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James Heidric
Main Cat
ALL TUBE, pure CLASS A with tube rectification, hand built, hand wired,
Teflon coated wiring, post-to-post only with no circuit boards, neatly tucked and tied harnessing, over
spec hand wound transformers, highest quality components, shock mounted tubes with protective
shields, best available matched tube sets, industrial grade plated and welded steel chassis, chickenhead
knobs, heavy duty power cord, backlit Bad Cat logo, Bad Cat proprietary Celestion speakers, heavy vinyl
covering, 13-ply birch cabinet, pro handle and corners.
JE JJ 5 Watt
1 Channel, 1 Input
12” Speaker
ALLEY CAT 7.5 Watt
2 Channel, 1 Input
12” Speaker
The 2 channel Alley Cat with channel switching packages
incredible amounts of tone and gain into this little powerhouse
amplifier, giving you 7.5 plus watts of Single Ended Class A
power. lt has become the choice for studio recording, bedroom
levels, and powerful enough for smaller venues all in this
small portable easy to use combo.
Control knobs include Channel 1: Clean Volume. Channel 2:
Gain, Interactive Bass, Treble and Master Control. Uses 2
EL-84's, 2 12AX7's, plus a line out feature and a 4,8, and 16
ohm selector switch.
Dimensions: 155/8"L x 161/2"H x 81/8" D
Weight: 32 Ibs.
The only thing small about this powerhouse 5 watt
amp is its size. You won't believe your ears when you
hear this baby cat roar. Ideal for low-volume studio
recording, the Mini ll is a Class A, point-to-point wired,
tube powered brute.
Experience the sweet tone of a dual overdriven 12AX7
pre-amp section and a single EL-84 power tube in your
bedroom without disturbing your neighbors. Also
features Line Out, Volume, Interactive Bass, Treble and
Master Controls. 4, 8, 16 Ohm Selector.
Dimensions: 1538” L x 161,2" H x 81/8" D
Weight: 30 Ibs.
CUD JJ and CUD Jd Reverb 15 Watt
1 Channel, 2 Input
Extension Speaker Out
Speaker Impedence Selector
A Big Cat in a small box. The Cub 15 Watt is available
with or without reverb. The Cub delivers a pristine
clean to warm and dirty output capability. The compact
Cub's are easy to transport, built like tanks. It can only
be appreciated by putting a Cub through its paces. For
creative and pleasing tones, you'll find the Cub to be
your most loyal performance tool. Control knobs include
Volume, Selectable 5-way Rotary Tone Switch or
interactive Bass and Treble, Cut, Reverb, Master volume.
The Cub's dual EL84 power section with the 12AX7
pre-amp section boasts an uncommon array of tonal
Dimensions: 24”L x 181,2" H x 1034” D
Weight: 55 Ibs.
Guitar?layer 1 Channel, 2 Input
PICK Line Out
Speaker Impedance Selector
еее The Classic Cat is all about simplicity and yet
Classic Cas O © delivers rich, clean complex tone with amazing
A dynamic response all within two knobs. The Tone
Control obtains a spectrum which has a more
uniform sound that will allow you to adjust the
frequency response achieving a more natural
result. Whether you are using humbuckers or
single coils, by using the amp's volume, you
guitar's volume control and your pick attack, you
can get varying degrees of clean to smooth
overdriven sounds.
The Classic Cat dual 6V6 power supply with a
12AY7 preamp section delivers an array of tonal
Dimensions: 24”L x 181/2"H x 108/4"D
Weight: 53 Ibs.
DOT CAT 15, 30 Watt Hi-Gain
2 Channel, Gain and Clean
Selectable Tube or Solid State Rectifier
Dual Speaker Outs
Speaker Impedence Selector
The Hottest of all Cats. The concept and function of the
Hot Cat is new, unique, and unlike any model ever
produced by Bad Cat. The 12AX7 based pre-amp affords
some overdrive loading if desired via the clean input, as
well as sweep control of the clearly emphasized overdrive
high gain input.
