Operation Manual FIBER OPTIC ILLUMINATOR FL150 Introduction

Operation Manual FIBER OPTIC ILLUMINATOR FL150 Introduction
Operation Manual
The FL150 is a 150 Watt quartz halogen fiber optic illuminator designed for general microscopy
use. When used with specialty fiber optic cables the FL150 illuminator can also be used in a variety of
laboratory illumination applications.
Initial Setup
Remove the FL150 Illuminator from the carton and retain the manual and any additional documents.
Remove the fiber optic cable from the carton if the illuminator was purchased as part of a Fiber Optic
system. If the system includes an EEG2823, EEG3922 or BG2820 self supporting gooseneck fiber optic
cable then also remove the LH759 lens(es) from the carton. The EEG2823 and EEG3922 fiber optic
systems include two(2) LH759 lenses while the BG2820 system includes one(1) LH759 lens.
Loosen the fiber optic nosepiece thumbscrew.
Insert the fiber optic tip into the illuminator nosepiece. If the fiber optic is either an EEG2823, EEG3922 or
BG2820 self supporting gooseneck style cable then the tip of the cable will have a small groove in the tip.
The groove in the tip will firmly secure the fiber optic cable in the nosepiece and prevent rotation of the
cable. Align the groove in the tip with the nosepiece thumbscrew. Ringlight fiber optic cables do not have a
groove and can be installed without special alignment.
Tighten the thumbscrew by hand to make a secure connection to the fiber optic. Use of pliers or other
tools is not recommended. Use of tools may result in damage to the illuminator or the fiber optic
Insert the AC power cord into the power entry at the rear of the illuminator. Use only approved power
cord supplied with the illuminator.
Insert the AC power cord into the proper AC mains outlet for the illuminator voltage ordered. If any doubt
exists consult the labels on the rear and underside of the illuminator before connecting the illuminator to AC
Fiber Optic Connection
The FL150 illuminator uses a B-type fiber optic nosepiece with a 0.590 in. (15mm) ID. B-Type nosepieces will
accept self-supporting goosenecks (EEG2823, EEG3922, BG2820) and ringlight (A3739) fiber optics without
the need for an adapter. Fiber optics smaller than the 0.590 in. (15mm) ID will require the use of B-type
All the FL150 series illuminators are equipped with a front panel manual solid state intensity control.
FAX: 508-682-2500
Press the ON(1)/OFF(0) rocker switch on the front panel to ON(1). The illuminator will light and is ready for
service. The illuminator intensity is controlled by the rotary control located on the front panel of the illuminator.
The 0 position (when control is turned fully counter-clockwise) corresponds to the lowest illuminator intensity.
The 100 position (when control is turned fully clockwise) corresponds to the highest illuminator intensity.
NOTE: Continuous operation of the illuminator at the highest intensity level will yield rated lamp life.
Operating the illuminator at reduced intensity can result in significantly extended lamp life.
Risk of electrical shock. Remove power plug before lamp
replacement and wait for hot lamp to cool.
Lamp Replacement
1. Turn the illuminator intensity control fully counterclockwise (the 0 position) and run the illuminator with the fan for
several minutes.
Wait until the nosepiece is cool to the touch.
2. Press the ON(1)/OFF(0) rocker switch to the OFF(0) position.
3. Remove the AC power cord from the AC power receptacle.
4. Open the lamp access door by depressing the small clip toward the rear of
the illuminator with your thumb or finger. Once the clip disengages from the
illuminator housing the lamp access will spring open several inches. The
lamp access door will open slightly more than 90o to allow easy access to
the lamp and lamp socket.
Do not pry open the door with a tool. This may result in damage to the
illuminator housing or the lamp access door.
5. Check the lamp assembly to verify that the lamp and socket are cool before
proceeding. Caution: The lamp runs at very high temperatures and
contact with a hot lamp may result in severe injury.
6. Pull the lamp eject lever to remove the lamp from the socket.
Pull back to eject lamp
7. Lift and remove the lamp from the lamp socket by grasping the rear of the
lamp adjacent to the lamp
8. power pins.
9. Remove the lamp from the socket.
10. Discard the old lamp.
Insert the replacement lamp into the lamp socket by aligning the lamp power pins with the slots in the lamp socket.
CAUTION: Do not touch the interior of the lamp reflector, the lamp envelope or the lamp pins with your
fingers. Touching the interior of the lamp reflector, the lamp envelope or the lamp pins will result in
significant shortening of the lamp life. Handle the lamp only by the exterior of the reflector or the area
11. adjacent to the pins .
12. Push the lamp gently into the socket to seat the lamp in the socket and lampholder.
Rotate the lamp access door toward the illuminator housing and gently press the lamp access door to cause the door
13. clip to seat into the housing and secure the door.
Reattach AC line cord and the illuminator is ready for service.
Replace the fuse with the correctly rated fuse as listed on the label
on the back of the illuminator. Use of an improper fuse can create a
Filter Option:
FL150 illuminators ordered with the filter option are shipped with the IR filter and the filter holder installed at the factory.
