1 x 16 ServSwitch Affinity
Expansion Chassis
Your 1 x 16 ServSwitch™ Affinity Expansion Chassis (product code KV131A) is a new
product that’s not included in your ServSwitch Affinity manual dated July 2000. It’s a
4-User Affinity chassis like the KV130A, KV132A, or KV134A. The only difference between
it and the other 4-User models is that it comes from the factory with one 1 x 4 Port Card
preinstalled in its bottom Port-Card slot, three 0 x 4 Port Cards preinstalled in its other
Port-Card slots, and an Expansion Card preinstalled in its Expansion Slot. So, right out
of the box, it’s ready to support one user and sixteen CPUs in a daisychained system.
To place, install, operate, and troubleshhot your 1 x 16 Affinity, follow the
instructions in the Affinity manual that apply to the other 4-User models listed above.
Remember that your 1 x 16 Affinity unit has four video paths and can support a
maximum of four independent users. Before you interconnect two or more 1 x 16 units, take
each of the units but one and swap the slots of the 1 x 4 Port Card and one of the
0 x 4 Port Cards, so that the 1 x 4 Port Cards are in different slots on each Affinity unit.
This will ensure that the users attached to the 1 x 4 Port Cards are properly assigned to
different KVM numbers, so they can operate independently.
Also remember that if you want to install a set of 1 x 16 Affinity units in a ring
topology (see the “Topologies” section of your manual), you’ll need to temporarily
remove the Expansion Cards in two adjacent units and set their BUS/RING jumpers to
If there is anything you want to do with your 1 x 16 ServSwitch Affinity system that
you’re still not sure how to do after reading your manual and this sheet, please call
Black Box Technical Support.
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