Warranty Conditions

Warranty Conditions
After Sales Service Programs & Policies
Our Commitment to You
Customers are our #1 priority. It is our mission to serve our customers and partners
in a professional and responsive manner, and all of our employees are empowered to do so.
Program Highlights
Bosch Security Return and Warranty
Policy Statement
Expanded and Simplified Warranties
With few exceptions, all products now come with a
This Return and Warranty Policy Statement applies to Bosch
minimum 3 year warranty. (See Table 1)
Security Systems equipment purchased directly from Bosch
Easy Accessibility
Where indicated, toll-free numbers make it convenient to
contact our offices. (See Table 2)
Security Systems or an authorized dealer or distributor.
Returning Bosch Security Systems Products
For credit returns, before returning any products to Bosch
Shipping for Warranty Repairs
Security Systems, you must first obtain a Return Material
Bosch Security Systems will provide free outbound
Authorization (RMA) Requests for credit return are only
shipping on warranty repairs. Outbound shipping service
accepted from authorized Dealers, Distributors, or company
will be the same method as inbound.
that was issued an original Bosch invoice.
(e.g. if inbound shipping is UPS Next Day Air, product will
be returned using the same level of service).
For warranty claims only, an RMA is generally required to
ensure proper information flow and minimize chance for
delays in processing; however products may be sent directly
to the Bosch Security After Sales Service Center without a
preauthorization or RMA number.
To obtain an RMA, contact the appropriate Bosch Security
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After Sales Service Center (see After Sales Service Centers
repair estimate provided to you. If repair estimate is rejected,
Summary, Table 2) for your product,
you may be charged a handling fee before product is
and have the following information ready:
returned to you.
 Your contact information
 Original PO number or place of purchase.
All such repairs are warranted for 90 calendar days;
 SKU/part number or product description (if possible)
if repaired product fails within the first 90 days after shipment
 Serial number (if possible)
to you, we will repair at no cost to you.
 Reason for return (as specific as possible)
 Manufacturing date code (if possible)
Refurbished B-stock products
Bosch Security Systems occasionally offers select products
Bosch Security After Sales Service will provide you with an
for sale as B-stock – units that have been used in the field,
RMA number and an RMA acknowledgement form that
repaired and/or refurbished.
confirms your request.
B-stock products come with a 1 year limited warranty.
Once you have the RMA, repackage the product
appropriately and attach the RMA acknowledgement form on
Packaging your shipment
the outside of the package. Then send the product to the
Protecting the value of returned products by packaging and
return location given by the After Sales Service Center.
shipping them correctly is your responsibility. We reserve the
right to deny warranty coverage for any damage caused by
We reserve the right to cancel the RMA after 30 days
failing to meet the following packaging requirements:
if the product is not received.
 All electronic components must be taped and/or contained
in their original electrostatic protective packaging or an
The service department will evaluate all equipment returned
for repair to determine warranty coverage and will resolve
any questions that may arise during evaluation to make a
final determination. If the product is deemed not to be
covered by warranty, we will contact you to determine if you
would like us to treat it as an out of warranty repair (see
below) or have the product returned to you.
equivalent substitute.
 All parts must be packed securely inside the external
shipping carton to prevent mechanical damage.
 External packaging must be sufficient to protect the
contents from the usual hazards of shipping.
 Whenever possible please also include a copy of the RA
form or other related information.
Warranty Repair/Exchanges
Subject to the terms of the limited warranty in effect at the
If you have questions about this policy or our service
time of purchase, Bosch Security Systems will repair or
programs, contact the appropriate Bosch Security
exchange any product that fails to meet the specifications
Systems After Sales Service Center in your area.
provided within the product’s warranty period. The actual
warranty period starts from the date of end user purchase.
For all warranty repairs, Bosch Security Systems will cover
costs for parts and labor, standard refurbishment and/or
software hardware upgrade, and outbound transportation.
Non or out of warranty repairs
For all non-warranty repairs, Bosch Security Systems will
provide you with a repair price that includes charges for
parts, labor standard refurbishment, and all shipping. On
some products repair prices may be based on an individual
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Warranty Period Summary
Product Type
 Electronics
 Non-Powered Speakers
 Powered Speakers
 Speaker Accessories & Hardware
Table 1
The warranty periods and terms indicated in this
document refer to our standard policies. In some
countries or states, laws exist that specify certain
conditions and/or do not allow exclusions regarding
incidental or consequential damages. In any such cases
the local laws supersede the policies stated in this
Other warranties, limitation of liability
Bosch Security Systems warrants that its products, at the
Systems of an opportunity to inspect and test the product
time of shipment by Bosch Security Systems, are free from
claimed to be defective. Such inspection may be on Buyer’s
defect in material or workmanship under normal use and
premises and/or Bosch Security Systems may request the
service for the respective warranty periods specified in the
return of the Product at Buyer’s expense. However, Bosch
applicable Price Schedule or as otherwise published.
