the 2nd-3rd Gear Start Troubleshooting (1994

the 2nd-3rd Gear Start Troubleshooting (1994
1994-2004 Dodge Ram Diagnostic
2nd or 3rd gear starts on Dodge Transmissions
First: Are codes present (NOTE:
If No:
1) Check governor pressure with a mechanical pressure gauge, there should be no pressure
in the governor port when at a stop in drive.
A) If you DO HAVE governor pressure at a stop then replace the governor pressure
B) If you DO NOT have governor pressure at a stop replace the transducer
IF Yes: What code is present
Code: P1762 = Governor pressure sensor offset voltage low or high
1) Check for a resistor installed in one of the power or ground lines (Pin 31 Orange)(Pin 29
Green/White) very important to look at the wires and connector closely for any tampering,
extremely easy to over look. This resistor can be in placed anywhere in the 5 volt supply
or return line.
2) Open circuit to or from governor pressure transducer
3) Bad governor pressure transducer
4) Bad governor pressure solenoid
NOTE: Recommend replacing transducer and solenoid if going into pan
Code: P1763 = Governor pressure sensor voltage to high
1) Install (VBA) Valve Body Assistant into correct wire
Code: P1764 = Governor pressure sensor voltage to low
1) Replace Transducer
Code: P1765 = Trans 12-volt supply relay control circuit
1) Check for transmission relay in engine control fuse block, be sure the relay is installed and
not jumped with a jumper wire. This is a common (hot wire fix) with many after market
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