NYSED Online Guidelines and Instructions

NYSED Online Guidelines and Instructions
Responding to the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Online Training Guidelines and Instructions
Thank you for your interest in the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities’ (CARD-Albany) training
entitled Responding to the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This training is meant to
satisfy the 3- hour training requirement for special education teachers and administrators seeking certification
through the New York State Education Department. Please read the following guidelines carefully, and contact
the Center for Autism if you have any questions.
1) In order to register for this course, you must complete the registration form and send it to CARDAlbany with payment. Registration and payment can be completed online through our website and
PayPal or you can download a copy of the registration form and send it with payment via fax or
2) Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with login information and a link
to the main web page for the course. PLEASE NOTE 48 BUSINESS HOURS ARE REQUIRED
TO PROCESS REGISTRATIONS. We do not issue refunds to any registrant who has
accessed any portion of the video webinar and/or quiz.
3) In order to view and complete this training online, your computer must meet some basic
specifications. Those specifications are:
a. “Reasonably” current PC. A rule of thumb is Pentium 4 or newer including the dual core
processors for both Intel and AMD platforms with 512 MB of RAM
b. Reliable bandwidth. Cable or DSL should be considered. Dial-up is not recommended
Sound card and speakers
c. One of the following Operating Systems:
i. Microsoft Vista (32 bit version), Microsoft Windows XP (with service pack 3) or
Microsoft Windows 2000
ii. Macintosh OS V10.5 with Safari V2 or Firefox V2
d. Permission from your IT administrator to view the streams if viewing from behind your
company/school/organization firewall. They should be notified prior to the day of viewing to
efficiently view the stream
4) Your login information will remain active for 1 month from the date of issue. You WILL NOT
be issued a refund if you fail to complete the course within this time frame, so please ensure that you
have adequate time to complete all training requirements before registering.
5) Once your registration is processed you will receive a link to the video via email.
6) You will also receive a separate email containing the link, a username, and password to take the
course quiz on Classmarker.com. Please check your SPAM folder the day you receive registration
confirmation to avoid missing this important email.
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities • University at Albany
College of Arts and Sciences • Department of Psychology
1535 Western Avenue •Albany, NY 12203
7) You do not need to complete it all at one time, however you must view the entire video and pass the
quiz at the end in order to receive your official certificate of completion. The training consists of a
Power Point presentation with video. The PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the video will
be provided upon request.
8) As you view the course, a number of codes will appear at different times during the broadcast.
These codes consist of a series of letters and numbers. You are required to write down these codes as
they appear on the lower third of your screen. You will need to successfully enter them into the
quiz at the end of the training in order to pass the course and receive your official certificate of
9) At the end of the course, you will be directed to complete a short, multiple-choice quiz which can be
found on the website www.classmarker.com. You are required to pass this quiz with an 85%. You
will have 3 chances to pass the quiz. If you do not pass on your first 2 tries, you are encouraged to
review the video before retaking the quiz. If you do not pass the quiz on your 3rd try, you will be
required to re-register for the entire course, and pay an additional registration fee. One of the quiz
questions will require you to enter in all the codes shown in the video presentation. You MUST
enter all the codes correctly in order to pass the quiz.
10) Once you have successfully completed all course requirements, CARD-Albany will automatically be
notified through the system. We will email you a copy of your official certificate of completion
within one week. When you receive this certificate you must:
a. Complete Section A IN FULL – we must have at least the last 4 numbers of your social
security number and your full birth date in order to complete our report to NYSED.
b. Email or fax 1 copy of the certificate back to CARD-Albany. Email copies should be
addressed to [email protected]
c. Keep a copy of the completed certificate for your records and/or a copy for your employer if
required. This is the only certificate you will receive from either CARD-Albany or NYSED.
No other certificate is given.
d. CARD-Albany will electronically report your successful completion of the course to
NYSED. We are required to report course completions every 21 days. Record of your
completion of the course will appear in your TEACH account 24 hours after it has been
reported by CARD-Albany to NYSED.
If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact CARD-Albany at:
(518)442-2574 or by emailing us at [email protected]
Thank you again for your interest in this training! Good luck!
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities • University at Albany
College of Arts and Sciences • Department of Psychology
1535 Western Avenue •Albany, NY 12203
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