Escene SayHi PS760-W User manual

Escene SayHi PS760-W User manual
EOS magazineshop
Spring/Summer 2014
Accessories for your EOS camera
Inspiration for your EOS photography
Hello EOS friends,
It’s been a busy start to 2014. The January sale event that we held
here in Tackley was great fun and it was lovely to meet so many of
you. Luckily the snow held off – trust us, getting in and out of the
village here is no picnic when the weather is bad. So now we are
looking forward to the sun and to our next event in early June.
Not only have we had the sale event but we feel like we are
only just up and running again after the inaugural Photography
Show. Held at the NEC in Birmingham it was a great celebration
and exploration
of modern-day
an itemphotography.
that is new toThanks to the many
the stand and say hi, and
EOS magazine shop
welcome to our
came on board at the show.
It’s a special
– our 21st birthday. So in
order to celebrate
at ourinplace on Friday
More information available
5 and Saturdaythe
6 June.
cake (it wouldn’t be
article bank
a party without them after all) and you will be able to explore a
variety of Canon
equipment and accessories and have a play with
mini studio set-ups.
into the
We tellYou
are camera clinic and get
your EOS queries
editorial team, find out
compatible with your EOS camera
the shutter count on your EOS camera and, of course, browse
the shop and take advantage of special offers on the day. We will
also be offering a print service on the new panoramic papers and
fotocards from Fotospeed (page 19), so bring your camera and
some images on a memory card and we’ll print while you wait!
Enjoy browsing through the latest shop catalogue. We
particularly like the colourful dry tubes on page 27 and the mirror
lens on page 3, complete with fat-free doughnuts for the party!
Guiding you through
Happy shooting from the EOS magazine shop team
Ways to shop
Shop online 24/7 – desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet
or via Facebook – click on EOS magazine shop
Call us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on +44 (0)1869 331741
At other times you can leave a message and we’ll call you back.
Post the order form (page 31) toEOS magazine, The Old Barn,
Ball Lane, Tackley, Kidlington, OX5 3AG, UK
And you can now visit us!
Our small retail shop is open Monday-Friday
9am-5pm (except bank holidays).
We accept a range of credit and debit cards and
you can also pay by PayPal online. Alternatively post your order along
with a cheque payable to ‘EOS magazine’.
Prices correct as of 31 March 2014
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
No-fuss returns
Return any
item (in good
within 30 days
for a refund
or exchange.
This does not affect your statutory
rights. Full terms and conditions
are available on our website or on
Credit card payments are taken
when the order is placed. If we
are not able to supply the goods
within seven days an immediate
refund will be made to your card.
All prices include VAT (Value
Added Tax) where applicable
(magazines and books are zerorated). VAT is not shown as a
separate item, but will be detailed
on the sales receipt enclosed with
your order.
UK standard delivery
UK next day delivery
Free UK standard
delivery when
you spend £50
or more in one
We use Royal Mail services for
most orders, except for large,
bulky items and batteries.
Standard delivery is sent 1st class.
We despatch to Europe and
other countries worldwide. The
charge varies with weight and
destination. This charge is shown
in the shopping cart before you
confirm the order.
Orders placed before 2pm
(GMT) Monday-Friday will be
despatched the same day. This is
subject to stock and availability.
EOS magazine shop catalogue is
published by Robert Scott Publishing Ltd,
The Old Barn, Ball Lane, Tackley, Kidlington,
Oxfordshire OX5 3AG. A company
registered in England and Wales.
Registration number 4663971.
© Robert Scott Publishing Limited 2014
DVDs 4
Books 6
Straps 10
Support 12
Macro 16
Printing 19
Filters 20
Memory 22
Power 23
Viewing 24
Storage 26
Protect 29
Movies 30
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Eyelead flash diffuser
Finally – we have found a replacement for the much-missed
Omnibounce flash diffusers. Simply push this rigid plastic diffuser
onto your Speedlite to produce softer illumination. The best
results are obtained with the flash head tilted up so that the light
can spread around the area.
This pop-on diffuser will soften harsh shadows which appear
behind subjects and will help to eliminate red-eye. It has been
designed to mimic the light distribution properties of a Fresnel
lens, used in lighthouses, and the ridges across the surface of the
diffuser help to spread the light further and more evenly. Because
the light is softened unwanted reflections are also reduced.
You can also change the colour of the light from your flash
with the optional colour filter set. The pop-on diffuser has two
small holes in the front panel into which the four coloured filters
clip. The filter set includes yellow/gold, green, blue and red, useful
for creative purposes and for balancing certain lighting conditions.
If you favour the built-in flash on
your EOS camera then try the pop-up
version. Available as a hotshoe mount
for your built-in flash, the pop-up diffuser will act in the same
way – to soften the light from your built-in flash and reduce
shadows and harsh contours. The foot slots easily into your
camera’s hotshoe and the diffuser’s position is adjustable.
The diffuser can also be angled to suit the projection of your
built-in flash.
Pop-on diffuser for Speedlite 430EX II, 580EX II or 600EX
Colour filter set for pop-on diffuser (four colours)
Pop-up diffuser for built-in flash – fits all EOS cameras
£16.95 each
REF: K117
REF: K119
REF: K135
Mini HDMI cable
With gold-plated connectors for the best reliability this two-metre
HDMI cable made by Bandridge will allow you to connect your
EOS camera to your TV set and play back stills and video images
on the big screen.
REF: K010
500mm mirror lens
If you have ever lusted after the Canon EF 500mm f4L IS II USM lens then chances are your eyes have also watered at the price of it - at
around £9000 (RRP). Even the thought of carrying it at a weight of just over 3kg and length of 383mm is not for the faint-hearted. So we
have an alternative for you – a mirror lens. Often dismissed as toys or playthings, we feel this mirror lens is worthy of our attention.
The 500mm f6.3 mirror lens from Kaili offers advantages in size, weight and, most significantly, price. It contains a combination of
lenses and mirrors to form the image. This design, also employed in the original Canon FD 500mm f8 Reflex lens which we used to take
the image of the flamingoes (bottom left), folds the light path between two mirrors which reduces the length of the lens assembly. The
lens has a fixed aperture of f6.3 and focusing has to be done manually. Minimum focusing distance is two metres.
Mirror lenses will certainly give you the reach of a super telephoto lens even if they cannot quite match the image quality and
contrast, but if you are looking for an inexpensive way to extend your view, this might be a solution for you. Also if you’re prepared to
spend a little bit of time post-processing, you can lift the contrast as needed.
Mirror lenses are like Marmite - you’ll either love or hate the result they can create. They turn
background specular reflections into ‘doughnut’ shapes. This is a characteristic of all mirror lenses, but
only happens with bright background reflections. If you shoot against darker backgrounds the image
appears normal, hence the image of the baby rhino is doughnut-free. For more information on mirror
lenses read the article ‘Legacy lenses’ in the April-June 2013 issue.
Weighs 600g, dimensions 85.4 x 79mm. Supplied with T2-mount to attach to all EOS models.
REF: K128
More online:
Experience Seminars training DVDs
Making the most: EOS camera
A great way for visual learners to get to grips with the
controls and settings on your new EOS camera, this DVD
series from UK-based Experience Seminars is cameraspecific and presents the information in an easy-to-digest
way. Each DVD set offers a step-by-step guide on how to use
the wide range of modes provided by your camera, from the
basic use of exposure modes to the advanced features and
customisable options. They are well illustrated with images
which show the photographic results from each technique.
With chapter-based subjects you can watch this DVD at your
own pace and refer back to specific topics later on. Average
running time is five hours over two disks, except the EOS
5D Mark III three-disk set which offers ten hours of learning
EOS 5D Mark II
EOS 600D
EOS 650D
EOS 500D/550D
EOS 1100D
EOS 700D
Nina Bailey
DVDs are a great way
to get to grips with your
photography. They
allow you to pace your
learning to suit you and
leave you hands-free to
explore your camera as
you watch and learn. An
excellent alternative to a
book, particularly if you
are a visual learner.
Blue Crane DVDs
Following on from the popular
DVD series of the same name,
Experience Seminars founder
Nina Bailey is building a range
of EOS-specific Essential Guide
eBooks for a selection of photographic
subjects. Once purchased each title is
downloadable up to five times, meaning
you can download it to all of your devices
and read offline wherever you are.
Average file size is 20-25MB and
may take several minutes to download,
depending on the current speed of your
internet connection.
Keep an eye on the website as the range
of titles will continue to grow during 2014.
Inexpensive and highly
portable – that’s what
makes eBooks an
attractive learning
medium. Once purchased
you download the eBook
as a PDF to your chosen
device and away you
go. Compatible with all
computers, tablets and
smartphones. All of the
eBooks in this page are
digital-only – there is no
printed equivalent.
REF: K019
Making the most: EOS Flash System
Wildlife Photography
Master the theory and the application of flash with your
Canon Speedlite with this two-disk DVD. You will learn how
to make it work effectively in all situations and how to use the
features and overrides to get great results with flash, both on
and off camera. With detailed information on setting up your
Speedlite correctly for different scenarios. Approx. 6.5 hours.
The latest addition to the series, this
177-page eBook will help you capture
the best possible wildlife shots with
your EOS camera. Looking at locations
worldwide, from the arctic to antarctic,
on safari and within the UK, you will learn
about using natural lighting to your best
advantage, understanding the controls you
need to master on your EOS equipment
plus overcoming problems you may face
when out in the wild. Essential reading for
wildlife photographers, liberally illustrated
with Nina’s own pictures.
REF: R734 Art series: for creative control
If you are comfortable using your EOS camera, move up to
the next level with this series of creative technique DVDs.
Art of Light
Art of Seeing
Art of Black & White
REF: R857
REF: R856
REF: R571
£15.99 each
Essential Guide DVDs
This popular DVD series looks at a wide variety of subjectbased photographic techniques and focus primarily on
the Canon EOS system. So when you need a bit of help
with your favourite photographic subject or are taking on
a new area, get over two hours of information, images
and advice from one of the Essential Guide DVDs from
Experience Seminars.
Each DVD gives a comprehensive guide to the
challenges and opportunities of each technique, how to
overcome difficult situations and how to make the right
equipment selection for the job-in-hand. Framing, lighting
and composition are all covered, and with the content
broken up into chapters you can dip in and out of the DVD
as needed when you want to refresh your knowledge.
Average running time 2.5 hours.
Lowlight and interior
REF: K002
Portrait and family
REF: R729
Close-up and macro
REF: R683
WeddingREF: R733
WildlifeREF: R351
REF: R353
TravelREF: R355
Choosing Canon lenses
REF: K001
£15.99 each
These instructional training DVDs from
US multimedia company Blue Crane
offer a comprehensive, model-specific
guide to using your EOS camera. The
quality production provides easy-tounderstand and well-illustrated video
footage covering the key features of
your EOS camera. Choose volume one
for basic controls and volume two for
advanced features.
EOS 7D Vol. I
EOS 7D Vol. II
EOS 6D Vol. I
EOS 5D Mk II Vol. I
EOS 5D Mk II Vol. II
EOS 5D Mk III Vol. I
EOS 70D Vol. I new
EOS 60D Vol. I
EOS 60D Vol. II
EOS 50D Vol. I
EOS 50D Vol. II
EOS 100D Vol. I new
EOS 700D Vol. I new
EOS 650D Vol. I
EOS 650D Vol. II new
EOS 600D Vol. I
EOS 550D Vol. I
EOS 550D Vol.II EOS 500D Vol. I
EOS 500D Vol. II
EOS 450D/1000D
EOS 400D
EOS 350D
EOS 300D
EOS 1100D
EOS-1D Mk IV (2 disks) REF: R600
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Online only new
Andrew S Gibson
Former Technical Editor of EOS magazine,
Andrew now writes eBooks to help EOS
users improve their photography and postprocessing skills.
Book One: The Librar y Module
Mastering Lightroom
These comprehensive eBooks show you
how to streamline your workflow and get
creative with Adobe’s Lightroom software.
Book One lays the foundation for the work
you will do with this software and teaches
you how to use the Library module to
import, organise and search through your
images. Book Two looks at using the tools
in the Develop module in order to get the
most out of your RAW files, showing you
how to use Lightroom’s powerful features
to creatively process your images. You will
be amazed at how easy Lightroom is to use
once you’re familiar with it.
Book One – The Library Module £7.00
Book Two – The Develop Module £8.00
Online only – buy together for £12.00 £4.95
Seeing images
Composition is key to a successful image. Some
are lucky enough to have a natural eye for seeing
images, whilst others need a little help. Luckily it is
a skill that can be taught and this eBook will teach
you the essentials... and more.
Close-up and macro
Experience Seminars
The Essential Guide To Close Up And Macro Photography
Especially for Canon EOS cameras
Delve into the fascinating world of close-up and
macro with Nina Bailey as your guide. With this
eBook you will learn how to achieve varying levels
of magnification using a range of standard and
dedicated equipment. 145 pages long.
Travel photography
Experience Seminars
The Essential Guide To Travel Photography
There are a number of important considerations
when pursuing the ultimate set of travel images,
from framing, location and time of year, plus the
unusual subjects you may encounter. Be prepared
for your next trip with this eBook.
Landscape photography
Nina will show you how to capture the essence of
the landscapes around you, whether at home or
overseas. This eBook explains the key elements
that need to be understood to achieve the results
you want. 139 pages long.
All titles, online only £4.95 each
Especially for Canon EOS cameras
Understanding DPP
Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP)
software is easy to use and has a lot of
creative potential. Understanding DPP
shows you how to use this software to
get the best out of your RAW files. It
explains functions within DPP to enhance
your images and will appeal to EOS users
who would like to use RAW, but are put
off by the complexity or expense of more
advanced software. By Andrew Gibson.
Online only £7.00
Understanding EOS
If your EOS camera is a recent acquisition
then this eBook is essential reading. It takes
you through the
key settings and
features you need
to get started with
your camera.
Online only
More online:
Expanded Guides: technique series
new Understanding
This time the Expanded Guide team
turns its attention to composition which
can often make or break an image.
David Taylor is your guide through this
tricky area. He looks at the effect that
equipment choice will have on your
compositional strategy, then delves indepth into the key areas such as aspect
ratios, perspective, Rule of Thirds, Rule
of Odds, visual weight and contrast.
Techniques of exposure, depth-offield and white balance are explained.
The book concludes with a section on
post-processing including success with
cropping and panoramic stitching. As
always with the Expanded Guide series
you can expect a jargon-free, clear and
concise treatment of the topic.
REF: B116
Wildlife Photography
Wildlife watchers
and aspiring
photographers –
collect up your kit
and get ready for
a practical course
with a difference.
like those run
by Experience
Seminars are
exceptionally popular but not everybody
has the time or budget to attend one in
person. This ‘workshop in book form’
allows you to absorb the benefits of the
workshop experience without actually
being on location with the professionals. Whatever your level of experience,
this comprehensive book will help you
improve and capture better photographs of
wildlife. Be guided by the authors’ breadth
of knowledge and follow the progression
of technical advice. Chapters dedicated
to different types of wildlife give handson advice on how to locate, approach
and photograph your subject using
insider tricks of the trade. Written by Ross
Hoddinott and Ben Hall. 176 pages long.
