Introducing DRAN

Introducing DRAN
Introducing Dran-View 7
The Best Power Quality, Demand & Energy Software Just Got Better
Dran-View software is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and
quickly visualize and analyze power quality and energy monitoring data. Now in its 7th major revision, DranView 7 offers the powerful feature set that you expect from Dran-View, but it now has a much more modern
appearance and a simpler user interface. Also, Dran-View 7 is now a true 64 bit program that can take full
advantage of the speed and file size capabilities of the latest computer/Windows operating systems, but
remains compatible with older 32 bit computers.
New Ribbon Look and Feel!
With its new Ribbon bar, Dran-View 7 just got much
easier and simpler to use. Large buttons that are
logically grouped together replace the former pull down menus and small
icons. Dran-View 7’s appearance is similar to any modern Microsoft
program, such as Word, Excel and Outlook.
64 & 32 Bit Versions - Big Data, No Problem!
Most computers purchased today are 64 bit systems, so 64 bit programs are
needed for optimal performance. Dran-View 7 is a true 64 bit program that can
take advantage of the memory and speed of newer 64 bit machines, with the
benefit to the user being faster access to data and the ability to work with much
larger files. The Dran-View installation program will check if your machine is 32 or 64 bits and will
recommend the best version of Dran-View to install.
Why Dran-View?
In addition to pioneering the Power Quality monitoring industry, Dranetz was the first to provide application
software that is not only a data viewer, but adds significant value to your instrument investment. Enter DranView, which is a true Power Quality, Demand, and Energy data analysis tool. Dran-View doesn’t just display
all of the data recorded by your instrument in a clear, concise, and easy to use fashion; it also has a report
writer, multiple site capabilities, and advanced mathematical tools that offer our users features that are well
beyond those provided by the monitoring instrument alone. A rescue kit is also built in that can undo many
of the common installation mistakes, saving time and money.
Dran-View is directly compatible with all current and most legacy Dranetz products, and is also capable of
importing data from other systems by using PQDIF, COMTRADE, CSV, or other data formats.
How do you get Dran-View? Dran-View is often bundled together with your instrument purchase, but is also
available separately. Please contact Dranetz, your local sales rep, or distributor for more information.
Dran-View is offered in two versions: Pro and Enterprise. See the table below for the advantages of each.
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Dran-View 7 Pro vs. Enterprise
User Interface
Ribbon bar - Modern appearance
Scrollable (rubber band) chart axes
View Trends, Waveforms, Magnitude/Duration and DFT
Chart area marking tool
Format templates provides unified layout
Event filtering/sorting
Drag and drop charts, axes etc.
Insert pictures and photos
Floating notations (baloons) with user defined text or data
Customizable toolbars, keyboard shortcuts and menus.
DV7 Professional DV7 Enterprise
File and System features
64 bit program (Optimized for 64 or 32 bit systems)
Support for large data files
Automatic updates via Internet
Compatible with most Dranetz legacy products and Dran-View 6
Reads PQDIF and COMTRADE files
Reads tabulated text files
REMOVE partial data from measurement
Report Writing
Basic report writer modules
Monitoring mode specific reports
Integrated text editor (RTF-editor)
Snapshots / Bookmarks
Add selected events and trends to report
Reports against EN, IEC, G5/4, NVE standards
Multi-Site Report Writing
Multi-Site Capabilities
Presentation of up to 16 simultaneous data sets
Multi-Site events filter (find events occured at several locations)
Multi-Site time synchronization
Mathematical comparisons between data sets (difference etc.)
Rescue Kit (Data repair)
Adjust timestamps
Flip current probes
Change scaling factors
Change connection type
Calculate trends and harmonics from waveform data
Separate harmonic scaling for voltage, current and power
Enhanced DFT features - Analyze harmonic spectra in the signal
Mathematical formulas (calculate leakage current etc)
Mathematical comparisons between multiple sites
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