Each Wireless Music Bridge can be given a unique
name that appears on their smartphone/tablet and
can be assigned to a specific room. It is also possible
to assign the Wireless Music Bridge to an individual,
Wireless Music Bridge
Installation and
Setup Guide
so that the individual can listen to his/her music in
their room of choice.
This device uses Ethernet or WiFi connectivity to
communicate with the Control4 system.
• Control4 OS 2.5.0 or later.
• Control4 controller fully installed and configured
with a Control4 project.
• Powered speakers or an available connection on
an amplifier or stereo.
Box Contents
Supported Model
Wireless Music Bridge
Carefully unpack the contents from the box, and
make sure the following items are included:
• Wireless Music Bridge
• Power Supply
• Warranty Card
The Control4® Wireless Music Bridge lets you
play music, Internet radio, and podcasts from
If any of these items is missing or damaged, please
your smartphone devices through iOS (AirPlay®),
contact Control4 immediately.
Bluetooth®, Android™ or Windows (using DLNA®).
Simply attach the Wireless Music Bridge cables to a
Control4 4-Zone Amplifier or Multi Channel Amplifier,
add the device to a room in Composer, and you’re
(W x D x H)
6.29” (160 mm) x 4.72” (120 mm) x 1.57”
(40 mm)
1.05 lbs. (.47 kg)
The Wireless Music Bridge makes it easy to stream
Shipping Weight
1.5 lbs. (.69 kg)
popular Internet music services, such as Pandora®
10/100 BaseT Ethernet RJ-45 (preferred)
or WiFi (802.11 b/g)
Power Supply
DC - 5V @ 1.0A
10/100 BaseT Ethernet RJ-45 (preferred)
WiFi (802.11b/g)
Bluetooth v1.2 A2DP
Stereo Analog
Digital SPDIF
ready to go. This device supports OS 2.5.0 or later.
and Spotify®, to any room in a home, using your
smartphone. To enjoy separate streams of music,
connect one Wireless Music Bridge for each zone on
a 4-Zone Amplifier or Multi Channel Amplifier.
The Wireless Music Bridge allows one (1)
smartphone/tablet to be connected to the Control4
system at a time. It is possible for multiple phones
to connect to the Wireless Music Bridge, but only
one phone can output audio. More than one Wireless
Music Bridge can be used in a Control4 system
simultaneously, allowing individual users to connect
their phone to their room of choice.
Back View
Wireless Music Bridge
Installation and Setup
5V DC (power jack)—Only connect the provided
5V power supply.
Reset (button)—Press one time to reset the
Wireless Music Bridge but maintain its network
Front View
ID (button)—Press one time to identify the
Wireless Music Bridge in your Control4 system.
BT (button)—Manually disconnects Bluetooth
and places the Wireless Music Bridge in pairing
Analog Output (2 jacks)—Stereo analog output
jacks for speakers and amplifiers.
The following LED indicators appear, depending on
whether the device is powered on and which type of
device is connected to the Wireless Music Bridge.
Digital Output (1 jack)—Coaxial digital output
jack for speakers and amplifiers.
Ethernet (port)—RJ-45 Ethernet jack for a 10/100
BaseT Ethernet connection.
Network Options
Bluetooth—Displays the status
of a Bluetooth connection.
Connect the Wireless Music Bridge using one of these
BLUE solid—Bluetooth is connected.
network types:
DLNA (Digital Living Network
Alliance)— Displays the status
NOTE: If you are using Ethernet, connect
of a DLNA connection.
the Ethernet cable before you power on
BLUE solid—DLNA is connected.
the Wireless Music Bridge. The device will
AirPlay—Displays the status
automatically go to WiFi mode if the power is
of an AirPlay connection.
plugged in before the Ethernet cable.
BLUE flashing—The device is booting.
