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CenturyTel TeleVideo and Teleview Subscriber Privacy Notice
Section 631 of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (“Cable Act”) requires us to inform you of
the following matters:
The Cable Act requires us to inform you of the nature of personally identifiable subscriber information that
we collect and of the nature of the use we make of such information.
Generally, the Cable Act permits us to collect and use only the information needed for the business of
providing cable and other services to subscribers. In order that we may continue to provide reliable, high
quality service and maintain adequate records, we keep regular business records that contain your name,
address, telephone number, social security number, and other personally identifiable information.
Such records include billing, payment, deposit, complaint and service records, records of information you
have furnished to us such as the location and number of television sets connected to cable and the
service options you have chosen.
We use this information to sell, maintain, disconnect and reconnect services to make sure that you are
being billed properly for the services you receive; to maintain financial, accounting, tax service and
property records including records by the terms of our franchise. Periodically the information is used for
cable related market research by the company and others.
The Cable Act allows us to collect personally identifiable information and to disclose to a third party only if
(a) you consent in advance writing or electronically; (b) disclosure is necessary to deliver cable service
and other services we provide to you and related business activities; (c) disclosure is required pursuant to
a court order and you are notified of such order; or (d) for mailing lists as described below.
The Cable Act requires us to inform you of the nature, frequency and purpose of any disclosure which
may be made of such information, including an identification of the types of persons to whom the
disclosure may be made.
We may make your records available to employees, agents and contractors to install, market, provide and
audit cable service on each occasion access is needed for the specific job at hand. Access for these
purposes is routine, and does not occur with any specific frequency.
We may also occasionally release our subscriber list to a customer research organization to conduct
market research. This typically occurs no more than once each year.
Further, we make our subscriber list available each month to an independent billing house to send bills; to
mailing services and programmers each month for sending program guides; to programmers and outside
auditors to check our records whenever such checks are required, which occurs irregularly; to attorney
and accountants on a continuous basis as necessary to carry out service to the company, to potential
purchasers in connection with a system sale which occurs only at the time such sale is contemplated; and
to franchising authorities to demonstrate compliance at the irregular times when compliance concerns are
Subscriber information may also be disclosed to our bill payment lock box service each month as
necessary for processing subscriber payments, and information on delinquent accounts may be supplied
to collection agencies and credit bureaus when delinquency occurs. We take reasonable precautions to
prevent unauthorized access to this information.
Mailing Lists
The Cable Act also allows us to disclose your name and address for mailing lists and other purposes
unless you object. We do not presently sell our subscriber list or otherwise disclose it to commercial
users, and do not anticipate making any such disclosure in the future. Should we make any such
disclosure in the future, we will not disclose the extent of your viewing or use of a particular service or the
nature of any transaction you may make over the cable system, but we may disclose that you are among
those who subscribe to a particular service. If you do not wish to have your name and address included
on a subscriber list disclosed to commercial or charitable users, please contact us at our system business
office. Please refer to your bill for the address of our system office, our phone number and our office
The Cable Act requires us to inform you concerning the period during which we will retain subscriber
information. As required the by Cable Act, we destroy subscriber information that is no longer necessary
for the purpose for which it was collected unless there is a legitimate request or order to inspect the
information still outstanding. Paper records such as work orders and installation records are generally
retained for up to three years. Converter records are retained for as long as a subscriber has a converter.
Subscriber records maintained in our management information system are routinely deleted from our
records as newer information is added. The age of these records varies from address to address,
depending on the date when service commenced and the number of transactions. Ledger data is deleted
after a varying period, at the most six months. Records of technical maintenance and service are
retained for as long as you are a subscriber, except that the oldest records in the system may be deleted
occasionally to free storage space for new records.
Information concerning location and number of outlets and other information you have provided to us
upon installation is retained so long as you are a subscriber and may be deleted from the system within
two years after you terminate your subscription, provided your account is fully paid.
Market research information is retained for a maximum of two years. Accounts and billing records are
retained in historical ledgers for six years for tax and accounting purposes.
Disclosure By Court Order
The Cable Act also provides that the government may obtain disclosure of personally identifiable
information by court order, if it offers evidence that such records are material to a criminal case, and if you
are given the opportunity to appear and contest the evidence.
Subscriber Rights
As described above, the Cable Act establishes your rights as a subscriber and the limits upon the cable
operator with respect to the collection and disclosure of subscriber information. You have the right to
inspect our records that contain information about you and to correct any errors in our information.
If you wish to inspect the records pertaining to you at our system office, please contact us at the system
business office during business hours to set up an appointment. You may bring a private civil action in
U.S. District Court and you may seek to recover damages, costs and attorney fees if the limits under the
Cable Act have been violated.
If you have any questions about this Notice, please contact us at [email protected]
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