Control knobs include: Clean Volume, Gain, Edge, Level,
Bass, Treble, Brilliance, and Gain Master Volume.
Sound is shaped with both panel controls and via selecting
either tube rectification or the solid state rectifier circuit
with the later solid state position favoring a harder edge,
less compression and more sustain.
The power section supports a continuous thick overdrive
speaker power and a strong reserve of clean headroom.
The 15 Watt using dual EL84's, the 30 Watt dual EL34's.
In contrast to other Class A models to date, as regards
extraordinary sound possibilities, the Hot Cat runs
appreciably ahead of the pack.
Dimensions: 1x12 Combo 15 & 30 Watt:
24"L x 181” H x 103/4"D
Weight: 61 Ibs.
Dimensions: Head: 9.5" Hx 21" Wx 10.5" D
Weight: 47 165.
DOT CAT SOR and 100R
2 Channel, Gain and Clean
Selectable Tube or Solid State Rectifier
Dual Speaker Outs
Speaker Impedence Selector
The all new HOT CAT 30R takes the proven Hot Cat formula to the next level. Starting with the Hot Cat 30
platform we incorporated new functionality, flexibility and tonality. New features include a 5-position rotary
tone select on the clean channel, a Mid Cut/Boost switch, tube buffered effects loop with send and return
levels and reverb. This amp is a veritable Class A tone encyclopedia with tones ranging from chimey jangle
to full-on distortion all enveloped in a sea of harmonic
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q E "TE «= AT = dE E E E
Our Channel Switching is unique by far. It does not
rob your signal from your amp. When using channel
switching you are able to switch between channels | ts
and also able to mix the channels together giving you SDadClar-
more tonal possibilities. Disconnect the switching |
pedal and you are now able to plug into the front end
of the amp using either channel. Our goal was to
create a one-stop shop for Class A tone in the Hot
Cat 30R. The 30R is available as a 1x12, 2x12 or head.
m г # Fa # # * "aj Fo „
DO: HARRELL | Pur Ta Tos War MA 1
No other Class À Hi-Gain even comes close.
Dimensions 30R Watt:
243/8"L x 11”H x 115/8"D
Weight: 57 Ibs.
Dimensions 100R Watt Head:
24"L x 201/2"H x 115/8" D
Weight: 61 Ibs.
GuitarPlayer 1 Channel, 2 Input
PICK _ Variable Tone Controls, Tremolo, Reverb
Hi-Lo Power, Speaker Impedence Switch, Speaker Phase Switch
The all new Trem Cat model incorporates a stunning combination
of both speed and depth controlled Tremolo and spring Reverb
to deliver the widest range of sound possibilities available from
Bad Cat. With so much wave shaping generation at your fingertips,
the feature laden Trem Cat is a powerful yet 1x12” compact tool
for embellishing all music styles.
The Trem Cat control panel offers two inputs and: Volume, Tone,
(EQ) Select, Bass, Treble, Speed, Depth, Cut, Master and Master
On/Off. Power On/Off and the Standby toggles on the rear. Powered
by 4xEL84's for excellent clean headroom and significant reserve;
the rear panel also includes a Hi/Lo switch for 15W attenuation.
The sophisticated Pre-amp section harnesses unlimited sound
shaping capability using a Pentode EF86 with a series of 12AX7’s
for the interactive Tone, Tremolo and Reverb modules. Entirely
based on Class A point to point circuitry, the Trem Cat is a gem
of engineering design rendering it your best possible tool for
creating a very broad range of truly satisfying sounds.
Dimensions: 24” L x 201/29” H x 111,”D
Weight: 70 165.
With 35 watts of tube rectified 6V6 class A/B power, the Panther
brings a whole new vibe to Bad Cat. This Cat aims to please
the player who desires the ultimate in flexibility... all without
compromising one iota of sonic quality.
