Outdoor Event Planning Guide
Burn Permits/Open Flame
Things to remember
An open flame is defined as a bonfire, campfire, fire pit, or candles. They are permitted
with a burn permit at the following locations:
Fraternity Field
Jamestown Field
Sorority Field
Sunken Garden
Yates Field
Due to heavy foliage, no open flame is permitted on the Crim Dell Meadow or Lake
Matoaka Amphitheater. Only closed grills
(grills with lids) are permitted.
For more information on fire safety and to
apply for a burn permit refer to the following link.
Don’t forget to reserve a rain
date or location! The Scheduling
Office can reserve additional
space for you. Don’t let bad
weather stop you from making
your event shine.
 You must allow 10 days prior to
your event to obtain a permit for
a structure (stage, tent etc) .
 Tables, chairs, trashcans can be
rented by submitting a Work
Order Request Form at the
Scheduling office.
 For outdoor audio needs contact
Jeff Herrick, 221 2404 or http://
Questions? Contact Brad Meirs, (757)6458657, [email protected]
Application must be submitted 10 days prior
to event.
Office of Student Leadership Development
Campus Center 203
[email protected]
Guidelines for
Outdoor Event
Outdoor Event Planning
 Reserve the outdoor space and a
rain date or location at the
Scheduling Office
 Request tables, chairs, stage,
etc. by submitting a Work Order
request form to the Scheduling
 Submit a Permit Request form to
the Code Review Team for any
temporary structures (tent,
stage, or amusement device)
 Submit an Open Burn Permit
request form to Fire Safety for
any open flames.
 Consider electricity needs and
sources (see information inside)
Temporary Structures
Furniture/Outdoor Events
How do I request tables, chairs, stage, etc.
for my outdoor event?
Recognized Student Organizations can rent
furniture etc. from Facilities Management
for outdoor events by submitting a Work
Order request form to Scheduling Office.
A permit and/or inspection is required by
the Code Review Team for all tents,
stages, and amusement devices.
To request a permit and inspection please
refer to Directive 510 found on the Facility
Management website. http://
What is available for rent and how much
does it cost? Can my order be delivered?
A list of items available for rent is noted on
the backside of the Work Order request
form. Please note minimum delivery/return
charge should you need your items
delivered. Pick-up and drop-off times are
noted as well if you intend to transport your
How far in advance should I submit my
work order to the Scheduling office?
Work orders MUST be submitted 10 days
(Mon-Fri), prior to your event.
How do I pay for the rentals?
Student organizations will receive an invoice
from the Office of Student Leadership
Development for all charges generated from
the Work Order. It is your responsibility to
submit payment upon receipt of invoice. If
you have funding from the Student
Assembly please provide index number (see
Anita Forrest).
This must be done at least 10 days prior to
your event.
Off site vendors (e.g.Teeny Tiny Farms)
are required to notify Miss Utility before
installation of any stakes or electrical
system. This should be done at least 3
days prior to event. It is the
responsibility of the student organization
to inform the off site vendor, of this
 Student Organizations erecting any
temporary structure or signage requiring
stakes or rods driven into the ground must
call Miss Utility Hotline at 1-800-552
-7001 and have all underground utilities
marked in the vicinity of the proposed
structure or stakes. This should be done at
least 3 days prior to event.
Electricity and Power
The following outdoor spaces have basic
Sunken Garden (power boxes near Crim
Dell end and Wren end).
Crim Dell Meadow (three double plugs
near large tree)
Matoaka Amphitheater
Lamp post opposite James Blair Hall
Crim Dell Amphitheater (upon request
through a work order)
Fields listed below do not have power available:
Jamestown Field
Fraternity Field
Yates Field
Sorority Field
Student organizations that require electricity
on the above fields will need to rent a generator from off site vendor (Williamsburg Event
rentals). All electrical cords and equipment
will need to be inspected before use. For further information please contact Mike Marrs
at 221-5294 or [email protected]
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