REF: B736
Clearly laid out in an approachable format
and filled with inspirational images, it’s
not difficult to see why these books are
so popular. The Expanded Guides are
suitably sized for your camera bag, and
each contains pull-out quick reference
cards, including depth-of-field tables and
grey cards.
Understanding HD video
If you’re a keen movie maker, this book
provides you with practical information
about choosing equipment, how to shoot
standard and wide-angle shots, panning
techniques and how to make sure your
sequences are in crisp focus. The section
on post-production includes handling files,
synching audio, rendering and more.
REF: B923
Digital Black & White Photography
Guides you on exposure, composition
and converting colour images to blackand-white. There’s also advice on special
effects, including soft focus, adding
grain, ageing and infrared. This guide
offers practical tips on choosing suitable
subjects for black-and-white photos, using
Photoshop and getting perfect prints.
REF: B141
Understanding RAW photography
This guide helps get to grips with the
RAW file format. It covers processes
such as demosaicing and white balance,
interpreting and converting images,
applying all adjustments such as tone
curves, colour saturation and sharpening.
REF: B606
Understanding HDR Photography
High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is
the process of shooting several images of a
scene at various exposures, then merging
them into one file. This is a comprehensive
guide to understanding the techniques
needed for successful HDR images.
REF: B605
Night & Low Light Photography
Modern EOS cameras are impressively
capable of rendering images shot in low
light. This book looks at the best cameras,
lenses and accessories that are essential
for producing excellent results for this
enthralling genre of photography.
REF: B921
Understanding Exposure
This book analyses light’s relationship
to colour, colour temperature and white
balance, focal points and the expression
of mood. Clear guidance on aperture,
depth-of-field, shutter speed, ISO speeds
and advice on how to salvage unsuccessful
images. REF: B142
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Landscape Photography
Detailed tour guide to capturing images
in the great outdoors. There’s help
on choosing the correct equipment
and accessories, plus advice on the
practicalities of gauging the weather,
tide tables and optimum times of the
day to shoot. Explores why exposure,
composition, light and colour are critical to
successful landscapes. REF: B143
Close-up and Macro Photography
Take this fascinating technique further than
ever. This comprehensive guide includes
the theory of exposure and metering, light,
colour and flash, plus practical advice
on composition and focusing. There are
also project ideas including subjects,
textures and abstracts and advice on postprocessing and printing. REF: B144
Lenses for Digital SLRs
Tells you all you need to know before
investing in a new lens for your camera.
Covers everything from focal length to
depth-of-field, prime versus zoom lenses,
and specialist optics. Also covers basic
terminology, what optical quality means in
terms of photographs, plus the anatomy of
a camera lens and its effect on the image.
REF: B604
Photographic Digital Printing
This book covers the basics of printing,
from choosing a suitable printer and
printer software to selecting papers and
inks. Advice is given on how to use image
manipulation software to adjust the images,
remove dust marks, then crop and resize prior to printing. Includes advice on
producing sepia, split-toned, grainy and
litho prints. REF: B725
Photographic Lighting
Flash photography – via the built-in flash
or with a separate flash gun – offers
the advantage of adding extra light to
your images but the disadvantage of its
complexity in deploying successfully. It is
the latter which often prevents many from
using flash to its full potential. This book
will help you understand the terminology,
settings and dials for flash. REF: B727
Canon EOS software
The book is written in particular for users
of Windows XP, Vista and 2000. Other
operating system users should not be put
off as the step-by-step guides will navigate
you successfully through the basic and
advanced functions of Canon’s software,
including Digital Photo Professional,
Zoombrowser EX, Picture Style Editor and
EOS Utility. REF: B038
All titles £14.99 each
Expanded Guides: camera series
We may love our tech but
for us nothing replaces the
experience of reading a
book. The Expanded Guide
series remains our firm
favourite. For a pocketable
quick reference guide the
InBrief cards are excellent.
Both fit in your camera bag.
These clear and comprehensive guides show you how to achieve
the best possible results from your camera. Every feature,
function and menu is explained. In addition there are step-bystep instructions for basic and advanced functions; professional
guidance on exposure, depth-of-field and flash; advice on lenses,
accessories and connection to external devices; practical tips on
lighting, macro, camera care and much more.
Bargain books!
inBrief guides
We love books. In
fact we love them so
much that we are now
rather overrun with all
sorts of photographicrelated books which
are taking over the
EOS magazine office!
We had a big clearout for our January sale earlier this year
but we are not done yet.
Take a look at the shop website and
you will find hundreds of older and more
recent books on a range of photographic
topics. You will find some cameraspecific books on older EOS models,
some of which no doubt are highly
collectible. There are also some lovely
coffee-table-style books packed with
inspiring images.
Prices start from just £3.99. So have
a browse and come back regularly as we
are adding more titles every week. Most
of the books are one-offs – some new
and some secondhand – and we don’t
have more stock, so it’s first-come, firstserved. Grab a bargain book today!
Instruction books
EOS magazine back issues
Did your new Canon camera only come
supplied with an instruction manual on
disk? The majority of new cameras are no
longer supplied with a printed book. We
can help – you can get a full printed and
bound instruction book for your Canon
camera from our sister site:
EOS 5D Mark II
EOS 1000D
EOS 1100D
EOS 500D
EOS 550D
EOS 600D
EOS 650D
EOS 700D
EOS 100D
EOS 70D new
REF: B042 £14.99 each
When you are in the field, you need
quick and accurate answers, yet your
camera manual is over 200 pages long.
As a solution Blue Crane, makers of the
popular series of EOS training DVDs
(page 4), has come up with the inBrief
series of camera guides so you can
quickly get the answers you want when
you need them most.
Each card is divided into colour-coded panels. If you have a question about
metering or bracketing, simply look at the yellow panel. The layout and
description for the control panel and viewfinder can be found on the blue
panel. And a colour-coded index on the front page (above) immediately points
you towards the answer you need. It also has a panel that shows you the
camera functions available for each mode dial setting.
The inBrief guide is laminated for durability and protection and is designed
to be folded and stored in your camera bag. Your inBrief guide is not a
replacement for your manual, but it will serve as a ready reminder of what
functions are available and how to use them.
EOS 450D/1000D
EOS 650D
EOS 700D
EOS 70D new
EOS 600D
REF: K028 £8.95 each
Exploring the world of Canon EOS photography
The one thing you can say about EOS
magazine is that it’s not a throwaway read.
We know that lots of subscribers keep
back issues for many years and refer back
to articles as their photography develops.
We have every issue from 2006 onwards
available either as print or digital editions.
Full contents of each issue available online.
October-December 2009
Exploring the world of Canon EOS photography
January-March 2010
Making the most of wide-angle lenses
Manual mode
Taking full control of exposure settings
Sensor cleaning
REF: Various, abbreviated cover date (eg.
April-June 2012 is AJ12)
How to deal with dust in your camera
Canon goes back
to the drawing
board to introduce
a new generation
of innovative and
intuitive cameras
Making the most of wide-angle lenses
Manual mode
Taking full control of exposure settings
Sensor cleaning
How to deal with dust in your camera
Canon goes back
to the drawing
board to introduce
a new generation
of innovative and
intuitive cameras
Magazine binder
EOS magazine is a valuable resource – keep
your issues safe in an EOS magazine binder.
Each binder is finished in a red marble effect
with ‘EOS magazine’ embossed in gold on
the spine. Each binder holds eight issues (two
years) of the magazine.
REF: R102 £7.50 each
More online:
Seated outdoor hide
Canon hats
These Stealth Gear hides are lightweight,
easy to assemble and include a
camping-style chair inside. They are
surprisingly roomy with enough space
for a tripod. The multiple windows can
be unzipped to be completely open
(shown below) or, for partial cover, pull
down the flap and you can see through
the camouflage printed mesh.
New for 2014,
we are pleased
to offer an
alternative to
the popular
baseball cap –
a black micro
fleece hat to
keep your ears
warm on your
next day out! This beanie-style hat has a
wide turn-up which bears an embroidered
red Canon logo and is currently available
in two sizes – medium is 30cm; large is
31cm wide.
The baseball cap is a heavy brushed
100% drill cotton, is also black with
embroidered Canon red logo. Fully
adjustable strap with metal buckle.
Structured front panels for good shape.
One size fits all.
Fleece beanie - M/L
REF: R023
Baseball cap
REF: R942
The hides come supplied in a handy
carry case with rucksack-style straps and
includes pegs for securing the canopy
to the ground. No tools are required for
set-up and it takes less than two minutes
to assemble or pack away. Available in
two versions with a single or a double
seat. We prefer the two-person version
as it gives us a spare seat to get our
bags off the floor. Weight 5kg (oneperson hide) / 7.7kg (two-person).
One person hide Two person hide £137.99
REF: R294
Portable padded seat
This ‘go anywhere’ seat folds to a compact
size and has straps for carrying around like
a rucksack. The underneath is waterproof
and it folds
in half into a
supplied bag.
Seat size 45
x 45 x 7cm.
Weight 500g.
REF: R743
£5.95 each
Camera insurance
Specially arranged all-risk cover for nonprofessional photographers. This insurance
provides cover against accidental loss,
damage, destruction or theft for any make
or model of cameras, lenses, flashguns,
photo accessories and associated
equipment (including camcorders,
binoculars, telescopes, audio recorders
and laptops). Premiums start from £50 and
the policy is suitable for anyone who earns
less than half their annual income from
Unlike many
other policies
this insurance
cover includes
equipment taken
outside the UK
for up to 60 days
and also includes
theft from a
motor vehicle.
Download the
form online for
Photo insurance
full terms and
Double altitude hide
Get a better view with this taller hide from
Stealth Gear, which gives you room to
stand and offers viewing positions at two
different heights on all four sides. Seven
of the eight windows feature a camouflage
mesh material which is fully removeable via
Velcro tabs. The eighth window forms part
of the entrance door. All eight windows
can be zipped
The hide
is made from
fabric and is
finished black
to the inside.
It folds out
when taken
out of its camo
carry backpack
(supplied). Six
pegs with lines
allow you to
fix the hide to the ground. Dimensions
(HxWxD) 1.73 x 1.27 x 1.27m; weight 3.5kg.
REF: K009 £109.99
This heavy-duty poncho from Stealth
Gear has been revamped and is large
enough to cover you and all your
equipment, even whilst wearing a
backpack. The strong waterproof fabric
includes a rainhood and the edges of
the poncho have eyelets allowing you
to peg it to the ground. Folds down to a
compact size and comes with a carry bag.
A versatile addition to your kit.
Made from PVC coated nylon, 167cm
wide and 106cm long (excludes hood).
This three-legged stool is comfortable,
compact and lightweight – all important
considerations when choosing a portable
seat for photographing outdoors. The
large rubber feet mean that you won’t sink
immediately into softer ground.
There are two sitting positions – low
with the legs retracted to 37cm and normal
height of 65cm with the legs extended. The
seat is a generous 40cm in size and bears
a load pressure of 250 kg. The stool folds
away to 45cm and is
easy to carry, weighing
only 850g. A carry bag
is included.
The Walkstool can
double as a camera
support, particularly
useful for longer
lenses and when you
don’t have the time to
unpack your tripod.
REF: R296 REF: R967 £77.95
All risk photographic equipment insurance for non-professional photographers
Rain poncho
Cameras don’t react well
with water. Although some
EOS models have good
water-resistant properties,
none are waterproof. If
you are an all-weather
photographer, you need
effective protection.
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Canon lens hoods
White lens hoods
Lens flare spoils many
pictures. Even when
it does not show as a
streak across the image,
it can cause overall loss
of contrast. Lens hoods
protect the front of the
lens from side lighting
from bright sources,
such as the sun.
ET-60 ET-65 III ET-74
EW-54 II EW-60C
EW-63 II EW-63B
EW-73B EW-78D REF: A145
REF: A136
REF: A141 REF: A348 REF: A020 REF: A135 REF: A037
REF: A414 REF: A148 REF: A363 REF: A307 REF: A361 £19.99
Canon chooses to make its large telephoto
lenses with white barrels in order to help keep
the lens barrel cool. The glass elements used
in lenses expand with heat and the expansion
of larger glass elements could affect the outer
housing or even the performance of the lens.
A white surface reflects sunlight, thereby
keeping the lens cooler and within its design
tolerances. However Canon only supplies the
lens hoods in black for its L-series telephoto zooms. That’s why we’ve chosen these white
lens hoods, to complement the finish on the lens itself whilst still performing the essential
function of any lens hood, eliminating lens flare. The interior surface is matt black so that
the lens hood still performs as it should – preventing lens flare and absorbing stray light.
The lens hood screws securely onto the filter mount on the outside rim of the lens and can
be attached in reverse for storage.
LH-74 for EF 70-200 f4L IS USM / EF 70-200mm f4L USM LH-83II for EF 70-200mm f2.8L USM£17.95
LH-86 for EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM£21.95
LH-87 for EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM
LH-73B for EF 70-300mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM £18.95
LH-83C for EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM
LH-83G for EF 28-300mm f3.5-5.6L IS USM
More models available online
REF: K073
Camera raincovers
Lightweight cover
Both the lightweight and heavy
duty raincovers on this page
feature a large, clear panel
at the rear for viewing the
camera’s LCD monitor (above).
There is a small hole covered
by a flap so you can access
the viewfinder. The flap can be
secured with Velcro over the
opening when not in use.
Our advice is to fit your
usual eyecup on the outside,
holding the cover in the right
place at all times.
Don’t get caught short in the rain ever again
with this simple but effective lightweight,
waterproof cover. It is fast and easy to
put over your camera, and folds down to
a minimal size to fit neatly into your bag
or even a coat pocket. The silver cover
is incredibly lightweight at
only 80g, adding very little
extra weight and bulk to
your camera bag. Both sizes
feature an elasticated sleeve
to incorporate the lens which
can be tightened with a
Standard (up to 300mm lens) £19.95
Large (up to 400mm lens)
Right angle finder
In Sweden they say that there is no bad
weather, only bad clothing. The same
is true of the cover you get for your
EOS camera. That makes this all-season
performer our best buy. It’s fully waterproof
and has an insulating layer that resists
the cold to maximise battery life. It also
muffles camera noises, minimising sounds
that may startle your subject. The practical
design features an armsleeve on the left
side for you to hold the camera, while
Velcro fasteners allow easy access to the
controls or tripod.
The integral lens sleeve is
approximately 10cm long and features a
drawcord at the end for a snug fit around
a variety of lenses. For longer lenses (up
to 40cm long) an extension sleeve can be
unfolded out of its storage pocket. Weighs
around 135g.
Not every shot you want to take gives you
easy access to the viewfinder. Often for
low-down and close-up shots it is awkward
to see through the viewfinder clearly.
The Seagull right angle finder solves this
problem and allows you to get a clear view
without contorting your head or neck. It
is ideal for low-angle photography, letting
you view the image from above, rather than
having to lie flat on the ground. It is also
the perfect accessory when using a camera
on a copy stand.
The finder allows 1x and 3.25x
magnification for sharper focusing and full
360° rotation, through 30° increments. It
clicks into place at each point so you know
it’s not going to move when you apply
pressure to the eyecup. At 1x magnification
all of the screen data remains legible. The
3.25x magnification is ideal for macro work.
