Outstanding USB 2.0 stereo microphone for high-quality
recording on your Mac
The iQuader—the world's first USB stereo boundary layer microphone
The perfect tool for simply making great recordings
The iQuader is the ideal solution for fast, uncomplicated recording on your Mac. High-quality
technology developed by Brauner Microphones guarantees one-of-a-kind sound
characteristics and exceptional quality for live recordings, podcasts, interviews or VoIP.
Developed in co-operation with Brauner Microphones, Germany
The world's first USB stereo boundary layer microphone really shows its value in its inside
components. The iQuader has extremely high-quality microphone input stages and a limiter that
reliably prevents digital clipping in any situation, with no impairment of the sound. It is optimally
complemented with perfectly tuned, high-quality digital technology which, in addition to the
standard formats, can even meet HD requirements with 24-bit resolution at a sampling
frequency of 96kHz. This makes it compatible for professional applications—perfect for
recordings with audio programs such as Logic, Cubase or Garage Band.
Simple operation
The operation is as simple as could be. Plug the iQuader into an available USB 2.0 input on your
Mac, set the recording level, and start the recording with your preferred audio software.
Genuine plug and play—no additional driver is required. Due to its acoustic operating principle,
the iQuader poses no great demands when it comes to correct positioning. Brilliant recordings
almost happen by themselves. This allows you to quickly and easily archive ideas and record
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Technical Details
System requirements
• OSX 10.4.9
• USB 2.0 interface
• Audio software (e.g.. Garage Band, Logic, Cubase)
• Sampling frequencies 32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz
• 24-bit audio technology (Core Audio support)
• Separate volume control for input signal and headphone output
• Signal-to-noise ratio: > 72 dB (A)
• High-quality electronics with finely tuned analogue level control
• Analogue limiter prevents digital clipping
• Outstanding sound characteristics
• Optimum recording of sound waves—no special orientation required
• High-quality analogue limiter
• Headphone output with volume control
• Adjustable recording level
• LED indicator for signal level
• Stand-by function
• No driver installation necessary
• Ideal for concert recordings, podcasts, interviews, soundtracks, Voice over IP
Scope of delivery
• iQuader microphone
• USB cable
• Printed manual
• Service request form and registration documents
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24 month
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