msv flail mowers
Boom Mounted Flail Mower and
Front Mounted Flail Mower
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MSV Attachments
Boom Mounted Flail Mower
Bayonet style frame mount locks to vehicle’s 3-point hitch.
Flail head and boom controls are powered by MSV vehicle
Drive motor designed for 18 GPM @ 2500 PSI continuous,
2850 PSI max.
Boom controls integrated into vehicle joystick and screen display
via front harness.
Available flail head options include:
- 37” width grass cutting head
- 37” width brush cutting head
- 51” width grass cutting head
Cutting deck has adjustable rear roller with safety rubber flap
mounted on front.
Hydraulically actuated break-away allows boom head to pivot
away when an obstacle is struck.
Horizontal reach from enter of tractor to outside of cut is 13’ 6”.
Vertical reach from ground to highest point on flail head is 13’ 6”.
Below grade cut is 50”.
Overall level ground cutting coverage is 11’ starting 5” inside
outer tire.
Adjustable storage stands.
Maximum total weight of 2450lbs.
1200 lbs. counter weight standard.
Turf tires and MSV front chassis weight recommended but not
required during use of the boom flail.
Front Mounted Flail Mower
Cutting widths of 75” and 90”. Overall widths of 81” and 96”
Adjustable cutter height from 11/2” to 71/2”.
Three point mounting.
75” Cutter head accomodates 80 forged general purpose knives
or 40 smooth cut grass knives.
90” Cutter head accommodates 96 forged general purpose
knives or 48 smooth cut grass knives.
Cutter shaft is dynamically balanced, 43/4” diameter, 3/8” wall
thickness, with 115/16” diameter bearings.
Cutter shaft has an operating speed of 2,400 RPM at rated 540
Knife swing circumference is a minimum of 471/8”.
Ground roller diameter is 6 5/8” with double row 13/8” spherical
bearings and 13/8” relaceable stub shafts.
Two replaceable skid shoes.
Rubber safety discharge flaps.
Safety Shielding includes Foot Probe guarding as defined SAE
Standard J1001.
1” diameter mowing capacity.
PTO drive line is protected by integrated slip clutch.
Mower controls are integrated into MSV joystick.
M-B Companies, Inc.
Note: Additional fees may apply (freight, export fees, dealer or factory installed hoses, valves and couplers, installation and service fees).
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