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A D D -
1. Solar Panel Required Tools
1. Phillips
2. Power Drill
b. #10 x 1.3” (33 mm) anchors (4)
3. Ladder
2. Panel Hardware Kit a. #10 x 2” (51 mm) screws ADD-ON PANEL INSTALLATION
c. 1” standoff
4. Roof Sealant
Step 1: Mount solar panel to roof within a 12’ (3.5m) area from
either Solar Star Roof Mount Vent or Solar Star Conversion Fan.
Shaded areas are not recommended. Feed 15’ extension cable
through one of the two cable access holes. NOTE: Solar Star label
on solar panel should be oriented towards the peak of the roof.
Step 2: Using the four (4), 2” (51mm) screws provided, secure
the solar panel to roof through the four pre-drilled holes in mounting
plate. Coat screws with sealant (not provided). Route 15’ (4.5m)
power cable to either Solar Star Roof Mount Vent or Solar Star
Conversion Fan.
Step 1-2
Install at your own risk!
Step 1: Align and mark the four corners of the solar panel with
the peaks of the curved tile.
Step 2: Drill four (4) holes in the tile using a 1/4” masonry bit
and insert the four anchors.
• Installation requires climbing and working at dangerous heights,
including on ladders, scaffolding, roofs and in attic spaces.
Risk of death, personal injury and property damage may result
from a fall, or from falling objects. Use extreme caution to
minimize risk of accidental injury, including, but not limited to
the following procedures:
Step 1-2
Step 3: Secure the solar panel to the tile roof using the four (4)
2” screws provided. Insert two (2) 1” spacers on the down slope
portion of the panel if needed.
• Avoid working on surfaces that are slippery or wet.
• Use foot-wear with excellent traction.
• Use only strong, well supported ladders.
(Note: Use the same procedure for flat tile applications)
Connecting Terminals to Solar Star Conversion Fan Motor
Step 3A: Connect Add-on Panel power cable terminal to motor
terminals in fan. Connect black wire to black terminal, and red wire
to red terminal.
• Work only in calm dry weather.
Step 3
Power cable terminals
• To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury; basic
safety precautions should always be followed when using electric
tools, including always wearing safety goggles or other suitable eye
protection, and ensuring work area is clear of all electrical wires, gas
pipes, water pipes, and other obstacles.
Connecting Terminals to Roof Mount Vent Motor
Step 3B-3C: Cover built-in solar panel on roof mount vent
with an opaque material or blanket in order to cease unit’s operation.
Using a power drill or Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four
(4) mounting screws (three (3) with pitched flashing). Pull Roof
Mount Vent from flashing. Remove fan blade from underside of
Roof Mount Vent. Pull straight up on fan hub until fan blade is free
from motor shaft. Feed extension cable from Add-on Solar Panel
through the grill of the Solar Star Roof Mount Vent.
Step 3D-3E: Disconnecting one lead wire from motor terminal
at a time, connect in its place the same colored wire from the add-on
panel, until both red and black wires from the solar panel and motor
terminals are reconnected. NOTE: RED wires connect to RED terminals
only, and BLACK wires connect only to BLACK terminals. Repeat
above steps as necessary for additional solar panel connections.
• When in an attic, ensure that your weight is supported at all times
with structurally sound framing; dry wall material is not designed to
carry a person’s weight.
Motor terminals
Back of Motor
Step 3A
Use power drill or screwdriver to
remove mounting screws
• When working in an attic, use of a mask or respirator is
recommended to avoid lung irritation. Attic spaces may be dark,
confined, and subject to extreme temperatures. Beware of sharp
protruding objects. Do not attempt installation without having
someone within range of your voice or close enough to come to
your aid if necessary.
Step 3B
Step 4: Secure loose wires away from fan blade with zip ties
(provided) so as not to interfere with fan blade operation. Replace
fan blade to motor shaft, lining notch in fan hub with motor shaft.
Re-insert mounting screws and secure Roof Mount Vent to flashing.
Add-On Panel
Roof Mount
Panel Wires
Motor Terminals
Fan Hub
Roof Mount
Panel Wires
Step 3D
Motor Terminals
Step 3C
Solatube International, Inc. © Copyright 2007 2210 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081-8341
Step 3E
www.solatube.com Part No. 951725
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