Profile Series
Behind The Grille
The best-looking line of speakers we’ve ever created. There’s no bezel
and no visible mounting flange, all you see is a grille.
The Profile Series is produced with the same award winning technology
found in all SpeakerCraft loudspeaker products.
• Available in Our Most Popular Models
• Flangless Appearance
• Powerful Neodymium Magnets Hold Grille Securely In Place
• Optional Square Grille For All In-Ceiling Models
• AIM Technology Pivoting Woofers & Tweeters (Select Models)
• AccuGrille (Select Models)
• Adjustable Bass & Treble Switches (Select Models)
• WavePlane Controlled Dispersion Technology (Select Models)
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Kevlar & Aluminum Cone Woofers
• Magnesium/Aluminum Dome Tweeters
• Machined Aluminum Voice Coil Heat Sink
• Stainless Steel Hardware
• Gold Plated Quick Connect Terminals
• One Piece Stamped Steel Woofer Baskets
• Custom Built Crossover Networks
• Power Handling Up To 150 Watts
• Frequency Response As Low As 33Hz
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U.S. Patent No. D419,561 & 6,101,262
U.S. Patent No. 7,522,742 B2
LIT99902 rev1
sound is what our customers have
come to expect from SpeakerCraft, and it’s what they’ll get when they choose
the Profile line. It should come as no surprise that Profile speakers sound
every bit as good as SpeakerCraft’s other speakers, because they
are SpeakerCraft’s other speakers. The sleek Profile magnetic
grille is now an option on many of our in-ceiling and in-wall
is the best-looking line of speakers we’ve ever created. Really, Profile
models, including such award winning designs as the AIM8
is the least-looking line of speakers we’ve ever created. They barely even look like speakers.
in-ceiling and the AIM LCR in-wall. Nothing changes but
They look more like shadows—and that’s if you notice them at all, which no one probably will
the grille. The sound is exactly the same.
unless they’re just insatiably curious about where all that great sound is coming from.
AIM Series in-ceiling speakers were the first to
There’s no bezel and no visible mounting flange. All you see is a grille, which can be painted to
feature an aimable woofer/tweeter module that
match the wall or ceiling. It’s the cleanest speaker installation you ever saw—or didn’t see.
aims the sound in any direction you choose. No
longer are you bound by the design of your room.
The Profile concept is available in numerous SpeakerCraft products. It’s perfect for any place
Just mount the speakers wherever it’s convenient
you want great sound but don’t want visible speakers—in other words, for any room of any
and point them wherever you want sound. Profile
house in the world.
grilles are available in AIM8, AIM7 and AIM5
CRS Series speakers deliver spectacular
SpeakerCraft sound using the best-quality parts,
the most meticulous engineering and proprietary
technologies such as our WavePlane tweeter baffle for
a broader, bigger sound. Profile grilles are an option on
the CRS8 and CRS6 models—and even on the CRS3, our
tiniest and most discreet in-ceiling speaker.
AIM LCR speakers deliver powerful, compelling home theater
sound in slim, easy-to-mount in-wall models. The front baffles tilt so you
can aim the sound exactly where you want it.
GRILLE OPTIONS are available for all Profile in-ceiling speakers.
You can choose a square grille over the standard round grille if you want
to match lighting, vent or other pre-existing fixtures in your home.
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