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Indoor Stand-Alone Power Conditioner
for Photovoltaic Power Generation
Fuji Electric is developing power conditioners (PCSs) for large-scale photovoltaic power plants (mega solar plants) whose Japanese
market is expanding, and expanding its sales
in the market.
The maximum direct current inlet voltage
of this indoor stand-alone PCS for photovoltaic
power generation “PVI1000-3/660” is 1,000 V,
and the capacity of a single unit is 660 kW.
With a three-level insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module, it has achieved a maximum efficiency of 98.4%.
The main features are as follows:
(1) With the enhanced efficiency of PCSs, the
unit size is the same as conventional systems with a capacity of 500 kW.
(2) Three units of this PCS can comprise a power plant with a capacity of less than 2 MW,
which is exempt from rating as an extrahigh voltage interconnection facility, and
can reduce the cost for power distribution
wiring work, etc.
(3) Even when the output load power factor is
set at 0.8, this system can ensure an output
of 500 kW or more.
Cloud Type MEMS for Smart
Remote meter and energy analysis
support service for high-voltage
batch power reception business
operators of apartments
MEMS cloud-based
service center
Service that enables the
visualization of energy in homes
for apartment residents
Air condiHEMS
High tioning
control- Smart
Common areas
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Private areas
We have completed the development of a
cloud-based apartment building energy management system (MEMS) that meets the
requirement functions of the Ministry of
Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Promotion
Project for the Accelerated Introduction of
Smart Apartments.”
This system proposes a service that enables the visualization of energy in homes for
apartment residents, as well as provides remote meter and energy analysis support service for high-voltage batch power reception business operators of apartments. The apartment
residents can use Web services to view the energy use situations in their homes respectively
using a variety of devices such as smartphones,
tablets, and personal computers based on the
collected electricity, gas and water usage data
in private and common areas of the apartment
through a smart meter and home energy management system (HEMS) controller.
Furthermore, in the future we plan to offer
a remote control function for home appliances
in conformity with the ECHONET Lite standards for apartment residents.
Existing system
Remote monitoring
and operation
Ethernet (1 Gbits/s)
of HCI)
(100 Mbits/s,
1 Gbits/s)
Ver. 3
SX bus
E-SX bus
E-SX (I/O)
Small- and Medium-Scale Monitoring
and Control System
Fuji Electric has developed the new smaland medium-scale monitoring and control system “MICREX-VieW XX,” which integrates
instrumentation and control with electrical
control. This system combines the highly reliable technology based on our extensive track
record of delivery of monitoring control systems
with the high-speed and high-precision control
technology cultivated in the factory automation
field. The system maintains compatibility with
existing systems and provides advanced operation functions and engineering functions.
The main features are as follows:
(1) High operability via an innovative human
communication interface (HCI) architecture
(2) High scalability and highly-efficient engineering via a TAG/variable database that
integrates the whole system
(3) Highly reliable system capable of duplicating individual component such as the controller, network, I/O and HCI
(4) It supports inheritance with the equipment
assets and software assets of customers
through high compatibility with existing
Energy-Saving Hybrid Air Conditioner
Utilizing Indirect Outside Air
In recent years, the heat generated by data
centers has dramatically increased due to the
high performance and high density of servers.
Therefore, in an effort to save energy, outside
air cooling systems have been progressing as
systems that use the natural energy of cool
outside air. Fuji Electric has developed the
“F-COOL NEO” indirect outside type air conditioner that only utilizes cool outside air cold
energy through a heat exchanger without incorporating any outside air directly.
The main features are as follows:
(1) Energy saving operation is possible at a
rated cooling capacity (40 kW) throughout
the year by combining the operation of an
outside air conditioner and built-in refrigeration unit, and as a result, yearly power
consumption has been reduced to one-third
of that of general air conditioning systems.
(2) Indirect outside air usage is less susceptible
to moisture, dusts such as PM2.5 and corrosive substances contained in outside air.
(3) Power supply is the only required utility.
No cooling water or cold water is required.
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Japanese Top Runner Standard
Compliant MOLTRA “FM-T14”
Against the background of measures to
prevent global warming, the second-order Top
Runner Standards have been introduced starting from FY2014 for cast resin transformers
as specified equipment under the “Act on the
Rational Use of Energy” (Energy Conservation
Act). Fuji Electric has taken the lead in meeting these requirements by offering a full lineup
in its Top Runner MOLTRA 2014 “FM-T14” in
June 2013.