The roof prism construction allows the
image to be seen the right way round. The
optics system comprises nine elements
in eight groups so the image remains
bright and clear. There is a comfortable
rubber eyecup surround and adjustable
±4 dioptric correction ring. Supplied in a
pouch and with small blower brush to keep
the optics dust-free.
for all EOS cameras REF: R016 £22.95
Fits all EOS cameras REF: R750 £79.99
REF: R555 Heavy-duty cover
More online:
Neoprene strap
Made from stretchy soft neoprene this
4.5cm-wide strap will put much less strain
on your neck than a normal webbing strap.
The main strap also unfastens, leaving you
with the two tails which can be clipped
together to create a short hand strap.
Excellent value for money. We guarantee
that this neoprene strap will make a
to the strain
on your neck
on your next
trip out.
for all EOS
REF: R017
BlackRapid straps
After years of shooting the Seattle music
scene, photographer Ron Henry had
a flash of brilliance, which resulted in
the development of BlackRapid camera
straps. The stainless steel locking fastener
FastenR-3 connects the strap to the tripod
socket via the ConnectR. Once connected,
the camera hangs upside down, resting
securely at your side or in the small of your
back, with the lens pointing behind you.
Your EOS camera came
with a strap when you
bought it, so why change
it? Webbing straps
are not stretchy and
can cause neck strain
when carrying heavy
equipment for long
periods. A neoprene or
sling strap can improve
weight distribution and
comfort significantly.
Lens cradle
Air-cushioned strap
This lens cradle makes carrying heavy
lenses safe and easy. It works with any lens
that has a tripod ring, relieving the stress
on the camera lens mount that occurs
when only the camera is supported. The
straps allow the camera to be rotated with
the lens pointing down for times when
this is more
Works with EF
lenses which
have a tripod
mount – see
website for more
on compatible
Trekking harness
Replace your standard webbing strap
with one designed for comfort and for
reduction of fatigue, even with a heavy
lens attached to your camera. This
stretchy neoprene strap has two rows
of AirCells along the 5.8cm-wide main
section. These small pads feel slightly
squishy to the touch – a bit like large air pockets found on
bubble wrap – and bear the weight of your EOS camera more
comfortably on your shoulder. The elasticity of the neoprene
helps too. The AirCells also help keep the strap in position on
your shoulder.
The strap fixes to the lugs on either side of your camera
and can be released quickly from the camera when needed
via two sturdy buckles. The two narrower pieces then join
together to form a short hand strap.
The neoprene material is resistant to the cold and is also
oil-resistant. Maximum length of the strap is 116cm – this can
be shortened as required via two plastic buckles.
REF: K139
REF: R366
RS-7 Curve
RS-Sport strap
With the RS-7 Curve
strap, ergonomics are
key. It’s designed and
shaped to curve perfectly
around your shoulder,
meaning that the weight
of your camera is evenly
distributed. Pictured left.
REF: R466
RS-W1 Women
The RS-W1 is the world’s
first camera strap that
focuses on the perfect fit
for the female. A sleek
curve design is highlighted
with an elegant but subtle
pattern accent. Provides
comfort, speed and
durability along with style.
Pictured right.
REF: R467
With the camera at your hip you can
manoeuvre easily, carry other gear or
simply have both hands free. When you’re
ready to take the shot, the camera quickly
glides up the strap into position.
For the more active
photographer BlackRapid has
designed the RS-Sport, with
integrated underarm strap
and more shapely shoulder
pad for better positioning on
your shoulder. The webbing
on the strap is 2.5cm wide
and the underarm strap
measures a generous
50.5cm, fully adjustable for a
comfortable fit.
What appealed most to
us at EOS magazine was
the fact that this comes as a
left-handed and right-handed
strap. With over a third of the
team needing a left-handed
sling strap solution, we think
that this addition to the range
is most welcome.
As with all other
BlackRapid straps this
comes with a FastenR-3 and
ConnectR as standard, plus
two ‘bumper’ clips to keep the camera
pegged where you want it when it’s resting
on your hip.
Left or right-handed REF: K101
Lock Star
REF: K121
REF: R190 £32.95
Prevent your ConnectR
from unlocking during
use with the Lock Star, a
purpose-made cover which
easily clips onto the hook
on your BlackRapid strap.
Once clipped on it can be
swung open and closed
as desired, but will keep the ConnectR
securely fastened at all other times.
Additionally the Lock Star will stop the
raised barrel of the ConnectR from coming
into direct contact with the camera body,
particularly relevant when the camera and
strap are laid aside or packed away. Fits all
BlackRapid straps.
You know how comfortable your rucksack
or backpack is when out walking, so why
not extend the same comfort to your
camera support? The Trekking harness
takes its cue from rucksacks, adapting the
neck strap into a practical solution that
distributes the weight of your camera and
lens across your neck, shoulders and upper
back. In addition you can wear the Trekking
harness underneath your usual backpack.
As well as a set of straps to attach your
main camera body, there is a second set
of straps which can take another smaller
camera or pair of binoculars on metal
D-rings higher up on the harness.
On the main padded
shoulder straps there are
two small pockets, which are
perfectly sized to keep your
memory cards near at hand.
They fasten with hook-andloop material so the pocket
contents will stay safely inside.
The loops which attach
to the camera lugs are short,
meaning that your camera
won’t swing wildly in front
of you. The camera can be brought up to
your eye in an instant as the clasps are
not fixed onto the strap; instead they slide
freely up and down, making it easy to
bring the camera to eye level. Great design
and super comfort. You will find that the
Trekking harness will reduce neck strain
DR-1 Double strap
The ultimate solution for two-camera
shooters, this strap is worn around the
shoulders and is adjustable to fit most
people. A strap across the chest holds the
two shoulder pads in position and ensures
that weight is distributed evenly across
the upper torso. One side can even be
detached for use as a single strap. Comes
with two FastenR-3 and two ConnectR.
REF: R468
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Included as standard with all BlackRapid
straps are the FastenR-3 and ConnectR.
Extra FastenRs are particularly useful if you
have more than one camera so you can
switch easily but use just the one strap.
FastenR-3 – made from stainless steel
and with an integral D-ring.
Supplied with a high-grade
rubber compression washer.
REF: K099
ConnectR – anodised
carabiner-style hook with
twist lock on the gate for
extra security.
REF: K100
Wrist straps
Make your grip on the camera more
comfortable with one of these supportive
wrist straps. When you slip your right hand
through to grip the camera, the soft leather
pad provides extra stability by keeping your
hand in position, alleviating hand strain.
One end of the strap fastens to the camera
strap lug on the right side of your camera.
The other end comes attached to a slimline
plate which screws into the tripod mount
of the camera. The plate also has a socket
for fitting to a tripod without the need to
remove the strap. Both straps are fully
adjustable for a snug fit.
The wider Pro strap has a third strap
which fastens securely around your wrist
with a quick-release buckle. This means
that you can relax your grip on the camera
without dropping it. If your thumb joint
aches when gripping the camera, this strap
is ideal. If you still want the option of a neck
strap, there is a second lug on the plate and
on the left side of the camera.
Suitable for all EOS cameras
Pro strap
Standard strap Pro strap REF: R015 £14.95
REF: R186 £17.95
Neoprene sling strap
If you already own a Trekking harness you
can take your system further with the twin
kit, which extends your harness to take two
larger camera bodies. Add this additional
set of straps to
create a harness
that can carry
a camera each
side of you. A
ring in the centre
of the crossed
straps holding
the two together
means that
your equipment
only has limited
REF: R873
for all EOS cameras except 1D series
REF: R744 £34.95
This stretchy sling strap features a large neoprene pad for
extra comfort and weight reduction plus an adjustable and
detachable side strap which sits under your arm to hold
the strap in position which can be adjusted from 120cm to
160cm in length to suit a range of chest sizes.
The real plus of this strap is the camera fixing. A metal
plate with stainless steel bearings attaches to the tripod
socket of your EOS camera and then slides easily up and
down the strap on twin metal ring sliders.
This means that your camera hangs with
the lens pointing down and out of harm’s
way. And when you lift the camera to your
eye the strap stays out of the way beneath
the camera. The main strap sits on your left
shoulder, the camera and lens hangs down
on your right hip.
More online:
The number one cause of
poor pictures is camera
shake. Lenses with builtin image stabilisation are
a major step forward,
but keeping your camera
steady is the best solution.
Tripods are the obvious
accessories for reducing
camera shake. Monopods
are a good alternative for
travelling light.
Table-top tripod
Hama Traveller Pro series tripods
There are certain features the EOS magazine team look for in a
monopod – lightweight, practical design and a spike foot. So
when we found this Fat Gecko monopod we were smitten!
Weighing only 340g but capable of supporting EOS cameras
and lenses up to 8kg, this monopod collapses down into five
sections to a compact 40cm. It has a useful metal spike under
a removable rubber stopper on the foot which can be useful
for a little extra grip on uneven terrain.
It’s made from eight layers of carbon fibre in a Z-weave
pattern. When unstrapped it almost assembles itself as the
sections are held together by a stretchy cord and slot into one
another, meaning that there are no locking nuts to tighten.
Because of the nature of the design, it does mean that this
monopod has a static height of 144cm when unfolded. But if
the benefits of a lightweight, strong and compact monopod
at an affordable price overcome this restriction then this is a
solid choice for your EOS photography.
With three-section
telescopic legs
and extendable
centre column
this versatile little
tripod is useful for
table-top work or
for portraits and
landscapes. The
centre column also
features a suction
cup at the base
for additional support when in its lowest
position. A built-in spirit level gives you
precise alignment. Max load 2kg, extends
from 18cm to 30cm. Packs down to 21cm
and supplied with a carry pouch.
for all EOS cameras
REF: K102
REF: K020
Designed for the travelling photographer, there’s bound to be a tripod in this
series suitable for your holiday needs. Now available in three versions, the
compactness and sturdy nature of Traveller series is to be praised.
Each of the three tripods has four section legs, rubber feet, foam covers
on the grips on the upper part of the legs for a non-slip grip and takes a
maximum weight of 4kg, sufficient for the majority of EOS users. The main
frame is constructed from aluminium. Supplied with a sturdy carry bag.
The smallest in the series is the Mini, which we’ve featured for some
time now. It still remains incredibly popular as it weighs a mere 740 grams.
This highly portable and lightweight tripod packs down to a minimum height
of only 39.5cm (under 16 inches). The supplied ball-and-socket head can be
attached to the bottom of the centre column for low-angle photography. Mid-range is the Compact model, which extends to an impressive
163cm. It features the same ball socket head as the Mini version. If the head
does not quite meet your needs you can switch for your normal tripod head
for improved support and versatility.
The 170 Duo, pictured right, has adopted its name from the two main
benefits: firstly it extends to an impressive 170cm whilst still folding down
to a compact 46cm; secondly the centre column can be removed to double
as a monopod, useful in situations where a tripod is not allowed or practical.
The head is different for this model – it is supplied with a 3-way pan head
with a quick release plate. There are also spikes on the feet when you need
a little extra grip on uneven surfaces.
Fat Gecko mounts
Stick-It discs
We couldn’t believe
the sturdiness of
this monopod for
the price – and the
fact that it extends
to 170cm. This Camlinnk CMP2
monopod features a wrist strap,
ergonomically-shaped foam handle
and a retractable spike within the
rubber foot, a feature we think is
key for a useful monopod. When
not in use it folds down to 54cm and
weighs 360g, so it’s pretty portable.
Convenient for lighter weight EOS
cameras and lens combos with a
maximum load of 1kg.
With its universal 1/4 inch tripod mount
and powerful suction cups the Fat Gecko
camera mounts can be used on any nonporous surface, giving you access to more
shooting positions than a tripod. And now,
with the introduction of the Stick-It disks
(right), they can be used on even more
surfaces than before.
The double knuckle design and two-inch
metal extension tube allow for 360° tilt,
360° turn and 360° rotation. The ball joints,
sockets and upper locking knobs are made
from metal. The suction cups have a quickrelease mechanism. Weight 500g. Max load
2.5kg (two-cup);
3.75kg (three-cup).
REF: K011
Need support?
Being part of EOS magazine isn’t just
about receiving the issue every three
months. There’s much more to being
part of our EOS community.
You can contact us for technical support
for your EOS photography. Either email
us or give us a call and one of our EOS
experts will help you with your query.
Everything EOS
EOS magazine produces the only
complete EOS system guide which is
updated every time Canon announces
new EOS equipment. So whether you
need to know which lens hood fits
your lens or which size sensor your
EOS model has, visit EOS Extra! and
download the latest version. Or, again,
give us a call or send an email and one
of our knowledgeable team will help you.
We pride ourselves on the level of
service you receive from us. When you
ring you get straight through to a real
person – one of the EOS ladies – and we
will do our utmost to answer your query.
Two-cup mount
Three-cup mount
We like the
functionality of
the Fat Gecko
range of suction
cup mounts
which work with
surfaces such
as glass. Now
the versatility of
these mounts has
been extended
with the introduction of these discs with
patented 3M adhesive which allow you to
create a smooth mountable surface on a
wider variety of surfaces. You get a pair of
discs suitably sized to work with your Fat
Gecko camera mount and which will stick
to concrete, paint, plastic, metal, glass and
more. Will hold up to 5lb (2.3kg).
REF: R311
REF: K013
Fat Gecko Strap Mount
When you need a sturdy support for your camera, but
haven’t got a tripod or monopod available, you can instead
use this strap solution from Fat Gecko. You can mount the
strap to any object with a circumference between 8.5 inches
(21.5cm) and 54 inches (136.8cm) - so most trees, telephone
poles, beams and columns - and be sure of a secure and
sturdy support for your camera. The Fat Gecko Strap Mount
is made up of three rugged bracket plates that conform to
the shape of the mounted object, and a rubber padding on
the back of the plates prevent the mount from slipping. There
are also holes in the bracket plates so that, if desirable, the
mount can also be screwed to a flat surface.
The strap itself is like a belt on an aeroplane
so is easy to tighten and release when finished.
It comes with a fully adjustable 1/4 inch ball
socket head for maximum versatility for the
angle of your shot. That’s what we like about
the Fat Gecko range - the possibilities that
the range of supports open up for unusual or
seemingly impossible angle shots. Maximum
weight 8lb (3.63kg).
REF: K014
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Monopod CMP2
Fat Gecko monopod
This pocket-size clamp
made from heattreated aluminium
will attach your
camera securely to
car windows, tables,
fences, tree branches,
in fact a variety of
round or flat surfaces.
The ball-and-socket
head allows the
camera to be set in
almost any position.
UltraClamp comes in two jaw sizes, both
of which are fully closeable. Max load
2.72kg. Weighs around 170g.
170 Duo
Max load
Min height
Max height
Ball socket
Ball socket
3-way pan
1.5 inch jaw
2.5 inch jaw
Pro-Clamp Pod
REF: R138
This mini tripod is
from fibreglassreinforced nylon
with aluminium
components for
maximum strength
in a minimal package (120g). It features
sturdy, fold-out legs with non-slip vinyl
feet, a unique ball and socket camera
mount assembly, and a strong Velcro
strap for securing round objects.
