Solar Street light column

Solar Street light column
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The Green Column
A 21st Century lighting concept!
The Green Column is an environmentally friendly, cost saving
solution to provide amenity lighting at remote sites. Locations
previously considered too far from the grid but require lighting
can now be considered for a Green Column.
The wind and solar powered solution delivers free, renewable energy
which is stored in a battery ready to be consumed when darkness falls.
High output LEDs and efficient internal reflector minimises unwanted
light pollution. Green Columns are already in use all over the UK on
footpaths, playgrounds and car parks.
It’s environmentally friendly!
Green Column’s produce their own power so there’s no
on-going use of fossil-fuels
Installation has very minimal environmental impact as only a
small bored hole is normally necessary
It’s cost effective!
♦ When you install a Green
Column there’s no need to
dig trenches for underground
cables as it is totally
independent of the grid
♦ By generating its own power
from the wind and sun there
will be no grid connection
charges, no on-going energy
or standing charges
♦ Installation is quick and easy
by your own contractor or
ask Marlec for a quotation
Versatile in applications
The Green Column has proved the ideal lighting solution for:
♦ Discreet lighting in
♦ Footpaths in parks
conservation areas
♦ Car parks
♦ Countryside roads
♦ Bus shelters
♦ Play areas
♦ Harbour-side lighting
Industrial buildings
Remote homes
Green Columns are adaptable to other applications such as shorebased navigation lighting, road sign
illumination, CCTV cameras and others. Area or path lighting models are available with different light spread
SB-180 Issue E 15.05.08
Established products
Marlec has been manufacturing micro wind turbines since 1979 and
products are installed worldwide in some of the harshest weather
conditions. The Green Column kit uses our own proven Rutland wind
turbines and photovoltaic panels from BP Solar, our solar panel
partners for over 15 years.
The storage battery is a long life sealed battery that requires no
maintenance and the whole electrical connection comes together at
our purpose designed programmable power controller. The columns
are manufactured to our specification by Abacus Lighting, one the
UK’s most reputable street lighting suppliers.
Getting Up and Running
From the Sahara to the Antarctic,
Rutland Windchargers are used
When considering your location for a Green Column, site conditions
which may affect the performance of the system should be taken into
account. Nearby buildings, trees and other obstructions will cause
turbulence to the turbine and shading to the solar panel, the latter
should be South facing in the UK. Performance of the system can be
enhanced by adjusting the settings of the controller, eg reduce the
number of hours of operation when light is not required late at night.
Contact Marlec for further advice and to discuss the proposed location
One of 5 Green Columns installed
at the Olympic bid site in 2005.
We offer an installation & commissioning service.
Please ask Marlec’s sales team for a quotation.
Installation can also be effected by a building or
electrical contractor with appropriate experience
of installing street lamps. The system is supplied
with a complete wiring harness for simple
connection but we recommend commissioning
be undertaken by an electrician for adjustment
of the controller electronic light sensors and timer.
The controller is supplied with standard light level
and timer settings adjustable by the user.
Left & above:
Marlec’s purpose designed raise and lower column
makes installation and maintenance safe at ground
level and avoids the cost of platforms
Each system is individually tested and incorporates the following components and features:
Rutland 913 Windcharger
Our world renowned quiet, compact and efficient windcharger of less than 1m in diameter. Charging starts
at just 2.5m/s (5mph) so a gentle breeze is all that is required to deliver power.
Solar Panels
Each system is supplied with a 30W peak power rated BP Solar photovoltaic panel as standard and other
sizes are available to order. The solar panel complements the windcharger delivering power throughout
the summer and into icy cold winter days.
Energy Efficient LED Technology
The lamp utilises the latest high output Luxeon LEDs built into the purpose built housing. The lens is
manufactured from high impact materials and the optics are designed to minimise upward light pollution
thereby maximising the performance and light towards the ground. The lamp is activated by the
controller’s light level and timer settings, these are adjustable by the user.
A high quality sealed battery is used to deliver power over a long life. The maintenance free battery
provides energy storage for back up power over periods of low wind & solar power generation. The
reserve is determined by usage but typically 4/5 days in wintertime and up to 10 days in summertime.
The controller interconnects all the components of the system and features voltage regulation to prevent
over charge and deep discharge protection for the battery. Built-in programmable controls allow the user
to manage the hours of illumination thereby minimising power consumption and conserving power. A
wind and solar power shutdown switch is included along with LCD display for operating status and
conditions. Supplied with preset factory levels which are restorable.
Raise and Lower Type Column
The purpose designed 8m column raises and lowers for ease of installation and inspection using a
hydraulic counterbalance unit available to hire or purchase. The tower is manufactured to BS5649 and is
finished galvanised to ISO1461. Paint finishes are available to order, please ask our sales team for a
Control Gear Housing
Finished to the same standards as the column this houses the battery and controller conveniently at
ground level and the door secures with security keys provided.
Optional Features to Order:
Green Columns are supplied galvanised as standard. RAL colours are available at cost.
Passive Infra Red (PIR) activated lanterns are available to reduce power consumption
A furling model windcharger is available in place of the Rutland 913 for installations at very
exposed locations. Please discuss the intended locations with Marlec before ordering if in doubt.
A vandal protective cover for the Solar Panel is available at cost.
Anti-climb spike bracket available to order.
Owing to continuous product improvements specifications may be subject to change without notice.
Please call Marlec to discuss any proposed applications.
Designed & Manufactured in the UK by:
Marlec Engineering Company Ltd
Rutland House, Trevithick Road, Corby, Northants NN17 5XY
Tel:+44 (0)1536 201588 Fax: +44 (0)1536 400211
Email: [email protected]
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