The unit was designed to provide reductions in power consumption and energy savings by widely improving the energy consumption efficiency (40 % reduction compared with
conventional products) through techniques
such as optimizing the winding design and
adopting magnetic domain control material
for the iron core. This has enabled us to suppress CO2 emissions and electricity costs. The
winding structures carries on the tradition of
conventional products by employing a vacuum
cast molding technology and sheet winding,
while also ensuring high insulation reliability. Furthermore, users find this product easy
to use and it was designed with consideration
given to replacement, by means of greatly improving earthquake resistance, reducing noise
(−10 dB compared with conventional products)
and having the same floor area dimensions as
first-order standard products.
General-Purpose Inverter
“FRENIC-Ace Series”
Remote touch panel with USB
Logic design with PC
Operation examples (Traverse motion
device of spinning machinery)
Download of
Configured logic
Motion pattern example
[X1] OFF
[Y1] OFF
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Fuji Electric has developed the generalpurpose inverter “FRENIC-Ace Series” which
features the customizable logic function for
factory equipment and motor drives such as
process machinery.
The main features are as follows:
(1) Capacity series
3-phase 200 V class: 0.4 to 22 kW
3-phase 400 V class: 0.4 to 220 kW
(2) Customizable logic function
Number of program steps: 200 steps
Number of program commands: 55 commands
Programming method: Dedicated visual
programming tool
Application examples: Wire drawing
machine, Hoist crane, Traverse motion
device of spinning machinery
Stack-Type Inverter
“FRENIC-VG Series” (690 V Series)
In recent years, large-scale facilities and
equipment such as steel plants and floating
cranes have come to require inverters with
large capacity, fast response and high accuracy. At the same time, easier maintenance for
installation and replacement as well as smaller footprints is required. In FY2012, in order
to meet these needs, we launched the stacktype 400 V series as part of the “FRENIC-VG
Series” lineup that provides the best performance in the industry.
The 690 V series, which is advantageous to
achieve larger capacity, was added to the stacktype lineup this time to expand the Series.
The main features are as follows:
(1) It adopted a hybrid module with SiC-SBD
and Si-IGBT by using silicon carbide (SiC)
to reduce the size and expand the capacity
of a single unit (450 kW max).
(2) The width of the stack is unified to 220 mm
to make a thin structure.
(3) It has achieved large capacity by using direct parallel connection.
Large-Capacity UPS “7000HX-T4”
For backup power supplies in data centers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with
high reliability and high efficiency are required.
This time, we have developed “7000HX-T4” as
a large-capacity UPS for overseas. This UPS
utilizes the three-level power conversion method with reverse-blocking insulated gate bipolar
transistor (RB-IGBT) that is distinctive to Fuji
Electric to improve efficiency. It adopts continuous inverter supply that is compatible with
the 3-phase, 4-wire type of 400 V power supply
that is the mainstream in various places in the
world including Asia.
The main features are as follows:
(1) It achieves the world’s highest equipment efficiency level of 96.5% and helps reduce the
power consumption and the running cost,
including air conditioners.
(2) Its footprint is over 30 % smaller than conventional products and it helps increase the
space available for installing servers.
(3) The output capacity of a single unit is
500 kVA/450 kW and up to 8 units can be
connected in parallel for a large capacity
(4,000 kVA).
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches
(φ22 and φ30)
Fuji Electric has brought emergency stop
pushbutton switches to the market that can be
installed in either φ22 or φ30 mounting hole
on a panel. To respond to a growing market
need for safety in recent years, we have developed a new series having “Synchro Safe
Contact” and expanded the lineup.
The main features are as follows:
(1) Structure enabling to attach or detach operator and contact block
When the contact block is detached from
the operator, the NC contact opens with a proprietary mechanism and it switches to safe
mode. There can be up to six contacts: up to
four for NC contacts and up to two for NO contacts.
(2) Obtained overseas safety standard certificates:
CCC (GB14048-5)
IEC (EN60947-5-1, EN60947-5-5)
C-UL (UL508, CSA C22.2)
The 2nd-Generation LLC Current
Resonant Control IC “FA6A00N Series”
For switching power supplies used in medium-capacity electronics equipment with a power consumption of around 100 to 500 W, LLC
current resonant circuits are attracting attention because they are advantageous in terms
of efficiency improvement, noise reduction and
profile lowering.
Fuji Electric commercialized a 1 st-generation LLC current resonant control IC
“FA5760N” that prevents a switching shootthrough phenomenon which is a disadvantage
of LLC current resonant circuits and that has
achieved lower standby power. Now we have
developed the 2nd-generation LLC current resonant control IC “FA6A00N Series” that will
further improve the device’s properties, offer
more sufficient protection functions and provide higher quality.