UltraPod I – max load 1.36kg
UltraPod II – max load 2.72kg
REF: R551
Hot-shoe spirit level
If you shoot landscapes or buildings it is
important to get your camera absolutely
level. This small spirit
level slips into your
camera’s hot-shoe and
offers two levels whether
shooting in landscape or
portrait format.
REF: R072
Double Bean Bag
The V-shaped design of this bean bag
support means that it sits comfortably
over car doors, fences and walls
and stays put. The material is 100%
waterproof and breathable.
The adjustable long strap allows you
to carry the bean bag comfortably on your
shoulder and, once in position, you can
wrap the strap around branches or fences
for extra support. There are four different
connection points for attaching the strap
and a handy storage pouch.
The Double Bean Bag has been
reinforced to reduce abrasion, has been
double-stitched and features rubber
zippers. It can be filled with beans or
cereal grains. Supplied flat and without
filling. Colour is Forest Green.
A versatile solution for many shooting
situations, this clever accessory functions
as both a mini-tripod and a clamp. When
used as a mini tripod it stands around 24cm
tall, but can go as low as 13cm with the
legs folded flat. When used as a clamp, it
can grip surfaces up to around 6cm (2.5
inches) thick.
This is a heavy-duty support
manufactured from aluminium and it
features an adjustable ball head and legs.
Soft rubber facings ensure surfaces will not
be scratched. It can be tripod-mounted via
a 1/4 inch screw socket and folds flat when
not in use. Weight 800g; folds to 28cm.
REF: K017 £39.99
for all EOS cameras
REF: R550
More online:
Power panner
The CamRanger provides wireless control of your
EOS camera via a free dedicated app on your iPad,
iPhone or iPod Touch and now also on your Android
handheld device or from your Mac (PC version
in beta). It enables you to shoot still or
video images, view and change camera
settings (shutter speed, ISO etc), focus,
shoot at intervals and transfer images all
at a distance of up to 50m (150ft). You can
wirelessly stream Live View to your device
– great for when your camera is placed in
remote locations such as bird hides. Also suitable for macro photography with its touch
focusing, fine focus control and focus stacking features. And there is no need for a nearby
WiFi network as the CamRanger creates its own ad-hoc network. This gives you complete
freedom out in the field.
Once you have captured your images you can view, download and delete images from
your camera’s memory card – all remotely and wirelessly. You can bring up the images fullscreen and zoom into the full resolution of the JPEG and RAW files to check exposure and
composition. A live histogram will help you check correct exposure.
The CamRanger attaches to your EOS camera via a single cable and comes supplied
with a soft black pouch which can be used to hang the device securely on your tripod. Also
includes an ethernet cable for firmware updates and USB-rechargeable (and replaceable)
Li-Polymer battery. Battery life varies with usage but is typically 3-6 hours. Spare batteries
are available separately. Dimensions 10cm x 6cm x 1.5cm; weight 115g.
Compatible with EOS-1D Mark IV, 1Ds Mk III, 1D X, 1D C, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D,
40D, 50D, 60D, 70D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D. Not all features given above are
available for all listed EOS cameras – please check the website for more information.
REF: K037 £269.99
MP-101 Power Panner with six-metre cable REF: R356 £139.99
CamRanger PT Hub
Extend the capabilities of your CamRanger with the PT Hub. This neat little accessory works
with the power panner head MP-101 (right) and allows you to control the movement of the
power panner from within the CamRanger app. This means that you can move your camera
via pan and tilt motions remotely and so keep your subject in the frame at all times. And
then if you need to refocus the camera to compensate
you have all the controls at your fingertips within the
same app. Requires CamRanger and MP-101 power
panner head, both sold separately.
As well as the obvious application for advanced
capture of wildlife, the Hub is also useful for
panoramas and video capture. You can control the
speed, angle and movement of the panner head, all
wirelessly. It will also allow you to create moving
time-lapse photography. Because the power panner
head offers smooth movement and there is no need
to touch the camera, the results achieved look highly
REF: K136
Which connector?
E3 cable
EOS 60D, 70D, 100D, 300D, 350D, 400D,
450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D,
1000D, 1100D, 1200D, D30, D60, 30, 33,
50, 300, 500.
N3 cable
EOS 10D, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D,
7D, 6D, 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 1D,
1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark III, 1D
Mark IV, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III,
1D X, 3, 1V
Some subjects simply move too fast to be captured successfully even with standard
infrared beam-breaking triggers. The TriggerScout overcomes this by letting your subject’s
heat signature trigger your camera via a passive infrared sensor. With a maximum range
of 20 metres the TriggerScout will detect moving heat and trigger within a minimum of
1/5 second. There are three sensitivity settings – full, half or quarter so that you can adjust
according to ambient temperature and the heat signature of your subject.
The sensor can be connected directly to your EOS camera’s remote trigger socket or
can be connected to the TriggerSmart MCT-1 control unit (not supplied) for increased
control over sensitivity and timing delay. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included) or selfpowered when connected to an existing TriggerSmart system. The sensor has a low power
consumption so good batteries should last around 100 hours.
The TriggerScout kit includes the PIR (passive infrared) sensor, weatherproof cover,
stakepod, 3-metre cable and 6° baffle to narrow the cone of sensitivity. We also supply a
Canon-specific cable adapter to make the kit work with all EOS cameras. For maximum
effectiveness and ultimate control over the activation area the TriggerScout can be used in
pairs. This means that the sensor will only trigger when both zones are activated. Similarly
this can be achieved by using the TriggerSmart IR sensor or TriggerBeam Pro which are all
available separately.
Additional six-metre cable
REF: R387 £15.99
TriggerScout PIR kit
TriggerScout with additional Canon cable
A power panner is an
electric base unit which
allows you to pan and tilt
your camera remotely.
It is ideal for wildlife
photography, but can
be used for many other
subjects. It is especially
useful when used with a
remote viewing screen
like the CamRanger.
The panner head is controlled via a hand
unit connected to the panner by a onemetre cable. However, six-metre extension
cables are available and can be linked
together to create a much longer cable. We
include a free six-metre cable with the unit;
extra cables can be purchased separately.
The tilt angle is ±15° with a pan angle of
±90°. These movements are controlled by
a 4-way rocker switch on the remote. The
speed of the movement is controlled by a
slider switch on the remote. The maximum
recommended camera weight is 2700g,
so all EOS digital and film cameras can be
used (but check the weight if a heavy lens
is fitted to the camera). Power is supplied
from four AA batteries (not included).
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
If you have a tripod you
need a remote release.
It eliminates the risk of
camera movement as you
press the shutter button.
Wireless releases serve
the same purpose, but
can also fire the shutter
from a greater distance.
This is useful for wildlife
photography where you
set the camera close to the
subject’s haunt and keep
watch from afar.
Canon RC-6
Remote Release
This remote controller
fires your camera up
to 5 metres away (from
front of camera or by
bouncing the beam off
a solid surface towards
the camera). Compatible
cameras have the wireless
receiver built-in as
standard. Comes with two
modes – immediate and 2-second delay.
This handy remote can also be used
to start and stop movie recording when
filming with the EOS 60D, 70D, 100D, 650D
or 700D. Ideal for self and group portraits,
or as an alternative to a remote switch.
Supplied with pouch. Compatible with
EOS 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, 60D,
70D, 100D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D,
500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, M.
Put a little distance between you and the
camera with this cable remote release.
It can be used up to 0.8 metre from
the camera, or up to 2.8 metres with
the supplied extension lead. It allows
autofocusing before shutter release and
a lock for continuous release
and bulb exposure function.
This accessory is ideal for
shake-free firing of your
camera on a tripod. The
remote now also features a
‘twist & lock’ system making
the connection between cable
and remote much easier and
more secure.
Two camera cables are
supplied to suit all EOS
digital cameras (N3 and E3
REF: A382 £16.99
REF: R194 £21.95
IR Remote Trigger
Take the difficulty out of capturing moving subjects with this infrared remote trigger from
Hama. Part of their comprehensive DCC Remote System, the IR remote trigger consists
of two units. The transmitter sends a continuous infrared beam to the receiver and the
units can be positioned up to 5 metres apart (depending on ambient light conditions); an
extension cable connects the receiver to the remote control socket of the camera. The two
units which create the beam have an integrated 1/4 inch tripod thread.
When the subject breaks the infrared beam the camera shutter fires. With the trigger
doing all the work, once you have set up the shoot you can stand well away so as not to
disturb your subject. We supply this with one camera trigger cable – choose the correct
connection type for your camera. The additional cable is available separately.
With N3 connector / E3 connector
5 metre extension cable
REF: R879 £79.95
REF: R886 £12.95
Timer remotes
Timer remote releases are perfect for sequences recorded from the same place over a set
time frame. Using a timer remote gives you complete control over the interval, frequency
and length of exposure. We have both a wired and wireless solution to choose from. For
more information on setting up your camera for time lapse, take a look at the article in the
April-June 2009 issue, pages 54-9.
Two other bits of equipment need to be taken into consideration when shooting at
intervals over a long time frame. Make sure you have a good size memory card and that
your battery is fully charged. Shooting one frame every 30 seconds over a ten-hour period
will result in 1,200 images. It’s also a good idea to turn off features which drain the battery
quickly, like the auto review facility.
Great for time-lapse photography, such as blooming flowers, and action shots, the Giga
T Pro can also be used as a simple wireless remote. It has the advantage that line-of-sight
is not required to fire the camera. It is also
ideal for wildlife photography, long exposures,
astrophotography and studio sessions.
Programmable features include a selftimer, interval timer, long exposure timer
and exposure count settings, which can be
combined. Timer sequences are available
from 1 second up to 99 hours. The Giga T
Pro provides autofocus and shutter release,
continuous shooting and bulb mode with a
100m range. The 2.4GHz frequency is licencefree worldwide.
Two camera connectors are supplied to suit
all EOS DSLRs (N3 and E3 connections).
REF: R195 £74.99
This wired digital
remote timer
will give you
precise control
over scheduled
shutter release,
exposure length
and frequency. It
provides delayed
shutter release
to the second,
release, time
exposure and
continuous shooting to preset limits. The
time can be preset from 1 second to 99
hours. Settings are viewed on a clear 1.2
inch LCD screen which can be illuminated
in dark environments. A dial enables you to
enter settings easily with just your thumb.
Power consumption is low, using one
CR2032 (3V) cell battery. It works as a
simple shutter release without a battery.
The cord is 80cm long and the unit weighs
only 105g, measuring (LxWxD) 15.4 x 4 x
AP-TR1C with E3 connector
AP-TR3C with N3 connector
REF: K038 £29.99
More online:
Halo Macro LED Ring Flash
Reversing rings
This LED ring flash is the perfect pocketable lighting solution for your EOS camera. It
is well-designed and easy-to-use, whether you attach it to the lens for classic ring flash
effect, position it handheld off-camera, or even mount it to the hotshoe of your camera.
This 60-bulb LED light can work in three flash modes, as a continuous light mode or,
by half pressing the shutter, as an AF assist lamp. The angle of light from the LED bulbs
is 60°, giving you a wide spread of even light. The brightness is adjustable up to three
stops via a simple wheel. Colour temperature is 5500K ±300K.
The power output is astonishing, given that the Halo
runs on just four AA batteries. Battery life is extended
immeasurably by the low power consumption of LED
technology. The flash mode output is twice as powerful
as continuous mode. In both flash and continuous mode
the left and right sides can be fired independently for
more dynamic lighting effects. The effective flash range is
5cms to 1.5 metres. Sync speed is 1/200 second.
Small enough to carry in your coat pocket, yet
sufficient for a variety of uses as your sole lighting
solution. We particularly like the ease with which you
can adjust the power levels and that you can use this
LED ring flash as a flash or continuous light. It also has
integral mounts for use on your camera’s hotshoe as well
as on a lens. Includes eight lens adapters to fit all EF and
EF-S lenses from 52mm to 77mm filter mount.
Expand the macro potential of your lenses
(recent and old) simply by turning them
around. A reversing ring has a lens mount
on one end which attaches to the camera
and on the other end a thread which
screws to the filter mount of the reversed
lens. Made from metal for a solid thread
that won’t wear. For use with one lens at a
time. A cost-effective way of experimenting
with macro photography, and great fun!
REF: K040
Available in 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm
and 77mm
REF: R698
£7.50 each
Macro reflector
Get incredibly close by reversing one
lens and coupling it with another. A
coupling ring has threads on both
ends so that two lenses can be joined
together at their filter mounts. One lens
is attached as usual to the camera body,
the second lens reversed and attached to
the first. Made from metal for durability.
Available in a combination of
filter sizes from 52mm to 77mm
REF: R703
£3.95 each
Macro arm light
Lighting is critical for close-up work. Just
a spot of light here to reduce the shadow
and a touch of light there to illuminate the
subject can make all the difference to the
final image. You can achieve both with this
twin-arm LED light.
Simply slip the macro arm light into the
hotshoe of your EOS camera and choose a
setting of Off/Low/High for each arm. Each
LED operates at a slightly different light
level, so you can achieve eight different
levels of brightness. This light is ideal when
you have specific areas of the shot to light.
There are no cables to mess with or tuck
out of sight – the LEDs are on flexible stalks
(230mm long) and can be twisted and bent
with ease to achieve the right angle of light
for your subject. The LEDs stay cool and
are flicker-free for consistent lighting every
time. The output is equivalent to daylight
(cool white) at 5600K. The LED bulbs have
a 50,000 hour life. Maximum range of the
LEDs is around 30cm, but best used close.
Weighs 55g; powered by two 3v
CR2025 lithium batteries (supplied).
REF: R473
Above: Peacock feather shot with lens
reversed and manually focused. EOS 1000D
with EF 24-85mm lens reversed. 1/60
second at f21, ISO 400.
Which size?
Mini studio kit
Close-up lenses
Unlike extension tubes which have no glass, close-up lenses
are essentially a sophisticated magnifying glass which you
screw to the filter mount on the front of your lens to enlarge
your subject. This set from SRB is made in the UK and includes
four close-up lenses of different dioptres, offering varying
magnification strengths. They can be used individually or
stacked together to multiply the effect. These are particularly
useful when using longer focal lengths because the magnification needed is less, so the
image suffers less degradation at close distances.
This set includes +1, +2, +4 and +10 dioptres in a fold-up case. The lenses are single
element. Choose the right set for your lens filter size. They can also be used with stepping
rings (opposite page) so buy for your largest filter mount and step down for lenses with
smaller filter mount sizes.
Extension tube set
It’s all to do with your lens. Check the
filter size on the front of your lens or
check in Everything EOS (see page
12) as we have the full list of Canon
lenses with filter sizes given.
Get closer to your subject and achieve
greater magnification whilst still
retaining autofocus functionality with
this set of Aputure extension tubes.
They are designed with all the circuitry
and mechanical coupling to maintain
autofocus and TTL auto exposure.
Extension tubes enable a lens to
focus closer than its predetermined
minimum focusing distance. Extension
tubes have no optics – they are mounted
between the camera body and lens
to create more distance between the
lens and film plane. By moving the lens
further away from the film or sensor in
the camera, the lens is forced to focus
much closer than normal.
The set contains three tubes of
different lengths: 13mm, 21mm
and 31mm. Each tube can be used
individually or in any combination to
obtain the desired magnification. The
greater the length of the tube, the closer
the lens can focus.