BLUE solid—AirPlay is Ready/
• Standard Ethernet—For best results, this is the
preferred option. Connect the Wireless Music
Power LED—Indicates that power
Bridge to your network using a standard Ethernet
is present. The Wireless Music Bridge
turns on immediately after power
• WiFi—The Wireless Music Bridge is able to
is applied to it.
connect to your local wireless network and
BLUE solid—The power is on.
supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless
networks. If you have an available local wireless
NOTE: DLNA and AirPlay LEDs flash every
network, no additional wiring is needed except
second during a firmware update.
for power.
IMPORTANT! Control4 recommends that you
spectrum and can interfere with each other, therefore,
use an Ethernet connection rather than WiFi
it is recommended to install the system with a wired
for the best communication with the Control4
Pre-Installation Considerations
To connect the Wireless Music Bridge:
Before you decide where and how to install this
Place the Wireless Music Bridge on a table
near a power outlet, an Ethernet connection,
device, review the information below.
and an amplifier or speakers. Plug the Ethernet
connector into the Ethernet jack on the back of
the Wireless Music Bridge.
The Wireless Music Bridge is designed to work with
NOTE: If you are using Ethernet, connect
AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth-enabled products.
the Ethernet cable before you power on the
AirPlay and DLNA leverage the wired/wireless
Wireless Music Bridge.
network in the home to bridge the smartphone/
tablets music into the Control4 system. If these
modes are used, the Wireless Music Bridge can be
Music Bridge for an analog or digital signal.
mounted in a rack near the network switch and
amplifier. If the Wireless Music Bridge is used for
Bluetooth, then the Wireless Music Bridge must be
Decide whether you want to set up the Wireless
• Digital
installed in the room where the Wireless Music Bridge
not provided) to the Digital Output port on
will be used.
the Wireless Music Bridge.
The Bluetooth radio in the Wireless Music Bridge is a
wiring, or other wireless communication devices are
Digital Audio input on an amplifier.
• Analog
near the Wireless Music Bridge, radio performance
jacks on the Wireless Music Bridge.
Music Bridge is as close to the user as possible. The
installer has the option to disable the Bluetooth radio
an amplifier or stereo speakers.
NOTE: Use only the Control4 5V DC power
encouraged to use the wired Ethernet connection
adapter provided.
for communicating with the Wireless Music Bridge.
If Bluetooth functionality is used by your customer,
location must be decided early enough such that
CAT5/6 cable can be run for Ethernet connectivity.
Bluetooth and WiFi operate on the same 2.4GHz
Connect the power plug to an available power
to the Control4 System via 802.11b/g, it is strongly
Bridge must be considered when installing this
Connect the power adapter to the power jack on
the back of the Wireless Music Bridge.
Although the Wireless Music Bridge can connect
Bluetooth use and location of the Wireless Music
Connect the other end of the RCA cable to
the Audio Input jacks (RCA Stereo input) on
in the driver Properties tab if Bluetooth will not be
Network Connectivity
Connect an RCA cable (stereo analog audio
cable, not provided) to the Analog Output
is degraded. For best results, make sure the Wireless
Connect the other end of the RCA cable
to locally-powered speakers or to the RCA
Class 2 radio, which provides up to 10 meters lineof-sight. If obstructions, such as walls, electronics,
Connect an RCA cable (digital coaxial cable,
WiFi Setup
To use WiFi:
Follow the instructions in “Installation.”
IMPORTANT! An Ethernet connection to
the Wireless Music Bridge is required before
setting this product to WiFi.
Open Composer Pro and click Tools > System
For Bluetooth, the device-friendly name is appended
Manager to reconfigure the bridge for WiFi.
with a -BT. This allows devices, such as iPhone, to
In the Devices pane, select the network address
uniquely distinguish between AirPlay and Bluetooth
for the Wireless Music Bridge, and then click
connectivity. If Bluetooth is not used, the installer
Configure. The default browser opens to the
should disable the Bluetooth radio in the Properties
Wireless Music Bridge home page.
tab of Composer Pro.