The main features are as follows:
(1) Built-in 600 V withstand voltage start-up
device and 630 V withstand voltage driver
(2) Low power dissipation burst control for further reduction of standby power
(3) Primary side over-load protection function
using auxiliary winding voltage
(4) Over-current protection with enhanced design flexibility
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Starting Mass Production of SiC-SBD
Chips in 6-inch Manufacturing Line
In recent years, silicon carbide (SiC) has
come to raise expectations as the next-generation semiconductor material. SiC-Schottky
barrier diode (SiC-SBD), in particular, has
characteristics including an ability to greatly
reduce switching loss compared with Si diode,
and has already been put to practical use. Fuji
Electric has commercialized hybrid modules
combining 600 V- or 1,200 V-class SiC-SBD
and Si-insulated gate bipolar transistor (SiIGBT).
To cope with the trend of larger-diameter
SiC wafers, Fuji Electric has built a 6-inch
manufacturing line and started the mass production and supply of SiC-SBD chips. In this
product, we could achieve a Schottky barrier
junction of stable quality by optimizing the
manufacturing conditions, and succeeded in
reducing the reverse-recovery loss by about
70 % while maintaining a forward loss that was
almost the same as the conventional Si diode.
Vending Machines with IEC Standard
Compliant Glass Front “Twistar”
As the consumer markets continue to grow
in Asian countries, the market for vending machines is expected to see a steady expansion in
line with rising beverage unit prices and the
increase in consumers’ disposable income.
Given this, we have developed a vending
machine with IEC-standard-compliant glass
front “Twistar,” ready for overseas production
and local specification.
The main features are as follows:
(1) The control unit adopts a specialized currency multi-interface added to the basic features, compatible with the currencies of 10
ASEAN countries.
(2) A single piece of software can handle the
communication specifications of VTS and
(3) Two vending mechanisms have been developed: the twist type which is adaptable to
diverse beverage container forms, and the
screw type, which is able to handle packed
snacks and small food items.
The vending mechanisms can be replaced
easily on site, enabling sales of a diverse
range of products appropriate to the location.
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Next-Generation Cold Storage
Container “D-BOX”
It is a significant challenge for the food
and beverage distribution business to maintain
product quality throughout the supply chain.
Fuji Electric has developed the next-generation cold storage container “D-BOX,” which
can highly control thermal energy and the internal temperature, throughout the logistical
stages to maintain freshness in food and beverage distribution.
The main features are as follows:
(1) The unique cooling unit can conduct rapid refrigeration and enables complete cold
storage in a short period (3hours).
(2) The high-efficiency insulation technology
used in vending machines enable chilled
storage for a long period (5hours) without
power supply.
(3) The data on internal temperature and unit
door open/close operation during transit can
be recorded.
Steam Generating Heat Pump System
Utilizing Waste Heat from Factories
Hot water below 100°C sent to drain from
factories has been regarded as low-grade thermal energy and has not been reutilized so far.
Fuji Electric has developed a steam generating heat pump system that recovers waste heat
from hot water and deliver steam as useful
heat. Field test of this system is taking place at
the Mie factory.
The main features are as follows:
(1) The coefficient of performance (COP) 4.0,
which is the industry-leading level of performance, has been achieved through applying the refrigerating cycle technology
nurtured in the development of vending machines.
(2) Saturated steam of 120°C is generated from
the waste heat source-hot water of 60°C to
(3) This is a small-capacity system that can
be installed in various locations close to a
steam utilization facility. It reduces the
heat loss from long distance piping to improve energy-saving properties.
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
Aerosol Multi-Analysis Technology
Fuji Electric is working on the research
and development of an aerosol multi-analysis
instrument capable of component analysis of
particulate matter (aerosol). This analysis
instrument is intended for measuring PM 2.5
(aerosol with a particle diameter of 2.5 μm or
less) which is suspected of having an impact
on health. By combining optical measurement
techniques and mass spectrometric analysis, it
can simultaneously measure the mass concentration of PM 2.5 and of some main components
such as black carbon or sulfate. The component
analysis which took 8 to 12 hours by manual
work can now be conducted in real time. We
have completed the development of elemental
technologies so far and are working toward
putting them to practical use in FY2015.
The development of elemental technologies was a joint work with the University of
Tokyo and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth
Science and Technology on consignment from
the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.60 no.2 2014
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