5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank
• Very high capacity, resistive/inductive
portable Load Bank
• 5.0MVA, 4.0MW, 3.0MVAR
• Low voltage to 690vAC
• ISO 20’ Container style enclosure
• Digital load control
The Simplex Solar-5 is a very large
capacity, resistive/inductive portable
load bank capable of 0.8 power factor
loads to 5.0MVA (4.0MW, 3.0MVAR).
The Solar-5 is designed for low voltage
application to 690vAC. PLC based
digital load control with touchscreen
operator interface is standard. The unit
is network capable with other Solar
Load Banks as well as most standard
Simplex Load Banks in order to form
large, ultra high capacity systems which
can be controlled from a single operator
interface with totalized data acquisition.
The Solar-5 is packaged in a purposebuilt, ISO 20’, high-cube container
STYLE enclosure. Rather than repurposing used ISO shipping containers,
Simplex has ingeniously designed a
purpose-built enclosure which includes
the important design features of a
container, including holding true to ISO
container dimensions, incorporating
ISO container corner locking pins and
using heavy-duty formed and tubular
steel construction in a massive, rugged
weldment. A purpose-built enclosure
eliminates the compromises inherent
in reworking a used shipping container.
The resultant enclosure provides
4-sided service access and generous
internal space while maintaining
structural integrity.
The Solar-5 is intended for severe
portable duty. As such, the unit buttonsup tight when not in use. Hot air exhaust
is vertical, through roof mounted
electrically operated louvers. Air intakes
are on the side and covered by manual
hatches. The load bank is also suitable
for stationary application.
Two means of power connection are
provided: copper bus bars for bolt-on
cables, and Cam-Lock type connectors
for Cam-lock type terminated cable.
The Solar-5 is equipped with the
advanced Simplex Digital Control
System which provides touchscreen
operator interface, keypad load entry,
data display and acquisition, Ethernet
remote control. The load bank is
equipped with a local operator interface
which is removable for remote control.
Software is available for control from
a user supplied Windows PC. Simplex
AutoTest software is available for full
testing automation.
• Rugged, purpose built container style
enclosure based upon standard ISO
20-foot, high-cube design
• Formed and tubular steel massive
• Powered exhaust louvers
• Generous internal space and 4-sided
• Powr-Web resistive load elements
• Iron-core inductors
• IEC contactors
• Branch circuit fuse protection
• Copper bus bar and Cam-Lock style
cable connection provisions
• Comprehensive malfunction detection
• Digital control and data acquisition
• Network capable
• Automation software available
5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank • Page 2
General Specifications
Principle Systems
Capacity: 5.0MVA, 0.8 power factor
4.0MW, resistive
3.0MVAR, inductive
The Load Bank is a completely self-contained, freestanding unit which includes all
load elements, load control devices, load element branch circuit fuse protection, main
load bus and terminals, cooling system, control power supply, digital controller with
data acquisition and malfunction detection system and weatherproof enclosure.
Single voltage, specify one:
480vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
600vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
690vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
416vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
380vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
De-rates as the square of the
voltage beneath these
Frequency: 60 Hertz or 50 Hertz,
specify one
Load Steps: 5KW / 3.75KVAR digital
load step resolution
Resistive Load Elements: Simplex Powr Web: Open wire, helically wound,
chromium alloy, load element thermally derated to 60%. 5% tolerance, 2% balance.
.995 p.f. Element wire mechanically supported over entire length such that if a wire
should break, the broken wire segments will not short to adjacent conductors or to
ground. UL Recognized
Inductive Load Elements: Iron-core, non-saturable air-gap type, with aluminum
windings, varnish/epoxy coated. 150C rise. 220C insulation
Load Control: Branch circuit contactors, each 50 KW resistive circuit max, each 75
KVAR inductive circuit max. Contactors have enclosed silver surfaced contacts, 120V
coils; electrically operated and electrically held. Contactors are IEC type
Duty Cycle:Continuous
Element Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses, each 50KW resistive branch circuit
max, 75KVAR inductive circuit max. , 600v, 200kAIC, current limiting type.