Above left: Doll’s house sewing machine
with lens fitted as standard, no adapter.
Above right: Subject photographed using
the first lens fitted as standard and coupled
with a second lens, which is reversed.
Set of four in 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm or 77mm size
Canon’s range of macro
lenses are highly
desirable but pricey.
So before you take the
plunge with a specialist
lens, you can try one of
the lens adapters below
at a fraction of the price.
Coupling rings
This handy device provides a touch of extra
light by reflecting backlighting onto small
subjects – excellent for softening shadows
when shooting outdoors. The reflector
material is silver one side and white
the other. The reflector is positioned by
pushing your lens through the elasticated
hole. The central hole measures 7.5cm and
the overall diameter is 31cm.
REF: R183
REF: K113
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Need a more versatile but portable studio
for shooting small products? Then try
this compact kit. It comes complete with
studio, adjustable stand for your camera,
two lamps and four interchangeable
background colours. It also comes supplied
with a handy carry bag for easy storage
(below). Background colours are black,
white, red, blue. The lamps are freestanding
and, when angled through the sides of the
studio, offer a soft, diffused light.
The supplied
camera stand will
hold a lightweight
EOS camera
and small lens
combination, such as
the 700D plus kit lens
(max weight 1kg). If
you want to use the
studio with a bigger
camera then we
recommend using an alternative table-top
tripod. Take a look at the small tripods on
the supports page.
Available in two sizes: 40cm3 and 60cm3.
Digital King converters
Digital King converters are designed to work with the EF 18-55mm zoom lens and offer
a relatively inexpensive method of extending the wide-angle capabilities of this popular
kit lens. They attach to the front of the lens using the 58mm filter mount. A great way of
accessing wide angle and macro with your kit lens. Three versions are available.
Wide converter 0.25x with 10x macro
Converts the 18mm setting of the EF 1855mm lens to an ultra-extreme wide-angle
fisheye lens (focal length of approximately
4.5mm) giving a circular image. Unscrew
the rear section and it can be used as a
separate 10 dioptre (approx.) macro lens.
REF: R532 £99.99
Wide converter 0.43x with 10x macro
Converts the 18mm setting of the EF 1855mm lens to an extreme 8mm wide angle.
Rear section can be used as a separate 10
dioptre (approx.) macro lens.
Above: EF 18-55mm set to
a focal length of 18mm and
closest focusing distance
REF: R531 £84.99
Studio kit 40 £39.99
Studio kit 60 £54.99
Wide angle converter 0.7x
Converts 18mm setting to 12mm.
REF: K138
REF: R345 £69.99
Above: shot with no tubes fitted.
Below: taken using all three tubes stacked
together achieving 10x magnification.
We shot a series of images on an
EOS 5D Mark II with EF 50mm lens
attached using the various combinations
of tubes (seven in total). The maximum
magnification we achieved with all three
tubes stacked together was ten times
greater than with no extension tube,
giving us true macro photography.
Best used on EF and EF-S lenses
with shorter focal lengths as these offer
greater magnification.
For all EOS cameras
REF: K042
Above: with 10x macro lens
More online:
An understanding of light
is critical to a successful
photo. Get the white
balance right with a grey
card or use a white balance
cap to take a test shot,
then adjust your settings
However hard you try, sometimes you
cannot get the white balance settings
right for your day’s shooting. The
technical challenge of exposure and
colour correction cannot easily be solved
with software
after the shoot.
These handy grey/
white cards from
Lastolite will solve
that problem.
There are two
versions: one
features an 18%
grey on one side
and is square; the
other is 12% grey
and triangular.
Both have a
white reverse
and are durable, wipe-clean and
When unfolded they measure 30cm
across and have a unique focusing target
in the centre which enables the camera
to focus more reliably. When folded they
measure only 10cm diameter and fit
easily into your pocket or camera bag.
REF: R775
Hähnel Tuff TTL
Flash stand
This stand will help
you position your LED
light in the right place.
With three hotshoe slots
on top and a tripod socket on the base,
this stand is versatile and very useful. It
provides a sturdy support for your flash
or LED light.
Also a perfect replacement if you
have lost the original stand that came
with your Speedlite. Thread for tripod
mount is metal. Measures 10.5 x 8.5cm.
Canon’s latest
flash, the Speedlite
600EX-RT, is
the first to offer
wireless control
using a radio
signal. Earlier
Speedlites with
a wireless option
use optical signals.
The problem with
optical signals is
that they need
between units and
the working range
is limited to several metres.
The Hahnel Tuff TTL flash trigger works
with an ISM 2.4GHz radio signal (licencefree worldwide) and has a working range
of 200 metres, or more. There are two
parts to the trigger. The transmitter fits to
the hotshoe of your camera. The receiver
provides a hotshoe for the base of the
Speedlite. The system provides full TTL
flash metering with all EX-series Speedlites.
Digital Channel Matching eliminates the
risk of interference from other wireless
products. A single control button offers
normal TTL mode, high-speed sync (to a
maximum of 1/8000 second) and secondcurtain synchronisation. Each of the two
units is powered by two AA batteries.
Additional receivers enable you to
trigger multiple Speedlites. You can use
an unlimited number of receivers with the
one Tuff transmitter. Both the transmitter
and receiver are housed in a removeable
protective rubber cover for impact
Tuff TTL
REF: R776 £99.99
Additional receiver REF: R470 £58.99
Also available is the Viper – a more
advanced trigger capable of controlling
up to three groups of flash guns. Visit the
website for more information.
Triangular reflector
White balance caps
This 2-in-1 reflector will enable you to
adjust the light hitting your subject.
Designed with a hand hold in one of the
corners, it is easy to grip and thereby
angle for effective light control.
Available in two combinations: gold/
silver and white/silver. The gold surface
helps warm the reflected light, giving
a pleasing effect on skin tones even on
colder days. The silver surface reflects
more light to brighten the scene and will
increase highlights. The white side will
bounce light for fill-in where needed.
The reflector is 60cm wide and
collapses down into a small
zipped case.
REF: K060
REF: R684 £5.45
Off-camera flash cord
Sometimes you
need to move
your Speedlite
further away
from the camera
whilst still
retaining full
flash dedication.
These cords
from Lastolite are straight not coiled so
you won’t have to worry about stretching
the cord to its maximum length of either
three or ten metres. One end connects
to the camera hotshoe and the other
attaches to your Speedlite. You retain full
control over TTL metering.
Three-metre cord
Ten-metre cord
REF: R774
Hotshoe protector
This simple accessory
slips into the hotshoe
of your camera to
keep the contacts
clean. It has been
designed especially
for EOS cameras – the
built-in flash will pop
up even with the cover
in place. A bonus is
the circular spirit level.
Too many stunning
images nowadays are
left languishing on a
computer, in your loft or
on a forgotten memory
card at the bottom of your
camera bag. Make the
most of them and show
them off with pride.
Fotospeed papers
The award-winning range of papers from Fotospeed is vast,
so we have selected a few different A4 papers that we like and
recommend. In addition to full boxes of our chosen papers you can
also get test packs, giving you a broader selection of papers to try.
Full descriptions of each of the papers are available on the website.
Photo Papers
PF Lustre 270 - 25 sheets
Metallic Pearl 295 - 25 sheets
Photo test pack - 16 sheets
£10.99 REF: K131
Art papers
Smooth Cotton 300 - 25 sheets
Platinum Matt 280 - 20 sheets
£15.99 REF: K132
Panoramic paper
An easy way to produce and present your
images in a modern, contemporary and
stylish manner, these Image-Blocks are
a hit amongst the EOS magazine team.
Displayed in a 3D format, this minimalist
look is easy to create in seconds. Simply
peel away the self-adhesive backing,
carefully position your printed image on
the self-adhesive area and press down
firmly using a soft cloth. Sizes from 10 x 8
inches upwards have pre-drilled hanging
fixings on the back of the blocks which
enable you to hang them flush to the wall.
6 x 4 inches
5 x 5 inches
7 x 5 inches
10 x 8 inches
12 x 12 inches
REF: R792
The ability to print decent-sized panoramics has long been a desire
in the EOS magazine office, but not possible previously without a roll-fed printer. But
Fotospeed has the solution – new purpose-sized photo papers which can be used in top-fed
inkjet printers sized A4 and upwards.
This new range of papers measure 210 x 594mm, giving you a 3:1 ratio. We have
selected our two favourite paper finishes, but the range is available in six different finishes,
all of which can be ordered online. There is also a test pack which contains four sheets of
each of the six different finishes so that you can experiment with the finish that suits you.
25 sheets per pack (24 in the test pack). Templates for guidance on image placement within
Photoshop are downloadable free of charge from the shop website.
Photo Smooth Pearl is a natural white, heavyweight and instant dry, resin-coated
290gsm inkjet paper. It has a beautiful pearl finish. It has recently been developed by
Fotospeed to match the popular but now-discontinued Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl.
Platinum Baryta is a 300gsm paper which contains Barium Sulphate for a natural base
colour and smooth ‘unglazed’ glossy finish. It retains delicate highlights and gives deep
blacks, resulting in the traditional Baryta darkroom look and feel but from an inkjet paper.
The test pack, in addition to containing the two papers above, also includes the
following papers: PF Gloss 270, PF Lustre 270, Smooth Cotton 300, Platinum Etching 285.
Full packs of these papers are also available by special order from the EOS magazine shop.
Photo Smooth Pearl 290 Platinum Baryta 300
Test pack
REF: K130
REF: R371 £3.49
Flat diffuser
52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm
This portable diffuser also softens the
illumination from your camera’s built-in
flash. This accessory uses an elasticated
ring to grip the front of the lens. This
can give a greater distance between
the diffuser and
the flash head,
producing more
diffuse illumination.
Can also provide
diffusion for some
Speedlites (depends
on Speedlite,
lens and camera
combination). Folds
into a small zipped
REF: R373 £7.95 each
REF: R068 £8.95
Available in two paper types and now in
three sizes, we think these packs of quality
blank greetings cards from Fotospeed will
show off your images in style to friends and
family. Because the cards are pre-scored
down the centre you will get a perfect fold
every time.
Each pack comes complete with the
right number of matching white envelopes.
Templates for successful printing are
downloadable from the website, ensuring
you get a perfect finish every time. The
cards are compatible with all inkjet printers,
both dye and pigment inks.
Two new sizes have been introduced
following the popularity of the A5 cards –
A6 and panoramic-format i3, which has a
finished size of 21 x 7.4cm. So make use of
your images and get printing!
These replacement lens caps feature a
white translucent centre for use when
setting a manual white balance in difficult
lighting situations. Edge style catches for
easy release, even with a hood fitted.
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
The A5 cards are supplied in either a
middleweight 240gsm bright-white matte
photo paper or a heavyweight 315gsm
fine art textured paper. The cards are
single sided, leaving the inside of the card
uncoated and suitable for printing text
wording and messages. Both types offer a
bright white, matte finish.
Matte Ultra 240gsm A5 – pack of 50
REF: K109
NT Fine art 315gsm A5 – pack of 20 cards
REF: K110
The new Fotocard sizes are printable on
both sides and are available in two finishes;
a middleweight, bright white matte photo
230gsm paper, and a warmer, slightly
textured 220gsm cream art paper which
is acid-free. These packs each contain 25
cards and matching envelopes.
Matt Duo 230gsm – A6
Matt Duo 230gsm – i3 panoramic
REF: K025
Smooth Art Duo – A6
Smooth Art Duo – i3 panoramic
REF: K026
More online:
Neutral density
You can shoot images like this dreamy
seascape simply by adding a neutral
density filter to the front of your lens.
Whether you want to slow water
movement, blur the background for macro
shots or simply avoid overexposure, this
small lightweight accessory will provide
you with the ideal creative tool. It’s also
invaluable when shooting movies on your
EOS camera in order to control exposure
and give smoother transitions between
different light levels.
LightCraft Workshop
REF: R542
£145.99 REF: R536
Hama Vario ND2-400
Useful for blurring backgrounds, smooth
water surfaces and rich blue skies, this
variable neutral density filter from Hama
allows you to adjust
the range from ND2
(1 stop) to ND400
(just under 9 stops).
The filter is made
from high quality
lens glass, coated on
each side to minimise
reflections and increase picture quality. The
front lens, which is slightly larger than the
rear lens to avoid vignetting, rotates to alter
the density of the filter. We include a free
lens cap at the right size.
52mm (with 55mm lens cap)
58mm (with 62mm lens cap)
67mm (with 72mm lens cap)
72mm (with 77mm lens cap)
77mm (with 82mm lens cap)
Another creative effect filter from Hama
which offers dazzling images is this start
effect filter, available in 6x cross and 8x
cross. Especially designed for shooting at
night when there are direct light sources
such as street lights and car headlights, the
light will refract across the finely etched
lines on the filter’s surface and transform
points of light into star shapes with either
six or eight rays emanating from the light
source. The filter can also be effective on a
setting sun.
Diffusion filter
The fine concentric lines etched onto the
surface of this Hama filter help to create a
flattering soft focus effect in your portrait
images, whilst still retaining sharpness
on your overall image. The end result is
dreamy and rather romantic-looking. It’s
especially suited to outdoor portraiture
where harsh shadows can be a problem.
The advantage of creating this soft focus
effect with a filter rather than with postprocessing software is that you can see the
results in-camera.
6x cross
58mm £25.99
67mm £27.99
58mm £24.99
67mm £29.99
REF: K126
REF: K125
8x cross
Small (49-62mm)
Large (62-77mm)
REF: K112
A creative filter suitable for some portrait
and product shots, this diffuser spot filter
from Hama has a clear centre and uneven
textured surface around the outside. Your
centred subject will remain clear and sharp
whilst distracting or cluttered backgrounds
will be significantly softened and blurred.
REF: K124
If you have been mesmerised by the ghostly images in the ‘Hand-coloured’ article in
the July-September 2013 issue or captivated by David Clapp’s ‘Infrared Masterclass’ 12
months earlier, then this is an affordable way for you to start experimenting with infrared
photography. This R70 circular infrared filter from UK-based SRB-Griturn only allows
infrared rays above 720nm to pass through, offering a unique perspective on the world.
Check that your camera is infraredsensitive by holding down a button on your
TV remote and taking a photo of the end with
the bulb. If you can see the infrared signal
lamp in the photo you have captured infrared
radiation with your camera and you can start
experimenting with this filter and infrared
52mm 58mm 67mm 72mm 77mm new
REF: K115
Circular polariser
Don’t incur unnecessary expense buying
various size filters for each lens you own.
A stepping ring allows you to step a bigger
filter size down to fit your smaller lens filter
mount. The first measurement should be
your lens thread, the second measurement
your accessory size.
Primarily designed to provide protection
from rain and grime, a UV filter will also
give you sharper,
clearer images. UV
rays often make
photos appear pale
and grey. You will
see better colour
contrast by filtering
UV rays and associated grey haze. It is
effective for colour images as well as blackand-white.
This UV filter from Hama is multi-coated
with four layers of coating and this helps
minimise flare when the lens is pointed
towards a bright light source.
Various size combinations 52mm-82mm
Half red, half clear, this Hama creative
filter has a rotating mount so that you can
position the graduated red area accurately
within your landscape. It enhances the
colours of dusk and dawn to add extra
impact and atmosphere. Often the
perceived colours of the sky cannot be
captured on camera, so this filter enables
you to deepen the reds of your sky whilst
leaving the foreground untouched.
