dwg# i-8014
Model: EQ 12/48-10
Solar Converters Inc. - Rev. F
IMPORTANT NOTE: Unit is bi-directional in its operation. Please take a moment to ensure the input and output voltage
required and the direction of the power flow. Misconnection or backwards connection of the unit may provide either half
the voltage or twice the voltage with potential damage to the battery and/or unit. This unit should not be used as a step up
or step down transformer to power a load directly. Step up applications can use the CV, constant voltage regulator units
and step down applications can use the PPT step down transformer. Using the EQ in either of these applications can
cause damage to the EQ and will void warranty.
Warning: This unit may operate from multiple hazardous energy sources. Ensure that all power sources are inactive
before making any connections to this unit. Ensure proper procedures and the appropriate electrical codes are followed.
To be serviced only by qualified personnel.
Warning: Ensure the battery is disconnected and/or safe operating procedures are followed when making battery
connections. Extreme care must be taken to ensure the battery is not shorted. Make sure all strands are inside their
respective terminals. Qualified personnel only to connect and service this unit.
Section 1: Battery Voltage Equalization
Input/Output Voltage High: 44 - 60 DC volts
Current: 0 - 2.5 amps nominal,
This is the voltage off the top of your battery string - nominally 48V
Input/Output Voltage Low: 10 - 16 DC volts
Current: 0 - 10 amps continuous
This is the 1/4 voltage off your battery string - nominally 12V
Unit uses its bi-directional capability to take power from the higher voltage battery and transfer the excess charge to the
lower voltage battery. The net effect is to bring the battery voltages to be exactly equal. As well, as load current is taken
off the battery, the stronger battery will support the weaker battery, making your battery power last longer.
1.1 Common Connection
Using wire of sufficient amperage for the load connection (#12 AWG or better) connect the negative of the battery string to
the BLACK #12 AWG flying lead. Nominally this is the negative connection of the 48V battery.
1.2 Low Voltage Connection
Using a wire of sufficient amperage for the load power (#12 AWG or better) connect the 1/4 point of the battery set load to
the WHITE #12 AWG flying lead. Nominally this is the 12V point in your 48V battery string.
1.3 High Voltage Connection
Using wire of sufficient amperage for the input connection (#12 AWG or better) connect the positive of the battery to the
RED #12 AWG flying lead. Nominally this is the 48V positive connection of the 48V battery.
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dwg# i-8014
48 Volts Red Wire
12V Bat
12V Bat
EQ 12/48-10
12V Bat
12V Load
12V Charge
12 Volts White Wire
12V Bat
GND Black Wire
Using this unit as a step up or step down transformer directly to a load may damage the unit.
Proper use of the EQ unit is to equalize the battery bank when a load is connected to only part of the bank. For the application
of a 12 volt load running from a 48 volt battery, the 12 volt load is connected across the 12 volt section of the battery bank. The
EQ is connected across the entire battery as well as the 12 volt section of the battery. The EQ will keep both the upper and
lower part of the battery bank equal. There can also be 12V charge sources on the 12 volt section of the battery. The EQ will
transfer extra power from the lower half of the battery to the upper half keeping both halves equal. The charge source can not
exceed 10 amps. Total load draw can exceed 10 amps only for a short time. Excessive draw will damage the EQ.
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dwg# i-8014
The product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of
purchase by a retail customer. The purchase date must be evidenced by a valid and original sales receipt. In lieu of
sales receipt, factory will use code date on its label. Removal of the Solar Converters Inc. label or serial number will void
the warranty.
Product liability, except where mandated by law, is limited to repair or replacement at the manufacturer's discretion. No
specific claim of merchantability or use shall be assumed or implied beyond what is printed on the manufacturers printed
literature. No liability shall exist from circumstances arising from the inability to use the product, or its inappropriateness
for any specific purpose or actual use, or consequences thereof for any purpose. It is the user's responsibility to
determine the suitability of the product for any particular use. Solar Converters Inc. shall not be liable for any
damages or any kind including without limitation, special, incidental or consequential obligations and liabilities of Solar
Converters Inc. and the remedies of Buyer set forth herein shall be Solar Converters Inc. sole and exclusive liability.
Failure to provide a safe and correct installation, safe operation, or care for the product will void the warranty. Personal
safety, and compatibility with any other equipment is the ultimate responsibility of the end user. Any returned product that
shows significant evidence of abuse may not be covered by this warranty. Installation must be preformed by a person
with qualification to insure safe and effective operation and the installation thereof certifies that the installer has the
technical qualifications to do so.
Solar Converters Inc. cannot guarantee the compatibility of its products with other components used in conjunction with
Solar Converters Inc. products, including, but not limited to, solar modules, batteries, and system interconnects, and such
loads as inverters, transmitters and other loads which produce “noise” or electromagnetic interference, in excess of the
levels to which Solar Converters Inc. products are compatible. Solar Converters Inc. shall not assume responsibility for
any damages to any system components used in conjunction with Solar Converters Inc. products nor for claims for
personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of Solar Converters Inc. products or the improper operation
thereof or consequential damages arising from the products or use of the products.
The warranties set forth herein are Solar Converters Inc. sole and exclusive warranties for or relating to the goods. Seller
neither makes nor assumes any warranty or merchantability, any warranty fitness for any particular purpose, or any other
warranty of any kind, express, implied or statutory. Solar Converters Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes any person or
entity to assume for it any other liability or obligation in connection with the sale or use of the goods, and there are no oral
agreements or warranties collateral to or affecting the sale of the goods.
In the event of product failure, follow this warranty claim procedure.
1. Make sure the problem you are having is actually due to the suspected product and not some other part of the
system. You may call technical support for advanced troubleshooting assistance.
2. If you determine that a Solar Converters Inc. product is actually defective, describe on paper, in detail the
exact nature of the failure.
3. The product must be accompanied by proof of the date of purchase satisfactory to Solar Converters Inc.
4. Return the product and description to the business office address, along with your address and a daytime
phone number. Purchasers must prepay all delivery costs or shipping charges as well as any other charges encountered,
in shipping any defective Solar Converters Inc. product under this warranty policy. No shipment will be accepted
Freight Collect.
5. Any return shipment from Solar Converters Inc. will be via Canada Post. Foreign shipments will ship best way.
Special shipping arrangements are available at the customer's expense.
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