Coos Country Family Health
InfraStruXure® gives Health Clinic Much-needed
Shot in the Arm
"As our clinic grows and adds more
servers and equipment, we can build on
our InfraStruXure® and not be forced to
choose another solution."
Sally A. Wheeler, Director of Information Systems,
Amy Laflamme, Software Support and Training,
Gary Lamontagne, Network and Hardware
Support, Scott Valliere, Technical Support and
Coos County Family Health Services
“We are the largest community-based health center in
Northern New Hampshire and the sole provider of
primary care medical services in the Androscoggin
Valley, serving 19,000 residents. We provide
innovative, personalized, comprehensive health care
and social services of the highest quality to everyone,
regardless of economic status.
“Like many health care providers, our clinic has gone
paperless – no more paper charts, records, billing or appointment schedules. We use an
Electronic Health Record that our physicians can access from their office, the hospital or even
from home if needed for a consult off-hours. It is vital that patient charts be accessible for needed
information for each patient visit, but it is also critical for patient privacy and for complying with
federal HIPPA regulations that we protect it.
Winter Storms Put Data at Risk
“That’s our job in the Information Services department: to maintain the integrity of our data and
ensure it remains accessible but secure. Our server room is the heart of the system, maintaining
nine servers and our Shoreline IP-based telephone system. But in New Hampshire’s Northern
White Mountains, winters are harsh and it is not uncommon for our power to fluctuate or be lost
“An outage would mean no access to our patient charts through Electronic Health Record (EHR),
our billing system or our telephone system. In an emergency care situation, no access to patient
background information could be life-threatening.
“We were using separate battery backup units that only kept the servers up for a brief amount of
time and they were not in a secure and climate-controlled environment. It was time for an
upgrade and we looked to APC for a solution. We needed to keep our servers up for an
extended period of time during a power outage, at least 45 minutes to ensure that the technician
on call could get to the server room to take care of business.
InfraStruXure™: Just the Right Dosage
“Since we are not 24/7 facility, we felt a generator was an over-investment. InfraStruXure®
allowed us to customize a solution that was the right size at this point in time, was much less
costly and would do what we needed it to do. The pay-as-you-grow scalability was a big factor in
our decision. As our clinic grows and adds more servers and equipment, we can build on our
InfraStruXure and not be forced to choose another solution.
“InfraStruXure gives us the assurance that our critical servers and equipment are protected, will
shut down gracefully, and notify us in the event of a power outage. Its ease of management
means there is no guesswork involved in knowing if our circuits will be overloaded. And
InfraStruXure’s built-in LCD screen lets us know how many more units can be connected to the
built-in power strips. Monitoring power and environment at the rack level helps us avoid
unplanned downtime and saves trouble-shooting time.
“Another deciding factor was APC’s reliability: we had used smaller APC units, and our network
vendor promotes and recommends APC products. Designing and installing our InfraStruXure
was a great experience. We received excellent service and our questions were always answered
in a professional and timely manner.
“InfraStruXure now protects our entire operation: Electronic Health Record server, our Practice
Management Software Server, our domain controllers, our telephony server and switches,
routers, and our backup solution unit. And I’m actually looking forward to future growth, knowing
that InfraStruXure’s modularity will make it easy.”
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