal folder and documents in your personal folder.

Fianally you should get a result that looks a little like this.

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How to install SystemairCAD

SystemairCAD is available in 2 versions, one for distributors and one for consultants.

Distributor version with prices

The version for distributors includes prices and is available for distributors on www.systemairCAD.dk where a user name and password is needed to access the zip-file for download.

The user name and password to access the program is issued earlier for all current distributors. If for some reason you have forgotten the password, you can contact Systemair


After login, the following screen will appear and you should click download to save the zip-file on your computer.

NOTE: If pop-up window does not appear when you click download, hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking download. This will overwrite the build in command to not allow pop-up windows.

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When you have downloaded the zip-file, unzip the downloaded zip-file and install the program.

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IMPORTANT: If you want to save your customer database, you should copy it from your current SystemairCAD folder before installing the new version.

The file is named DnCust.db and can be found here: C:/program files/systemair/systemaircad or C:/programs/Systemair/systemaircad depending on your local setup:

After installation of new version, you can place the file in the same folder and overwrite the empty customer database installed with the new version.

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Consultant version without price

The consultant version without price, is available on www.systemair.com

, menu products and download. Here the users have to register before being able to access the program.

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What is new on SystemairCAD 2010-12.00.A3

1. Counterflow heat exchanger is now available.

2. DVC and DVP casing not divided by default.

3. There is a new dialog for selection of units.

4. New option in print menu.

5. IE2, 1000 rpm motors are implemented.

6. New way of showing control system specification list.

7. New feature – Catalogue button.

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1. Counterflow heat exchanger is now available.

In TIME units - the plate heat exchanger is now replaced by the counterflow heat exchanger.

In the DV units you can select the counterflow heat exchanger up to DV 50.

The counter-flow option is instead of the high efficiency crossflow heat exchanger.

You still have the option of a high efficiency crossflow heat exchanger in the units from DV

60 to DV 150.

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2. DVC and DVP casing not divided by default.

In the last version it became possible to choose a divided rotary heat exchanger or a mixing section from DV 60 and up. Unfortunately it was made so that it was selected divided as default.

This is now changed, so you have to make the selection if you want it divided.

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3. There is a new dialog for selection of units.

When you open SystemairCad, and go to the tab “Unit data” you will see that there are some changes to the volume bars at the bottom.

Now there is a bar for DV, TIME and Topvex. You can enter your airflow and see what type of unit you can choose for the specific airflow.

When you have selected the unit type, the normal “select unit type” box will appear and now you have the possibility to make your selection as usual.

Of course you can also press the tab “drawing” and enter the “select unit type” box as normal.

Another new thing is when you enter your airflow or external pressure in the supply field, it will be copied to the extract field.

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4. New option in print menu.

Now it is possible to get specification text for the distributor. When you have selected your unit, go to the page “print control”, press specification text, no front page and Preview and


Then you get a box called “specification text details” were you can enter Project address and contact persons.

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After pressing OK - you will get a box, were you can select the type of file you want the document to be converted to.

You will get the best result by selecting RTF-format.

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5. IE2, 1000 rpm motors are implemented.

Now you have the possibility of getting an IE2, 1000 rpm motor.

If you make the same calculation in the old SystemairCad, you will get the message “Suitable

IE2 motor cannot be found. Motor has been changed to IE1.”. This is because the system wants to have a 1000 rpm motor, but can’t find it.

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6. New way of showing control system specification list.

The first picture is from the old version were it says “No” to the selections, that were not chosen.

In this picture you can see that the specification only is with the selections that you have made.

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7. New feature – Catalogue button.

Now you have a catalogue button on the specification side for each component. by pressing the button you enter the DV catalogue and the specific side for the specific component.

This catalogue button is a link to the complete catalogue, which means that you can enter the catalogue from any component and browse through the complete catalogue.

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Warranty conditions for DV and TIME

Standard warranty:

We deliver according to NL92, which includes 1 year warranty.

Extended warranty:

Provided Systemair´s recommended maintenance and service program is followed and documented, an extended warranty of up to 4 years is granted:

• Unit casing (panel, frames and corners)

4 year anti-perforation corrosion warranty

• Control elements (electrical elements)

• Heat exchangers, motors, coils and dampers

2 year

2 year

General conditions:

• Systemair´s recommended maintenance and service program is followed and documented.

• Extended warranty only includes delivery of spare parts, but not installation costs.

Start of warranty period is time of delivery given on the order


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