The Panther tackles both sides of the pond with two independent
channels... Channel 1 features a 12AX7 preamp with plenty of
tone shaping features including bass, treble, mid, volume, and
Bad Cat's proprietary midrange and 5-way mid boost switch
which will help you cut through any situation! Channel 2 jumps
into the land of British sweetness and clang with its EF86 driven
preamp and features a 5-way rotary “Tone” switch and volume.
In lieu of the 5-way “Tone” rotary switch, a separate bass and
treble knob can be engaged for shaping your sound. Beyond
the aforementioned, a global cut allows you to tailor your
sound. Both channels also feature master volumes which can
be 100% switched out of the circuit if desired, and if that is not
enough both channels can be operated together and blended
to taste! In short, vintage tones with a modern twist! Dimensions: 281/2"L x 201/2"H x 1112" D
For those who crave more tone shaping options, the Panther's Weight: 83 Ibs. 2X12 Combo, Also comes
rear panel features a half power switch, multiple taps (4, 8, & in a 1X12 Combo and Head versions
16ohm), a two position voicing switch, line-out and speaker
outputs. Power with 4- 6V6's.
7 AY
DLACK CAT and BLACK CAT Reverb 30 Watt
2 Channel, 4 Input
Hi-Lo Power, Speaker Phase Selector, Extension
Speaker Out, Speaker Impedance Selector
Channel Switching Available
The Black Cat 30 Watt is available with or without spring
Incorporating two entirely different pre-amp sections,
practical user controls render the smooth Black Cat as the
most suitable guitar amp for any performance venue.
Channel One 12AX7 “Triode” pre-amp is based on
interactive Bass and Treble controls. Channel Two EF86
“Pentode” based pre-amp uses a 5 position tone knob for
instant access to your favorite sounds, or switch to an
interactive bass and treble circuit. The 2x12" cab employs
2 dissimilar rated, Bad Cat proprietary Celestion speakers
to further enhance the already shimmering harmonics.
The Black Cat is regarded by many knowledgeable players
as the finest, most capable guitar amp available today.
Dimensions: 281/2"L x 201/2"H x 111/2"D
Weight: 83 Ibs.
WILD CAT Reverb 40 Watt
2 Channel, 4 Input
Hi-Lo Power, Speaker Phase Selector, Extension Speaker Out, Speaker Impedance Selector
Channel Switching Available
— TT À |
T 1 Es a
E pt wif, pf +7 AA
Er ©
The Wild Cat 40 Watt model is available only with reverb.
2x12", 1x12" or a head is available.
Incorporating 2 entirely different pre-amp sections and same
user controls as found on the Black Cat, there are several
tuning differences between the smoother, more compressed
Black Cat 30 Watt and the more aggressive, tighter Wild Cat
40 Watt.
As similar to the pre-amp sections of the Black Cat, the Wild
Cat uses an interactive 12AX7 layout on Channel One and
the 5 position or bass and treble, EF86 based Channel Two
with the same Cut control.The 2x12" cab employs 2 similar
rated, Bad Cat proprietary Celestion speakers to support a
wall of sound: a noticeably strong and tight sound field. For
tremendous clean power reserve when you need it, you can
rely on the Dual EL34 ferocious Wild Cat.
Dimensions: 281/>”L x 2072"H x 1112"D
Weight: 85 Ibs.
TORE CAT Reverb 30 Watt
2 Channel, 4 Input
Hi-Lo Power, Speaker Phase Selector, Extension
Speaker Out, Speaker Impedance Selector
Tube Buffered Reverb and Effects Loop
The Most Flexible Cat of All
30 Watts of Class A Tube Power using both EL-84's and EL-34's separately in the power section.
4-EL-84's are used in Channel 1 for that exceptional sparkling clean sound that Bad Cat amps are famous
Channel 1 - Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb, and Brilliance controls are available for fine-tuning the sound
along with a tube-buffered effects loop and channel switching.
2-El-34's are used in Channel 2 that produces a moderate break-up to a heavy saturated gain which produces
a massive bottom end. You can maintain your dialed-in sound even at lower volume levels.
