datasheet for EVT2 by Comark Instruments

datasheet for EVT2 by Comark Instruments
Comark EVt2
Multi-Use Transport Logger
Keeping temperature sensitive products, materials
and ingredients within required temperature limits is
vital. Customers demand it, consumers rely on it and
regulations insist on it - but how to prove it?
Comark EVt temperature logger is robust, low cost and easy to use and
provides a highly eficient method of logging over any distance to check
that goods are kept at optimum temperatures.
Using Comark EV software, EVt loggers can be programmed to record
the temperature at various stages of a journey, and the results later
downloaded to a PC for immediate analysis and storage of permanent
• Certiied to meet Transport Standard EN 12830:1999
EVt2 is the perfect choice for cold chain applications
• Water and dustproof sealed to IP67 standards for long life expectancy
and accuracy
• Large memory capacity with 3000 memory capacity
• LED screen allows instant local checks on current readings
and alarms
• Alarm indication lights instantly warn of potentially unsafe conditions
allowing instant corrective actions
• Flexible logging frequency from 1 second to 99 hours
• Ideal for HACCP and other quality systems
• Professional Version of software aids 21CFR Part 11 Compliance
• EVCRU Interface required to download data to a PC
Comark uses BioCote®, the only antimicrobial solution to be awarded HACCP
International Certiication, to provide an important extra level of defence against
Comark is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of electronic
measurement instruments for temperature, humidity and pressure.
Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range
-30°C to +70°C, -22°F to +158°F
°C and °F
Displayed Resolution
System Accuracy at
+23°C Thermistor
±0.5°C / ±0.9°F
Single internal sensor only
3000 samples
Via infra-red interface
Logging Start/Stop/LCD
Single multi-function button operation
Logging Frequency
Programmable between 1 second and
99 hours
Internal Sensor Response Time
T90 = 15 to 30 minutes in ambient air
Ambient Storage
As measurment range
Environmental Protection
IP65 BS EN 60529 IEC529
Battery Type
Non-replacable 1/2 AA Lithium
Battery Life, based on 15 min log
rate at +20°C / +68°F with alarms off
24 months
Case Material
Food Safe polycarbonate
88mm L x 80mm W x 35mm D
77g/2.73 oz
EVt Display
LCD display shows all essential information before,during and
after logging. Automatic scroll function,available after logging
has ended, enables the following data to be seen. Ideal for
decision making before downloading or where this is not
A. Maximum logged temperature
B. Minimum logged temperature
C. Average logged temperature
D. Cumulative time logged temperature
are in programmed high alarm zone
All Comark instruments have a minimum one year warranty unless otherwise
stated. The warranty period for temperature probes is for six months and all other
probes and electrodes are unwarranted because the conditions of use are beyond
our control. The Comark warranty covers manufacturing defects and component
failures on all products returned to Comark premises and applies worldwide. The
warranty does not affect your statutory rights. In line with our policy of continuous
development we reserve the right to alter any product speciications without
notice. All products are covered by our Quality Management System which is
compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacture, supply, service,
repair and recalibration of electronic measuring instruments and equipment.
Selected Comark thermometers, probes and data loggers have BioCote’s silver
techology incorporated into instrument cases and probe handles at the time of
manufacture. The antimicrobial inish inhibits the growth of bacteria, reducing
the risk of cross-contamination and infection in the environment. BioCote®
has been oficially recognised for its beneits within the food industry with
HACCP International Certiication. HACCP International Certiication supports
organisations that demonstrate food safety excellence in non-food products that
are designed for, or are commonly used in, the food industry. BioCote® is the only
antimicrobial solution to be awarded HACCP International Certiication.
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E. Cumulative time logged temperature
are in programmed low alarm zone
EV Software
There are two variants of the proven software
package for programming, data retrieval and data
EV Software - General Use Version
• Quick program function
• Extensive data presentation options in tabular
and graphical form
• Selectable high and low alarm levels
• Selectable logging interval
EV Pro - Professional Version
Speciication as general use version plus:
• Enhanced security options to aid compliance
with 21CFR Part 11 requirements
• Additional data analysis including mean kinetic
temperature and pasteurisation values.
C206/2/EN © Comark Instruments
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