Security Systems shall not be responsible for packing,
inspection, or labor costs in connection with the return of
To assure conformance with operating limitations, Buyer
should refer to the applicable data sheet.
The liability of Bosch Security Systems hereunder or
The warranty is void (i) if the Product is not operated in
otherwise is solely and exclusively limited to replacement
conformance with installation, environmental, mechanical or
(new or refurbished Product), repair, or credit of the
electrical requirements, or within thermal stress limits, or (ii)
amortized purchase price, as Bosch Security may elect, for
to the extent that any malfunction is the result of misuse,
any Product which is returned by Buyer during the applicable
abuse, vandalism, neglect, improper installation or
warranty period, or services for which timely notice of defect
application, alteration, accident, or negligence in use,
has been given by Buyer, and which are found by Bosch
storage, transportation, or handling or if the original
Security to be subject to adjustment under this warranty.
identification markings on the Product have been removed,
defaced or altered, lightning, electricity, water, fire,
Bosch Security Systems warranty shall not be enlarged,
environment or other hazard, or force of nature, or other
diminished, or affected by, and no obligation or liability shall
impact outside of normal operating guidelines.
arise or grow out of Bosch Security Systems rendering or
technical advice, facilities, or services in connection with
The foregoing warranty is subject to Buyer’s (i) promptly
Buyer’s order to the products furnished hereunder.
written claim and (ii) timely provision to Bosch Security
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Bosch Security Systems
After Sales Service Centers
RTS Intercom, Digital Matrix,
Bosch Security Systems:
Attn: Service
8601 East Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE 68507
Aviation, Audiocom, Broadcast
and Intercom Headsets,
Dispatch, Education Headsets,
Mics, Radiocom, and Soundmate
Electronics and Loudspeakers
University Sound
Phone: (1) 800-553-5992
(1) 402-467-3279
E-mail: [email protected]
Local service centers can be found at our website:
http://telex.com (Dispatch)
Bosch Security Systems
#1 Telex Drive
Dock #9
Morrilton, AR 72110
Phone: (1) 800-685-2606
(1) 501-354-1118
E-mail: [email protected]
Local service centers can be found at our website:
Europe, Middle East, Africa
Electronics and Loudspeakers
University Sound
Correspondance & Invoicing Address:
Bosch Security Systems
ASA Customer Service
EVI Audio GmbH
Sachsenring 60
94315 Straubing
Shipping & Deliveries:
Bosch Security Systems
ASA Customer Service
EVI Audio GmbH
Ernst-Heinkel-Str. 4
94315 Straubing
Phone: +49 9421 706-366
+49 9421 706-350
E-mail: [email protected]
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
11 Bishan St 21,
(Level 5, ST-ASA)
Singapore 573943
Phone: +65 65712885 (Ms. Ping)
+65 65712884 (Ms. Fong)
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 010 87288839
010 87291554
RTS Intercom, Digital Matrix,
Beijing EVI Engineering Service Co. Ltd.
Block 14,Zone 2 Yunding Center,
Xi Luo Garden, Fengtai District,
Beijing, P.R. China.
Aviation, Audiocom, Broadcast,
Dispatch, Headsets, Mics,
Radiocom, and Soundmate
EVI Shanghai Repair Center
Rm 104, Building 1,
50 Puhui Road,
Shanghai, P.R. China
Phone: 021 64644608
021 64387542
Guangzhou Telex / EVI Repair Center
Rm 2402, 24/F Zhong Xin Building
268 Baogang Road, Haizhu District,
Guangzhou P.R. China
Phone: 020-34229839
EVI Audio Japan - Shinagawa SC
Takase Building 7F 4-13-34
Higashi-Shinagawa Tokyo Japan
Phone: +81 (0)3-5485-4434
+81 (0)3-3450-9791
RTS Intercom, Digital Matrix,
Aviation, Audiocom, Broadcast,
Dispatch, Headsets, Mics,
Radiocom, and Soundmate
Asia Pacific
Electronics and Loudspeakers
University Sound
Table 2
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Modifications reserved
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