Business Mobile Broadband - Terms conditions

Business Mobile Broadband - Terms conditions
Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband Products
What Terms and Conditions apply to my Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile
Broadband Product?
(a) This document sets out the terms and conditions which apply to specific Vodafone
contracts and products (collectively, the “Products”).
(b) The terms and conditions that will apply to your Product or Products are:
(i) all the terms and conditions provided to you when you agree to purchase a
Product, including all the terms and conditions contained in this document and
any terms and conditions contained in any application form you complete when
purchasing a Product; and
(ii) all the terms and conditions contained in the Vodafone Standard Form of
Agreement (SFOA), which is available at
(collectively, the “Terms”).
(c) When you agree to purchase a Product you accept the Terms.
(d) Your contract commences on your acceptance of the Terms, however, for Postpaid
Products, any minimum contract term which applies does not commence until your
service is activated.
(e) The Terms may be changed by Vodafone from time to time. Vodafone will comply
with relevant laws, regulations and industry codes if it makes any such changes.
For more information, call Vodafone on 1300 650 410 or visit
Postpaid Products and the Terms
(a) Vodafone customers can purchase both “Prepaid Products” and “Postpaid Products”
from Vodafone. The Postpaid Product types are explained in this section. For details
on Prepaid Products, please see the Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Broadband terms
and conditions at
(b) “Postpaid Products” are purchased by issuing you with a bill for Vodafone Products
and services that you have already used, or that you have agreed to pay a specified
regular amount for. Postpaid Products are usually (although not always) wholly or
partly paid in arrears.
Important Things You Need to Know
(a) The Vodafone contracts and products referred to in the Terms
(Products) are for small to medium business use only, and are not available to
large business/corporate and commercial customers. Large business/corporate and
commercial customers should contact Vodafone for information about Vodafone’s
corporate business products.
(b) The Products referred to in the terms are only available on selected devices and
handsets as nominated by Vodafone.
(c ) The Products are only available to eligible, credit approved customers with an ABN.
(d) Unless otherwise stated, only one Vodafone Mobile Broadband Product can be used
per connection to our network.
(e) Vodafone’s Fair Use Policy applies to all Vodafone Products.
(f) Devices may be locked to our network. A fee may apply to unlock.
Factors affecting availability and performance
(a) Network coverage and many other factors may affect the availability and
performance of certain Products.
(b) You must have a valid Vodafone Micro/Nano-SIM inserted in your Apple® iPad.
(c) Certain Products, services and functions are only available if used in conjunction
with a compatible device and if in a compatible coverage area. Not all devices are
compatible with our network.
(d) Broadband service: Some Vodafone 4G, 3G+ and 3G services are mobile broadband,
internet, email, apps, downloading, video streaming and video calling. You can use
Vodafone 4G if you have an eligible phone plan and have been switched over to the 4G
network. To use 4G and 3G+ you’ll also need a compatible device and be in a selected
major metropolitan area. Outside these areas, you can still get Broadband Speeds in our
3G areas with the right device. To check this, make sure your device is compatible to the
network zone you are in (U2100MHz, U850MHz or U900MHz). Remember that actual
speeds you reach will vary depending on things like device capabilities, location &
network congestion. Broadband Speeds not available in any 2G area. Actual speed
achieved varies depending on factors such as device capabilities, location & network
congestion. See for coverage. You agree to refer to for coverage details and for details of devices and their frequencies before
purchase, so that you can confirm that for your intended use of the services, your
address/es are located in the appropriate Vodafone coverage areas and that the device
you wish to select is compatible with the Vodafone coverage area where your
address/es are located.
(e) The Terms and brochures describing Products contain details regarding device
compatibility, network capability and availability relating to the "Vodafone" network.
Notwithstanding anything else in our contract with you, we may provide services to
you using any telecommunications network we consider appropriate and that
network will constitute “our network” for the purpose of the Terms, including (but not
limited to) the "Vodafone" networks operated by, for or on behalf of Vodafone
Network Pty Limited and Vodafone Australia Pty Limited. For more information
about this network, see the coverage map available at
Data services
(a) For data Products, a data session starts when you first connect to data services and
ends when you disconnect from data services.
(b) When using data Products, some internet services, including web sites and email,
may not be accessible.
(c) Subject to your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or other
relevant legislation (including the Australian Consumer Law), Vodafone does not
make any warranty regarding any software or data provided to you, including with
respect to how that software or data operates on your computer or interacts with
your other applications.
(e) Unless otherwise stated, data usage is measured as the combination of both data
you send (upload) and receive (download) over our network.
Data service access devices
(a) It is your responsibility to confirm that data service access hardware (including any
Modem or Pocket WiFi™ device) is compatible with each PC, laptop or other
computing device that you will use your Product with (if appropriate).
(b) Non-Vodafone supplied USB or Wifi Modems or Tablet devices can only work on our
network if they are compatible, unlocked, and have not been reported as lost or
stolen devices.
(c) Vodafone is not required to provide you with technical support if you use nonVodafone supplied data service access hardware (such as your own USB or Wifi
Modem or Tablet device), although Vodafone may do so at its discretion.
(d) The Pocket WiFi™ Pro device can operate with a maximum of 5 WiFi enabled
devices at any one time.
(e) The Pocket WiFi™ Extreme and Pocket Wifi 4G device can operate with a
maximum of 10 WiFi enabled devices at any one time.
