13-122-SY-DS-PVD75-PROLine-Datasheet Rev-2-15

13-122-SY-DS-PVD75-PROLine-Datasheet Rev-2-15
PVD 75
PRO Line
Thin Film Deposition System
• Designed for university, industrial, and
government lab R&D thin film deposition
• OLED/PLED and organic electronics
• Photovoltaics and semiconductor devices
• Optics and decorative coatings
• Small batch production
• Fully enclosed “zero” clean room
footprint or optional open frame design
• Box 304 stainless steel chamber
with aluminum door and large viewport
• Manual touch-screen or recipe-controlled,
PC based process automation
• Turbomolecular or optional cryogenic
high vacuum pumping
Process Modules
• Magnetron sputtering: RF, DC, Pulsed DC
• Electron beam evaporation
• Thermal evaporation
• Organic materials evaporation
• Ion source substrate cleaning or
assisted deposition
• Substrate heating, cooling, or biasing
• Planetary substrate fixturing
• Upstream or downstream pressure control
• Film thickness control
• Substrate load lock
• On-site installation and training
Dimensions Approximate
Process Chamber Volume
81 liters
Process Chamber Geometry
Box, 14'' (356mm) wide X 14.69'' deep (373mm) X 24'' (610mm) high
Process Chamber Construction
304L Stainless Steel with 6061 Aluminum Hinged Door
Cabinet Construction
Carbon Steel, Fully Enclosed, Gray Powder Coat Finish
Up to 5 Torus® Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes
Deposition Sources
(Available in various combinations)
4-Pocket 8cc Electron Beam Source, 8-Pocket 12cc, and 6-Pocket 20cc Available
Up to 4 Thermal Evaporation Sources
Up to 2 LTE Organic Material Evaporation Sources
Deposition Orientation
Sputter Up, Evaporation Up
Substrate Cleaning
Ion Source or RF Bias
Substrate Size (max)
Single 10'' (300mm) with Optional 20 RPM Max Variable Rotation
Substrate Heating
Quartz Lamp or Resistive Element
Standard Vacuum Pumping
685 l/sec Turbo Pump, or 1500 l/sec Cryo Pump Available
Wide Range Vacuum Gauge
Base Pressure Turbo Pump (CDE)
5 x 10-7 Torr (6.7 X 10-7 mbar)
Process Gas
2 Channel Manual with Optional Mass Flow Control with Pressure Control
System Control
PC-Based HMI, with Optional Recipe Control and Datalogging
Required Power (typical, based on options)
208VAC, 3Ø, 50/60 Hz; Optional 380VAC, 3Ø, 50/60 Hz
Available Certifications, Markings
12 Months upon Shipment
Overall Dimensions (approx)
60'' (1194mm) wide X 36'' (889mm) deep X 75'' (1905mm) high
Weight (approx)
1,800 lbs (816 kg)
Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC) specifications and/or test data may not be copied, reproduced or referenced without express written permission of KJLC.
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