Vehicle DVR
Auto black box is a security system to install inside the car to get
prepared for traffic accident, taxi rubbery, and stolen/damage of
It senses shock automatically by gyro-sensor, and images for
before and after 30 seconds based on shock time will be recorded
automatically together with separate event record, and so you can
utilize these as perfect evidence for accident. It is a state-of-the-art
electric part product applying our industrial DVR technology and
power supply control technology and sensor technology.
High Definition Video (wide picture angle and high-definition lens)
Recording the resolution of 1280X1024 is available by applying a high performance of 1.3M CMOS.
Clear video recording of the incidents by providing high definition video.
Using its own LCD
With 2.4" LCD mounted, the definite installation of the product and on-site verification is also available. The
real-time live video and stored images can be confirmed by LCD immediately on site.
Changing a variety of settings is available through the menu by LCD.
Data base
Even though the file system is broken in the worst case, the image can be recovered due to the direct control
of the file system. Direct control of the SD Card's FAT32(processing the number of using the whole memory
averagely). In case of using as a file form, it uses the area of memory's Root directory extremely lot(reducing
the causes of the SD Card errors).
Multi function
The function of recording any time during the self retrieving, providing the simultaneous event recording
function. When an incident occurs, it saves the details of the instant situation of the moment when the
impact occurs instantaneously to guarantee the data for the later analysis of the cause of the accident.
Exclusive Viewer
The stored video images and the event video images can be played. Supporting the linkage with Daum and
Google maps. Output of the saved G-Sensor information in a graph is available.
The video and audio information of the desired time zone can be saves by AVI.
Built-in GPS and G-Sensor
It detects even a subtle vibration automatically by playing the built-in GPS and G-Sensor at the same time
when an incident occurs while driving a vehicle(analyzing such data values as speed, coordinates, impulse),
and saves the information of the location, speed, time, and driving status, etc. of the moment of the accident
in detail.
Voice recording function
The built-in condenser microphone records the sound inside and outside of the vehicle (setting whether to
record or not is available).
Recording resolution
Recording format
Storing device
Built-in clock(RTC)
Shut off
Rated voltage
H.264 codec
Continuous recording.
Event information recording
Emergency button (1 frame per second after accident).
G.711 PCM compression
External GPS (Option)
Built-in 3-axis G-sensor
Supporting 2GB SD, SDHC (supporting up to 2G~32G).
Operation International RTC before receiving GPS signal,
Reference GPS time setting after receiving GPS signal
Data saving with safe mode status
Playback, Analysis of G-sensor, Linkage with Google map
7V~28V DC
LCD(TFT 2.4 inch) Exclusive viewer
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