Setting up Exchange Mail on an iPhone
Before setting up Exchange access on your phone make sure that:
You can access owa.wm.edu and can login from a desktop or laptop computer
(not on your phone).
 Your phone is connected to the Internet either via Wi-fi or 3G with a good signal.
 You can access www.wm.edu in your phone's browser.
After verifying that your phone is connected to the web you can begin the setup process.
1. From the home screen select Settings, and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
2. Select Add Account and then Microsoft Exchange.
3. For Email - enter your email address; for Domain – enter wm.edu; Username
enter your WMuserid, and finally under Password - enter your W&M password.
4. Press Next. Your Exchange account will verify.
5. The screen shot below should appear. If Server does not appear type it in as
shown below. Press Next, in either case, and a final verification will take place.
6. Enable Mail, Contacts and Calendars. If you get a message about existing local
contacts select Keep on My iPhone. (You’ll have to do this twice.)
7. Select Save. You will then be taken back to the mail settings page where you can
configure several options, font size, how many messages to display, etc.
8. Congratulations your finished!
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