Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Capsule Features:

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Capsule Features:
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Capsule
• VCI stands for “volatile corrosion inhibitor”.
• In brief, the VCI method functions such that the VCI capsule slowly emits a vapour and adheres to metal
surfaces, interrupting the electro-chemical action, commonly referred to as corrosion.
• The condensed VCI molecules prevent corrosion, or reduce it to a minimum on iron, steel, copper, brass
and aluminium.
Zerust capsules works as follows:
• When one or more capsules are placed within an enclosure, the vapours are dispersed to all the
accessible surfaces by convection.
• Then provide the protection described.
• Two complete air changes a day are allowed for in the useful life times.
• In addition to capsules a range of tube strips are available.
Protective Radius
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