NOTE: The Wireless Music Bridge can also be
New Features
accessed by entering the device IP address in
a browser.
The Wireless Music Bridge has two new features that
enable the Wireless Music Bridge to Auto-start and
Under the Wireless LAN Settings, select the
turn-off a room automatically.
Service Set Identification (SSID) to which you
want to connect the Wireless Music Bridge.
• The Automatic Room(s) Selection property in
If the SSID is secure, enter the appropriate
Composer Pro lets the installer select which
room(s) will start when a smartphone/tablet
Click Apply at the bottom of the page.
connects and starts streaming music to the
Disconnect the Ethernet cable.
Control4 System. The Auto-Start feature will
Reset or power cycle the Wireless Music Bridge.
only start a room if a media source is NOT
already selected. If a media source is selected in
NOTE: To return the Wireless Music Bridge to
the desired room, the Wireless Music Bridge will
wired mode, simply plug an Ethernet cable
into the Wireless Music Bridge and power
NOT overtake the source.
• The Automatic Room(s)-off will automatically
cycle the device.
turn off the selected room(s) when the
smartphone/tablet stops streaming music to the
Configure the Wireless Music Bridge
Naming the Wireless Music Bridge
Wireless Music Bridge.
Both properties will cycle through the selected
room(s) and make sure a different media source is
The Wireless Music Bridge can be given a unique
not playing. After that, it will then start or turn off the
name, called the device-friendly name. This name is
room(s) as appropriate.
used by AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth to help the user
see the Wireless Music Bridge on their smartphone/
Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP)
tablet. Each Wireless Music Bridge can be given a
unique device-friendly name to help associate it
This device uses SDDP (Simple Device Discovery
with a given room or individual. The installer should
Protocol). After you connect the device and
determine the appropriate name by discussing it
power it on, start Composer Pro and add the
with their customer. Assign the device-friendly name
Wireless Music Bridge driver to a room in the
in the driver Properties tab in Composer Pro under
Device Name.
Make the necessary connections in the
Connections view.
The Wireless Music Bridge device-friendly name is
unique and is not directly associated to the driver
For information about SDDP, configuring the driver,
name. The device-friendly name is used by the
or making connections, see the Composer Pro User
AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth client, whereas the
Guide on the dealer portal for details. Also see Using
driver name is used by the Control4 system. The
the Wireless Music Bridge to learn how to use the
installer should consider naming the driver and the
device-friendly name in a similar manner so the user
is not confused when looking at their touch screens
and on-screen displays.
NOTE: As with all WiFi products, Bluetooth
performance and range varies based on
environmental conditions. The Wireless
Music Bridge uses a Class 2 Bluetooth
transceiver which provides up to 10m of range.
Apple® Support
*The Wireless Music Bridge is made for iPod touch® 2nd generation,
3rd generation, 4th generation, and 5th generation; iPhone® 3GS,
iPhone 4, iPhone 4siPhone 5; iPad® , iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, iPad
4th generation; and iPad mini®.
Microwaves, other wireless signals such as
802.11 and ZigBee, and building structures can
adversely affect signal strength and distance
by which a wireless signal can be received.
Care should be taken when installing the
Wireless Music Bridge to make sure location
is taken into consideration for optimal
performance. The installer should work with
the customer to find a suitable location that
best fits the customer’s needs.
• Soft reset—Press and release the Reset button
one time.
• Factory Mode—Press and hold the Reset button
for more than five (5) seconds to set the device
name, network configuration, and WiFi settings
back to their default settings in factory mode.
Factory Restore
There is no factory restore setting for this product.
See “Factory Mode” above.
Regulatory/Safety Information
To review regulatory information for your particular
Control4 products, see the information located on
the Control4 website at: http://www.control4.com/
Limited 2-year Warranty. Go to http://www.control4.
com/warranty for details.
*“Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad” mean that an
electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone,
or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple
performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device
or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use
of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect wireless performance.
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