PULSAR™+ Single-Gas Detector
Reliable, easy to use and durable
For more than 85 years, MSA has brought you
the leading gas detection instruments on the
market. The new PULSAR+ Single-Gas
Detector just set a new standard for singlegas detection by adding a gas-concentration
display and a replaceable sensor and battery
to a proven performer—the PULSAR™
Maintenance-Free Detector.
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is
reliable, easy to use, and durable. With
sensor options for CO, H2S and O2 , this
Just look at the industry-leading
combination of features built into the
PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector:
Easy-to-Read Display
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas
Detector offers the simplest,
easiest-to-read display. Its
large numeric display—one of
the largest on the market—
features a backlight that
provides excellent contrast. The
easy-to-understand display
icons help the user to easily identify STEL, TWA
and peak gas concentration levels at a glance.
unit will provide industry-leading
performance and stand up to the roughest
handling in the toughest industrial
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is
designed and built with the high quality
you expect from MSA. It is part of the MSA
STELLAR®Series of gas-detection
instruments, which features a selection of
single-gas, combustible-gas and multigas
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is ideal
for the following uses: CO detection, flues
and furnaces, water heaters and dryers.
One-Button Autocalibration
Intuitive, completely automatic
calibration with the press of a
button helps to prevent
improper calibration. No
separate, easy-to-lose
accessories are needed for
gas-response testing or
instrument calibration.
Simply attach the tubing to the sensor inlet and
apply gas.
Distinctive Alarm System
A triple alarm system leaves
no doubt for the user in an
alarm situation. The audio
alarm is piercing and
distinctive so that it cannot be
confused with other common
workplace sounds. The bestin-class visual alarm features
four multi-directional, super-bright LED displays
located on the top of the instrument so it can be
seen from all angles. The alarm status is also
shown in the numeric display. An optional
vibrating alarm emits a strong, pulsing vibration
that further calls attention to the user when in
alarm mode. The vibrator is strong enough to be
felt through heavy work clothes.
Water & Dust Resistance
Clip Options
With options for
suspender- and cellphone-style clips and
lanyards, MSA’s unique
clip designs keep the
unit attached during
even the roughest use.
Replaceable Battery
The long-life 123-type
lithium battery will power
the unit for well over one
year with eight-hours-perday usage. It features a
10-year shelf life. The
current battery status is
constantly displayed on the
Replaceable Sensor
MSA-built, patented
ButtonTM sensors are
easily replaceable. The
stainless steel solid
electrolyte construction
sensors contain no liquid,
eliminating the
possibility of sensor
leakage. The extremely small, thin sensor profile
allows the PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector to
deliver high performance in a very compact
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is designed to
withstand even the harshest conditions and
usage. The interlocking gasket that provides
water resistance also absorbs some of the shock
when dropped. Its solid-state circuitry and
rugged case design increase impact resistance
and minimize the chance for breakage.
With its IP54 rating, the
PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector
is highly water-and dustresistant. The simple, yet
effective, design features an
interlocking single-gasket
suspension system, providing
a tight seal and making it one of the most waterand dust-resistant instruments in its class.
User Configuration
The PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector features fully
adjustable warning, peak, STEL and TWA alarm
levels. STEL and TWA functions can be deactivated.
All alarm and calibration gas value settings are
password protected.
Large Rubber Buttons
Large rubber buttons make the PULSAR+ SingleGas Detector easy to operate—even with gloves.
The button labels feature English text and
international icons.
PULSAR+ Fire Service Kit
The PULSAR+ Fire Service Kit is designed
specifically for firefighters who must respond
quickly to CO calls. The kit contains a CO PULSAR+
Single-Gas Detector with a protective jacket and
neck strap, a Squirt® Gas Bump Test Cylinder, and 10
Carbon Monoxide Detector Tube Cards, all packaged
for convenience in a durable, compact carrying case.
The Squirt Gas Bump Test Cylinder provides a quick
and certain means of calibrating the PULSAR+
Single-Gas Detector in the field; the Detector Tube
Cards offer homeowners an easy and affordable
means of checking their exposure to CO levels after
the firefighter has left the home.
The unique design of the PULSAR+ Single-Gas
Detector, combined with its competitive price,
makes it the clear choice. And the PULSAR+
Single-Gas Detector is designed and manufactured
by MSA, the most trusted name in the gasdetection industry.
PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detectors for the Fire Service
Instrument Type
Part Number
CO with vibrating alarm
CO Fire Service Kit
CO Fire Service Kit, vibrating
Gas Type
0-500 ppm
1 ppm
Response Time
T90<60 sec
Alarm Setpoints
Low Alarm
High Alarm
35 ppm
100 ppm
400 ppm
35 ppm
Note: This Bulletin contains only a
general description of the products
shown. While uses and performance
capabilities are described, under no
circumstances shall the products
be used by untrained or unqualified
individuals and not until the
product instructions including any
warnings or cautions provided
have been thoroughly read and
understood. Only they
contain the complete
and detailed information
concerning proper use and
care of these products.
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