Channel 2 - Gain, Tone, Volume, Bass, Treble, Brilliance and Master controls are available for you to dial
in a wide-range of overdrive and distortion sounds along with channel-switching and the tube-buffered
effects loop.
Our channel-switching is unique by far. It does not rob your signal from your amp. When using channel-
switching, you are able to switch between the two channels but go one step further with the Tone Cat and
also mix the two channels together, giving you more interesting tonal possibilities.
When in the mix position, you are
able to switch between the 84's and
the 34's, allowing you to shape your
sound even further.
Disconnect the switching pedal and LN RR RE
2 Fa : Tone Gar Tim
Ball AE
you are now able to plug into the
front end of the amp using either
: SM
channel. Clean or Gain or use an Ce adCate
No other Class À Hi-Gain even SA le
comes close.
Dimensions: 24” L x 201/2” H x 1115”D
Weight: 70 lbs.
Available in 2x12 combo or head
What screams rock-n-roll better than 50 watts of burning “Class A” EL 34 power? The answer is nothing and
Bad Cat's Lynx delivers the goods in spades. Once again Bad Cat has gone in an entirely new direction. Unlike
anything previously available from Bad Cat, The Lynx is capable of delivering sounds across the tonal
spectrum, all without compromising itself within any setting. From articulate cleans, 70's Grind, 80's Hot
Rodded to the heavy sounds of today.
Articulate cleans are available in Channel 1 and can be tailored to your ears delight via Bad Cat's 5-way rotary
tone switch and a single volume. This is the ultimate design for simplistic perfection and convincing execution.
If you want more growl than purr, crank the volume and dig in. You will discover beautiful blooming notes
dancing on the edge of vintage glory with sounds reminiscent of British bliss!
Channel 2 provides the ultimate in tone
shaping via treble, bass, midrange, Bad
Cat's revolutionary 5-way rotary mid sweep,
oes edge, and a master volume. With all of
epadCar 2 these tools at fingers length, this channel
will take you on a tour through the history
of rock-n-roll. The Lynx is ready and willing
to pounce on the sounds of yesterday to
todays sound. From scoop to grind, no
sound is out of reach!
This Cat and can be heavily influenced by
the array of tone shaping options on the
rear panel, including our two position
voicing switch and a half power option. 4,
8, and 16 ohm taps are also available to
a E = suit any cabinet option. À 1/4 line out , a
о a half power switch and a solid state/tube
| | o rectifier is also provided as well!
a Powered by 2 - EL34's.
Dimensions: 241/2"L x 11”H x 115/8" D
Weight: 56lbs. Head version
The Leash
Bad Cat is proud to introduce one of the most revolutionary products
of its kind... "The Leash”.
Armed with Bad Cat's proprietary Infinite Volume Control, The Leash provides seamless volume
selection across your amplifiers power section. Unlike the attenuators of days gone by, “The
Leash” will not tame your highs, choke your midrange, nor rob you of your bass. Whether
engaged, or switched to bypass, The Leash is virtually invisible to your ears, even as you
increase or decrease your volume. From growl to prowl, it's as simple as the twist of a knob....in
fact that is all there is, one knob! You can reap all of your tube amps potential without the fear
of clicks, pops, radical volume changes, or unwanted noises whatsoever! From bedroom
rockers, to the working Cats, The Leash will provide you with all of your tone and any
volume.....no compromises!
Previously players had to purchase a different attenuator if they owned cabinets with various
ohm loads. Not with “The Leash”.....you are free to select between 4, 8, or 16ohm loads! The
Leash also features dual inputs for you stack Cats, as well our a/c powered internal fan cooling
which will ensure a rock solid performance!
Dimensions: 514"Lx5"H x 9"D
Weight: 574 Ibs.