Ambient Temp.:125°F
Power Wiring: 150°C insulated; color-coded and numbered.
Exhaust Rise: 150°F (hot spot temps
to 500°F)
Control Wiring: 105°C numbered
Airflow Required:75,000 CFM
Control Power:
Selectable internal or external.
External power requirements:
3 x 15HP cooling fan motors
Control power load: 10.0 KVA
Purpose-built, container style steel
enclosure with ISO 20’ container
dimensions, corner locking pins.
Outdoor weatherproof. Painted dark
grey polyurethane over epoxy primer.
Power Connection: Plated copper bus bar for bolt-on cable connections, behind
hinged door and Cam-Lock style plug-in connectors, bulkhead mounted behind
hinged door. 400A, 4/0 connectors.
Cooling: Forced air, vertical airflow, top exhaust. 3 x 15HP, 3-phase, TEFC motor
direct driving cast aluminum fan blades. Circuit breaker combination motor starters.
Electrically powered exhaust louvers, via linear actuator, with position indicating
output. Manual air intake doors with door limit switches
System Protection: Sensors, alarms, lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: Fan
Failure, High Exhaust Temperature, High Intake Temperature, Exhaust Louver Open/
Closed, Each Louver, Intake Door Open Closed, Access Door Open, Each Door, Fan
Motor Overload, and Emergency Stop.
Dimensions: 240” W x 96” D x 100” H
Net Weight: Approx. 30,000 pounds
Nationwide Manufacturing, Services and Rentals.
Springfield, IL (Home Office) • Atlanta, GA • Boston, MA • Cleveland, OH • Houston, TX • Minneapolis, MN
Fax 217-483-1616
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Design subject to change without notice.
5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank • Page 3
Dual voltage with reduced overall
Addition of capacitive load to 0.90 p.f.
leading, with reduced overall capacity
Special use construction
Highway trailer and trailer accessories
-Cable reels
-Power cable sets
Infinitely variable load control
Automation software
Solar-5 with all ventilation and service doors closed and ready for transport.
Windows PC control software
Remote control packages
-Suitcase controller
-Remote control cables/reels
Enclosure options
-Custom paint colors and markings
-Stainless steel construction
Purpose built enclosure insures ample interior space and service access. Shown
above are readily accessible inductive elements.
The touchscreen operator interface
mounted in a protective enclosure is
removable for remote control.
Solar-5 is equipped with two means of power cable connection: copper bus bars for
bolted connection of cables and Cam-Lock style connectors.
© 2015 Simplex, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Printed in the USA • 1510-01.00
Design subject to change without notice.
Fax 217-483-1616
Nationwide Manufacturing, Services and Rentals. Springfield, IL (Home Office) • Atlanta, GA • Boston, MA • Cleveland, OH • Houston, TX • Minneapolis, MN
5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank • Page 4
Digital Control and Data
Acquisition System
PLC based digital control with 8-inch
color TFT touchscreen operator
• Control power source and voltage
level detection
• Malfunction detection and protection
• Direct access (keypad) load control
• Alternate mimic panel load control
• Basic automation of load control
• Field adjustable exhaust temperature
limits with temperature display
• Built-in control from customer supplied
Digital power transducer to digital
controller and meter displays on
• 3-phase voltage (each, L-L)
• 3-phase current (each line)
Main Screen
Data Acquisition
• Captures and records all electrical
• Start recording/stop recording screen
• One second sample rate
• Exports text file to detachable flash
drive which plugs into USB port
Monitoring Screen
Metering Trends Screen
Diagnostics Screen
Maintenance Screen
Fax 217-483-1616
© 2015 Simplex, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Printed in the USA • 1510-01.00
Design subject to change without notice.
MODBUS (standard) or BacNet
• Load applied
• Each electrical value as above
Nationwide Manufacturing, Services and Rentals.
Springfield, IL (Home Office) • Atlanta, GA • Boston, MA • Cleveland, OH • Houston, TX • Minneapolis, MN
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