Imaging instrument usage

Imaging instrument usage
BRC-Imaging User Information (revised 1/22/15)
B46, B45, and B56A Weill Hall
Contact: [email protected]
Your login will most likely be your [email protected] But this is NOT the same as your Cornell login.
Schedule Equipment
Select a Resource – Submit Query (ONLY the systems you have been trained on are listed)
Click on a date and a time, choose start and end times
Enter valid account number
hit Submit
Click on your block of time, adjust dates and/or times, and hit Submit Changes or Cancel Appt
On the next page you can choose whether to send an email notification to the list or not
If you free up time, you must send the email, even if it is late at night or on a weekend (see our
cancellation fee policy)
All confocal microscopes (Zeiss710, Zeiss880, LeicaSP2, Spinning Disk) have reduced fees (half price)
9pm-9am and on weekends and holidays. Overnight series starting at 4pm or earlier will be free from
midnight – 9am.
Microscope logins are Exchange-based, so you may need to activate your Office 365 Exchange account if
you are not already using it (Outlook). Go to this site, login with netid and netid password and hit
Activate My Account: .
This is all you have to do. No need to continue.
The imaging fileshare provides a convenient way to transfer your image or data files. It can be accessed
from any computer on campus (a laptop accessing the Cornell network will work) or off-campus using
VPN. We recommend saving images to the hard drive of the scope computer and transferring them to
the file share later or in the background as you work. Every year we will start a new folder on the
fileshare and all files from the previous year will be archived in March. This provides a backup of your
files, though there will be a fee to access archived files. You should still retrieve and backup your files on
a regular basis.
First, set up your computer one time as follows:
PC (Windows)
1) In the (My) Computer Window, find in the top bar Map network drive
2) Use whatever Drive letter you want
3) Copy paste this address into Folder:
4) If this is your personal computer, check Reconnect at logon
5) Finish
6) Login with your full netid email address ([email protected]) and netid password
You only have to map the drive one time, after this it will be in your (My) Computer window and you
just have to login.
Macintosh Operating System:
1) In the Finder menu, choose Go>Connect to Server
2) Copy and paste this address in to Folder:
(If the Mac is running OSX 10.6 or earlier, user this address instead:
3) Login with your full netid email address ([email protected]) and netid password
Due to the high demand for time on the confocals, cancellations are a serious problem. The
cancellation policy pertains to all appointments at all times, including evenings and weekends.
For All Confocals: If you are freeing up any time that you had scheduled, ie cancelling, moving,
shortening (by >30min), you are required to:
1) Edit or delete your time on the calendar as soon as possible.
2) Choose send notification email.
If you are >30 min. late, you will be considered a no show and your slot may be given to someone else.
For the Zeiss 710 and 880 confocals (inverted and upright): You must change or cancel your appt >24
hrs in advance. Any time that is freed up <24 hrs in advance and not used by someone else will be
charged at ½ the usual rate. If you fail to show up and do not change your appointment, you will be
charged the full rate for any unused time. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may request a
waiver of the fee. Note that for very late hours (after 9pm) when the system is not very busy,
cancellation fees may be waived at the discretion of staff.
For the Leica and spinning disk confocals: Although these systems are not as busy, please be polite and
cancel and post your cancellation as soon as possible. No cancellation fees are applied.
We now have 2 email lists. One for general information and a separate list for confocal cancellations.
Brc-imaging-L will be used for general information of interest to most or all users. All
users will be subscribed.
Brc-confocal-cancellation-L will be for cancellations only. You must join this list if you want to receive
cancellations notices.
To join the confocal cancellation e-list, send an email message from your netid email address that you
use to login to the calendar to [email protected]
In the Subject of the message, enter the single word join, and leave the body of the message blank.
Automatically send cancellations and changes to the list by choosing Send notification email.
To get access to Weill Hall Imaging before 7:30am, after 5pm and on weekends you need to
1) Attend a Weill Hall Orientation session. These are offered every 2 weeks or so.
2) Fill out a form and have it signed by Carol or Johanna.
See for the orientation schedule and to download the
form. If you have access to the Vivarium but not to Imaging, just email Carol or Johanna and they can
have Imaging added to your access. Only those trained on Imaging systems are given access.
Researchers should specifically acknowledge the Cornell University Biotechnology Resource Center
(BRC) Imaging Facility in all publications that are enabled by this facility’s resources and services or
include contributions by BRC core facility staff. Additionally if you used any of the following
instruments, grants that funded them should be cited:
NIH 1S10RR025502 for data collected on the Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal
NIH 1S10OD010605 for data collected on the Andor/Olympus Spinning Disk Confocal
NYS Health C029155 for data collected on the Zeiss LSM780 Confocal
NIH S10OD018516 for data collected on the shared Zeiss LSM880 Confocal/Multiphoton
NSF 1428922 for data collected on the shared Zeiss Elyra super resolution microscope
NIH S10OD016191 for data collected on the shared VisualSonics high-resolution ultrasound
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