Our true bypass pedals are designed from the ground up using 2 - 12AX7's to provide the best tones possible in a
rugged, reliable package. Tube sockets are of the highest quality. Wire leads are multi-strand, Teflon coated, and
are pre-dipped In solder prior to connection.
Our well isolated transformers assure quiet in-line operation. Chassis housing is 14 gauge industrial steel: heavy
chromed top and rugged powder coated bottom.
No wall wart, detachable power cord. Bad Cat pedals are serious and powerful musical tools that will assist you in
reaching new sound levels.
Channel 1 — Tone Boost:
Provides a Volume or level match reference control to maintain sound play volume
when accessing this Tone channel. This channel is both your Tone Boost and Clean
play channel when optional tone color may be desired without overdrive.
Channel 2 — Gain Boost:
Provides Gain Boost or pure tube overdrive effect as a function of the Gain & Master
settings. Use of the interactive Bass and Treble controls offer an array of tonal shapes.
Gain Boost Stage 1:
Provides transparent volume matching of the effect IN/OUT to your amplifier's output level, complete
interactive tone bass + treble operation with ample clean headroom, and generous smooth gain boost.
Gain Boost Stages 1 + 2:
Provides additional crunch to the gain boost stage for a dramatic increase and thickening of the overdrive
gain. This mode allows independent manipulation of the layered gain stages.
j | ET Ç
© Treme y
TT Pi. BED Tremolo
For a period of nearly twenty years, on-board “tremolo”
was eliminated from the basic amplifier front panel.
To fill the void, a few “tremolo” effect pedals made
their first appearance in the early nineties, the finest
of which is still the Vintage Technology “BFD”.
Most effect pedals drag your signal through a maze of
op-amps and other active devices even when the effect
is “off”, creating an unnatural “processed” sound.
Sonically patterned after the traditional “Black Face”
tremolo, the BFD does not “color” your sound at all,
but instead delivers the rich, luxurious, natural sound
of your guitar whether the effect is on or off. The BFD
is also virtually noiseless and ideal as the “last” pedal
in your lineup. The BFD is constructed within a rugged,
cast frame housing for years of dependable service.
Dimensions: 21/29“ L x 2” H x 412"D
Weight: 12 ounces (3/4 Ib.)
Head and extension cabinets are built the exact painstaking way
our amp cabinets are made, using only the highest quality materials.
Extension cabinets are designed with open backs for the fullest sound, allowing for
the deepest lows, cutting mids and the cleanest highs. We use Bad Cat proprietary
Celestion, and Jensen speakers.
wg В: вс “ча В a [A e
LM à Ц
SMALL 21”Lx 91/”Hx 103”D 45 Ibs.
(Cub Il & Cub IIR, Hot Cat 15, 30)
LARGE 243g"L x 11"H x 115g"D 58 Ibs.
(Hot Cat 30R, 100R, Tone Cat,
Black Cat 30, 30R, Trem Cat, WildCat 40R,
Panther, Lynx)
4x12 30"Lx30"H x 14"D 100 165.
2x12 281/”L x 201/9”"Hx 111”"D 50 Ibs.
1x12Lg 24”L x2019”Hx 111”D 40 Ibs. _ _
1x12Sm 24"L x 18%"H x 1034"D 37ibs.| Extension Cabinels _
4x10 2812"L x 2438"H x 1112,"D 44 lbs.
2x10Sm 24"L x 1812"H x 103/4"D 30 165.
CS here 's another place tor
| you to strut your stuff
Standard coverings include your choice of heavy duty vinyl.
The colors of the cabinet and inset panel may be mixed, to
achieve that custom look. Grill available in black, dark gold,
or light gold.
A Wide Variety of Colors and Textures are Available for You
Embossed BARK Turquoise Burgundy Gray
Cream White
Cascade Blue
a 1 DE
Sula AA A te
Ta: AA ca
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hd hardy TS
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2, E Ha Le SLL BL ob TT TLD Ah lt 1 3 Е сы 3 a Ha
- = =
Red Silver Charcoal Hot Pink Fuschia
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