Rates and charges
(a) Some Products have a minimum contract term. If your contract is terminated before
the end of this term, your services will end and you may also be required to pay
fees, such as an Early Exit Fee or a Handset/Hardware Recovery Fee. Depending
on the Product this may be in addition to any applicable handset or device payments
and additional or excluded call, data or service costs. Early Exit Fees are set out in
the pricing table for your Product.
(b) You may change from one Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plan Product to another
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plan Product once per monthly billing period by calling
Vodafone Customer Care, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the new
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plan. Any credit or other benefits from your existing
Plan will be forfeited, unless otherwise advised. If you are changing to a less
expensive Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plan Product a Plan Change Fee may
apply. Any Product change will take effect from the start of your next monthly billing
period. Contact Vodafone Customer Care for more information.
(c) Details of the rates and charges, including any minimum spends which apply to the
Products, are contained in the Terms. The minimum total cost over contract term is
calculated by multiplying the minimum monthly spend by the contract term.
(d) If your usage of a Product exceeds your included value, or you use a Product that is
not payable from your included value, you will be charged an amount additional to
your minimum monthly spend.
(e) Unless otherwise stated, if you do not use all your included value in the relevant
month, that included value is forfeited, is not refundable, and will not carry over into
any other month.
(f) Each charge is rounded up to the nearest cent before GST is included.
(g) All rates and charges are subject to change. We will comply with relevant
regulations and industry codes with respect to such changes.
(a) In your first bill, you will be charged your minimum monthly spend for the following
month. Your first bill may also include a prorated amount for the period from the date
you connected to your first bill.
(b) You may choose to purchase additional Products from time to time. These charges
will be applied to your bill.
(c) Paperless billing is the default bill delivery method for Vodafone
customers. Vodafone will provide paper bills without charge to disabled or
disadvantaged customers. Otherwise, Vodafone will not provide paper bills except in
special circumstances, in which case, at its discretion, Vodafone may charge $2.20
per paper bill.
(d) Your Included Data may appear on your bill as two separate entries (for example, for
the Vodafone $30 Month to Month Mobile Broadband Product, the 4GB of included
data may appear on your bill as one entry of 2GB and a second entry of 2GB).
5. Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband Products
This table specifies minimum monthly spend pricing and monthly data allowance plus
minimum contract terms for Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband
24 Month Business Mobile Broadband Products
Contract Minimum
Monthly Spend
Minimum Spend
Monthly Early Exit
Included Fee
$45 Mobile
$45 plus any
$1080 plus any
$20 x
months on
contract plus
full remaining
amount of
$65 Mobile
$65 plus any
$1560 plus any
$20 x
months on
contract plus
full remaining
amount of
Additional Data Price - Australia: 10c per MB, all data charged per 1 KB.
Additional Data Price - International: 1c per KB
The following terms and conditions apply to you if you purchase a Vodafone 24
Month Business Mobile Broadband Product:
(a) You must have a compatible USB Modem, Pocket WiFi™, 3G or 4G Device
or Tablet device to use a Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband
(b) Your Included Data allowance can only be used in Australia, on Vodafone
networks. Data usage outside Australia is charged at the Additional Data
Price – International rate.
(c) If you exhaust your Included Data allowance, additional data usage will be
charged at the Additional Data Price – Australia rate.
(d) All non-data use (e.g. voice calls, SMS/MMS and content) is charged in
addition to your data plan. Refer to Section 7 – “Rates and Charges for NonData Use on 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband Products” for further
(f) Unless otherwise stated, charges for your Vodafone 24 Month Business
Mobile Broadband Product are in addition to any handset/device repayments
(if applicable) and any costs for excluded data usage.
(g) The Minimum Monthly Spend is payable for each full monthly billing cycle in
advance and is non-refundable. All other charges are billed at the end of the
monthly billing cycle in arrears.
(h) You may suspend your contract for between 1 and 3 consecutive calendar
months once during the Contract Term. You will be charged a fee for each
month your contract is suspended. Your Contract Term will be extended by
the period of any suspension.
7. Rates and Charges for Non-Data Use on 24 Month Business Mobile
Broadband Products
Not payable from Included Value
Vodafone 24 Month Business Mobile Broadband Products include a fixed amount of
data only. This table details other Products that you can purchase from Vodafone via
your Mobile Broadband SIM Card, or where applicable, Vodafone Micro or NanoSim, but which cannot be paid for from your included value (unless stated
otherwise). You will be charged an additional amount for these Products at the rates
specified in this table.
Services you can purchase for an additional charge
Standard National Voice Calls
Standard International Voice Calls
Standard National Video Calls
Standard International Video Calls
Standard National & International TXT up to 160
Standard National & International PXT®
Standard National & International Video PXT®
Voicemail within Australia
1223 Directory Assistance
13 and 1300 Numbers
18 and 1800 Numbers
Customer Care Calls (calls to 1555) within Australia
Re-routed Standard Voice Calls
Re-Routed TXT or PXT®
International Roaming
Vodafone Central content purchase
123- Ask Us Anything
STK Alerts and Content Downloads
Premium TXT/PXT®
All prices mentioned are including GST.
20c Call Connection fee + 1c per
Varies - check
1.5c per second
1.5 x applicable country rate (rates at
25c per message
25c per message
75c per message
20c Call Connection fee to retrieve
plus 1c per second.
$1.10 Call Connection fee + standard
voice call rates if thru-connected
1c per second
11c per 30 seconds
20 Call Connection fee + 1c per
Varies, go to
Price specified at time of purchase
65c per 30 seconds billed per second
plus $1.30 call connection fee.
5c for the first 10 seconds or 99c per
Price specified at time of purchase.
Varies depending on service
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