58mm £27.99
REF: K046
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
REF: R591
£5.99 each
Other sizes?
We stock sizes to fit most Canon lenses.
Not all of the filters here are available
in the full range of sizes. If you need a
different size for a non-Canon lens give
us a call.
52mm 58mm 67mm 72mm 77mm £11.95
UV protection
A pair of wrenches to help you remove a
stubborn filter from your lens. Use one to
grip the lens, the other to grip the filter.
Diffuser spot filter
Stepping rings
REF: K045
Circular infrared filter
Graduated red
Filter wrench
REF: K123
Graduated grey
58mm £29.99
72mm £42.99
REF: K044
REF: K122
We often spot this effect used for outside
shots on programmes like Top Gear.
This graduated grey filter from Hama
allows you to darken part of your image,
particularly skies, an effect not easily
recreated with software. The filter has a
small lever on the side which operates the
rotary mount so that the graduated area
of the filter can be aligned perfectly within
your shot.
This high quality
ND fader from
Light Craft
Workshop is
invaluable for
shooting bright
sunny days when long exposures would
result in blown-out skies. This ND filter
allows you to adjust the range from ND4 (2
stops) to ND400 (9 stops), though the range
will be less with wide-angle lenses. This is
explained in the information on our website
or on the leaflet supplied with the filter.
Adjusting the density of the filter is simple –
just twist the outer ring and you will see the
density increase or decrease as you turn it,
allowing you full control. The frame on the
LightCraft Workshop ND filters is incredibly
thin so vignetting is not an issue.
Star effect filter
A true 9-stop multi-coated neutral density
filter, with ultra-thin non-vignetting filter
frame. It employs advanced anti-reflection
coatings for excellent flare resistance,
particularly important in bright sunlight.
This filter from LightCraft Workshop is
high quality and produces far less of a
colour contrast than a variable ND filter
will give at the higher end of the range.
A 2-stop solid grey filter ideal for reducing
the overall brightness in your scene and
removing low-level haze. This ND4 filter
from Hama has an HTMC coating with four
layers each side for excellent transparency
and reduced flare. With a fixed density
rating it offers a good neutral colour.
Made from high grade optical glass.
Use lens filters for various
improvements in your
images. A UV filter offers
better clarity; a polariser
will elimate reflections
and enhance contrast;
an ND filter allows you
to extend exposure time.
And for creativity there
are some new diffusion,
star and graduated filters
to experiment with, ideal
if you prefer to create the
effects in-camera.
LightCraft Workshop ND
fader Mark II
Have you ever wondered how some photographers manage to get such saturated colours
in their images? It’s down to the effective use of a polarising filter. This cuts through some
of the reflected light to show you the true
colours. A polariser is the one filter which
will help every EOS user to improve and
enhance their images.
An invaluable filter for your kit bag,
a circular polariser will help eliminate
unwanted reflections on shiny surfaces
such as glass and water and will increase
colour saturation and contrast.
Made by SRB Griturn in the UK this
affordable range of polarising filters are
multi-coated and made from optical glass,
thereby reducing lens flare.
Above: The left-hand image was shot without
a polariser; the image to the right was taken
shortly after with a polariser filter attached.
REF: R867
52mm, 58mm
67mm, 72mm 77mm 82mm
REF: K111
More online:
Hama media cards
The increasing quality of high resolution digital photos and videos requires memory cards
with high capacities and faster write speeds. Equally you need reliability. Hama memory
cards meet these needs at a price you can afford and with a two-year warranty.
Hama CompactFlash cards 30MB/sec
These are an extremely reliable storage medium suitable for
CF type I & II slots. With Hama’s high speed cards you can
capture higher resolution images in less time with the fast
transfer rate of up to 30MB/sec (system-dependent). Data
can be written and erased as often as required.
4GB card
8GB card
16GB card
32GB card new
£34.99 REF: K051
REF: K054
Canon USB cables
Connect your camera to your PC or Mac to download images and update firmware. Cable
lengths available in 1.8 metres and 4.7 metres. Compatible with EOS-1D Mark II, 1D Mark
IV, 1Ds Mark III, 1D X, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D, 100D, 450D,
500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 1000D, 1100D, 1200D, M.
Running out of memory
mid-shoot is frustrating
and wastes valuable time.
Make sure you aren’t left
short of capacity.
The extra functionality
on EOS cameras can
often drain the battery
very quickly. Whether
you are using Live View,
shooting video, or simply
taking time reviewing
your images, your battery
will quickly drain away. A
spare battery is essential.
For maximum capacity
and performance, try the
Extreme batteries.
Multi-card reader
When it comes to
downloading your
images onto your
computer, finding
the right cable
for your camera
isn’t as easy as it
should be. With
so many cables
for your different electronic devices you
can end up wasting time hunting for the
right one. This lightweight and compact
card reader from Hama can read many
different cards and can transfer the
stored data quickly and reliably to your
computer – at up to 20MB per second.
There’s no need to have a cable
to connect every piece of electronic
equipment you own to the computer,
as everything can be done via the card
reader, which accepts 35 different
media cards, including CF, SD, XD,
MemoryStick and MMC. Supports USB
2.0 and 1.1.
IFC-200U (1.8 metres long) REF: P809
IFC-500U (4.7 metres long) REF: P788£32.99
REF: K057 £9.99
Battery grip with infrared remote
Pro cube charger
The stylish and ergonomic design of this battery grip from Hähnel improves the handling
of your camera and doubles the available power. Built-in power management regulates
the power output to the camera. Many of the models are fitted with a vertical shutter
release, making shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as
shooting horizontally. Having the vertical
grip allows the user to shoot from a more
comfortable and stable position thereby
giving easier handling.
Most of the grips include an infrared
remote control and a built-in infrared
receiver. There’s also the option to use
AA batteries instead of one or two of
the camera’s standard batteries, offering
flexibility in situations where you can’t
charge your camera battery. Batteries are
available separately.
For more information on the benefits
and versatility of a battery grip fitted
to your EOS camera, take a look at the
article in the July-September 2012 issue,
pages 58-61.
Vertical to fit EOS models
release?RC? tray?
5D Mark II
5D Mark III
550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
Hama SDHC cards Class 10
With these High Speed Secure Digital (SDHC) cards you
can store all your images and videos both efficiently and
securely with minimal hassle. Being suitable for all devices
with an SDHC slot (though not downward compatible with
SD devices), these cards offer fast class 6 read speeds of up
to 22MB/sec for super-quick storage and transfer.
4GB card 8GB card
16GB card 32GB card new
64GB card new
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Stylist and swift, this compact Li-Ion, AA
and USB smart charger from Hahnel is an
ideal travel companion. It will charge one
or two Li-Ion batteries (E6 or E8 models),
4 x rechargeable AA batteries using
the supplied tray and has an integrated
USB charger compatible with a range of
smartphones and tablets. The ProCube
also comes supplied with UK, Euro and
US plugs as well as a 12V car lead.
A clear LCD display will show you
the power level as a percentage and will
indicate what is currently charging. It
features intelligent
fast IC charge control
to ensure that your
batteries and devices
recharge quickly
and safely. Batteries
not included.
Suitable for charging
the following EOS
battery packs:
E6 – fits EOS 5D
Mark II, 5D Mark III,
6D, 7D, 60D, 70D
E8 – fits EOS 550D,
600D, 650D, 700D
REF: K094
AA/AAA batteries
designed for
products that
have high power
consumption in
short bursts, these
Synergy 2500mAh
AA and 1000mAh
AAA rechargeable
batteries are a solid choice for EOS
users. They can be used straight from
the pack and will hold their charge even
when not used for long periods. You
can recharge them up to 500 times
meaning they will pay for themselves
over non-rechargeable batteries time
and time again. Suitable for a range
of devices including Speedlites and
battery grips.
AAA 1000mAh 4-pack£9.95
AA 2500mAh 4-pack
REF: K106
Battery holders
Carrying extra batteries is always a good idea, so you don’t run out
of power mid-shoot. The DSLR battery holder is a slim, collapsible,
compact design which holds either two or four standard-sized DSLR
batteries in one handy pouch. There’s also a new green-edged
pouch which can hold up to eight AA batteries. Keep yourself
organised and the battery contacts free from dust and grime. And if
you want a simple way to tell which batteries are empty, simply turn
the used ones over so you can see at-a-glance which to use next.
Holder for 2 batteries
Holder for 4 batteries
Holder for 8 x AA batteries new
REF: R788
Camera batteries from Hähnel*
We regularly use these replacement batteries from
Hähnel when working on images for the magazine
and find them as reliable as the originals. These
batteries are environmentally-friendly, feature a
very high energy density and have no memory
effect. A built-in microprocessor safeguards
the cells by limiting maximum voltage and by
protecting against deep discharge, short circuit and
Recently added to the range are two Extreme
batteries – so called for their higher capacity, durability and maximum reliability. Each
battery is injected with silicone for a tough, shock-absorbing construction and extra
electrical insulation. In a test environment the new HLX-E6 battery outperformed the
original Canon LP-E6 battery pack by 24%, meaning you need to change your battery less
often when out shooting. The new Extreme batteries are available as E6 and E8 models.
*Please see the information on camera batteries below left for delivery restrictions.
to fit EOS models
100D, M
350D, 400D HL-2LHP
450D, 500D, 1000D HL-E5
550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
1100D, 1200D
5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 300D, D30, D60 HL-511
5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D
1D, 1D Mk II, 1D Mk II N, 1Ds, 1Ds Mk II HN-E3
1D Mk III, 1D Mk IV, 1Ds Mk III
Extreme batteries – up to 24% more capacity
550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D
R262 R004
R260 R310 R261 R534
Camera batteries
It is with regret that we are currently
only able to fulfil orders for camera
batteries to most destinations within UK
mainland - but not all (please see the
website or phone for more details). This
is because Lithium-Ion batteries, the
type that most EOS cameras currently
use, are classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’
by all UK carriers, including Royal Mail
and ParcelForce. ‘Dangerous Goods’
are articles or substances which are
capable of posing a risk to health,
safety, property or the environment.
The restrictions have been put in place
because of increasing safety concerns
regarding lithium-ion batteries in transit,
raised by the aviation industry.
We also stock genuine Canon
batteries, grips and chargers. Visit
the website for more information or
give us a call on 01869 331741.
UniPal Plus
Supplied with UK and EU plugs plus a 12V car lead, measuring a diminutive 196 x 164 x
61mm and weighing only 340g, this sleek white battery charger from Hähnel will meet
your travel needs perfectly. It will charge almost all Li-ion 3.6V/3.7V and 7.2V/7.4V and
AA/AA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries so is suitable for most EOS cameras. It also includes a port
for USB devices. 100-240V universal
voltage for worldwide use.
The charger delivers secure
contact with a range of Li-ion
batteries via two fine adjustment
wheels. AA/AAA batteries are charged
in a separate compartment. The clear
LCD display shows battery charge
status while charging and remaining
charge if you need to test a battery.
Typical charging time two hours
per 1000mAh capacity.
REF: K104 £29.99
More online:
Aputure V-Screen
Get a clear view of what
you are photographing to
ensure your composition
and focus are correct,
whether it is on the LCD
screen or through the
camera’s viewfinder.
If you struggle sometimes with the size of
the images and menu items on your LCD
screen, or you just need a bigger screen
to work with for your video or stills, then
this is an affordable solution for you. This
seven-inch digital LCD monitor, designed
for photographers and videographers, is
slim and lightweight. It is simple to operate,
features multiple video inputs and works
from both battery and AC mains supply.
The base of the monitor is fitted with a
standard ¼” tripod socket, allowing the
monitor to be easily mounted on a range
of equipment. A ball-and-socket hot shoe
adapter is included so you can mount the
monitor on top of your EOS camera.
V-Screen is easy to operate via front
panel buttons and a menu system. There is
a dedicated button to switch video inputs
and a four-way controller allows direct
control of brightness and contrast without
entering the menu.
Included in the box is a sturdy
folding fabric sun shade, useful in bright
conditions. The display itself is 800 x 480
pixels and supports video up to 1920 x
1080. Video inputs include HDMI, AV and
YPbPr. An internal speaker allows you to
listen to playback sound, with the option to
use headphones. An HDMI to mini HDMI
cable is included as is a USB cable which
can be used to install firmware updates.
The monitor can be powered by AC
mains or lithium-ion battery (both power
sources included). The battery can also
be recharged using the supplied mains
adapter. Dimensions: 182 x 138 x 23mm,
weight 380g.
Viewfinder extender
Moves eyepiece
back 15mm for more
comfortable viewing.
Takes your standard
Canon eyecup – see
below if you need a
replacement. Also helps
to keep your nose clear
of the LCD monitor,
reducing grease and smears. Can also
be used with dioptric correction lenses.
If not available for your camera, a
suitable alternative is the HoodEye.
Fits EOS 100D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D,
650D, 700D, 1000D, 1100D
REF: A315
Canon eyecups
If you need a replacement Canon
eyecup look no further.
Eyecup EB for EOS 5D, 5D Mark II, 6D,
10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D,
REF: A104 £7.35
Eyecup EF for EOS 100D, 300D, 350D,
400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D,
700D, 1000D, 1100D, 300V, 300X
REF: A032 £6.85
LensBling rear caps
If you spend a lot of time reviewing still
images or video on your EOS, then this
accessory will make a real difference to
you. HoodLoupe Professional is worn
around your neck just like a normal loupe.
When it is time to review your shot, bring
your HoodLoupe up to your camera’s LCD
screen and place your eye to the cup for
complete glare-free viewing.
Hoodloupe has an adjustable dioptre to
accommodate those with less than perfect
vision. HoodLoupe adjusts focus just like a
binocular eyepiece - you turn the eyepiece
in or out to set for your vision. Minimal
magnification is used to eliminate visual
pixelation of your image. To protect both
the camera and HoodLoupe and to make
it comfortable to use, the HoodLoupe is
surrounded by rubber. Comfortable lanyard
and compact protective storage case
Now available in three versions:
HoodLoupe 3.0 for 3-inch screens;
HoodLoupe 3.2 for 3.2-inch screens and
Compact HoodLoupe 3.2 – a collapsible
model which condenses to 50% of its
original size, useful when space is allimportant.
HoodLoupe 3.0 HoodLoupe 3.2 new
Compact 3.2 new
REF: R772
HoodEYE is a replacement rubber camera eyecup designed to improve viewfinder
clarity. In sunny conditions your view can be hampered by varying levels of stray light
entering the viewfinder. HoodEYE allows your eye to fit much closer to the camera for
improved viewing. The cup rotates to accommodate both left and right eye shooting. The
eyecup itself is made from hypoallergenic silicone rubber. A self-locking mount keeps
the HoodEYE in place so you know it’s exactly where you left it. And if you wear glasses,
there are also models (G) designed for you.