The filter holder s located behind the illuminator nosepiece, in front of the lamp. (see diagram on page 2)
To use color filters (not included), place color filter into the filter holder behind the IR filter such that the IR filter is located
between the lamp and the color filter.
WARNING: Do not use color filters without an IR filter in place. Filters become HOT with use! Allow sufficient time (10-15
minutes) for the filters to cool before handling.
Fuse Replacement
1. Press the ON(1)/OFF(0) switch to the OFF(0) position.
2. Remove the AC line cord from the AC power receptacle.
3. Remove the AC line cord from the power entry module at the rear of the illuminator. The fuse drawer is part
of the power entry module. The drawer is located directly beneath where the AC line cord plugs in.
4. For 115 VAC illuminators
: Pull out the fuse drawer. The AC power fuse is located in the receptacle with
metal clips at both ends of the fuse.
5. Remove the blown fuse and discard. The second fuse is the spare.
6. Place the replacement fuse into the metal clips in the fuse drawer. The fuse will work in either orientation.
7. Push the fuse drawer into the illuminator until it "clicks" into position.
8. For 230 VAC illuminators
: Push down the center latch until it locks in the down position. Remove the fuse
drawer. Two fuses are required.
9. Remove the blown fuse(s) from the drawer and discard.
10. Place the replacement fuse(s) into the fuse holder by inserting either end of the fuse into the fuse holder.
11. Push the fuse drawer until it "clicks" into position.
12. Attach the AC line cord to power entry module at the rear of the illuminator. The illuminator is now ready for
Replacement Parts
Part No.
Lamp, EKE, 21V, 150 Watt
Lamp, EJV, 21V, 150 Watt
Lamp, EJA, 21 V, 150 Watt
Fuse, 3A, 5 x 20, 250 V, slow blow (115 VAC)
Fuse, 2A, 5 x 20, 250 V, slow blow(230 VAC)
Only above parts are replaceable. Return illuminator to factory for warranty service.
Attempts to replace other parts voids warranty.
Performance Statement
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc. (DJI)
recognizes that its illuminator products may be used under an almost unlimited
variety of conditions. As such, we are prepared to assist the customer in the selection and application of any of these
products. This includes application engineering, sample testing and other means as determined by DJI.
Where DJI has made specific recommendations for its products, systems, or detection techniques (based on complete
and detailed information furnished by the customer) we will extend every effort to assure that the customer is satisfied with
the performance of our products. Continual development and improvement of DJI products may require changes in
details that do not coincide with descriptions or illustrations shown. All fiber optic cable diameters are nominal.
Three Year Warranty on Light Sources
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc. (DJI)
warrants its products to be free from defective material and workmanship. Any light
source or parts thereof which are determined by DJI to be defective within 3 years (average product life cycle) from
shipment date will be replaced or repaired at our option. This policy is effective Nov. 1, 1993 and is not retroactive. All
fiber optics are warranted for one year. This warranty specifically excludes both incandescent and quartz-halogen lamps,
and optical filters.
Any products which, in our opinion, have been subjected to misuse, incorrect wiring, or where installation procedures
are not in accordance with the instruction manual, are excluded from this warranty. Nor does this warranty extend to
products on which repairs or alterations have been made outside the factory, or on which the identification or serial
number has been altered or to accessories not of our manufacture.
Our obligation with respect to products or parts covered by this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement,
F.O.B., Boxborough, Massachusetts. In no event shall DJI be held liable for consequential or special damages, or for
transportation, installation, adjustment, or other expenses which may arise in connection with such products or parts. This
warranty is in lieu of all other statements or warranties or guarantees, written or implied, by DJI or its authorized
Important: Please contact factory for a return authorization number prior to shipping merchandise to factory.
Technical Data
Lamp Life
Color Temperature
Safety Approvals
Max. Housing Temp.
150 W Quartz halogen, 21V (EKE, EJV or EJA) as ordered
115/60, 230/50 (Set at factory)
200-10,000 Hours depending on intensity
115 VAC: 3 Amp, 250V, 3A slow blow, 5 x 20 mm
230 VAC: 2 Amp, 250V, 2A slow blow, 5 x 20 mm
3100-3400 degrees Kelvin depending on lamp used
115 VAC - UL & C-UL
230 VAC-CE
6 in. L x 8.5 in. W x 5.3 in. H
15.3 cm L x 21.6 cm W x 13.5 cm H
7.75 lbs. (3.6 kg.)
15°C above ambient
Environmental Conditions Use Specifications
Type of Use
Indoor at max. altitude of 2,000 M
Ambient Temperature
+5°C to +40°C
Relative Humidity
80% maximum up to +31° C (non-condensing)
decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity @ +40° C
Installation Category
Pollution Degree
NOTICE: If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection
provided by the equipment may be impaired.
NOTICE: Cleaning of the equipment is not recommended. If the equipment is used in a manner not
specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
Corporate Headquarters and Factory:
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc.
159 Swanson Road
Boxborough, MA 01719, USA
Telephone: 800.833.4237 or 978-263-1400
05-5300100000 Rev E
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