Ear/Microphone Assembly - MK24 [restricted military] (rev. A)

Ear/Microphone Assembly - MK24 [restricted military] (rev. A)
Undersea Systems International, Inc.
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Installation Instructions
Follow these instructions to install your EMA-MK24 or EMA-MK24-SM earphone-microphone assembly into a MK-24 fullface mask. Installation of the EMA-MK24-SM (with a Super Mic®) is depicted, but the process is similar for the Hot-Mic®
version (the EMA-MK24).If you need further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us (see the bottom of page 2).
Equipment required: Pliers; screwdriver (flatblade or Phillips, depending on the screws fastened inside the oral-nasal cavity);
scissors or sharp knife.
1. Microphone installation: Using a pair of pliers, loosen
the port plug on the right side of the rebreather adapter.
Unscrew and remove the plug. Insert the microphone
power cable into the opening as illustrated, and twist it
closed with moderate tightness.
2. Inside the oral-nasal cavity, route both of the power
cable wires out toward the opening as illustrated. Remove the two screws on the left side (nos. 1 and 2 in the
illustration), and set them aside.
3. Route Screw #2 (see Step 2 illustration) through the ring
lugs of the microphone’s nickel-wire form, one of the
power cable wires, and one of the mic’s electrical wires.
With the mic oriented toward the side, fasten the screw
to the #2 position with moderate tightness.
4. Route Screw #1 (see Step 2 illustration) through the ring
lugs of the microphone’s other electrical wire and the
other power cable wire. Fasten the screw to the #1 position with moderate tightness.
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5. Make adjustments to the bending of the nickel-wire form
as necessary to position the microphone as illustrated
above so that it will be close to the corner of the diver’s
mouth. Route the wires behind the equalizing block, so
they are out of the way. The microphone installation is
now complete.
6. Earphone installation: Remove the upper and lower
mask straps from their buckles on the left side of the
mask. Find the left-side earphone holder (the one whose
cable is on the left when the PTT button faces away
from the diver). Feed the left mask straps through the
left earphone holder such that the arrow on the OTS
logo faces downward and the cable exits the holder in
the forward direction. Repeat this step for the right-side
7. On both sides of the mask, secure the earphone cables
to the buckles using a supplied 4-inch cable tie, as
shown. Do not close the tie tightly; there should be
sufficient space for the cable to move freely along the
buckle. With scissors or a sharp knife, cut off the excess
cable tie.
Completed installation of the EMA-MK24
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