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Model No. SK-61-6R-HON
60 Gallon Skid Mounted Sprayer
The sprayer is completely assembled except for the pressure gauge, and the only other time any assembly is required
is if you have purchased the optional trailer assembly, or
optional boom assembly.
Note: Add proper oil to the engine crankcase and gasoline
to the gas tank. Refer to the engine manual for the correct
type and amount.
It is important to test the sprayer with plain water before
actual spraying is attempted. This will enable you to check
the sprayer for leaks in the plumbing system.
The purpose of this manual is to assist you in operating your
sprayer. Please read it carefully as it furnishes information
which will help you operate and maintain your sprayer.
1. Open tank lid and be sure the tank is clean and free of
foreign material. Fill the tank about half full with plain
2. Open the brass valve in the suction line and allow water
to flow to the pump. The valve is located at this point to
enable the strainer to be taken apart for cleaning.
Products are warranted for one year from date of purchase
against manufacturer or workmanship defects.
Your authorized dealer is the best source of replacement
parts and service. To obtain prompt, efficient service,
always remember to give the following information.
1. Correct part description and part number.
2. Model number of your sprayer.
3. Serial number of your sprayer.
Part number and descriptions can be obtained from the
illustrated parts list section of this manual. Whenever you
need parts or repair service, contact your distributor / dealer
first. For warranty work, always take your original sales slip,
or other evidence of purchase date, to your distributor /
CAUTION: Always be sure that water has reached the
roller pump before starting your sprayer. If the pump is
run dry, serious damage to the pump will result.
3. It is always best to start the sprayer at little or no pressure.
This sprayer is equipped with a spring loaded relief valve.
Turn the valve knob out to decrease pressure and in for
increased pressure.
4. You may now start the sprayer engine following the engine
manufacturers instructions. Let the sprayer run at low
pressure until water has reached the handgun and all air
has been purged from the system.
CAUTION: Care must be taken, being sure the handgun
is secured in the operators hand. If this is not done a
recoiling action may occur causing damage or personal
5.5 H.P. Recoil Start Engine
6 Roller Pump - 22 G.P.M. Max.
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Gauge
Suction Line Filter
25 Ft. Hand Gun Hose
Pistol Grip Spray Gun
Optional Trailers & Boom Features Available
W W W. F I M C O I N D U S T R I E S . C O M
1000 FIMCO LANE • P.O. BOX 1700 • NO. SIOUX CITY, SD 57049
TOLL FREE: 800-831-0027 • TOLL FREE FAX: 800-494-0440
Form No. 1207
(5004745 3/06)
Printed In U.S.A.
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1. The pressure should now be increased to 30-125 P.S.I.
Operate the sprayer at this increased pressure for 3-5
minutes, thoroughly testing the unit before adding chemicals.
After use fill the sprayer part way with water, start the sprayer
and allow clear water to be pumped through the plumbing
system and out through handgun. Use the handgun to
thoroughly wash all internal parts of tank and tank cover.
Refill the tank about half full with plain water and use a
chemical neutralizer such as NUTRA-SOL or equivalent and
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repeat cleaning instructions above. Flush the entire sprayer
with the neutralizing agent. Follow the chemical manufacturers disposal instructions of all wash and rinsing water.
Drain all water out of the sprayer paying special attention to
pump, valves, and spray gun. These items are especially
prone to damage from chemicals and freezing weather.
The sprayer should be winterized before storage by
pumping a solution of RV anti-freeze through the entire
plumbing. Proper care and maintenance will prolong
the life of the sprayer.
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