EJ-R Audio on Telephone Device

EJ-R Audio on Telephone Device
EJ-R Audio on Telephone Device
The EJ-R is an audio on telephone device designed for injecting line level audio on to a
telephone line. It can be used for broadcasting the audio from a distant meeting to any
number of locations via the telephone system. Once an audio signal is on the telephone
line, the signal can be retrieved from the telephone line by using either an EJ-10, TTAIB,
or EJ-T. The EJ-R is an passive device, so it requires no power source. It is quick to setup, and will make broadcasting audio over a distance easy, and affordable.
Basic Instructions:
On the left side of the EJ-R enclosure are two modular RJ-6 connectors and one ¼”
phone jack connector. Disconnect the handset cord from the base of your telephone. Replug the end of the handset cord into the RJ-6 jack marked HANDSET. Using the RJ-6
cord set provided with the EJ-R, establish a connection between the base of the phone
(where you disconnected the handset) and the RJ-6 jack marked BASE.
When the EJ-R is connected to the phone via the handset, either pick-up the handset and
dial the receiving party or the receiving party can dial the phone that is set-up with the
EJ-R. Once a line connection is made, connect the line level audio signal that is being
injected on to the telephone system to the EJ-R via the ¼” phone jack. Finally, place the
handset down without hanging up the line, and slide the switch on the top of the EJ-R to
the seize or mute position. This switch will mute the handset microphone so no ambient
noise will be sent over the line with the intended audio signal.
EJ-R Cables: The EJ-R does not come with any standard cables for the line level input,
because there can be many different connectors used for line input. Standard audio
cables are readily available via consumer electronics stores. Emtech does have the
following cables available for purchase16-131
¼” Stereo Male – 3.5mm Stereo Male (3 ft.)
¼” Stereo Male – Dual RCA Males (5 ft.)
¼” Stereo Male – ¼” Stereo Male (3.5 ft.)
EJ-R Specifications:
Inputs – RJ-6 Modular Telephone Jacks & ¼” Stereo Phone Jack
Input Signal to telephone– Transformer balanced line level
Frequency Response – 20Hz to 20kHz
Enclosure – Steel case with black powder coat finish
Dimensions – 3.75”L X 2.5”W X 1.25”H
Weight – 8 oz.
Emtech Electronics, Inc. warrants the Model EJ-R for a period of two years, from the
original date of purchase, against defects in parts and workmanship. If a defect occurs,
the unit will be repaired or replaced, at our option, free of all charges if delivered prepaid
to the factory. Warranty does not extend to finish, appearance, abuse or defects due to
the misuse or operation under other than specified conditions, nor does it extend to
incidental or consequential damages. Repair by anyone other than Emtech will void the
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