10" (250mm) premium-powered car audio subwoofer system
High-efficiency, low-distortion bass that installs easily in any car’s
audio system
The JBL® MS-BassPro SQ powered subwoofer provides premium low-frequency performance normally associated
with custom-installed component subwoofers and enclosures. The high-efficiency, 300-watt built-in Class D amplifier
delivers powerful performance to a square 10" (250mm) subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure using JBL’s proprietary
Slipstream port technology. The result is a distortion-free, low-frequency response that provides excellent performance
for all types of music. The high-efficiency, built-in amplifier means very modest current draw in the vehicle’s electrical
system, which makes the JBL MS-BassPro SQ powered subwoofer an ideal choice for any car audio system upgrade.
Low-frequency transducer:
Enclosure type/volume:
Amplifier power:
Frequency response: Fuse rating:
Max current draw:
Idle current draw:
Input sensitivity:
Crossover frequency:
Crossover slope:
Bass boost:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
10" (250mm) square diaphragm
Bass reflex, 1.5 ft3 (42.5 liters)
300 watts RMS; 450 watts peak
20Hz – 150Hz
40mV – 20V
50Hz – 120Hz, variable
0 to +12dB @ 40Hz
22-5/8" x 12-3/8" x 11-3/8" (575mm x 314mm x 289mm)
32.8 lb (14.9kg)
10" (250mm) premium-powered
car audio subwoofer system
High-efficiency, low-distortion bass that
installs easily in any car’s audio system
10" (250mm) proprietary square
subwoofer in a bass-reflex-tuned
Engineered and tuned specifically for the
MS-BassPro SQ
Maximizes cone area and bass output in a
compact design
Tuned Slipstream port
Proprietary design eliminates port noise
Improves output and woofer protection
Built-in 300-watt RMS amplifier with
450-watt peak power
Amplifier is precisely matched to woofer
Simplifies purchase and installation
Class D amplifier topology
High efficiency and small footprint
Minimizes current draw and runs cooler
Innovative wide-range signal inputs
Accept up to 20 volts in a single input jack
whether line-level or speaker-level signals
(with included adapter)
Works great in all cars with no extra LOC parts
to buy
Signal-sensing automatic turn-on
with defeat switch
Automatically turns the MS-BassPro SQ on
and off when the head unit sends an audio
signal, and can be defeated when used with
aftermarket radios that include a remote
turn-on lead
Easily hooks up to any system whether OEM
or aftermarket
Input level, low-pass, bass boost
and 0−180º phase controls
Flexibility for individually optimizing listening
Match MS-BassPro SQ with the listener’s
preferences and the acoustics of the car
Bass-boost feature centered at
port-tuning frequency
Boost is added only where the woofer
handles the most power
Minimizes chances for unnecessary distortion
and over-excursion common in component
subwoofer systems
Optional wireless remote level control
Wirelessly controls volume levels from the
driver’s seat
Easily installs (no wires), and with on-the-go
level control blends bass perfectly on any song
Compact enclosure footprint
Minimal trunk or hatch space required
Leaves more storage space available
Perforated, black metal grille
Protects the woofer from obstructions
Exhibits stealth, professional appearance
Rugged black exterior finish
Protects the enclosure from shifting cargo
in the trunk or hatch area
Keeps the MS-BassPro SQ looking great
Gold-plated binding-post connectors
Works with any type of speaker
wire and termination
Increases connection options; user can
experiment with exotic wire types
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