HoodEYE 22 / HoodEYE 22G for EOS 5D Mk III,
7D, 1D/1Ds series
HoodEYE 18L / HoodEYE 18LG for EOS 5D,
5D Mark II and 1100D
HoodEYE 18 / HoodEYE 18G for all other EOS
digital and film models except EOS 3, 30, 30V,
33, 33V, 5, 50, 50E
REF: R192 £22.99
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
To fit the following Canon lenses:
EF 24mm
EF 24-70mm
EF 50mm
EF 85mm
EF 70-200mm
Dioptric lenses
If you wear glasses, it can be difficult to
see all of the viewfinder image clearly. A
correction lens may help. The lens slips
over the existing eyepiece lens so that
you can view the image without wearing
your glasses. Available in ten strengths
from +3 to –4. Can only correct eye
defects of long and short sight.
Call for more information or go
online. We offer a return service if
you wish to try several strengths.
Canon lens caps Mk II
Lenses are delicate
items and need looking
after. Dirt, grime and
moisture all impair the
performance of your lens.
We have already fitted
the driCaps to the lenses
in the EOS magazine
office as they are stored in
a 400 year-old building
which is prone to damp.
Lens keeper caps
With the release grip in the centre, these
caps are easy to remove when a hood is
attached to the lens.
The keeper cord is
elasticated and slips
over the lens barrel.
REF: R486 £8.50 each
Canon lens caps,
complete with
Canon logo. The
mark II versions
now feature centre
pinch catches,
making it much
easier to remove
and replace the
cap when you have
a hood fitted. Issued as standard with all
new lenses from early 2013 onwards.
E52 II (52mm)
E67 II (67mm)
E77 II (77mm)
REF: A409
REF: A404
REF: A405
We also stock other original Canon caps
including rear lens caps (common to all
Canon EF and EF-S lenses), body and
extender caps and specialist lens caps.
Lens dust cap E (for all EF/EF-S lenses)
REF: A189
Lens dust cap EB (for all EF-M lenses)
REF: A423
RF-3 body cap
REF: A190
EII Extender Cap REF: A188
52mm, 58mm,
67mm, 72mm,
77mm, 82mm
Your lens cap not listed? There are
more available online or call for details.
REF: R279
£2.99 each
Lens Guard
Cap combo
REF: R170
LensBling are a series of rear lens caps
that enable you to quickly and easily
differentiate between your lenses. The
bright, bold labelling of the lens focal
length on the caps puts an end to the
frustration of quickly finding the right
lens. By speeding up your lens selection,
LensBling caps increase the promise of
capturing every shot.
Hoodman HoodEYE
REF: K030 24
Want a way to attach
the HoodLoupe to
your EOS camera?
Try the Cinema strap
– a perfectly-sized
rubber strap which
holds the loupe in
place over the LCD
screen. It’s easy to
attach and remove
as needed, without any permanent fixing or
marks left on the camera.
Eyecup EG for EOS 1D Mk III, 1D Mk IV,
1Ds Mk III, 7D, 5D Mk III
REF: A028 £10.99
Excess humidity can be destructive to
equipment. Fungus that forms between
lens elements and on glass surfaces in
humid dark environments is either difficult
or expensive to remove. The dri+Cap
system helps to maintain equipment
at the proper RH (relative humidity)
levels – ideally between 35% and 45%.
The dri+Cap absorbs moisture that can
otherwise turn into mould, particularly
relevant when travelling in climates with
heavy temperature changes.
Each dri+Cap has a compartment
which holds a sachet of dessicant. Four
sachets are provided in the kit and
extra sachets are available separately.
Simply insert a fresh sachet into the cap
compartment. Screw the compartment lid
on to seal the cap. Now install the cap and
the rubber ‘O’ ring ensures an air-tight
seal against the mount flange on either
the lens or camera body. Be sure to check
the dessicant sachet at regular intervals.
When the indicator gels have turned from
orange to green, replace the sachet with
a fresh one. Fits all EOS cameras and EF/
EF-S lenses
Body cap & rear lens cap kit
Body cap kit
Rear lens cap kit
Dessicant refill sachets (8 pack)
REF: K043
If you are forever losing
your body and rear lens
caps, then help is at hand.
At this price for both it
won’t be such a shock
when you have to replace
them! A simple ‘C’ adorns
the front.
For all EOS cameras and
EF/EF-S lenses
REF: K031
Lens Band
Working like a car bumper, this soft, robust
cover will protect your lens from bumps,
scratches and bent filter rings. The outer
thermoplastic rubber absorbs impact
while the 6mm thick inner neoprene layer
is water resistant and a soft cushion for
your lens. Both materials are stretchy so
the Lens Guard will hug your lens and stay
put. Simple but effective, adding minimal
weight to your kit (max 70g).
A built-in tether attaches to the camera
to keep the Lens Guard within easy reach
when not in use – it will simply hang down
below your lens. Quick and easy to put on,
it will also fit when you have a filter or lens
cap attached (but not over a lens hood).
Small – 63-76mm diameter
Medium – 74-88mm diameter
Large – 86-100mm diameter
REF: R363
A simple device for reducing zoom
creep on zoom lenses. Stretch the Lens
Band over the lens and position it on the
zoom ring when not in use. To ‘lock’ the
lens, move half of the Lens Band over to
the non-moving part of the lens barrel.
Dimensions: 62 x 12 x 2 mm (diameter x
width x thickness).
Black / red
REF: R484 £5.49
More online:
Canon gadget bags
Pixel Pocket Rocket
Canvas camera bags
100EG Custom bag
Holds one camera body and three or four
lenses. Zippered pockets front, side and
back. W23 x H16.5 x D13cm.
1EG Professional bag
Holds two camera bodies and between
seven and ten lenses. Zippered pockets
front and back. Tripod straps underneath.
W35.5 x H20 x D20cm.
REF: A329 £35.99
REF: A327 £82.99
SD Pixel Pocket Rocket (Orange)
REF: R456 £12.99
Camera bags aren’t just for
keeping your EOS camera
safe when out and about.
It’s a good idea to keep
your gear packed away
when at home too. This
means that it will be better
protected from dust at all
times and, if you come to
sell it on in a few years, it’s
still in good condition. The
waterproof bags will keep
your equipment dry, but
are also worth considering
if you are off somewhere
sandy or dusty this year as
they will protect from all
the elements.
Flash pouch
Lens pouches
Camera body case
Hama Track Pack 190
Dry tubes
We love the stretchy neoprene lens
pouches (right) for that extra layer of
protection in the camera bag – and will
now also be using these black neoprene
camera body cases (below) to keep our
EOS cameras safe.
The 4mm-thick neoprene is
shockproof and soft. A large flap closes
up the case and fastens with Velcro.
Available in two sizes: the medium is
suitable for smaller EOS models without a
grip and measures 125 x 60 x 100mm (W
x D x H); the large size measures 155 x 70
x 140mm (W x D x H) and is big enough
for a large EOS body with or without
a battery grip attached. The cases are
shaped to accept body-only. Use the lens
pouches for your optics.
With this smart backpack you will have a comfortable ride with
plenty of space for your essential items. There are two goodsized zippered pockets on the outside and two mesh pockets with
drawstring and spring-loaded clip at the sides for bottles or other
items you want to keep within easy reach. The eight adjustable
padded dividers can be changed to accommodate your needs
within a generous space. The main compartment has two zips for
access, so that you can get your equipment out quickly and easily.
There are small feet on the bottom so the bag will stand well
when put on the floor. There is a headphone outlet point so you can listen to music and
keep your MP3 player safe inside. Both the top handle and shoulder straps are padded and
easy-to-grip. This backpack can double as a general bag as all the dividers are removable.
Holds 1-2 camera bodies and 2-4 lenses. Dimensions: 30 x 33 x 51cm. Weight 866g.
Sometimes you’ve got more gear than
just a camera and lens to protect when
you’re on a trip. For when the Waterproof
SLR bag (left) isn’t enough for your needs,
choose from the range of Overboard dry
tubes. These bags are fully submersible
and come with an adjustable shoulder strap
and carabiner clip. Available in a variety
of colours and sizes to fit your Canon
lenses and accessories. 100% waterproof,
made from nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin
for durability. Also ideal for dirty and
dusty environments as the welded seams
and fold-seal system will keep all of the
elements away from your precious Canon
Dimensions (internal height x diameter):
5-litre 24 x 19cm; 12-litre 40 x 19cm.
Built to last and to withstand the elements,
each bag features a flapped top cover
with comfortable carry handle; a padded
divider system adaptable to fit your kit; a
wide, padded, non-slip, detachable and
adjustable shoulder strap.
The two larger bags include lots of
internal and external zippered pockets and
tripod carrying straps on underside of bag.
There is also a waist belt tucked behind the
rear pouch. The bags are manufactured in
a rugged, water repellent nylon. The Canon
bags are well made, padded and incredibly
spacious, with lots of pockets to organise
all of your camera accessories.
A handy pouch
designed to keep
your flashgun,
pop-on diffuser
and spare batteries
all together in
your camera
bag or when stored away. The main
flash compartment closes with a Velcro
fastening; the lower compartment unzips
for access to the diffuser (not included) and
four elasticated rings which hold your AA
batteries (not included) securely. Pouch
size: 3.3 x 2.6 x 9.6 inches / 85mm x 65mm
x 245mm.
REF: K024
Card Safe Extreme
The Gepe Card
Safe Extreme
protects memory
cards against dust,
humidity, shock and
electrostatic charge.
It’s waterproof – and
it floats! To ensure
its outdoor quality,
the Extreme ‘All in
One’ has a reinforced
hinge with a stainless steel pin. The ‘All
In One’ can hold up to four CompactFlash
cards in its multi-card holder, eight
microSD cards and four additional SD or
SD card adapters, all at the same time. 99
x 24 x 77mm (WxHxD); weight 90g.
Neon / onyx
REF: K007 £17.95
10EG Deluxe bag
Holds one or two camera bodies and
between five and eight lenses. Zippered
pockets front, side and back. Tripod straps
underneath. W26.5 x H20.5 x D19cm.
REF: A328 £65.99
Made of strong, stretchy neoprene,
these pouches absorb shock and provide
protection while adding only minimal
weight to your equipment bag. Each black
pouch pulls together with a drawstring
closure and a spring-loaded clasp and
features a clip for attaching to a case/bag
and a web belt loop.
Pouch 50 (W90 x H90mm)
Pouch 100 (W100 x H120mm)
Pouch 200 (W105 x H160mm)
Pouch 300 (W105 x H220mm)
Pouch 400 (W115 x H270mm)
REF: R051
Perfect if you
need to store
and access
lots of memory
cards quickly and easily. Now in two
versions depending on your set-up. The
original Pixel Pocket Rocket holds up to
ten cards (both CF and SD); the new SD
version holds up to nine SD cards. Both
fold down to a compact size of 115 x 65 x
15mm and fasten securely with Velcro.
The lanyard strap is a handy feature
which allows you to attach the pouch
inside most kit bags or to clothing. The
individual card pockets are clear so you
can see at-a-glance which cards are there.
Pixel Pocket Rocket (Blue)
REF: R231 £12.99
Med (W125 x H100 x D60mm)
Large (W155 x H140 x D70mm) £16.95
REF: K032
Filter pouch
Small neoprene pocket
for keeping your filters
scratch-free. Complete
with clip for attaching to
your belt or inside your
camera bag. Each pouch
fits one round filter up
to 77mm. Size 13 x 10 x
REF: K027 £3.99
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
Canon’s range of semi-hard
cases are also a popular storage
solution, not least because they can
accommodate a lens too. Visit the
shop website for more information.
We always like the style of canvas camera
bags and these two are no exception.
Constructed from traditional materials these
canvas and leather bags are designed to
withstand the elements and are rugged,
durable and waterproof.
The smaller Neopine bag (right) is large
enough for a small to mid-size EOS camera
(for example, 1100D, 700D or 70D) with short
lens attached. A soft cotton divider allows
you to protect a separate lens in the bag.
There are three additional pockets, ideal for
a battery, filter and even one big enough to
accommodate a small tablet. The bag fastens
with a brass buckle. The strap is adjustable in
length and made of the same canvas material
as the bag. Weight 805g, internal dimensions
25 x 19 x 13cm.
The larger canvas kit bag is large enough to carry a
comprehensive system of 1-2 camera bodies and 2-4
lenses and/or flashguns. There is a large zipped pocket
under the buckled flap, plus pockets either end. The
bag can be carried by the leather handgrip or by the
attached adjustable shoulder strap which is fitted with a
non-slip pad.
Neopine bag
Canvas kit bag
REF: K022
REF: K023
REF: R876 £33.95
Waterproof camera bag
Take your EOS camera safely on your next adventure with
this protective bag from Overboard. Weighing only 220g, this
durable bag offers the best solution for keeping your camera
and lens dry in wet situations. You roll over the neck of the bag
four times and clip the buckles together to create a watertight
air pocket inside the bag. It’s constructed from tough PVC
tarpaulin and has welded seams, making it 100% waterproof.
When used properly, the bag will float and is submersible. The
bag is shaped to allow for a camera with lens attached to sit
lens down within the bag, so your camera is easily retrieved
from the bag and you’re ready to shoot. Four D-rings allow you
to attach various accessories.
The 6-litre bag is suitable for smaller EOS cameras (internal
height 22cm, top width 17cm, bottom width 12cm, depth
12cm), whilst the larger 15-litre bag can accommodate larger models (internal height 38cm,
top width 25cm, bottom width 15cm, depth 20cm). The smaller bag has a lining which,
being slighty smaller than the outer layer, effectively suspends the camera. There is also an
elasticated mesh accessories pocket and a fully adjustable shoulder strap. The 15-litre bag
has a thick padded base for protection, two mesh pockets and two handy shoulder straps
for convenience. A large reflective panel on the front helps make you more visible.
6-litre 15-litre £21.99
5-litre black / blue
REF: K133
12-litre red /yellow
REF: K134
REF: R362
More online:
Sensor cleaning kits & refills
This mini kit offers a low-cost wet sensor cleaning pack, ideal for those just starting out
with wet sensor cleaning or people looking for a small self-contained kit to pack in their
camera bag. Wet cleaning should only be undertaken after dry sensor cleaning methods
to ensure that all loose particles are removed prior to swabbing.
The kit includes a 10ml bottle of Sensor Solution
cleaning fluid, five individually wrapped swabs and a
comprehensive step-by-step guide for using the cleaning kit.
The Sensor Solution is fast evaporating and non-flammable.
It is effective on oil, grease and stubborn dust particles
and safe for use on all sensors. The five swabs are sized
specifically for your camera sensor and are soft and lint-free.
They are manufactured in a clean room environment and
individually sealed for one-time use. You should follow the
comprehensive instructions included inside the kit to ensure a
safe and effective clean.
Available in three sizes – check your sensor size
REF: K080
All kits £17.95
You never know how stubborn that bit of dust is going to be. Rather than trying to
predict which cleaning method will shift it, make sure you have the only kit you need to
cover all scenarios. It includes tools for all three steps in the cleaning process – blow,
brush, swab – all in one compact travel pouch.
Start with the silicone blower, move onto the DSLR statically-charged brush and then
blitz the dust with the wet swab solution. There are full instructions packed in the pouch,
but if you need more advice take a look at the article available online.
