Da Buddha Vaporizer
Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer: Product Guide
Product Summary:
Why Da Buddha?
Very easy, because it is made of the highest quality parts available! The housing is solid aluminum so you don't have to worry about
a fire hazard. The housing goes through a pain staking process of cutting, drilling, grinding, filling, sanding, sand blasting and then it's
anodized to get a nice finish. We use only the highest quality ceramic heater on the market. The temperature is fully adjustable. On
top of that you get a 3-year warranty giving you the peace of mind. In addition, you get a company that has been in the vaporizer
business for almost 6 years! To make a perfect seal every Da Buddha uses a ground glass joint also giving the user the hands free
Da Buddha herbal vaporizer comes with:
Da Buddha 120v unit. (220v units available from manufacturer)
FREE hand made glass marble pick
Ground Glass Hands-free Whip (includes standard PYREX quick change wand and food grade vinyl tube)
FREE Hemp Storage Bag. This bag is nice, and very well padded.
3 FREE screens for your wand!
Instruction manual and 3 year warranty! With Life Time Warranty on Labor!
How Da Buddah Works:
The Basic Heating Process
Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer’s are like no other vaporizer on the market. Da Buddha uses an all glass and ceramic heater making it
very unique.
Untainted air is inhaled through a small hole in the glass heater at
arrow 1.
The herbal vaporizer heats the air up to vaporizing temperature
around arrow 2.
Hot air passes through the SSV's glass heater and into the glass
wand at arrow 3.
Now the air that you are inhaling is hot enough to vaporize your favorite smoking tobacco which is in the wand. You can change how
hot the air is by inhaling faster or slower. The slower you inhale the longer the air is in the glass heater, so therefore the air gets
hotter. If inhaling slower still does not get the air hot enough turn the SSV up a little more. Many other wand-style herbal vaporizers
currently on the market have intake air that passes by all the electrical wires and connections inside the unit. The Silver Surfer
Herbal Vaporizer’s are also the only vaporizer to have all the hot metal eliminated from the path of the air you are inhaling to offer
the cleanest vaporization possible. Note: The vapor is cool enough that it does not heat up the stainless steel screen enough for the
screen to emit any metal fumes.
To read more about the Silver Surfer Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer or for more detailed product information, please visit
Da Buddha Available at Vape World
How to Vaporize
Turn on Da Buddha using option A or B below.
1. First one can turn glass marble adjustment knob to full blast for about 2-3 minutes. Then turn the glass marble dial
back down to approximately 2/3 of the way (1pm on a clock face). Most herbs for aromatherapy and homeopathic
healing only need the SSV turned up 2/3.
2. The other way to turn the unit on is to just turn it to your favorite position (you will find this position after use) and
wait 3-5 minutes. Either way the unit is very simple to turn on.
While the SSV unit is heating up grind or chop up your herbs (preferably with a herb grinder). Put a little amount of the
ground herb in the wand, being careful not to pack the herb in the wand tightly. The wand should only be filled from 1/8"1/4" of tobacco. When you are vaporizing remember less is more.
1. To put the ground herb in the wand you can put it in with your fingers, or suck it up off of a table or dish (known as
the Vacuum Method).
Place the wand up to the heater were the hole is. There is a nice fit when the two piece of glass come together. When the
two pieces of glass come together, begin to inhale. This will draw air into the heater and warm it up to vaporizing
temperatures. The air passes the plant matter and warming it until vaporization occurs. You can stir your plant material in
between vapor draws to increase the efficiency of the vaporization. The vapor is a light white cloud. To empty the wand
turn upside down and empty into the trash. You can blow through the mouth piece to get the plant matter out easier.
Enjoy. It’s not too hard to go from smoking to vaporizing! A much better alternative!
Product Components
Ceramic Heater and all Glass!
Da Buddha features a very uniquely designed heater. We have been able to keep our ceramic heater separated from the all the
other parts. Our intake air passes only by glass and ceramic.
What makes our heating element so unique?
The ceramic part of the heater is what sets this unit apart from all the competitors out there. Da Buddhas' ceramic heater is top of
the line quality. No expense has been taken in effort to provide the customer with the best product on the market. A ceramic
heating element is great because ceramic gives off no toxins at all. Ceramic possesses the same quality as glass as it doesn't emit any
toxins when heated to very high temperatures unlike metal.
Changing the Screen!
This wand is a thing of beauty! It features the same design as the infamous Silver Surfer Vaporizer only Da Buddha comes with
ground glass. The hour glass shape is designed to stop the screen from going all the way through. Only 7th Floor offers this design!
How to change the screen on your vaporizer wand!
Well, this screen change is very easy with our patented quick change wand. First take out the old screen. Now take your new screen
and put it in the top. Take your stir tool and push it down. Now, you would like to push the screen down and have it slide over but
this is difficult. What you do is when the screen is down towards the beginning of the hour glass, FLIP the screen. This FLIP of the
screen will make one edge catch in the lip and then all you have to do is push the other end down with the stir tool. You should be
able to put in a new screen almost faster and easier than taking the screen out from the front. The process of putting in a new
screen is FAST!
Video Tutorial Here: www.silversurfervap.com/assets/videos/screenchange.mpg
Da Buddha Available at Vape World
Manufacturer Information
7th Floor LLC
c/o SSV
6335 E Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Phone: 1-719-570-9928
Toll Free: 1-866-835-6418
Fax: 1-719-219-9729
Email: [email protected]
Warranty Information
3 Year Da Buddha Warranty
Da Buddha comes with a 3 year warranty. This warranty covers everything but the glass. If anything happens within the warranty
period, you send it to uss and we take care of the issue. If after the warranty period is over, you can get anything replaced for $25 or
less and this includes the shipping charge to ship it back to you via UPS. We would love to offer a longer warranty but nothing can
last a lifetime. Pretty much Da Buddha has been designed to last many worry free years!
If anything happens within the warranty periodss, please contact manufacturer directly for replacement/repair.
For replacement parts after the warranty period, please co
contact manufacturer. On
n their website, they offer replacement parts for
$25 plus return shipping. The
he SSV has been designed to last many worry free years!
Shipping Address for Warranty Returns: (please contact Manufacturer prior to sending warranty related items)
7th Floor LLC
c/o SSV
6335 E Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Phone: 1-719-570-9928
Toll Free: 1-866-835-6418
Fax: 1-719-219-9729
Email: [email protected]
Da Buddha Available at Vape World
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