KN14-2 Service

KN14-2 Service
Selecta 14lt Knapsack Sprayer
Product code: KN14-2
FAULT: Pump motor working but has slow or no fluid flow;
This is usually due to debris in valves, or lack of cleaning after use or chemical damage.
To check Valves – take out 5x screws from each side cover & remove to expose valves.
Remove all debris, check for distortion or damage to rubber valves & replace as required.
NOTE: Distorted or damaged valves are NOT normally covered by warranty.
Head Assembly product code: 371-20908-000A, Pressure Switch: 371-2090-104, Complete Pump: 371-LF101421
FAULT: No motor noise, or slow motor;
This is probably just a flat battery. Charge unit for 40+ hrs & retest.
Check charger output & operation – refer below Illustration.
Check foot filter (in tank) & wand filter (in handle) for blockages.
Battery product code: BAT1
To take off rear cover;
Carefully peel back corners of foam pad to expose screw heads.
Remove 4 corner screws, then top & bottom centre screws from plate.
Plate should then pull away, revealing pump, wiring & bottom of battery.
Isolate battery & remove, as required, by releasing Velcro strap.
Check for loose wires or connections that may be causing charging problem.
To check for leaks from rear cover;
Check where pick-up hose goes through body of tank (from inside tank to pump).
This grommet is the most likely place for a leak, if leaking remove pump (4 screws) & wiring.
Push/pull out rubber grommet, replace & seal with silicone, then reassemble.
NOTE: Ensure pick-up hose does not twist or crimp while re-fitting rear cover.
If leak is from pump mounting screws or a seam, please contact Silvan Warranty Department for advice.
To check output/operation of charger;
Use a Multimeter on “D.C VOLTS” (x20 - x50 setting).
Normal Charger Output: 10v (no load) – 16v. If outside this, replace charger. Charger product code: 118-139
NOTE: Centre hole in plug is positive, use RED probe. Outside of plug is negative, use BLACK probe. refer picture below right
Charger will become warm while in use, but if it is too hot to touch, immediately turn charger off.
Spring fits
under Cover
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