Contents include:
– One 59ml bottle of cleaning fluid
– Three camera chamber swabs
– Ten micro-fibre sensor swabs
– DSLR sensor brush
– Silicone jumbo blower
– Pack of 25 PEC Pads (for lens cleaning)
– Large microfibre cleaning cloth
– Comprehensive instructions
Available in three sizes – check your sensor size
REF: R012
All kits £78.95
Included as standard in our sensor cleaning kits
these DSLR swabs are manufactured using extremely
soft and highly absorbent lint-free micro-fibre cloth
to produce a superior cleaning action. The design
incorporates a stiff handle with a flexible blade tip
which makes it easy to apply the correct pressure
when cleaning. Use with Eclipse fluid for best results.
Each swab is individually sealed in a foil packet for
single use. Supplied in packs of 10.
£28.95 per pack
An ideal companion
for Eclipse fluid for
cleaning lenses,
designed for single use.
The wipes are nonabrasive and lint-free.
Each sheet measures
10 x 10cm. Supplied in
a pack of 25.
ECLIPSE sensor cleaner
dries as quickly as it can be
applied leaving no residue,
making it safe for use on
all sensor types, lenses
and filters. Bottle contains
approx. 59ml fluid and
comes with a dropper tool
to dispense as needed.
Heavy duty for heavy use, Snug-It Pro skins are
custom designed for a glove-like fit. All buttons,
dials, sensors and compartments are carefully
moulded over and around for a completely
functional yet rugged skin. Sockets for plugs and
compartments for batteries, cards etc. have flaps
over them, allowing for easy access. The ridges,
text and graphics mimic the Canon-specific details
on the camera body so you can still see and feel
your way around the camera and buttons with ease.
The skins are made from powder-infused silicone which is specially formulated to resist
debris collecting on the surface. This material offers both a smooth texture and a secure
grip on your Canon EOS camera. The Snug-It also helps reduce camera noise, particularly
important when shooting video. Not suitable for use when a battery grip is attached. Also
includes an LCD screen protector in the box for complete protection.
EOS 400D
EOS 450D/500D
EOS 550D
EOS 600D
EOS 1100D
EOS 100D
REF: R814 £5.95
REF: R813 £12.95
This powerful silicone blower
is odourless and provides
a good blast of air to shift
specks of dust from your
sensor and camera body.
Being made of silicone means
it is far less likely to degrade
than rubber so you don’t risk
contaminating your sensor
further with debris.
The blower has a soft
silicone tip making it safe to
use inside your camera. It can stand upright
on its flat base to keep the nozzle from
making contact with dirty surfaces.
Which sensor size?
Type 1: APS-H (x1.3)
EOS-1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N,
1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV
REF: R313
all models £29.99 each
GGS Removeable
LCD Protectors
Larmor protectors
Our bestselling screen protector. All
the advantages of an optical glass
screen protector, but not permanently
attached to your camera. The GGS
screen protector comes with a built-in
viewfinder eyecup mount. Remove the
camera’s eyecup and slip the accessory
in place. The screen protector is held
firmly in position without any adhesive.
Easy to fit, remove and refit as needed.
Eyepiece attachments can still be used.
Larmor LCD Protectors provide superior shock
absorbency and scratch protection for your camera’s
LCD. Larmor protectors adhere to the LCD via
electrostatic adsorption. This self-adhesive design
means the end of annoying sticky marks and glue
left behind from the more common stick-on style
protectors. This method of fixing also means that you
are not left with annoying bubbles under the surface.
Featuring a protection system manufactured
from optical glass, layered with anti-explosion and
anti-breakage film to ensure maximum strength and
protection. Touch screens continue to work.
Larmor protectors are made from 0.5mm optical
glass, which allows for 90% light transmission, making
the protectors ultra clear and ultra thin. They are easy
and quick to put on and are supplied with a super soft
wet cleaning cloth. At EOS magazine we have fitted the
Larmor protector on our EOS 650D and almost forgot
it was on there. The vari-angle LCD screen still folds
inwards and clicks into place without impediment.
A GGS screen
protector (below)
fits discreetly onto
the back of an EOS
camera (left).
Type 2: APS-C (x1.6)
EOS 7D, 10D, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D,
60D, 60Da, 70D, 100D, 300D, 350D, 400D,
450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D,
1000D, 1100D, 1200D, M, D30, D60
Type 3: Full frame (x1.0)
EOS-1D X, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III,
5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D
DSLR brush
A lint-free microfibre cloth for cleaning all optical glass.
Packed in a protective case and washable. 15.5 x 15.5cm.
REF: R225 £2.95
REF: R021£22.95
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
EOS 700D
EOS 70D new
The LCD monitor on
the back of your digital
camera is vulnerable to
scratches. A protective
screen will help to keep it
safe and is much cheaper
to replace if any damage
occurs. We keep our
Canon gear wrapped in
Magic Cloths for extra
protection, even in the
equipment cupoboards.
Blower bulb
This highquality brush
attracts dust.
Clean the brush
with a blast of
compressed air
to increase the
static attraction.
Supplied in a
handy storage
tube with three
chamber swabs
and instructions. Also useful for dusting
down external areas of your equipment.
Lens cloth
Whilst dust on the sensor
can cause problems with
your images, it shouldn’t
be the only part of your
camera to clean. A clean
camera helps keep the
sensor free from dust.
All of our sensor cleaning
kits come supplied
with comprehensive
instructions on how to
clean your sensor safely.
Snug-It Pro
REF: R163 £5.85
Micro-fibre swabs
REF: R164
• 0.5mm thin optical glass with
at least 90% optical transmission
• Glass specially treated for
hardness and durability
• Covered with explosion-proof
film for max resistance to impact
• Supplied in durable plastic
case for storage when not in use
EOS 5D Mark II
EOS 7D EOS 40D/50D
EOS 450D/500D
EOS 550D
EOS 1100D
EOS-1D Mark IV
REF: R458
EOS 600D
EOS 650D
EOS 700D new
EOS 100D new
EOS 70D new
EOS 5D Mark II
Larmor screen protector being
fitted to EOS 600D (above) and
the finished result (below).
Need to remove a stick-on
protector? Try using dental
floss to slice through the
adhesive. We have seen
other advice, suggesting
you use a hairdryer, which
we do not recommend.
REF: K018
Magic cloth
Magic? We think so! At EOS magazine we use
these oversized microfibre cloths for carrying
equipment in bags and cases. This large square
two-layer cloth is an excellent accessory to
protect delicate optical equipment. The inner
layer is manufactured from a soft microfibre
lens cleaning cloth to avoid any possibility of
scratching the equipment. On each corner is
a Velcro tab which attaches anywhere to the
reverse side. Large enough to wrap an SLR with
lens attached. Measures 52 x 52cm.
REF: R998 £10.95
More online:
Amaran LED Video Light
This LED video light is the perfect continuous lighting solution for your EOS camera. Great
for stills or video, it provides warm, soft lighting suitable for any subject with a beam
angle of 60°. Colour temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5500K. Brightness can be
adjusted to your liking via a wheel, and the output is 100% flicker-free, ideal for video. It’s
small and light for maximum portability.
You can connect up to nine panels together for a larger light source and the frameless
design means that there are no dull areas where the panels are joined.
It is powered by 6 AA batteries and features a useful power indicator. The high quality
LED bulbs are low on power consumption so won’t eat through the batteries quickly. The
bulbs themselves have a life of 50,000 hours and a 60° angle beam. The light can be angled
with the supplied tilt-head bracket which has a hotshoe foot.
• Operating current: ≤2A
• Power: ≤18W
• Supply power: DC 5.5V-9.5V
• Weight: 325g
• Dimensions (LxWxH):151 x 56 x 100mm
• 16:9 widescreen design
REF: K041 £64.99
MK200 microphone
This second-generation microphone produces high fidelity sound of broadcast quality. It
uses dual shockmounts to absorb any unwanted mechanical vibrations and handling noise.
The peak signal indicator shows the user when the sound is too loud and is easily adjusted
by selecting a lower dB level using the -10dB / 0 dB /
+10dB switch. For outdoor sound recordings, simply slip
the Deadcat windshield (included) over the microphone for
better quality sound.
For times when you want to position the microphone
away from the camera there’s an external mic holder.
Attach the microphone to the mic holder via the hot
shoe and 3.5mm audio socket. You can then move the
microphone up to 8 metres away. It has an adjustable
swivel head and a 1/4 inch thread on the bottom so that
you can attach it to a suitable support.
MK200 Microphone
External mic holder MH80
REF: R471 £119.99
REF: R692 £18.99
Professional loupe
This loupe provides a clear one-to-one
or magnified view of your LCD screen. In
magnification mode, the loupe provides 3x
enlargement of the LCD via a focusing lens
and a rubber eyecup which can be rotated
to suit left or right eye shooting. You can
also flip the eyepiece up to see a shaded
direct view of the screen without the magnification
(shown right). The good-sized eyecup means that
extraneous light is eliminated for maximum clarity.
The viewfinder loupe attaches to the camera using
the supplied screen protector. The protector has
a self-adhesive edging which keeps it fixed to the
camera. The loupe clips on to the protector and can
be fitted and removed easily as required.
If you use two cameras for movie work, buy a
second screen protector and use the one loupe
for both. Dimensions: outer (screen and border)
71 x 57mm; inner size (clear screen) 60 x 45.5mm.
Designed for 3” LCD screens with 4:3 ratio.
Fits EOS 1D Mark IV, 7D, 5D Mk II, 60D, 100D, 500D,
550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
Pro viewfinder loupe with
screen protector
REF: R381 £95.99
Additional screen protector
REF: R693 £12.95
There are no dedicated
Canon accessories to
help you with shooting
movies. So here are the
basics for what you need
to get going – an LED
light, microphone and
clever focusing levers
for some professional
focus-pull shots.
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
We found
that this little
furry chap is
very handy
for eliminating
wind noise
from the built-in
microphone when shooting video. Even
a slight breeze can interfere with exterior
sound recording. Made from high quality
acoustic fur, it attaches to your camera
with a velcro circle and ring.
REF: R695 £12.95
Focusing levers
Wouldn’t it be great to recreate some of
those beautiful smooth focus pulls seen
on TV and in films? It’s difficult to achieve
with your Canon lens; after all, it’s not
what they were designed for. These
focusing levers provide a simple but
innovative solution. The easy-to-attach
lever (supplied in two lengths) allows
you to adjust the focus or zoom on your
lens in a precise and controlled manner,
allowing you to achieve smooth and
gentle transitions. The F-Rings come in
size bands and can be fitted to either the
focus or zoom ring of your lens.
To fit lens diameter:
REF: R762
£17.95 each
‘Shoot Great Video’
Shooting your first film?
Then this two-hour Blue
Crane DVD is for you.
With this DVD and a little
practice, your video can
look and sound exactly
as you imagined it.
REF: R556 £19.99
Canon instruction manuals & software
We supply instruction manuals for most Canon consumer products, past and present,
including cameras, Speedlites and accessories. Where the original is not available we
supply a wire-bound reprint (opens flat for easy reference).
Did you find that your latest camera only has a manual supplied on disk? We also
offer a service for printing manuals which are only supplied as a PDF document
on CD. In many cases you have the choice of A6, A5 or A4 reprints.
EOS magazine is also the sole UK dealer for original Canon software packs.
The kit contains everything you need to link your camera to your computer
and manipulate your images. If you have lost your disk or have bought an EOS
camera second-hand, you will benefit from having the original disk.
Later model packs also include DPP (Digital Photo Professional), Canon’s own
RAW processing software.
EOS shop
Please make cheques
payable to EOS magazine.
Cheques must be in
sterling and drawn on a
UK bank.
Ref. no.
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e using
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that you
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order form
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Postage and packing (UK)
For non-UK postage, please
write, fax, phone or e-mail for
details (include list of items).
Total cost
Payment type (please tick card or payment type):
We offer a generous,
no-quibble return policy.
Return any item (in good
condition) within 30 days
for a refund or exchange.
This does not affect your
statutory rights. Full terms
and conditions are available
on our website or on
Credit card number
More online
We can’t fit everything we
stock into our catalogue.
Take a look online for our
full range of accessories
selected for your EOS
camera. We can also order
in special items for you –
call for details.
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More online:
Take your EOS skills
to the next level with
our Photoworkshop
programme. Held at our
unique training venue
in North Oxfordshire
you can spend a day
with us to master a new
technique and unleash
your inner creativity.
Digital Photo
Remote control
You will spend
a day handson with a wide
range of remote
switches and
controllers from
timer devices
through to
specialist wired
and wireless
triggers. Learn how to set up your
camera to take advantage of the freedom
and versatility that remote accessories
offer you and your photography, then
work round a circuit of different set-ups
and experiment.
Advanced DPP
All you need to know to start using DPP,
Canon’s free RAW editing software, to
produce better photographs. This course
is ideal if you have previously shot mainly
JPEG images and are keen to take greater
control of your photography. You will learn
about different file formats, the RAW image
workflow, organising your images and
basic image editing using DPP.
As part of the workshop we invite you
to bring along problem images for the DPP
Challenge session so you can see first hand
what DPP can and cannot correct.
Friday 16 May 2014
Saturday 2 August 2014
Friday 12 September 2014
Following on from the beginners course
the advanced module will take you through
the more complex controls available within
DPP, including colour correction, HDR
(high dynamic range) imaging, dealing with
dust and noise reduction, fixing chromatic
aberrations and other distortions, plus the
copy stamp function. You will also look at
occasions when DPP might not be the best
tool for the job and what other options are
open to you.
Ideal if you already have a working
knowledge of DPP or have completed our
DPP for beginners workshop.
Saturday 17 May 2014
Saturday 13 September 2014
Filters for digital
During this day-long workshop you will learn about
how and when to use a variety of filters, such as neutral
density, polarising and graduated. Learn how to choose
the right filter for your chosen effect and the relationship
between filters, exposure and shutter speeds. You will
spend the morning in the training room, then move
outside (weather permitting) for practical afternoon, with
an opportunity to play with a variety of different filters.
Friday 18 July 2014
DPP for beginners
Saturday 21 June 2014
Wednesday 12 November
Studio flash
from EOS magazine
Join the EOS magazine team and
like-minded Canon EOS enthusiasts
for a day in the country. Your
Photoworkshop will be held in the
beautiful Grade II listed Dovecote,
built in the 17th century. We are
located off the A4260 between
Kidlington and Banbury in the
picturesque village of Tackley. There
is plenty of space to park and we are
easily accessible by bus and train,
with a mainline station in the village.
Lunch and refreshments are
included in your booking fee. Groups
are kept small for a more individual
learning experience. Subscribers can
save money off each course – check
the latest issue or EOS Extra! for your
discount code.
Get started with studio flash with this part-theory,
part-practical workshop. You will learn about the
basics of studio flash, how it differs from Speedlites
and how to synchronise with your EOS camera. We
will explore the settings you need to use on your
camera and the various accessories available to use.
Demonstrations will include a variety of single and
multiple flash set-ups, plus simple portrait lighting.
Thursday 24 April 2014
Friday 5 December 2014
Exploring macro
This one-day practical event covers the many
accessories and tools which can be used to shoot closeup and macro photography with your EOS camera.
After a short introduction you will work through several
different set-ups in a circuit so that you can experiment
and take your own images. Set-ups will include close-up
lenses, extension tubes and specialist Canon macro
Friday 23 May 2014
Thursday 20 November 2014
Need advice? Give us a call on 01869 331741
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